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  • Alpha's Hybrid Cinderella

    Alpha's Hybrid Cinderella

    I was the illegitimate daughter of Alpha Kris of Dark Moon. He raped a human slave 18 years ago and that was my mom. I became a disgrace and a shame to my family. They punished me and locked me up in the basement all day except to let me out to complete my daily routine as a slave. Yes. I looked like any common slave of the pack house. No one would expect me as the Alphas's daughter. As a hybrid, I hadn't been able to shift, but I could hear their thoughts. It's not a good thing though, for me, it's a nightmare. Most of what I've heard were my half-sisters' curses and insults. "CLAUDIA! Hurry up and get in here!" I knew Elly was going to scream my name long before her shrill voice echoed out of her room and into the hallway where I waited. This was the daily ritual, every afternoon. She would call for me, and while she sat at her vanity table, I brushed her long hair like a servant to her satisfaction. No one would guess she was my half-sister, nor Maria in the other bedroom..

  • Nightmare Cinderella

    Nightmare Cinderella



    Sebagai anak pungut dari keluarga Rexton, Ellina Aracelia Azzuri tak hanya menggantikan Adik angkatnya dalam pernikahan, tapi juga di dorong hingga dasar jurang. Di hianati keluarganya sendiri hingga mati di bawah hewan peliharaan Suaminya sendiri. Dengan semua kenyataan pahit itu, suaminya sama sekali tak menatapnya hingga mati. Hingga saat matanya terbuka kembali, ia berada di waktu tujuh tahun sebelum semua kejadian itu terjadi. Dia di lahirkan kembali, untuk menebus semua kesalahan dalam hidupnya. Berharap lepas dari takdir suram dan hidup bahagia tanpa beban. "Aku harus lari sejauh mungkin darinya, karena aku tak ingin kematian yang sama." -Ellina Aracelia Azzuri- "Kau hanya akan hidup dalam genggamanku. Tak peduli apapun, meski aku harus menguncimu seperti boneka dalam kaca, merawatmu hingga tua, atau harus membalikkan seluruh dunia. Aku tak akan membiarkanmu meninggalkan aku!" -Kenzie Alexis Reegan- ©Copyright 2019 All story by = Ellina Exsli / Queenbe_exsly DON'T COPY MY STORY!!!

  • My Evil Cinderella: Taming a Villainous Wife

    My Evil Cinderella: Taming a Villainous Wife



    "Villains are made by people, they weren't born evil." ... Ever wondered how things would turn out if the story was focused on a villain instead of the protagonist of the story? All villains are doomed to a bleak ending no matter what kind of story it is. This is the story of a REAL villain who already has a BAD ENDING prepared for her until someone decided to stray her away from the wrong path... She was not someone who ended up being misunderstood by others. Nope, not this one. The villain I am about to introduce to you all is a scheming, gold-digging demoness. Shi Enxi had it rough. At a young age, she experienced things that a child didn't deserve. She lost her parents and her relatives took advantage of it. Her life changed after she was adopted by her half-sister. From then on, she decided that she was not going to allow others to bully her ever again. She never had a good life so why should she allow others to have one? Yes, that's the hideous thought that made her the villain in someone's story. She grew up to be cunning, ruthless, and merciless. She destroyed so many lives, including the life of the person she loved the most. Lu Mello saw how Shi Enxi's life unfolded with his own eyes. But who would've thought that he, a spectator from the sidelines would play a major role in changing our villainess? Unlike Shi Enxi, he grew up in a loving family. Although, he never wanted to take over the family business. How would these two play destiny's game? Rivalry? Infatuation? What should be the outcome of the game? Them as enemies, or as lovers?  Of course, as lovers. . . . "Darling, when will you die? If you die then all of these riches will be mine!" "..." Uh... Die? Lu Mello looked at her, a bit startled with what she suddenly said. When will his wife stop having such impure thoughts and for once just behave? "I don't have to die just for you to have everything of mine. You are my wife, all of these belongs to you."  Shi Enxi was pleased with what he said. She turned to him and leaned, giving him a soft kiss on his lips. "I will trust those words, okay?" He chuckled, amused. "I didn't know that my wife is actually a little gold digger." "Who wouldn't love gold?" She refuted back. "I'm even willing to marry an old man if he's this rich! But luckily, you're the one I married. My husband is handsome and rich!" He pouted, "I suddenly feel hurt. You're only after the riches I have, not the love I have for you." She placed her hand on his cheek, "I don't need you to shower me with your love, just shower me with all of this wealth then I am all yours!" "..." This part of his wife was not cute at all! Nope, not cute at all! Shi Enxi closed her eyes and let out a soft yawn. "I am free tomorrow..." She whispered sleepily. "Darling... There's this limited edition bag... that will be coming out tomorrow." Another yawn was heard from her. "... I really want to have one." Soon after, her breathing became even. Lu Mello couldn't believe that she even dared to ask for something before going to sleep! She didn't even say goodnight to him! What kind of wife was she?! ---- Author: BerriApplepi IG: @berriapplepi Discord: Donate: Modern Fairytale series: The Devil's Sleeping Beauty (Sleeping Beauty) Ten Years Late: The Bullied Husband (Little Red Riding Hood) The Devil who devoured Snow White (Snow White) Beast Under Her Dress: Princess, Don't Run! (Beauty and the Beast) My Evil Cinderella: Taming a Villainous Wife(Cinderella) Cover not mine credits to the artist

