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  • Coffee shop

    Coffee shop

    Annie and Carson are dating recently. She found she pregnant and that her boyfriend have another child with his. The ex trying every to break Annie and Carson up. What ll Carson do? Will he take responsibility or run? What ll Annie do? Read the story to found out what will happen.

  • 《♡¤Coffee shop¤♡

    《♡¤Coffee shop¤♡


  • Coffee Shop (GL)

    Coffee Shop (GL)


    Daisy had been running the coffee shop on Davison and Raywick since she got out of college. It's been 5 years and her business couldn't be better and she couldn't be happier. And then she got a new regular, who seemed insistent on changing how she's been living her world.

  • (The Coffee Shop)

    (The Coffee Shop)

    Teen ROMANCE

  • The Guy in a Coffee Shop

    The Guy in a Coffee Shop

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE R18 COMEDY


    [WARNING: Some chapters contained mature content.]Amiadianne Scott is known to be an independent woman in her 20s. Being away from her parents and living alone in her own apartment, thus she decides to start and manage her own coffee shop. One particular day, a beautiful man enters her coffee shop which easily caught her attention. Ever since then, she would see him visit her coffee shop daily and usually sits in the corner beside the glass window. As she looks at him closely, it seems like he is waiting for someone, but she never saw any single person coming to see him.She suddenly wonders why is that so...———You can paypal me for some help: This cover photo was not mine.

  • Coffee Shop Background noises

    Coffee Shop Background noises

    In the crook and cranny near a university and a well known residential area lies a cafe. Its seemingly ordinary appearance allows many to over look it, but those who seem to need it most find haven in it's doors.In most cases many of it's customers find love, connections and friendship. Journey with us as we look into the brief lives of customers and even workers as they find what they least expect but need most.

  • Proposal Kupilism Coffee Shop

    Proposal Kupilism Coffee Shop

  • Met You In the Coffee Shop

    Met You In the Coffee Shop

  • Life at the Coffee Shop

    Life at the Coffee Shop

  • Loved By An Older Man

    Loved By An Older Man



    The betrothal gift is two million bucks, not a single cent less. Jiang Yu is already eighteen years old and can get married now. Send the money to my card, and this matter is settled!" Jiang Yu looked at her mother, who was talking non-stop on the negotiation table. She watched as her mother named her price as she sold Jiang Yu. Jiang Yu could not believe it. Eighteen years ago, they brought the wrong baby home from the hospital, and Jiang Yu, the real daughter of a wealthy family, ended up in an orphanage until a year ago. Jiang Ran, the fake daughter of the Jiang family, grew up with a silver spoon in her mouth. With superior resources since she was young, she was more outstanding than Jiang Yu in every aspect and became the pride of the Jiang family. Jiang Yu, who wandered most of her time in the outside world, was nothing but a country bumpkin who made her mother a laughing stock in the socialite circle. However, Jiang Yu had no idea how great her mother's hatred for her was. On the day she turned eighteen, her mother 'sold' her with a named price. Jiang Yu said, "If you want to marry your daughter to someone else, it should be Jiang Ran. I'm your real daughter. You're the one who mistakenly brought Jiang Ran home!" Her mother replied, "Shut up. I wish I hadn't given birth to you. You've brought nothing but shame to me!" Jiang Ran said, "Big Sis, everything Mom does is for your own good. Don't blame Mom." Her mother said, "I'm convinced she's nothing but a debt collector who's come to me to collect her debts! Either you give me two million bucks, or you get married obediently!" Jiang Yu left home in despair. By a freak combination of factors, she found herself accidentally marrying a Mr. CEO. From then on, the thirty-year-old man pampered his eighteen-year-old wife to the heavens. The little girl said, "Mister, someone bullied your wife!" The man, "Which incompetent fool is so blind that he dares to bully you?"

  • I Became a Pawn Shop Owner

    I Became a Pawn Shop Owner



    In a fantasy world where cultivators are revered. Cultivation is everything. There exist a pawn shop. The shop is small. But it can change the fate of the person. The things available in the shop have woken up the saints and are begging the owner. You can pawn anything if you satisfy the owner. There is only one person in the shop which is the owner. but you can't rob the shop if you try then your cultivation life will become hell.

  • Cultivation Pet Shop

    Cultivation Pet Shop



    "What? That chicken is actually a phoenix?""You're telling me that this dog is a qilin?""This little lizard is the legendary dragon?""What kind of weird pet shop is this? When did legendary beasts become so easy to find!"An ordinary looking shop, but what hides inside are legendary cultivation pets. Step inside, but only if you dare.-------------------------------------------------------------------Come follow me on twitter: check out my stream: 350 Power Stones is an extra chapter for that week! Up to a maximum of 5 extra chapters a week!

