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  • Retrieve The Soul Fragments

    Retrieve The Soul Fragments


    Wei Yi, a highly regarded professor, was brutally murdered by a reckless member of the renowned Cui Family in a tragic car accident. Fortunately for him, he woke up in the body of the very man who murdered him and assumed the memories of the man. Cui Len'an, a rich second-generation playboy, escaped from the hands of his authoritative father and fled with a sports car. By killing him, he had also ended his own life and had his body deprived away from him. The Elder God, who was the omnipotent and most supreme immortal in the underground world, had abruptly perished in the grounds of war. Due to a prophecy, he had ultimately shattered his soul into tiny fragments to avoid eternal death and scattered them across all universes, Wei Yi being one of the holder of the soul fragments. Wei Yi, not only has to deal with the mess the other man left behind but also has to shoulder the immense pressure of society and resist coveting of evil organizations. Note: This is a work of fiction. All things written are mainly fictional and solely for the purpose of continuing the story. This story deals with alter egos.

  • Divine Daddy from Heaven

    Divine Daddy from Heaven


    Wang Kuan had everything a man could ever wish for. Wang Kuan came from a big wealthy family, surrounded by girls, blessed with good looks, graduated from an Ivy League university and friends but suddenly, he was kicked out of the family and became a failure in life.The name "Eternal God" echoed everywhere in the world of the strong and he was marked as the ruler that defines heavens. On the day of his coronation as God Emperor of the heaven, he was betrayed by his lover and his loyal disciple and was poisoned to death by the adulterous couple. Filled with hatred and humiliation, he vowed to get revenge. Due to unknown circumstances, he was given a second chance and was met with the presence of a little girl coming into his life but he was also given a new strange type of power.Follow along his journey from a god to a loving father, adjusting to his new power as he fights off enemies.*This is my first novel and I am no native speaker, please do expect grammar errors*Please note: This is entirely fiction and the cover pic does not belong to me but to the rightful owners.




  • Demon King's Legacy

    Demon King's Legacy


    "A man like I never bows his head towards an arrogant fool who sits on the throne of the weak, living in luxury at the price of the weak" "What’s the use of conquering lands if you can’t conquer beauties that reside before your very eyes?" The story takes place on the continent of Qishui, a world that was ruled only by the strong, while the weak as slaves and combined with mysterious creatures and beings. The story starts after 100 years after the Great Fall of the Jiashou Empire and with the Wei Clan, the once ruling clan and prosperous had their main royal family rebelled against and exiled 20 years ago by their own members. They fled far to the west side of the world, struggling to live and keep up with the expense of one's life. The story follows the life of Wei Kang, a demonic legend who died mysteriously and transmigrated as a member of the once-great family of the Wei Clan. Little did he know, half of his soul fragments were shattered and lost before he transmigrated. As a member of the Wei, he was expected to take back what was his but Wei Kang had one task that needs to be done and that is, to take revenge and conquer all beauties. ----- Please note: The story is entirely fiction and inspired by many fantasy novels. The cover that was used does not belong to me, it belongs entirely to the original artist. Warning: Inappropriate Content and Erotic Scenes.

  • DroppppedtotheBottomDroppes



    Dropped my ass

  • lunox Claude

    lunox Claude

  • Kimmy x Claude

    Kimmy x Claude

  • The Ice-Cold Executive Gets A Wife

    The Ice-Cold Executive Gets A Wife

    In a dark room, a handsome man, with a jawline to die for, was down on both his knees. On both sides of the man's strong and narrow waist, two slender legs hung weakly. With a fit body, the man completely enveloped the woman within him. Every time he moved, he was unrestrained and his bulging muscles expanded, bringing the woman to a high she’d never experienced. After that night, Sophia realized she was pregnant. She panicked. After all, she never had any sexual experiences. She thought of that night when she was drunk at a party, but she couldn't recall who the baby's father was. Was it the playboy, Norman, who looked like Leonardo DiCaprio? Or was it the smart and handsome, yet serious-looking Felix? Perhaps it was Claude, a popular figure in school with a muscular body, six-packs, and an athletic figure? With the help of her good friend Olivia and Anita, they arranged a meeting with the suspected “fathers” at the villa where they had sex that night. When Sophia expressed that she would keep the child, their reactions were completely different. Yet, why was it that the sharp-tongued man, who called the shots at Wall Street, a man who never stopped mocking her to suddenly show concern and care for her?

  • Evil Samurai In Cultivation World

    Evil Samurai In Cultivation World

    Eastern Fantasy R18 VILLAIN SMUT


    Sakuto Naokata, an infamous samurai known for his murderous ways, is reincarnated into the body of Claude Rayworth, a young boy practising in the art of cultivation. Cold, ruthless and evil, Sakuto declares himself as the future ruler of the Cultivation World. Pride and honor? You must be joking.. I shouldn't hit girls? B*tch, ever heard of gender equality? Your father is someone influential? Guess I have to make sure no one ever finds your body… God has granted me a second chance, which means he approves of my actions! No room for failure! No time for regrets! Now, watch as I set the world on fire!

  • For Claude's sake

    For Claude's sake


    When you are a princes, soon to be queen of France. You have to marry a man, a man with a lot of money and a title. Claude is one of those princes, and she is gone marry James Tudor. At least, Her father, mother and the queen of England want Claude and James to marry. What Claude doesn't know is that James is falling in love with her, the moment he saw her he was in love. Will he convince her to marry or will she rule alone?