  • Transmigration: The Narcissistic Cinderella

    Transmigration: The Narcissistic Cinderella



    "You are really cute when you act impulsively.""You mentioned to me on how being loved by you is harmful, but what if I want to get harmed really badly? Please love me, Moon Jiwoo."°°°When the villainous Moon Jiwoo had a foolish death, she was provided with a second chance to live in the body of Shin Daerin. However, there was a catch to it. She was required to protect Oh Sookyung— the current prince to the Underworld.From the very beginning, Jiwoo's personality did not go along with Sookyung's. She hated how the man always made fun of her and brought trouble to her. Many times, she even wanted to strangle him. He was insufferable!However, after many clashes between both of them, she found him to be more bearable than before and started to think of him as someone pleasant. She took him to be a little brother of hers.But what if he did not have same feelings as she had towards him?What if he wanted to pursue after her?Will love bloom between two who were not meant to be together?°°°FOR THE ROMANCE PART, IT IS ADVISABLE TO SKIP TO SECOND VOLUME. MORE INFORMATION ON THE AUXILIARY CHAPTER 'READ BEFORE STARTING', SO PLEASE READ THAT! THANKS! HAVE A FUN TIME!

  • With Cinderella

    With Cinderella


  • The Cinderella

    The Cinderella

    He is my crushHe is my type He is my lovebut it's too late for me after everything change.. what should i do now.. maybe it's was me i'm tired for waiting but don't have anything in the last

  • Cinderella Has Become A Villainess

    Cinderella Has Become A Villainess

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE REVENGE

    [INCOMPLETE AND UNDER MAJOR EDITING. CHAPTERS ARE JUMBLED AND NEED TO BE RE-ARRANGE FIRST] Francheska Cruz already experienced being betrayed, backstabbed, and being hurt by the people she used to love and trusted. These experiences leave a deep scar in her heart. But when she leaves the country, she chooses to live her life in a different way. She promised in her heart that she will forget it and starts a new life. When comes back to the country, Francheska was already a successful person. She is not the same person they hurt and betrayed. As her career and life are getting smoother as the day goes by, her past suddenly comes knocking back in her life. She plans to ignore it first, but of course, they will never let her have an easy and peaceful life. So what should Francheska do? Of course, she will fight. "Hurt me once, it’s a shame on you. Hurt me twice, it’s a shame on me. Hurt me thrice, then it’s definitely a war to end all of you."

