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  • Confronted





    The book I ordered from a wide variety of biased eye views of the color of the world. The book is titled "PSYCHIC CONFRONTATION" which means mental warfare. The story is taken from the true story of an indigenous local boy who struggles to live with perfect health. If a weapons war could still be agile with a shield, would mental warfare be defeated only with foundation? Foundation of faith for example. Then if the focus of the enemy is mental which is a point where the body can stand firmly, is the enemy able to penetrate it with just an explosion carried by the heavenly wind? This book will give you the brightness, or also the chaos that arises from a disappointment. I hope anything will happen to you after reading it. You can still breathe in a much more extraordinary and more relieved way. Read every point, may all good things always accompany us. Don't forget the sholawat!

  • Superheroes Throughout Confrontation

    Superheroes Throughout Confrontation


    Roth is a boy who grew up within an orphanage, till he was adopted. This family was quite friendly to him. Now, barely a few days after being adopted. His life was turned upside down. He received a parcel, within which was a ring composed of blood with bone marrow strewn around. In which he applied on his finger. It proceed to be absorbed by his body, and he subsequently obtained a system known as, the Level Cap System.

  • Nameless King

    Nameless King



    Once all people received Souls and incredible powers. Some were lucky enough to obtain the Soul of an ancient and powerful creature, but fate was not favorable to all.The world began to change, and creatures evolved. But, it was not the beginning of a new era. It was the end. A couple of months later, a dark mist appeared and destroyed the world. It was a dictate of destiny from which no one could escape.Wain Norheim was the world's best assassin and the only one who didn't get a soul. However, he was destined to gain the power to confront fate.Escaping through a portal into another world, he unknowingly began the apocalypse. Even the world failed to expel him.

  • Another life: Confrontation of Imperium

    Another life: Confrontation of Imperium


    A common village boy learns about his past and trains to get stronger seeking revenge for the lost kingdom.

  • Back For My Daughter

    Back For My Daughter



    Note: The story will have 2K + chapters, and all this happens within a time of 1 or 1.5 Years of the story, so the Story is bound to have a very slow pace. ______________________________ "Dad promises that I will be always there with you, my little baby." It was Ye Qian's promise to his child who was yet to be born. However, fate didn't seem to agree as it took his life in the form of an accident before he could see his little one's face. The promise that was made to his wife and daughter reverberated as he left the world, just two months before the child was born. He died, but his soul transmigrated to another body in a different realm. 5000 years of deliberate cultivation in the heavenly realm as a venerable, helped him to reveal the secrets that could pave way for his return to the mortal world. Finally, he achieved the ultimate power to break through the spatial tear and returned to earth. "Don't worry, my baby. Dad is on the way to meet you," He chanted as he confronted the tribulation. Even when earthly suppression depleted his cultivation, he frets not. All he wants is to meet his family and fulfil the word he once gave to his daughter and her mother. Let's accompany Ye Qian on his journey to search for his family and witness his efforts to keep his wife and daughter happy as he helps them to cultivate, for an eternity together. Join Ye Qian in a journey where he struggles against the norms of the world. ______________________________ This is the first book I am writing so please excuse the if there are any poor grammar skills. I'm slowly editing it but it takes time. Once you reach later chapters, the quality will get better. Hope you guys enjoy it. Author's Insta -> Discord channel ->

  • Martial Arts Master

    Martial Arts Master



    Here martial arts are no longer intangible legends. They have been passed on from generation to generation and from century to century. After the confrontation with science and technology, they have completely integrated into modern society and all kinds of martial arts competitions are taking place across the country as superiority among scholars are hard to reach a consensus but not as difficult among martial artists! Lou Cheng has inherited the lost skills of the greatest martial arts sect. Towards his original dream and the glory in his heart, he advances step by step, becoming the warrior of this modern city and the hero of the era!

  • Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

    Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle


    After facing her fiancé's betrayal, things take an unexpected turn after Tang Mo’er inadvertently gets involved with the Capital’s preeminent magnate, Gu Mohan. Fast-forwarding, Tang Mo’er clenches on a pregnancy test kit with two red lines—testing positive—and confronts him. “Young Master Gu, why did you make me pregnant?” Gu Mohan hands a baby over into her arms. “My dearest wife, be good. That’s our second child.” And so Tang Mo’er can only hustle and take care of her two children, but unbeknownst to her, Young Master Gu has also been coveting her love and affection… This is a face-smacking, sweet-love novel set in the entertainment industry.