  • Bloody hell, the coffee shop is still standing.

    Bloody hell, the coffee shop is still standing.


    A light hearted story about two girls who met in a coffee shop narrated by the perspectiva of a professor.

  • Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

    Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!



    Twenty years ago, she was taken in as the Lin family’s young heiress through a twist of fate. But mistakes would eventually be corrected one day. When the real daughter of the family returned and her foster parents begged her to stay, she obliged. Unbeknownst to her, this was actually a scheme disguised as familial affection. They only kept her around to squeeze her dry of all her value! One day, Lin Yun woke up and found herself and her future brother-in-law in a compromising position in a hotel room. She was about to escape but reporters aggressively pressed her for answers. In the face of their interrogation, Lin Yun could only respond with a pale face. Yet, her childhood friend, and now brother-in-law heartlessly accused her of setting him up while her sister, whom she had doted on for four years slapped her hard. Her former mother complained disdainfully to the reporters about her ‘despicable actions’ and announced severing ties with Lin Yun. The consecutive betrayals traumatized Lin Yun. Before she could clear her name, she was killed in an accident. Just before she died, she learned the truth… that this was all a scheme by her sister, the real heiress. Since the beginning, the Lin family only saw her as an item… All her love and affection turned into resentment the instant she died. She was reborn after that, and she would seize her life in her own hands this time! When news of Lu Chen getting involved in a car crash spread throughout the internet, Lin Yun remembered that it was Lu Chen who extended her a helping hand when she was thrown out of the Lin family. He probably even died for her. So before she exacted her revenge, she decided to repay Lu Chen for his kindness by becoming a nameless donor for his blood transfusion! However, ideals never go as planned, and the man became attached to her after waking up. Although Lin Yun wanted to wreak vengeance on her own, she found that she had the backing of her original family and Lu Chen this time Lin Yun, who had never known so much love, felt touched. Only… since when did she become Lu Chen’s woman?

  • Magic Shop System

    Magic Shop System



    Ranulf never thought he would open his eyes again, as he laid in his own pool of blood. Unaware and ignorant of the portrayals of destiny. After the curtains of his existence collapsed, a new and fascinating life began. He transmigrated on the Pengolla—the magical world, filled with mythical creatures and cruel demons and powerful wizards—inside the boy named Kadyn. He thought he could live a peaceful life after finding out that his predecessor had no talent in magic. However, things never go according to the way we want them to be. Out of nowhere, a voice sounded in his head that shattered his world before it could take form inside his memory. [Host transmigrated successfully] [Host need to find a shop in twenty-four hours, or his soul will dissipate] Follow Kadyn on this fantastic journey, and see how he will overcome all the hardships and challenges in the future. How would he save himself and his family and his shop from greedy people? And how would he become a hunter instead of hunted after learning the harsh lesson from life? ______________________________________________ [Read all the free chapters before assuming anything about the story] ______________________________________________ The cover isn't mine. All credit goes to the artist. If the owner has any problem, please contact me, and I will put down the cover, or we can reach an agreement.

  • The Coffee Shop Owner is a High-ranker

    The Coffee Shop Owner is a High-ranker


    The world changed around 100 years or so and became a fantasy-like setting with dungeons and rankers.The concept is simple.Conquer a dungeon and you'll get power.The higher the difficulty, the stronger power you'll receive.I accidentally conquered one of the legendary-ranked dungeon and received one of the most powerful ability to exist....But who cares? I'm just a cat-loving guy who's dream is to live off my coffee shop. Will they stop bothering me already?