  • My Youth Began With Him

    My Youth Began With Him

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE


    Seven years ago, after their breakup, he disappeared without a trace. Now, he reappeared on the eve of her wedding, sparing no means in forcing her to marry him… With a certificate of marriage, he bound her mercilessly to his side. From there, this “Cinderella” began her journey as a wife of the business empire’s heir... Mrs Huo - composed, sharp-tongued, and freakishly smart. Mr Qin - wife-spoiler to no end and a complete “slave” to their daughter. Quality love story, one on one. You are welcome to get hooked on this story with us. ——————————— TL's Note: Probably one of the best stories I've read, and I was very tempted to translate the title to Big D Brings Spring. Girls, I hope you enjoyed it as much as my girlfriend and my female translators who binge read 4000 chapters in about a month. For all the guys hesitating to give it a try, you won't regret it. It's a manly book, I swear.

  • (Bukan) Cinderella

    (Bukan) Cinderella

  • Bukan Cinderella

    Bukan Cinderella

  • To Be A Cinderella

    To Be A Cinderella

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE R18 REVENGE

    "Cinderella, please don't take him away. He is all I have, I love him a lot. So, please..."Erica Belle had a whirlwind, fairy tale-esque romance which all the paparazzi knew. A famous and skilled actress, soft spoken and kind, she was an actress who got along with all the people around her. From a humble background, she was now a socialite.One day, her husband blows her off at a party. This man who had comforted her at her lowest, loved her for so many years and given her kindness and care, why was he so cold now?-----S h a z i

  • Cinderella's Spaceship

    Cinderella's Spaceship



    Rafaela grew up in the Cinder Sector of the outer belts, an isolated region that her step mother and step sisters can't bear. She's eligible to enter the Prince's race, if she can get her mother's old scout ship repaired in time, but she also needs to discover what her mother really left behind. Prince Brendan needs to catch a bride that he can trust. He was born with Corporate records written into his genes in a Solar System brewing with political strife. He bets his future on a race, but will he find out what this Cinder girl's family is tangled up in? With interstellar travel still confined below the speed of light, the vast majority of humanity now carries the extra pair of chromosomes packed with an inheritance of genetic memories. Those who don't carry the extra genes have been disregarded for centuries. Humanity needs to let go of the past in order to expand their future. Will a young woman, a young man, and a dragon be able to forge a brighter future between two stars? Cover redesigned by Bloom759, face based off generation.

  • Aku bukan Cinderella

    Aku bukan Cinderella

  • Bukan seorang Cinderella

    Bukan seorang Cinderella

    Romansa Kontemporer ROMANCE R18

    Lee Xin Xin, putri tunggal pengusaha fashion ternama di Kota A. Namun, Xin Xin tidak memperoleh semua hak miliknya. Ibunya meninggal saat Xin Xin berusia 5 tahun. Sang Ayah sangat menyayanginya, tetapi semua berubah saat ayahnya memutuskan kembali menikah. Tidak lama setelah menikah, Sang Ayah mengalami kecelakaan yang merenggut nyawanya. Setelah Sang Ayah meninggal, ibu tiri membawa masuk putri kandungnya ke dalam rumah Keluarga Lee. Bagaimana Xin Xin menjalani kehidupan dengan ibu tiri yang tidak menyukainya?

  • Masa Mudaku Dimulai Bersamanya

    Masa Mudaku Dimulai Bersamanya


    Tujuh tahun lalu, setelah mereka putus, dia menghilang tanpa jejak. Sekarang, dia kembali pada malam sebelum hari pernikahannya, memaksanya untuk menikahi nya dengan cara apapun… Dengan surat pernikahan, dia mengikatnya dengan tanpa ampun di sisinya. Sejak saat itu, “Cinderella” ini memulai perjalanan hidupnya sebagai istri dari seorang ahli waris kerajaan bisnis… Nyonya Huo - Sabar, memiliki lidah yang tajam, dan sangat cerdas. Tuan Qin - pemanja istri tanpa akhir dan seorang “budak” untuk putri mereka. Kisah cinta yang berkualitas. Satu laki-laki berpasangan dengan satu perempuan. Kalian dipersilahkan untuk ketagihan dengan cerita ini dengan kami.

  • Werewolf Cinderella

    Werewolf Cinderella

    A werewolf looking for her happily ever after on this spin of a Cinderella story, in the midst of a vampire vs wolves war.