  • Fierce Love (BL)

    Fierce Love (BL)



    Kence Russel Crosmoner, a man that doesn't believe in love because he witnesses how love can be devastating for those who experience it. He originally thought that he will not love anyone yet the unexpected variable - Calter Sternix entered his life and made him fall in love After many struggles, the two Alphas entered a loving yet hidden relationship. Kence is a famous actor and to protect his fame, he cannot publicly announce his relationship. Calter's family on the other hand doesn't want him to be with Kence. Everything should have been alright but because of the Sternix Family and Calter's childhood sweetheart - Eriel things have change Kence endured for years before he decided that he cannot take it anymore. He confronted his boyfriend to end their relationship just to get into a car accident and he was sent to 2 years in the past. This time, Kence will end things with Calter again and regain his peaceful life That was Kence's plan but what the hell is happening in this world? The legends of the earth being a world of supernatural actually appeared to be true? Kence now has to keep himself away from his ex-boyfriend that just won't let him go while making sure that he is safe from the supernatural things happening in this world --------- This is a Bl novel packed with Action Fantasy

  • Something Beautiful and Wicked

    Something Beautiful and Wicked



    [18+] A villainous and romantic story about revenge and loathing, of love and intense desire between rivals: Shi Yen is a hard-hearted, wicked, and intelligent heiress of a Business Empire, who had an exceptional and promising future. That was until her parents died with the company on the brink of collapse, and until their rivals—Yuan Bank—took everything from them. Beneath the depths of despair, Shi Yen discovers her father's secret as the faceless and nameless Emperor of the Underworld, running elite criminal organizations across the black society. Shi Yen then succeeds in his role as the Empress, spending years re-establishing herself to take Shi Group back from her enemies' hands. However, a near-fatal confrontation caused Shi Yen to withdraw her role as the Empress, gearing her back to live a normal life. She then meets Yuan Shun, the man she loathed and wanted to be. The hatred is mutual. Yet, despite their rivalry, tension rises every time Shi Yen and Yuan Shun meet. They cannot deny their mutual admiration for each other, their complicated feelings, blooming chemistry, and burning desire. Between banters, competitive games, and encounters, would they ever stop to wonder if their hate blossomed into love? Especially when Yuan Shun may not be as cruel and wicked as Shi Yen initially thought him to be. Would they be able to be together when her dark past follows everywhere they go? - NO EVIL SISTER/MOTHER/EX-BOYFRIEND- NO MAJOR MISUNDERSTANDINGS- NO RAPEMeanwhile, Yuan Shun is the next successor of one of the greatest commercial banks in China, owning other businesses on the side. His family are known as debt collectors with an abundance of wealth, who helps or destroys companies. It's all for business, nothing personal. However, when Yuan Shun stumbles upon Shi Yen, he felt a surge of desire, a fluttering of somersaults in his ice-cold heart. But knowing that out of all his enemies, she loathed him the most. He then attempts to make her fall for him, knowing it would make him win their self-proclaimed long battle. But he wondered why she did not escape his wildest reveries? What made him so drawn to her? What could he do if she was his greatest rival?However, despite their hatred, how long can Shi Yen and Yuan Shun deny their undeniable attraction towards each other after a series of coincidental events?…On the other hand, Shi Ailin had grown up as a wallflower in High Society, living a sheltered life by her parents and her older sister, the ruthless Shi Yen. However, since the ruination of her family, she couldn't forget what happened to them since her parent's mysterious deaths and the company's collapse.Shi Ailin is an innocent, naive, and clueless woman who learns that to survive the cruel world she is thrust in, she must harden her heart. She then finds herself entangled with the Luo brothers, Luo Tian and Luo Wanting. Luo Tian is her ex-boyfriend who dumped her without giving her any reason or closure. Years later, she meets him again along with his older brother, Luo Wanting, a dangerously cunning man she was warned to stay away from, who offers her help to find the truth behind her parent's demise. Who will she choose?Tags: Romance, Underworld, R-18, Mature Content, Enemies-to-lovers, Strong Female Lead, Villains.

