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  • illicit relationship

    illicit relationship



    Quote of the Main Character "In the future, I will be the wealthiest person in China and sit on my throne with beautiful women in my arms." *** please read the synopsis to the end so you know what to expect in this novel or in each volume of this novel. *** new novel= Binding System synopsis: One day, a handsome young man died in a car accident. He suddenly wakes up and find himself in an unfamiliar place, but what surprised him most is that he is taking over someone else's body. He is once again surprised when he knows that he is in a parallel universe with the same laws as his previous world. At first, he only wants to enjoy his life. But after learning his predecessor desires to be a successful person and make his family happy, he decides to continue his predecessor's dream. With knowledge from his previous life, he starts his adventure to become a successful person, and of course, he doesn't forget to seduce beautiful women left and right. Follow him as he embarks on his journey to become a successful person and conquer the hearts of beautiful women. * I haven't finished editing all previous chapters, so please bear with it for now. *Tags= slice of life, poor to rich, action, business, martial arts, gangs, leader gang, beautiful female lead, handsome male lead, older love interests, harem, cruel MC, multiple identities, secret identity, R-18, romance, modern-day, MILF, friendship, war between gangs, war against martial art schools, scheming, betrayal, genius MC, incest, strong MC (OP at the same level). *** plot - first volume = focus on relationship and business. The story is slow and full of slices of life at the start but it gets a lot better and the story progress faster later on.I made so many mistakes in early chaps, but please give it a's repetitive in the early chaps because this is my first time writing a story, so I'm very inexperienced. Try it, maybe you will like it - second volume =Helping Lin Xing Xue and a little problem. - third volume = a lot of troubles this volume is full of troubles, fights and wars.- last volume = the truth, revenge, war and many problems. ** This novel contains incestuous content, if you don't like incest, it means this novel is not for you. this novel also has R-18 content so please dont read my novel if you are not an adult. * Support me: I'm not the owner of the cover, I took it from Pinterest so if you're the owner of the cover and want me to take it down, please tell me and I'll immediately take the cover down.

  • Family Of Ghosts

    Family Of Ghosts



    After a car accident, Cen Pan lost every loved one aside from her younger brother, who was lying in the ICU. Feeling that she was on the verge of suffocating from the burden of medical fees right after graduation, she was visited by her grandmother in her dream. "Darling, I had a friend who really loves the clothes you design. Would you burn one of them for him? He will pay you handsomely." Cen Pan simply found it surreal, but did so anyway so that she could be at ease. The next night, her grandmother gave her an address and a password in her dream. "Here, this is the password of the safe, and his payment is in there." Skeptical, Cen Pan looked for the safe at the address, and found a diamond worth a hundred grand in the safe! After that, her deceased family members kept appearing in her dreams. "Darling, it's going to rain tomorrow—so bring an umbrella." "Darling, I met a hacker who had been dead for a hundred years, and he’s asking if you want to inherit his lost art." "Darling, do you have a boyfriend? I just made a friend who really wants you to marry his grandson!" Marry? Cen Pan immediately shook her head, but was stunned when her grandfather showed the grandson's photo. Why did he resemble her new boss so much?!

  • Family Relationship

    Family Relationship

    doming. esmaellolit. mayajeni. dominMarlon. uteDenise. Jerry

  • The Profligate Madam of the Family

    The Profligate Madam of the Family


    Leng Rongrong is the eldest daughter of the Leng Family, yet she is abandoned to the countryside when she's little. As she reaches a certain age, her father and his stepmother trick her into returingn home just to marry her to Mo Linyuan, the Fourth Master of the Mo Family who is supposed to be crippled, poor and ugly. When Leng Rongrong marries Mo Linyuan, she finds that Mo Linyuan is actually a very handsome man seated in a wheelchair. So she decides to take good care of him by becoming an actress to support the family. However, Mo Linyuan is simply pretending to be crippled for the moment, because he is investigating some peculiar affairs happening to his family. Yet as he spends time with Leng Rongrong, he finds her quite interesting and fun, and gradually develops feelings towards her. In the meanwhile, Leng Rongrong also defends herself against other undesirable trouble that keeps coming towards her whilst trying to find out the past of her supposedly deceased mother.

