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    Dominik served as a soldier of the glorious Soviet Union in 2069 when he was fighting one battle against the capitalist pigs . His unit was ambushed and killed he tried to fight off the capitalist pigs but they soon shot him down . And when he was shot down he asked himself Why did I die my duty only ends in death . I can no longer serve mother Russia I need to save mother Russia. I can’t allow those capitalist pigs to take it over . But after saying these words he died of blood lust only to wake up in a new world in a new world with a system . He was reincarnated into the body of a baby prince Dominik thinks the idea humiliating . But he decides that he will bring the glorious Soviet Union to this world . And make it control all Dominik will be the first leader of Russia not the emperor but leader . He will bring glorious comrade Stalin’s word into this world . And be forced to use the power of his capitalist system which values money and riches above all in order to bring the word of communism . I shall teach them combat I shall bring them guns I shall make them loyal soldiers in the army of our glorious country. .I shall torture our enemies for information . I shall reward the dead as well I will train my soldiers in the art of combat . Will Dominik be able to face the challenge of rising up in a small country and truly rule the world . And bring the word of communism or will he be crushed by the capitalists under there greed . The only reason it’s still named the communist prince and not leader is because leader isn’t as catchy or anything like that as prince

  • The Communist Sect

    The Communist Sect


  • Youjo senki: communist Russy

    Youjo senki: communist Russy


  • Kremlin The Iron Curtain 1985

    Kremlin The Iron Curtain 1985


    March 11, 1985 The extraordinary meeting of the Central Politburo of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union voted Comrade Grigory Vasilievich Romanov, 62, as General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Soviet and Comrade Viktor Vasilievich Grishin as Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet.

  • Ronin: A Sister Novel to Order of the Communist Crusade

    Ronin: A Sister Novel to Order of the Communist Crusade

    In a world in the throughs of the Third World War, the Japanese Empire and their legions of soldiers seek to fight the Americans to the ends of the Earth. A young, fiery soldier, son of a great general and a reinstated Samurai seeks his own glory.

  • The Romanov Diadem- Bluthund Community 4

    The Romanov Diadem- Bluthund Community 4

    When the Russian Revolution broke out in 1917 and the Bolsheviks assassinated Tsar Nicholas II's family, large sectors opposed the new communist government. By means of the legendary Trans-Siberian Railway the rebels carried the imperial treasure to the heart of Asia and intended to resist from there. The Bolsheviks eventually defeated them but could not find a large part of the treasure including tons of gold bars and the Empress' jewelry.In modern times the descendants of those noble exiles follow certain clues as to the whereabouts of the treasure and turn to the Bluthund Community, a virtual group of scientists in different disciplines, to organize a search expedition in Siberia. However, various powerful groups have their own plans and will oppose their action. Intrigues, mystery and violence in the middle of the wild mountains of East Asia.A travel, suspense and action novel that will catch your breath from the start.

  • The Mystic Warrior- Bluthund Community 2

    The Mystic Warrior- Bluthund Community 2

    After the Bolshevik revolution of 1917 a Russian nobleman surrounded by an aura of mystical warrior continues the struggle in Mongolia and manages to restore the monarchy in that republic. Before falling into the hands of the Communists, he sends the Mongolian treasure to save it from his enemies.In the current age the members of an informal community of researchers called Bluthund keep track of that treasure in the Gobi Desert facing attacks from fearsome Mongol bandits, terrible sandstorms and persecutions of another rival organization working in the shadows.The findings in the Gobi lead them to a much more decisive search in Tibet with amazing and disturbing results.A vibrant thriller that will keep you in suspense until the end.

  • I was just an old veteran who was given a second chance

    I was just an old veteran who was given a second chance

    a veteran of the ussr who no longer exists dies of natural causes and is reincarnated in a world of magic and mythical creature with a system which allows him to create his own civilization with the technologies of the earth. But he will have to start with more backward technology and go up in the technological abyss. Let's follow our comrade in it's peripecia to rebuild his mother country (I'm not a communist I'm just writing this for fun and if you find that I have inappropriate remarks tell me).

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    In any society-- democratic, communist, or monarchy, classes and classists will always be present. In a group of islands south of the island of Taiwan is a school where you can only be one of the two: a measly proletariat or a HIGH CLASS bourgeoisie. While many believe those born with special talents are the only ones fit to be at the top, someone may just challenge that. There's a secret at this school, and nobody is telling.

  • All A Sniper Wants is Peace

    All A Sniper Wants is Peace


    2215 5 Years has passed since the Honzodie Empire fell to the might of The People’s Communist Republic. Now the P.C.R. stands as one of only three world powers alongside the United North America and the European Federation. As the P.C.R. continues it’s expansion the Federation and U.N.A. search for way to reestablish a power balance in the world.Ichigo Iwatani is a 25 year old Salaryman living in the Tokyo the former capital of the Empire. His coworkers find him odd from the fact that he wares an eye patch to the fact he never takes his gloves figuring he was probably a veteran of the Millennium War and as result usual brush it off. In truth he’s a deserter tired of the army and its way of things wanting a quiet life to himself, but that all changes when he meets the Daughter of his former Commanding Officer while she’s being chased by Military Police. Feeling an obligation to repay a debt to his old C.O. he helps her out how ever he ends up doing the one thing he swore he’d never do again, and thats kill!