  • A Song For A Summer's Night

    A Song For A Summer's Night



    [R18: Completed] Two people, the CEO of an Entertainment company, Song Luli, and Long Jie, the successor of a conglomerate, are entangled together in a web of power, high society, and calculating schemes—and what do they need to do to survive it? A marriage pact to bind them together. Both are bound to duty, responsibility, and their families, and neither cares about love. But what happens when they both mutually respect and admire each other’s work? What happens when they cannot deny their physical attraction for long? Will their feelings develop profoundly, or will they maintain a platonic business relationship? Disclaimer: This novel is RESTRICTED to 18+ only due to Mature themes such as DETAILED SEX SCENES, COARSE LANGUAGE, AND FIGHT SCENES. THERE IS NO RAPE. ...Synopsis: Song Luli is a sharp-tongued, bold, and reserved young woman who unexpectedly becomes the new successor of her father's company—Song Entertainment—right after her older sister abruptly disinherits herself. Song Luli, now the heiress of a large company, soon receives word that Song Entertainment is crumbling in the business world. To secure her position, she must marry Long Jie, a wickedly handsome heir of a conglomerate, who is bound to duty and responsibility. Long Jie is a handsome, ruthless, and calculative young man who destroys careers or makes them, and he is known to be frigid by rejecting every offer for a suitable match. But he picks Song Luli. On the terms of marriage, they agreed to never fall in love, to never think about the possibility as they dedicate their time towards their jobs and families. Marriage benefited both of them for the sake of power and to survive the turmoils of High Society. Watch as the budding romance blooms between two stubborn and cynical individuals who share more in common than they want to admit, learning more about what it means to be married, and battle the power struggles that they face, together.Meanwhile...Song Luli's cousin Su Xiang is an aspiring doctor devoted to her job and inheriting the legacy her mother built. She is the heiress of Song Pharmaceuticals, one of the largest medicinal companies in the country. But when her older adoptive brother returns from four years of Medical school, she must confront the blooming feelings she harbours for him. ...Tags: #Arranged Marriage, #Romance, #Forbidden Romance, #Crime Drama, #Mystery, #Plot Twists, #Underworld *There are a few love stories interwoven in the plot that comes together in the end to unravel a devastating truth.* - No prolonged misunderstandings- No sexual assault Discord:, not mine, will be removed at request. Credit to the artist!

  • The Supermodel's Ex-Fiancé

    The Supermodel's Ex-Fiancé


    Nina Jonas is a 27year-old supermodel engaged to her college sweetheart, Justin Walters who is the heir to the multi-billionaire corporation, W Corps.She had a career she loved and a man who doted upon her and loved her to bits. She had always thought it would keep on going this way but to Nina's shock, less than a year to their wedding, a woman comes to her and claimed to be pregnant with Justin's child!With some expectation in her heart for him to deny the allegation, she confronts him but when he readily admits to having hidden it from her even though he supposedly had a good reason to, she made up her mind to break up with him even at his vehement refusal leaving the both of them heartbroken.But later, a comprehensive investigation into the events surrounding the affair reveals a conspiracy directed at separating the two lovebirds…





    This story is about 2 Billionaire Brothers and 2 Billionaire sisters. Samantha Julie and Alexi Julie are two sisters, who struggled a lot from their childhood, cause they were drowning in debt then. From a very tender age, they had to work hard to earn for their family.And their parents always regretted and living a guilt life. Cause they couldn't fulfill their children's dream.When other kids enjoyed their teenage, these two sisters had to work hard for their livelihood.But by God's grace, and their hard work turning fruitful, they achieved the peak of the success and became billionaires.And the world was shocked seeing their success in just finger counting days.Now Samantha was the founder of the Top hotel and resort of their country. And Alexi was a supermodel and famous actress in the Hollywood industry.Even after everything falling in its proper place, Samantha could not lead a peaceful life, nor could Alexi.They hold up a secret with them, which didn't let them trust the world again.But what was their secret? Why were they afraid to confront their love for the Famous Davis brothers?Johnson Davis and Martin Davis were celebrities of their country. Johnson Davis was the CEO of the top Interior designing company of their country, and Martin Davis was the owner of a video gaming company.They two led a luxurious life, after a lot of problems in their life. They were counted among the top billionaires of their country.But what were their problems?What led Johnson to hold up a grudge for his parents?And after falling in love with beautiful Julie's sisters would they able to accept them after knowing their secret? THIS WORK IS PURELY FICTIONAL!Note 1) Under Editing! Edited completed till 16th chapter. 2) Cover is mine.Join me on my Discord server. or Instagram: payalsinghrajput_2608

  • Cthulhu Gonfalon

    Cthulhu Gonfalon



    In the world, there were gods who obeyed the rules, whether good or evil. But there were also evil gods who defied the rules. When a traverser was confronted by the rules that he could never conform to, the resulting collision marks the beginning of the story of an evil god… This is the story of a good man who transformed into a great jellyfish, then traversed his world to arrive at a world of swords and magic. His journey of searching and exploring eventually led to him remaking nature and changing the world.