  • Incest Complex

    Incest Complex

    Magical Realism HAREM


    A story of a highschooler getting hit by truck. Hmmm, this sounds very familliar. The boy woke up and found himself still alive, However there is a problem. When he was hit by a truck, He thought he could have a fluffy harem life in Isekai just like the novels he read. Saddly, Reality struck him. The boy was once again reincarnated in his world 'Earth', It's the same Earth he lived. He despaired and thought he can finally meet a chienthrope or a beautiful Elf. In his despair, The boy jump into the woman who introduce herself as his Sister and ravage her up to down.The boy finished his meal but realization struck his mind again. However, He found out that he was one of the men that survive the calamity.Over 99% of male humans had been wiped im the face of earth leaving a small populace of men. He also found out that men is treated as stallion for breeding. What would the boy do? -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I'm the author of this immoral novel.I want to say to those who wanted to read this then I warn you.This novel contains inappropriate relationship, mainly incest. This also an adult content. So kids are not allowed.The first 8 chapters was kind of rushed and fast.I'm really not good at writing novel but I'm learning slowly.As for grammar and English, welp. There might be problems with that along the way.English is not my mother tongue so I'm sorry if it is not in your cup of tea.Not my first book, the others, well I dropped or pending i guess.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------As for those who wanna support and want to read advance chapters. You are free to do so.https://www.patreon,com/ScarletBM

  • Level Up Family

    Level Up Family



    Marius Edgewick is a seemingly ordinary office worker. He is a father of two married to a gorgeous and mysterious wife. Yet, their family though small and poor, are far from the ordinary, each born with a unique ability to see stats and level up, blessed with even a special skill that is unable to be utilized in the current world. After losing his only job, Marius thought he had lost all hope of achieving his single wish: to protect and provide his family with a suitable lifestyle. However, this all changed when both he and his entire family encountered a strange phenomenon, hurling them into the depths of a unique fantasy world. "Father look, I found a strange fire breathing rodent." "Kill it and give it to your mother, we will be eating it for dinner." "Yes, father!" With the rodent of fire, and fresh air of the pure wilds wafting through the wind, thus, began the adventure of the world's most powerful family. ____ Note: Ypu can find out more details of the 'rewritten brand new version' of this novel in the final chapter's Author Thoughts. Or visit my Patreon, Twitter, and other socials to ask me questions, do take care now. ____ Author Contact: ____ ===Subscribe to my Mailing Lists====

  • fake relationships

    fake relationships

  • vampire relationships

    vampire relationships

  • Mo family's daughter-in-law

    Mo family's daughter-in-law

    A story about..... Yun Xi, an orphan but beautiful, suave and smart to the core.And,Mo Shan, rich, handsome but cold.*****After the death of his elder brother and sister-in-law, Mo Shan decided to adopt his 5 years old nephew. His only goal was to raise his nephew properly and make him his heir.Being an orphan, Yun Xi's only wish was to have a stable life and a peaceful, happy family. But, after being pregnant out of wedlock, her life took a sharp turn.What will happen when these two meet and what sparks will it create in their life? ******EXCERPT:"Careful! You will hurt my child", Mo Shan shouted."I thought the child was mine?", Yun Xi mumbled."But you both are mine now.", he replied hearing her mumbling.'But I was just bending to pick up the file. How will I hurt the child?', she thought in her mind.****NO RAPE OR ANY MAJOR MISUNDERSTANDING****

  • Guidance For Relationships

    Guidance For Relationships


    Many people are eating less food today, while others are consuming more food than they usually do, alot of innocent people are dying all because of the four letter word ‘LOVE’. I want to change all of those negativity towards LOVE by writing this book. This book will guide you in the right direction in finding out the dark secrets about love and help you experience True Love. But in doing that, you're going to have to read, so just take an hour out of your busy schedule and read a chapter a day for my book ‘Guidance for relationships’. But I want you to remember that what comes easy won't last, but what lasts won't come easy, so take this opportunity now because you might not get it again. ________________________________________________________ Does your relationship with your partner still have a spark? Are you single and want to find a good woman / man to settle down with? Is your partner drifting away from you? You want to save your relationship? You wanna know if your partner is real? Don’t you want to know what love feels like? Then what are you waiting for? Check this novel out before its too late...

  • Relationships (BL)

    Relationships (BL)

    Do relationships ruin friendship?Is a lover worth more than a friend since birth?Do I not matter..?(Basically a book about relationships me or 'Cyrus' have had. The 'Do relationships ruin friendships' comes later.)*This is a BL. I am just warning you.This is FICTION. Some of these happened with the facts changed up. I am a girl so I just changed everything. Homosexuality is accepted in the world I made. Homo phobia is rare in that world*Please don't hate.

