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  • Trafford's Trading Club

    Trafford's Trading Club



    Luo Qiu became the boss of a ‘club’ by chance. It was a weird club that sold strange items, assisted by a servant girl with 300 years of work experience. Countless people with dreams, hopes and ambitions came to the club, exchanging everything precious they owned just to fulfill their desires. They would offer their lifespan, items, and even their soul. Each successful trade would increase Luo Qiu’s lifespan by a little. “Tribute successful, your lifespan has increased by 99 years.” Thus, Luo Qiu began his endless life as the club’s boss.

  • CTE Club: The Club of Mystery

    CTE Club: The Club of Mystery


  • The Rejects Club | Lonely Hearts Club

    The Rejects Club | Lonely Hearts Club


    “I’ll see you there,” Jasmine said as she slipped a paper over to the girl. Kyra took the paper as she gave the other a confused look.“Where am I seeing you?” She asked as she brushed a strand of her white hair behind her ear. Jasmine only gave a smile and a giggle as she stood up with her backpack.“The Rejects Club, of course.”()()()()()()()()()()()()Jasmine Ender is the definition of spontaneous. Not only does this girl do just about everything, but she's the biggest social butterfly anyone's ever met. On top of being an actress, she's also just started the school's very first Rejects Club. Now who decided that the Rejects had to be alone?Mark Nijer might be average but that doesn't mean he's not just as impulsive as his best friend. Being best friends with the school's resident extrovert might have rubbed off on him a bit. Doesn't mean that he's perfect but he's at least the smiling face in the morning. Who doesn't need one of those?Kyra Kingsly just wants to disappear. With the nickname of Detective Purple Hair after solving one of the biggest cases in her small home town, she's been plagued with people knowing who she is. She just wants to be left alone and forgotten so that she can get her work done, without fear of her grandfather's anger. Is that too much to ask?Cleopatra Blackheart is known as the school's bad girl. Last year, she made herself known as the bad girl from Lockwood with her best friend, Bailey, but this year, she's on her own and she apparently more scary this way. Cold and unmoving, it's no wonder that no one likes to be around her. Cleopatra and a handful and a half. Who wants to be the one to have to deal with that?And then there's Monet Ivory. If you were to ask anyone who she was, they probably wouldn't even know she existed. Monet's that one kid who never speaks, never looks you in the eyes, and barely passes her classes. She blends into the background and it seems like she's rather keep it that way. She's not so much of mystery as she is a ninja, in and out without anyone knowing. But who is she really and why is she always so distant?And that's the reason that the Rejects Club was made in the first place.

  • The Club Activity

    The Club Activity


    Ethan Smith is always been a curious cat back when he was a child up until at his current age. If Ethan was curious, he will do his best to know and solved it. But one day, He heard a story from their senior and it was a true story happen in their campus back in 1940 before Sally's building was renovated. But he wasn't aware that this is the first step, him solving a mystery with the help of his club members due to his curiousness. Will Ethan met a mystery that he can't be solved?.

  • boys club

    boys club


    A girl that’s name is isa she is 16 years old when she was 9,5 years old she got sexually harassed by her uncle and her uncle made it look like it was her dad and He got into prison. Then som days later she met some boys that’s change her life some of the good and some bad. Go follow my instagram if you want more info and drawings name: isasenpaiiii

  • The Bullied Husband's Club

    The Bullied Husband's Club

    Contemporary Romance R18 MYSTERY SLICEOFLIFE

    Kenzo, Maverick and Caleb were three best friends that had different status in life. .....Kenzo was known to be poor and worked in the construction site until he met Jaya Victoria. He got married to her the night they met through Caleb. Jaya Victoria was the heiress of a noble family. Although he’s been bullied many times by her family, he never let her go. However, when they started bullying his wife, he came back to his family as the heir to the Royal Throne. Would Victoria accept the fact that he’s a son of the Duke, a grandson of a Prince, and was the Crown Prince?.....Maverick was a homeless man and got kicked out of his work at a construction site. He got through his day by sleeping on the streets or under the bridge and hiding from his assassins. That’s when he became desperate and asked for Caleb’s help. Caleb takes her to his cousin’s house, Stacey who was also Victoria’s best friend. That’s when he worked as a houseboy and slowly, Stacey fell in love with him as he did. But Maverick didn’t want to fall in love since he knew that he'd have to leave soon. Would Maverick and Stacey get back together even after he takes his role as the heir? .....Caleb was a normal businessman and only loved one woman for years. He was ready to marry her even after living for years with her. However, after a single mistake, Kaisley left him. He became miserable when she married a tycoon. But then, after two years, Kenzo made them meet but he realized that the woman he loved became a battered wife. The worst part was he witnessed how she become miserable after her husband killed the baby in her womb. Would Kaisley accept her again in her life after the hardship?

  • The Gentlemen’s Club

    The Gentlemen’s Club

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE ACTION R18 MAFIA

    MATURE CONTENT+18 "I'm not a stripper," I corrected, my voice calm but I knew my face held a thousand emotions. "I never asked. Besides, clients already saw you. They want to see what a southern belle can do." "I refuse! You can't make me go out there." Eli leaned against the door frame. "Either you go out there and dance for them, or you stay in here and do it for me." ------------------------- Chin up. Smile wide. And most importantly, don't make a scene when someone gets shot. That's what they told Anastasia Merritt, a twenty-six year-old waitress at the El Royale, one of New Orleans most decorated Gentleman's Club. And by decorated, we mean in the blood that's constantly splattered on the walls. The owner was a lesser known mob gangster who didn't even make the ranks. That didn't stop him from constantly trying to prove his worth, and when he takes it too far one day, the El Royale falls into new management.