  • KnightHood



    Young and full of energy young Kane strives to be the best man he can be, to protect and fight for those who can't fend for themselves. Will a poor peasent make it in a world where social classes are stuck in place from birth? Or will Kane overcome the social stigma and become what he desires most? To be a mighty warrior for king and country?(NOTE) This Novel won't have content till my other novel "Order of The Communist Crusade". Is complete. Till then, please enjoy my other content, I look forward to entertaining you all.

  • I Ended Up As A Villain Again

    I Ended Up As A Villain Again


    Arisa, The Holy Princess of Ruvaria Empire, is just an eight-year-old little girl who is now forced to face the calamity that has come into her kingdom. No, that was not the main problem here because she was sure she had many people who were ready to support her. The main problem is ... she regained memories from her previous life! In her previous life, she was known as Miss of Thousands Faces, the most wanted criminal in the whole country. Could not live a comfortable and quiet life like the life she lived right now. That made her feel grateful until she realized one thing. The world she has today is exactly the same as the world in her favorite novel. And what worries her even more, she has the same name as the villain in the novel! Arisa feels like she want to curse. What's with the successive misfortune she experienced? Even if she rebirth, why should her rebirth through this cliché line? Wiping her tears, she began to make up her mind. I don't want to be a villain anymore! I will live a clean and calm life like a saint! However, she could not avoid the storyline that would occur and somehow ended up as a villain again. Arisa: "..." Curse that damned author and their bloody plot! In this moment of despair, a man came to her. "Darling, will you come with me? I will give everything I have. My power will be our power. My body will belong to you. We will make this world ours and none can stop us." Arisa who is really desperate: "..." Sound like a communist propaganda but okay. So, she followed the man and began to regret it when she saw what he was doing. “Wait. Did they just say that you are an ancient demon?” “Uh huh?” “That ancient demon?!” “Seems like it.” “...” "By the way, Arisa, my darling, our precious lovebirb, my sweetkins, little dreambuns, look at what I have done! I just burned down the palace where you lived before! Now they won't be able to take away any of your belongings! " The man laughed with satisfaction. Arisa: "..." This freak. "My darling, those dirty hands dare to touch your servant when we go to the city. So, I gave them a punishment! " The man smiled proudly. "Praise me! Praise me!" "Master, he burned them alive!" said the servant who was still crying because of the trauma she was experiencing. Arisa: "..." Be honest. Do you have a thing with fire? "My darling, happy birthday! Do you like fireworks? Come on follow me! I know a spot," said the man, dragging Arisa to the capital. When Arisa saw the capital that was burned to the ground, she finally realized that some men just want to watch the world burn. And that's how they are known as The Absolute Calamity, the most wanted villain in the entire world.

  • Invincible Warriors Sect

    Invincible Warriors Sect

    Disclaimer: I mean no one ill to any country of the world. All the countries are equal and great in their own right. This is purely fictional and meant for the sake of entertainment. Any resemblance to any living or dead person is purely coincidental or in the story to ground the story more in reality. Nothing in this story is meant to mock or insult any person alive or dead. The Third World War began on 1st May 2021. The tension between India and China has escalated to an unbelievable level in the past two years. They were practically at each other's throats. Communist China declared an all-out war on India in the morning on 1st May. Pakistan joined hands within 30 minutes of China's declaration. Russia joined hands with China on the 4th. India was forced to fight on two fronts. India pleaded it's case with the Security Council but with two permanent members in war with India, they weren't able to get any support. Soon, all of Russia's allies and countries previously part of the Soviet Union joined China and Russia. Communism was back and it was back with a punch. Europe was divided. With the Soviet Union back together, there was a major thereat of a Soviet invasion into Europe. All of EU convened and came to the conclusion that the Soviet could not be allowed to rise again and declared it's support to India. Japan who had built up relations with India over the past two years with a free trade agreement between the two, declared her support to India. With over half the world's population at war, the US could not stay silent anymore. The tension between US and Russia that had reduced after the Cold War once again surged to an all time high. With the threat of nuclear war on the horizon, and with all her hatred of Russia, US and her allies declared war on Russia and declared their support to India on the 1st of June. The Middle East was divided in this. Saudi joined Russia. Iran and Kuwait joined US. Iraq joined Russia. UAE joined US. Turkey made a drastic move and joined Russia. Afghanistan joined US. Egypt joined US. All of the other East Asian countries joined Russia and China. Myanmar joined India. Nepal and Bhutan joined India. Sri Lanka joined India. Korea was divided. Both sides were her foes but ended up deciding that she hated China more. Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore choose to remain strictly neutral only agreeing to provide medical support for anyone who wished for it and agreed to provide Asylum for 1 million people in total. Australia and New Zealand, being under the British crown joined the British and EU against the Communists. All of Africa and South America was divided into grids supporting Russia and US. While war was taking place in over thirty fronts, there were few that were important. The Pacific Ocean being the most important one. Japanese and Korean navies along with the US navy managed to push back Chinese and Russian forces. Korea finally managed to until peacefully in wartime. Chinese and Russian merchant ships going across the Pacific and Indian oceans were stopped and starved to death by Indian and Australian ships. In the midst of this chaos the Russian battleships made an impressive comeback going near a stalemate in the Pacific. The next most important front was in Europe where NATO clashed with the Soviet forces. It was a very difficult battle but neither side was ready to give up. The last most important front was in the Himalayas were the Indian and American forces collided with the Chinese and Pakistani forces. For nine years the war waged on and neither side was ready to start firing nukes. In the midst of all this chaos, the Chinese sect leader, Li Jinkin, who sees the Indian sect leader Aditi every day starts feeling things other than hatred towards her, including nervousness....

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