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  • Clans in Chaos

    Clans in Chaos


    I took up the spot opposite her and summoned my shade, a sanguine wakizashi. It blazed alive in my hand, the flames putting off immense heat."Is this what you meant by not holding back?" I teased.She had gotten braver with her new found power and didn't flinch away like she would have before. Smoke started to rise from the ground around her as the veins in her hands glowed red.She charged me head on, at speeds that the untrained eye couldn't follow. I jabbed my blade at her as she got close, ducking under the attack she drove her shoulder into my stomach pushing me back. She kept the momentum with a swift front kick to my chin, a low leg sweep to take me off my feet and a powerful punch to the stomach that sent me flying.I skipped off the ground twice then bounced back onto my feet just as she appeared in front of me.Right before her fist could connect with my face, I encased my body in flames pushing them outward forcing her back. ................A boy seventeen years of age, Elias Dova must find the reason people are being devoured by their soul elements, while fighting a clan war that had been raging for years. He has no idea where to start or even what he's looking for. With the help of his friends and the power of his clan, will he be able to end this war AND stop whatevers causing the elemental devouring phenomenon? Or will he fall short and let the world slip farther into chaos?

  • Clash of Clans

    Clash of Clans

  • Clans united

    Clans united

    Fantasy Romance ADVENTURE

    Two clans at war and a prophecy brings the goddess' Leto and Angitia to earth where they send two separated friends called Selene and Apep of on a mission to find the moon goddess. All to save Apeps mother and finally put an end to the two clans constant battles.Little did everyone know this mission was going to change all their lives for ever and nothing would ever be the same.Secrets will be revealed about Selene and her mother who she thought had died when she was an infant.But had she died or was it all a trick? Who was Selenes mother and who is Selene really?Find all this and more in Clans United.

  • Clans Frontier

    Clans Frontier


    Tao arrives at an island called Torchwall, a medieval setting with villages, kingdoms, and of course, monsters. However Tao isn’t here to see the sights or hunt down beasts. He’s here to resolve unfinished business, and take revenge with the man who murdered his family. After hearing that the man is on the bounty list, Tao is relieved that he can kill his enemy without any consequences. But there’s one problem. To be able to acquire that benefit, he’ll need to purchase a bounty license. And revenge doesn’t come cheap. Join Tao and other characters as he travels the land, fights strange beings, unlocks his daunting past, and of course finding a way to earn money. This story takes place in a world called torchwall which is NOT a modern setting, nor a real place. The time of this story is medieval - old times, and is fantasy. Expect a new chapter every Sunday! Hope you enjoy this story, ~ Author.

  • The Misterius Clans

    The Misterius Clans



    Romansa Fantasi ROMANCE ACTION DEVIL

    Menurutmu? Apa tujuan moongoddes menyatukan Clans Ionia dan Cynuria?

  • Isle of Clans

    Isle of Clans


    My discord: Join for updates and chit chats.Thousands of years in the past, eleven clans live in survival and war. The spirit of Yakabui Isle has been disturbed creating tension from the clans, waging a battle over life and death. Tao, a Buddha from the peace clan, comes across a dragon that is somehow connected to the spirit of the isle. The dragon orders Tao to go to the mountain of tranquility, and bring peace to the god spirit. Tao has no idea why he has been chosen, but when he and the dragon, named Pazhu, come across danger and war through their entire journey, he discovers a secret to his past that can reveal why he was chosen, and why he is connected to the world around him. Join Tao and Pazhu on a journey across ancient Japan, on an island where war is frequent and danger lurks around every single corner. But an evil force is lurking out there. As the clans get eliminated, one by one, picked off by higher commandment, Tao and Pazhu soon find themselves trapped between civilisation and protecting his home clan, or doing what his destiny desires.

  • The War of Clans

    The War of Clans

  • Legend Of the 99 Clans

    Legend Of the 99 Clans


    The fires of war in the Heian Era of Japan burned their brightest. Different clans fiercely battled against one another, many perishing, others achieving victory only to lose it the very next day.Out of desperation, they each sought out different deities to pledge to and give an offering in order to gain an edge in the fierce war. Gaining power that transcended humanity, they slaughtered each other with even more brutality. 99 clans they were, and they dwindled as the ages passed, their children inheriting their abilities to follow through with the ancient grudge much to the amusement of the gods.And now, in the year 2010, a young man must take the mantle to defend his families legacy... because the gods aren't playing nice anymore....