  • Nightmare at Club X

    Nightmare at Club X



    Dominique is the owner of a club. She meets the man of her dreams just as the man she once loved comes back into her life. But is the man of her dreams really the man she thinks he is? How does she choose between the two in a love triangle when neither one of them is telling her the truth about themselves? Will she survive in a world she knows nothing about? *******My Life As A Luna********* The sequel to Nightmare at Club X involves Dominique’s life with Tim. They wind up in a war with another pack. Will they survive it? Will her children find their mates? How does Dominique handle being a wife, mother, and Luna?




    In a world in which violence is triumphed and rewarded, fighters from all around the world have a dream of making it to the big time. The fighters who compete at the world fight championships are some of the most respected and feared humans on the planet. But these fights are no ordinary fights, specialized potions can be taken to help enhance a fighter’s skillset. These potions are highly dangerous and should not get into the hands of people who do not know how to harness the powers they possess. Fighters are ranked by their combat level which is earned through tournaments, winning fights, completing challenges and studying alongside specialized trainers. An orphan boy named Chase, a young 16-year-old, lost in the world, with no real passion for life is about to have his life turned upside down when he meets someone who will change his life forever. Can Chase make it to the world fight championships and sketch his name in to history? Who knows, the journey will certainly not be easy and there will be many bumps and challenges along the way.

  • The Man Club

    The Man Club

    The Man Club. It’s the electric place where gay gents pick up one-night stands, hot male dancers work for big tips, and fresh bachelorettes have their steamy, pre-marital parties.<br><br>Running The Man Club is a crazy job for middle-aged Gyles Beare. Between hiring and firing dancers, keeping wait staff in line, and paying the bills, Gyles tries to have a love life, but it isn’t easy. Not at all.<br><br>Enter Car Tate. Car lives with Gyles, and has been a solid tenant for the last few months. Handsome. Charming. A good head on his shoulders. Car sometimes works at the club to help Gyles out. He always has Gyles’s back.<br><br>Lately, though, Car’s been over-the-top nice to Gyles. The sweet and romantic things Car’s been doing for Gyes are oddly pleasant. What’s going on? Is Car in love with Gyles? Is it time for Gyles to confront his hidden feelings and land the man of his dreams?

  • Willer's Club

    Willer's Club


    Nate wakes up in an alleyway in New York city with no memories of his past. He is recruited by a territorial underworld crime boss. Nate will have to fight hard to know who he was while playing a bigger game controlled by forces beyond his controlALL RIGHTS RESERVED..

  • The $100 club

    The $100 club

    Struggling from the life of a poor man, our lead needs to find out how to make money and sustain his dream life style.

  • Club 669

    Club 669

    Witch’s corpse. Witch’s ticket. Witch’s party.<br><br>As a counter-boy at a high-end men’s boutique, Charlie Jessup’s life consists of little more than work and sleep. That, and enough flirting to help guarantee his commission on sales will pay his rent. So when a twist of fate, and some behavior unbecoming that of a Ganymede employee, leaves him in possession of a dead man’s pass to a mysterious Club 669, Charlie has no desire to waste it.<br><br>Every seventeen years, the House of Witches throws a party like no other. It’s invitation-only, and for centuries it has helped ensure peace between the covens. It’s the last place Caspian wants to be, but with the death of Queen Avel, and his own imminent rise to the throne, it’s more important than ever that he attends. The stability of the House depends on it.<br><br>In four days a new king will be crowned, but when Charlie unintentionally crashes a gathering of the most secretive of all the Great Houses, he sets in motion a series of events that could disrupt the transition of power, and threaten the future of the House of Witches forever.

  • the host club

    the host club


  • detective club

    detective club

  • Hunters Club

    Hunters Club


    Mythical beings lurk in the dark corners of this world where only the unlucky or the hunters can reach. Since the middle ages, the Hunters Club has existed in the world, it is a club where different kinds of people come together to hunt monsters and some enjoy their time in the club. A young hunter soon makes his way through the world, Arthur Ray adventures in the world of beings like the Kraken, goblins, gods,griffins, dragons etc.

  • The Star's Club

    The Star's Club

    Alyssa never knew that her first day of middle school would change her life. From lowest level to a popular singer and finally made a trustworthy and long lasting best friend. But will their friendship last forever? Or as they travel the world, their friendship starts to break.

  • Club Assassin

    Club Assassin

    Have you ever heard that humans can only use 10% of their brain power? In the distance future humans have discovered a hidden power that resides in most humans, they call that power rust. Rust has the ability to bring out the full potential in human, to the point of superhuman power or even greater; God like. But using the power of rust comes with a great risk, your life.

  • Night club

    Night club



    kisah seorang petarung wanita yang memberantas bullying disekolah Bina Prestasi salah satu sekolah ternama yang mempunyai primadona yaitu bernama bella wanita yang sangat tangguh berani melawan pelaku bullying di sekolah yang telah meraja lela dan bertemu pria yang tanpa diduganya adalah otak dari pembulian di sekolahnya. Apa yang terjadi jika mereka saling timbul perasaan?