  • The Theif's Reward: Claude and Dexter's Adventures

    The Theif's Reward: Claude and Dexter's Adventures





    Claudie Cavero Orion. Is a single father who has to take care of his only son Reynand Sky Orion, beloved child of his love from his wife Arana Richela Orion who has died in a car accident. Since the death of his wife, Claudie Cavero's life immediately turned dark, he turned into a very gloomy figure, likes to be alone, and doesn't talk much. Even a smile was hardly ever seen on his face, and felt that his smile was only for the Son of Reynand Sky. Briella Amora. Sophomore at a university. A twenty-one year old girl who is cheerful, smart, independent, and friendly. In fact, she is always dubbed as a warm girl like the morning sun. Until the joy of Briella Amora disappeared in a short time, turned into a quiet figure, even looked strange in the eyes of all her friends since she had a car accident that accidentally killed the wife of a businessmanfamous. Not only did Briella Amora's attitude and mentality change, but the girl also experienced acute trauma that made her always afraid when dealing with cars and other vehicles. Since becoming a single father to his son, and an older brother who always takes good care of his younger brother, Claudie Cavero has decided to close his heart as well as himself to any woman. .until finally the presence of a girl suddenly disturbed his peace of mind as well as his son. A cheerful girl who has trauma and memories of a dark past that can make the heart and son feel comfortable. But what should Claudie Cavero do if it turns out that the girl who has managed to melt his long frozen heart turns out to be the one who has caused him to lose the woman he loves so much? .and don't forget Kenzo Aristide, the younger brother of Claudie Cavero who also really hates the girl.

  • Claud & Star

    Claud & Star

  • The Chase for Claude. A short MLBB story

    The Chase for Claude. A short MLBB story



  • A Crazy Scientist Stole My Heart | Claude × Kimmy |

    A Crazy Scientist Stole My Heart | Claude × Kimmy |

    Claude likes adventures and loves money and gold but upon stealing from a sunken pirate ship, he got cursed and has only got a month to live.The cure? He has to fall in love. So he wandered to a peaceful village and was looking for a fair and pretty maiden to love, only to find a boy—no a girl blasted out from a house. Claude soon found himself falling for this girl, is she falling for him too? Can Claude lift the curse with Kimmy's help?

  • I Can Grab Everything in the Game

    I Can Grab Everything in the Game

    In 2055, a virtual world game "Vigor Continent" is in a public beta. Claude relies on his ability to start his war on the Vigor Continent.He begins to expand his territory step by step, together with a huge-breast magician Elias, a long-legged priest Sasha, and twin beauty warriors.After killing the diabolic snake, taming the magic dragon, and swallowing the territory of other players, Claude gradually becomes the king of the Vigor Continent.The continent is full of fighting, and women are seized with force.But when Claude finds that his strength is getting stronger and stronger, a stronger opponent appears.In Claude's eyes, everything could be turned into ashes!Fall of Holy Ruins, the angel domain, the night demon spell…No matter how powerful the lord is, Claude could order his men to let the other side leave the Vigor Continent completely!Me!Claude!I am the first new king of the Vigor Continent!

  • Surviving as an Elven Mob!

    Surviving as an Elven Mob!


    “Where the Hell Am I?” Claude who was an Otaku and was a regular reader suddenly woke up in an unfamiliar environment. [ Ding! ] “No! No! This Can’t be Happening to Me!” [ System Integration Beginning! ] As soon as Claude saw the prompt he accepted his fate. “He looks like you” He soon heard a voice. 'Where the Hell am I!' (Huge Time Skip early on after that there won’t be) - Short Synopsis. Man gets transported into another world, has to accept reality that the world will be destroyed soon, he realizes he's an elf but is restricted due to his family. Huge Time Skip early on after that there won’t be

  • Beasts: Reborn (4 MONTH HIATUS)

    Beasts: Reborn (4 MONTH HIATUS)



    Numbers is everything here in New Gloria. Once your Reborn and earn your class and system those numbers that measure your abilities mean your life...or your death. Many heroes lay down their lives in pursuit of fame and power while exploring the tangents. But the main goal is to stop the creatures from within the tangents from coming out and further changing the earth, as well as the bosses of the Tangents who seem to have their own ulterior motives. Claude Grey learns pretty fast that most people in power do everything they can to stay in power, even if that means stepping on the throats of people they used to hold dear. Claudes only ever liked a few humans and as he gets older he learns to find new ways to hate them and during his exploration of the Tangents he stumbles upon a strange and beautiful power that helps to show him how truly horrible humans are and maybe these beasts of the Tangents aren’t what the “Heroes” make them out to be.Also discord server is up:’ve never made one so I don’t really know what to do but drop in, ask questions theorize and send memes it’s whatever!*****Cover art does not belong to me so if the original creator happens to stumble upon my novel and would like credit or for me to take it down please let me know.

  • Who made me a princess

    Who made me a princess


    When I opened my eyes I had become a princess!But out of all characters in this romance novel, why is it the princess who has the fate of dying to her own blood-related dad, the emperor!If I want to live, I must not be seen by that emperor dad.“When did this kind of scumbag start living in my castle?”The man who doesn’t have single drop of blood nor tear to drop, that cold emperor Claude! Will Atanasia who had been caught by the emperor be able to survive?“I… What do I do…..?”Translatorcatlovestowels