  • Daughter Of The Two Clans

    Daughter Of The Two Clans


    A hybrid? She's more than a hybrid. Alexandria, the daughter of the forbidden love between the two clans, her Wolf King father and Snake Princess mother. In order to protect her, the Snake clan never known her existence.She inherit the power of her wolf father and Snake mother and can change her form when she wants to play in secret. But that was her biggest secret that is not allowed to be known by anyone in the Wolf Clan or it will result to chaos. One day, during her secret escaped from her father, she met the most gorgeous young man she ever laid her eyes on. But there's a big big problem, he was from a Snake Clan. And her father always reminds her to never get close to them. Samuel comes from the most powerful families in the Snake Clan comparable to the Snake Clan Leader. He was the youngest General managing the Snake troops. He is known to be cold hearted to everyone but can he still be cold to her when she keeps on pestering him? Can he stop himself from falling?Will history repeats itself?..

  • 7 Clans of the 18

    7 Clans of the 18

  • Love Between Rivals And Clans

    Love Between Rivals And Clans

    sipnosis udh diprolog:v

  • King of Gods

    King of Gods



    His will is tough and unwilling to be normal. However, being born in a small family branch his pathway was destined to be this way. One day his left eye merges with the eye of an Ancient God in an accident. From that moment onwards, he turns from a fish into a dragon. He rises like a star, and walks the path of a legendary cultivator. From being a tiny, small ant at the bottom of the world, he rises step by step, into a place full of powerful sects, strong ancient clans and countless geniuses. This is an era of legends.

  • Inheriting A Divine Cultivation Clan At The Start. All My Juniors Are Empresses

    Inheriting A Divine Cultivation Clan At The Start. All My Juniors Are Empresses



    Wei Chi transmigrated to the Nine Continents of the Celestial Realm. Initially, he was prepared to just be an honest third son of a family. However, after a turn of events, he had no choice but to inherit an entire divine cultivation plan. From then onward, his vibe changed a little. When he saw a girl with decent talents, he immediately asked, “Girl, are you interested in divine cultivation?” In the blink of an eye, 10 million years had passed. Numerous top-class empresses flew through the sky and showed up in front of Wei Chi. Wei Chi wailed and yelled, “I really don’t have any more cultivation methods!” “Please stop coming here!” “You’re all grown-ups now!”

  • Clans of The Wild: The New Path

    Clans of The Wild: The New Path

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE

    "Once a traitor always a traitor." ~ After being driven out of her first tribe, RainShadow finds herself starting a new path of life in the wild among the clan of the moor - WindClan. The only thing the leader of the clan - WindStar - is not aware is of RainShadow's relationship with the leader of ShadowClan and the true reason as to why she was taken out of the her tribe in the first place. ((This story was inspired by the Warrior series.))

  • Chronicles Of The Shura Clan

    Chronicles Of The Shura Clan



    Book I - CompletedVolume I - Completed Volume II- Completed..........................Book II- ongoing Volume III-complete Volume IV-ongoing ................................Ling Chen, the third son of the Heavenly Demon Venerable, the patriarch of the Heavenly Demon Sect, was born after spending 95 years in his mother’s womb.Upon his birth, the whole world turned dark, and every sentient being shivered in fear as though the nemesis of all living beings was born.Follow the adventure of Ling Chen as he’s trying to uncover the truth behind his weird body constitution as well as the giant Dark Godly Tree within his sea of consciousness while turning the endless universe upside down in the process. If anyone wants to support the author.Note: the cover isn’t mine. I just edited it. All the credits goes to owner or the designer who did such a great job.

  • Dark clans first Patriarch

    Dark clans first Patriarch


  • Becoming An Ancestor In Another World From This Day On

    Becoming An Ancestor In Another World From This Day On



    With the birth of Romo’s 18th generation descendant, something beyond the realm of consciousness has been awakened! Romo Nicholas had been dead for more than 500 years. He has just been forcefully revived by the System called the Ancestral Simulator. To his shock, someone is plundering his descendant Little Arthur’s luck! Romo has to save him! But how? The System has only revived his spirit but not his body. He is now without the magical powers he had as a powerful Mage in his previous life. After his death, his Nicholas family clan has fallen into dire straits and fled to Winterfrost, a desolate place, where they have been oppressed by the two large local family clans in Winterfrost. Sinister forces are plotting against his descendants. Romo can only rely on the System, exchanging Faith Points from the worship by his descendants for Meditation Techniques, Luck Points, Magic Pills, Talismans, Magic Weapons etc. Can he, the Old Ancestor, who remains stuck in his tablet in the ancestral hall, save his clan, protect and prosper his descendants?

  • La Guerre des clans 2.00

    La Guerre des clans 2.00

    Ce livre et baser sur la guerre des clans