  • Relationships & love

    Relationships & love

  • life and relationships

    life and relationships

  • Love and relationships

    Love and relationships

  • Toxic Relationships

    Toxic Relationships

  • Family Ties

    Family Ties

    Danny Carmody has lived life privileged but lonely. He has always sacrificed his own needs to meet the demands of his family. Now he is faced with an arranged marriage intended to reunite the Carmodys and the Dwyers, the city's two most powerful families. Out of his sense of duty, he agrees. But always a romantic at heart, he secretly nurtures hopes of finding love within this sterile business arrangement. Once he meets his intended groom, Evan -- a talented, attractive architect -- those hopes soar.<br><br>Evan Dwyer has grown up reviled by his family. Before he was even born, his mother was blamed for breaking up a planned marriage between the Carmodys and the Dwyers. As a result, both Evan and his mother have lived their lives in virtual exile. But now he has suddenly been deemed of use to the families, and they are blackmailing him into participating in the arranged marriage.<br><br>Furious, he reaches out to the FBI for help and finds only more complications. Too many people want to use him to advance their own agendas. By the time Evan realizes Danny might just be the safe harbor he's looked for all his life, it may well be too late. Evan has set in motion forces that threaten to destroy any hope they have for a future together.

  • The Cursed Family: The Villainous Daughter

    The Cursed Family: The Villainous Daughter


    Annie Chu suddenly announced to her three daughters that she would remarry. The three daughters took it as a bad thing, since all men who tried to marry their mother either had life-threatening accidents or died directly. Due to their three consecutive father’s deaths, their family was called a cursed family. No one said it out loud in front of their faces though, unless they wanted to suffer the wrath of this powerful and cursed family. However, because of this, her three beautiful daughters from three different fathers grew up with a rather distorted worldview and tastes. Her eldest, Jang Shin Ye, who preferred to be called by her English name Alliana, was hatefully touted by many women as… A bitch, a slut, a witch, a succubus. She was a villainous woman that was easy to hate. Alliana, the subject of such criticism, simply gave it a shrug, because she knew it herself that she was not a good person. Until one day, a man came to the creepy Chu mansion. ** excerpt** Alliana wearing a sexy and almost transparent lingerie leaned on the railings and looked downstairs. "Are you our new father?" Her seductive eyes looked up and down the tall and handsome man who appeared to be in his late twenties. The man furrowed his brows at her revealing clothes and looked away. "No, I am running an errand for my brother." After leaving the gifts and the bouquet of roses for his brother's stepdaughters on the table, the man turned around to leave. "Hold on." Alliana came down the stairs and stared at the handsome man with appreciation openly. "You look nice. Would you like to spend the night with me?" The man's face turned inky dark. "Miss, do you flirt with any man you see?" Alliana blinked innocently. Her playful smile was still on her face. "No, it depends on the face." The man smirked. "What a coincidence. Same here. I flirt back ‘depending on the face’." He then turned around and left decisively. "..." Alliana was stunned. So she was not pretty enough for his taste? The woman whom the rest of the womenfolk considered as a villainess suddenly laughed loudly. How amusing. A man actually refused her. Her eyes flashed mischievously. Her inner bitch was coming out. She was turned on. It seemed like she found her next victim. ******** This is one of the series I am working on. But you can read it as a stand-off. Please check out my other novel as well: *To Love You Again *Liam Drelavine: No Regrets!

  • Love Complex: CXJYZ

    Love Complex: CXJYZ


    "When it comes to love I am unlikely to choose which of them." - JessicaConsistently, when did the heart follow the brain's words?Some people follow their brain and then, in the end, regret it.What is it really? Which of them do we always follow? The heart or the brain?When it comes to when to love, the heart first dictates to us. And when we hurt, then that is the time we say to use the brain. Odd, isn't it?Right now, we will focus on Jessica Sandoval's love. The woman who loves easily, believing in love, and in the end, the brain will dictate her decisions and what else can happen in her life. And those yet to come.If true love came to Jessica, would she still depend on the brain?

  • Complex Romance

    Complex Romance

    A normal high school girl which has 4 talented and intelligent brothers. Her teachers expect the best from her. During her last year of high school, she was the head prefect and the top student in school. With her intelligence, no one expected her to be stuck in a complex romance."How do I tell him? Will I hurt his feelings? What will happen after I tell him? Will it be awkward? How do I face him?"These questions keep floating around Teresa's mind.   'I'm sorry, but let's break up...''We are not in a right age to date''If you could wait, let's wait for 1 more year, by that time we would be more mature.'With every ounce of her bravery she finally told him her true feelings.

  • A Brother Complex

    A Brother Complex