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  • Incest Complex

    Incest Complex

    Magical Realism HAREM


    A story of a highschooler getting hit by truck. Hmmm, this sounds very familliar. The boy woke up and found himself still alive, However there is a problem. When he was hit by a truck, He thought he could have a fluffy harem life in Isekai just like the novels he read. Saddly, Reality struck him. The boy was once again reincarnated in his world 'Earth', It's the same Earth he lived. He despaired and thought he can finally meet a chienthrope or a beautiful Elf. In his despair, The boy jump into the woman who introduce herself as his Sister and ravage her up to down.The boy finished his meal but realization struck his mind again. However, He found out that he was one of the men that survive the calamity.Over 99% of male humans had been wiped im the face of earth leaving a small populace of men. He also found out that men is treated as stallion for breeding. What would the boy do? -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I'm the author of this immoral novel.I want to say to those who wanted to read this then I warn you.This novel contains inappropriate relationship, mainly incest. This also an adult content. So kids are not allowed.The first 8 chapters was kind of rushed and fast.I'm really not good at writing novel but I'm learning slowly.As for grammar and English, welp. There might be problems with that along the way.English is not my mother tongue so I'm sorry if it is not in your cup of tea.Not my first book, the others, well I dropped or pending i guess.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------As for those who wanna support and want to read advance chapters. You are free to do so.https://www.patreon,com/ScarletBM

  • Inferiority Complex

    Inferiority Complex

  • Complex Beginnings

    Complex Beginnings

    There is always a beginning to every story, but is it ever truly the beginning? Who knew the beginning of mine would be so complex? I'm Fay, the nerd in the back of the classroom. Then you got Hayden over there, he is one of the hottest guys at school. He is the head of the soccer team and leader of the popular kids. No this is not one of your normal the nerd and the popular boy get together against all odds type of story. We are supers, also known as superheroes, yet we are also high school students just trying to make it through the last year of high school. Fire and ice don't mix that well but somehow we will find a way to get along. Though that isn't the beginning of my story. That is just the start of a big chapter in my life, but the real beginning happened long, long ago. A complex beginning doesn't make chapters of my life any easier to handle or understand but it keeps life interesting. Let's just hope I can make it out of high school with my secret still intact.

  • A Complex Power

    A Complex Power

    Humans have discovered the ability to control different elements such as fire water and many more. The world quickly adapts however huge changes are on their way. Suddenly the social hierarchy is thrown into chaos elements mean everything, poor families become rich, and rich become poor. Popularity suddenly becomes dependent on the strength of your element and many people's situations drastically change. Such is the case with Jake's family. his mum's business goes bankrupt and they go from being a relatively wealthy family to living in a tiny apartment. Jake starts getting bullied for the lack of an element and his life gets thrown into chaos. But does Jake really not have an element or is science just not ready to comprehend the power he may hold? And what is the truth behind these so-called elements? note: If you're reading this, this is my first time writing anything like this I'm mostly doing this for my own enjoyment and I doubt anyone is even going to find this .however if you happen to enjoy it be sure to like it and maybe share it that way I might continue and maybe release a few more chapters. also please keep in mind English isn't my first language so if u find any weird phrasing be sure to comment what you think could be improved. Thanks.

  • Sibling complex

    Sibling complex


    Merl was a cheering and lovely girl that you probably don't want to mess with. Who would have thought a sweet little girl could be so fierce and scary. Meanwhile, Merlin was such a naughty boy who love playing around but surprisingly he can be so perfectly calm.These two kids was destinies to be step sibling.At first they fight but they surprisingly in sync. They both love books, They both love fight. No one dare to fight, these two kids will be the one who'll change the night. Try to read that in rhythm, lol.Twitter @Malay Weirdo GirlStory related to The Princess Life Stories

  • Deity Complex

    Deity Complex


    Humans were living in harmony, peace.Then THEY arrived. The Niaro. And because of them, the world fell to ruin. But humans evolved. The only ones that survived were the people who awakened special powers, the ability to combat the monsters. They began to be known as Challengers, as they had the ability to ‘Challenge’ the darkness that lies within.Some chose to use their powers to do good, however other hid theirs in the dark.Koi lost her everything to the Niaro. Her home, her family, everything.One day, Koi, a survivor without a power, at the brink of death after her school was attacked by monsters, awakens a power known as the ‘Deity Complex’.“Hello, Koi.”“Would you like to awaken the Deity Complex?”“Daily Missions: Kill 5 Level 6 Monsters.”“Failure to complete Daily Missions: Penalty Punishment.”

  • Complex world

    Complex world

  • Superiority complex

    Superiority complex


    Tamiya Kendrick's life wasn't normal, that everyone knew but no one could explain why and the people who could were....missing. When she was sent to a private boarding school for rich spoilt brats, She managed to hide everything. Well, until someone from her past shows up. Then everything falls apart in the most unexpected of ways

  • A Brother Complex

    A Brother Complex


  • The God Complex

    The God Complex


    Klay, our young protagonist, is aspiring to follow his fathers footsteps to become a great adventurer, and along the way, learn about magic and swordsmanship, but as he explores the world, he learns much more than he ever thought he would.