  • Pillow of Hearts: A tale between the warm hug and cold coffee

    Pillow of Hearts: A tale between the warm hug and cold coffee



    Moon Young Jae’s homophobic family considered him a disgrace and held his freedom in their clutch. Even with being obedient, he was not free from their abuse. Young Jae was almost blinded and crippled by his father when he stood up for himself for the first time. Left to bleed and die, luckily, he did have a family who wanted to save him. It was twin cousins, who were disowned long before him, who saved him. Sad and hopeless, Young Jae became curious when he met his cousins’ friend, who understood him better than anyone, even without words. Curiosity got the best of him, and he ended by handing his heart, love and soul over a plater as a price. Slowly, Young Jae fell in love with everything about and around Min Jun and eventually fell for the man. Calculative Wang Min Jun entered Young Jae’s life accidentally. He challenged Young Jae's belief with a warm smile and flipped Young Jae’s world upside down. Min Jun read Young Jae like an open book. He planned to get over the little crush he had on his seniors' cousin brother but failed miserably. Min Jun did not like the often-visited ‘frown’ between those beautiful eyebrows and even the always singing of ‘sigh’ through those sinful lips. Min Jun made it his mission to change it only to fall for everything about Young Jae. Wang Min Jun carried his share of baggage, but he was well-prepared to meet the demons from the past head-on. But Young Jae became a mess whenever his past demons decided to pay a visit. He realised he did not have to face anything alone as he has a wonderful boyfriend who cherishes everything about him. Both faced their past demons and trauma together. When a person betrayed by a family fell in love with a person who holds his family above everything, sparks flew, and hearts soared in happiness. Will their story has a harmonious bell, or would it be a sea of misery? Teaser: Files were shattered all over Min Jun’s bed, and his laptop was placed on the bedside table. It chimed once in a while, indicating a new email for him to check. The work was piling more and more as he was diligently finishing it. Young Jae walked into his boyfriend’s bedroom to witness his handsome lover working hard. "Jun Jun! Are you busy?" Even though Young Jae did not want to disturb his lover, he knew he needed some help to impress his boss. "Never for you, love. Tell you what you need?" Min Jun did not lift his head from the file he was going through, but the warmth in his voice reached Young Jae's heart without fail. "Do you have a minute to help me in reviewing my monthly internship report? I have to present to our boss tomorrow morning." Young Jae pouted as he asked. Min Ju looked at his adorable tokki and smiled mischievously. "You are brave, asking your superior to help you sneakily. I can't do it for free. I need a huge bribe to help you. What are you planning to offer?" "Be serious. You have too much work to do." Young Jae chided his shameless boyfriend, who never failed to seize every opportunity to make him moan and groan as he takes him to the pleasurable heaven. "Exactly. I have too much work to do. If I am taking my time to help you, I need something in return. Something so tempting that I don’t mind cramping lots of things later." Min Jun smiled like a devil he was as he grabbed Young Jae towards him. The little rabbit who fell into the cunning wolf's lap did not even get a chance to protest as he was devoured breathlessly. Young Jae forgot why he entered the wolf's lair altogether. Min Jun pushed the files away to make space for his little rabbit to lay down comfortably. Young Jae’s report was long forgotten as a treacherous hand started to caress him again under the shirt as a sinful sound filled the room. P.s: The cover belongs to the rightful owner, and it will be removed if the original owner asks to do so. WARNING: THIS IS A GAY LOVE STORY WITH BDSM. IF YOU ARE NOT COMFORTABLE WITH IT, SPARE THE NOVEL. Discord:

  • Hot Coffee

    Hot Coffee

    "When plain Emma Cole went for an interview at a prestigious establishment, she immediately saw how out of her league she was. However, the CEO, Ethan Hollen, hired Emma to be his personal Coffee maker at his mansion. Coffee wasn't the only thing getting stirred up. Emma and Ethan later developed feelings for each other but Ethan's fiance, Sharon Constantine, had no intentions of becoming a woman scorned. She made plots for her revenge and did everything she could to make Emma's life a living hell, including kidnapping her. And as if that wasn't enough, Ethan lost sight of his love for Emma and that drove a wedge between them. Can love find its way back to the once upon a time happy couple?"

  • Reborn: I'm A Dragon Girl With An OP System

    Reborn: I'm A Dragon Girl With An OP System



    Died while saving her friend, reborn into a world much different than her last, Faith must begin a new life as a dragon girl and face the hardships of the reality of this new world. With a mysterious system that enables her to grow stronger, Faith must cut out a path for herself as she journeys and discovers the wonders of this place she now calls home. Join my Discord! Show your support and buy me a coffee or join patreon! Follow on twitter: Follow on Instagram

  • My wife's sisters want me to make a harem?!

    My wife's sisters want me to make a harem?!



    "A few wives is a norm for Overlord such as you." My wife's sister said... Minato was your ordinary guy. He had his shop and led a happy life with his wife by his side. Should his wife be as ordinary as him, Minato would probably die as a happy man in sixty years! Alas, his wife was actually from another world, and she had fox psychique?! Their bedtime was actually dual cultivation, and the husband became Overlord due to it?! And what's up with her sisters... falling in love with him?! *I, Sixth, have published this story solely for I am not responsible for other illegal copies on other sites* #Support authors on by reading their stories here or on the webnovel's app!