  • Runaway Cinderella

    Runaway Cinderella


    Have you ever wondered what happened to Cinderella after she married her prince?Most would say, she lived happily ever after. But as she found out, ‘happy ever after’ was only a hyperbolic phrase that was only used to end many fairy tales.Not many women could say she that had married her prince, so imagine her shock when average 19-year-old Lee Kara was forcibly engaged to wed the Crown Prince of Korea, Kwon Tae Hyun! Despite their hatred for each other, both unwilling parties agree to the marriage, each with their own agenda. Entering the dark lonely palace, Kara searches for love and peace as she fought through snobbish imperial relatives, lies and deceit, eventually getting entangled in the fight for the throne.Behind the luxury and glamour of her newfound royal lifestyle, the secrets of a murder were slowing unfolding and she found herself as a chess piece between a game of thrones. Amidst it all, she found herself relying on her husband, the heartthrob of Korea Kwon Tae Hyun for guidance as her only grip for stability.Revenge, betrayal, secrets, love. Falling for a prince has its consequences and in a society where love will never conquer all, Kara will find out if their love was truly worth it.“Cinderella never asked for a prince,” she said bleakly, tears running down her face. “She asked for a night off, and a beautiful dress… I... don’t want this anymore, I can’t do this. Cinderella… Wouldn’t want this...”“But Cinderella was in love,” he replied stoically. “And so was her prince.”“But I am not Cinderella,” she said firmly, her eyes glistening with unshed tears. “And you are not my prince.”Set in an alternate reality where a Korean constitutional monarchy existed in the 21st century. ---------------------------------------------Genre: Romance FictionDisclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incident are products of the author’s imagination, or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. 5-7 chapters every week!Inspired by the K-Drama "The Last Empress". I have always been so intrigued by the fights among royalty. I hope you do give this novel a chance! I apologize in advance for any errors, I am still learning and brushing up on my writing. Please do leave a review as well! I would love to hear what you think! Cover art is not owned by me, credits to the owner!

  • Cinderella: Alternative

    Cinderella: Alternative

    Everyone knows how Cinderella goes... What they don’t know is how this Cinderella story goes. She’s loves to kill, and she was assigned to kill he Prince soon to be king. She finds her ‘twin’ and steals her dress. “Sorry but I’m going to need this.” She knocked her out with a frying pan. She put the dress on and shoes, put her hair up in a bun exactly the way her ‘twin’ did. She got in the carriage that was waiting for her in the front yard, they headed towards the castle, she was the last one to arrive. She walked towards the Ball room and walked to the balcony. The prince walked over to where she was. “Hey, um. I haven’t seen you before...” she turned around to face him in the eyes, she held the knife in her hand and put it behind her back. Her checks were a light tint of pink. Was she falling for him? - - - - - - Hey guys! This is my new book! And probably the last one I’m going to make since I still have to finish all of my others... But for this one I was inspired( and that doesn’t really happen that often.) Well I was inspired by: “BerriApplepi” some of you might know who she is. She wrote some of your guys favorite books! She wrote one of mine! She did the Sleeping Beauty, now I’m doing Cinderella! So thank you Berri! You are a great author and keep up with the good work!

  • Realistic  Cinderella

    Realistic Cinderella

    As the most popular girl in her high school. Jae seong was beautiful and confident...always cheerful and a loving friend. Another way to define her--Perfect.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------But her perfect self always changes as soon as she reaches home. The thing called perfect was just a cover in front of others. She had problem trusting people, she had problem in confidence,not always cheerful...even though surrounded by friends always lonely.Her mom found her dad cheating. Ever since its been 5 years she last saw her mom and dad.Will she ever overcome her problems?Will she ever be able to love someone again?Can she overcome her past traumas?(Based on real life story)



    Jika Khalfan jatuh cinta, ia akan melakukan apapun untuk orang yang dicintainya.Jika Milena menginginkan sesuatu, ia akan melakukan apasaja untuk mendapatkannya. Termasuk menghalalkan yang haram.

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