  • Creators of Complex

    Creators of Complex

  • The complex of a stick

    The complex of a stick

  • Love Complex: CXJYZ

    Love Complex: CXJYZ


    "When it comes to love I am unlikely to choose which of them." - JessicaConsistently, when did the heart follow the brain's words?Some people follow their brain and then, in the end, regret it.What is it really? Which of them do we always follow? The heart or the brain?When it comes to when to love, the heart first dictates to us. And when we hurt, then that is the time we say to use the brain. Odd, isn't it?Right now, we will focus on Jessica Sandoval's love. The woman who loves easily, believing in love, and in the end, the brain will dictate her decisions and what else can happen in her life. And those yet to come.If true love came to Jessica, would she still depend on the brain?

  • My Arata Complex

    My Arata Complex

    Video Games HAREM


    Hamasaki Arata was an avid dating sim gamer, building one harem after another in his little cyberspace. However, he just happened upon a newly released dating sim game called Player-kun Complex. In-game, the women the player maxes would be obsessed with loving the player in what seemed to be a compulsive way, which is like developing a complex. Seeing the gorgeous arts as part of the game's introduction, Arata immediately downloaded it.After months, he was able to reach end game, maxing all the available women referred to as 'date-ables'. Just when he was getting bored of the game, the developers announced a major update, adding new date-ables and the notorious Encounter Mode. Like any other loyal player, Arata patched the game. He did while walking home and met a rather fatal accident.Basically dying with the phone in his hands, Hamasaki Arata gets transported inside the game. Now, Arata meets all the date-able heroines that he maxed, and had to manage living in their synchronized routes. Not to mention the new ones he wanted to unlock and max as well.This begins a struggle of a nobody turned into a living god in a world he had built in his little cyberspace.Similarities to any game or living person or existing places are purely coincidental. This work of fiction includes adult themes such as sex, language, and murder. It may contain triggers as well so please be advised.

  • Complex Romance

    Complex Romance

    A normal high school girl which has 4 talented and intelligent brothers. Her teachers expect the best from her. During her last year of high school, she was the head prefect and the top student in school. With her intelligence, no one expected her to be stuck in a complex romance."How do I tell him? Will I hurt his feelings? What will happen after I tell him? Will it be awkward? How do I face him?"These questions keep floating around Teresa's mind.   'I'm sorry, but let's break up...''We are not in a right age to date''If you could wait, let's wait for 1 more year, by that time we would be more mature.'With every ounce of her bravery she finally told him her true feelings.

  • A god complex with powers

    A god complex with powers


    A boy/man with a god complex suddenly gets powers?! What will happen...

  • Hero Complex

    Hero Complex


    John thought he was special. He even had the wonderful family name "Kurogane" - the Black Swordsman. His family was the descendants of the most powerful swordsman in the legends. At least, that's what he thought. As a useless otaku obsessed with his childhood friend, he thought he could become a legendary being. If only he could come to the world of swords and magic. Well, life had given him and his friends a chance. Would he grab it?

  • Sisters Complex

    Sisters Complex

    Romansa Kontemporer FAMILY

    Gyaniva Adhamar, si bungsu yang keras kepala tapi ceria. Pelecehan yang pernah dialaminya dulu membuat Gya sangat membenci laki-laki.Semenjak dikhianati oleh kekasihnya, Linda Adhamar tidak berani untuk kembali membuka hatinya pada laki-laki lain. Sifatnya yang lembut dan penyayang membuatnya takut untuk kembali tersakiti.Dan pada saatnya mereka dihadapkan oleh laki-laki yang menjadi takdir mereka, pilihan apa yang akan mereka ambil?

  • Complex Follower

    Complex Follower

    In the land where ink flows down the endless mountains and large chunks of stone guard the vast cities, a God reigned above all else. The God, who loved to abuse his powers, also enjoyed recruiting slav- followers.One day, he roused the dragon from its slumber. And thus, the tale of Complex, the newly risen God, and the various mortals that serve him began.

  • Orion Complex

    Orion Complex


    Conner is sick of always being in his twin brother's shadow. He always manages to get 2nd place to his brother no matter what he does. Determined to beat his brother at something, he lies about having a girlfriend. To keep up with his lie, he takes a picture with a beautiful, sleeping stranger and uploads the picture online and claims the stranger is his girlfriend. However, the beautiful sleeping girl is a rising teen celebrity named Estelle and is caught in his lie by the class weirdo, Annelise. "I'll help you keep your secret if you do what I say", Annelise threatens leering at Conner through her thick glasses with a horrifying smile spreading on her lips. Conner finds himself at the mercy of the school's weirdest girl.cover is my own art. not super satisfied with it though so will probably change it in the future.