  • You Are Ours

    You Are Ours

    How does one woman please two men? Lizzie has to answer when Jordan suddenly springs Jackson on her. His life long best friend. Jackson is a dark, brooding man. When they meet, the sparks fly and burn so hot and unexpectedly that Lizzie is shocked. Jordan was a lot for Lizzie to learn how to handle. But, when she discovers she is supposed to try and take both of them on. She was terrified and overwhelmed, Lizzie flees to a quiet cabin in the woods, where she thinks she is safe enough to come to terms with her new situation. But Jack and Jordan follow her there, unwilling to let her run away. They force her to confront her problems and the terrible secrets she was harboring. Unfortunately, their problems decided to follow them as well. Can the three of them ever get past the troubles they must face? Especially when it's Lizzie's own life on the line? *ADULTS ONLY* *EXPLICIT SCENES* *BDSM* You Are Ours is created by Leann Lane, an eGlobal Creative Publishing Signed Author

  • Reborn For Revenge: Mr. Smith Can You Handle it?

    Reborn For Revenge: Mr. Smith Can You Handle it?

    "I agree to this but that's as long as you do not poke your nose in what I do.""You have the deal!" The man chuckled in his husky voice while raising his hands in a surrender gesture."But You need to agree to my side of conditions too." He stepped forward and whispered in her ears, his hot breath tickling them, yet she did not waver one bit from where she was."I did say I will agree, didn't I?" Sherry maintained a calm and composed look on her face as she confronted him head on. She placed her hands on his collar and pulled him forward until they were at the same eye level."Mr. Smith!" She whispered in a low voice like how he had done before. 'Hah...This woman is really good at driving me nuts...' Levian knew this was going to be a challenge for him....................................................................Sherry was a bright child that everyone loved. Her foster parents her step siblings and her friends. Everyone loved her and spoilt her. But she dies on the day of her marriage just as she was about to get her makeup done.A disease?? No??On that very day her fiance is at hospital but not for her but because he is about to be daddy......Sherry unknown to all this except the fact she was poisoned by her bridesmaid rebirths a day before her marriage. In this life she takes different options but then ugly truth about everything starts to surface.What would she do when she realizes everything was fake??And a mysterious man appears out of nowhere and says as long as she marries him he would even wipe out whole of the city that made a fool out of her.Is he trustworthy??Who is he??Why is he so cold to her but warm at same time??

  • Ways to handle this little demon (bl)

    Ways to handle this little demon (bl)


    For him, this world is the very definition of cruelty and hell, an existence that should be utterly devastated and wiped out once and for all. If he couldn't have peace, then no one was allowed to have it, just as his whole life was an absolute nightmare, each and every life of these humans had to be eternal nightmare. Demon King, Zhang Long wei, spent his whole life holding onto this so-called the world's most reasonable logic of his. To the whole cultivational world, he was such a great calamity that was impossible and unimaginable to annihilate, the very fear of every single being. But then, the news of the great Demon King getting slain by a group of young cultivators made the three realms ended up in uproar. Everyone was gloating and celebrating for his decease when Zhang Long wei found himself waking up in a body of a fifteen-year-old boy named Li Zian, a disciple of the immortal Wang. And there, what intrigued him the most was that the person who was responsible for his downfall, the one who took his life and also the leader of that youths' group, had turned out to be that one and only genius son of the immortal Wang, the shizun of his current body. What would be the first thing that came out of his mind? Revenge? Nope. His life had been all about these kinds of malicious stuff, so he decided to enjoy this one with the life of a regular youth. Let give himself a try to be average and normal. Let give the world some time for peace. Nevertheless, after a couple of confrontations with that son of his present shizun, his iron- like heart was melted and fell for this unruly youth somehow. The demon king started to chase after him with the mask of his aged fifteen body. Even so, heaven was too vicious and parsimonious to let him adore these blessing moments for a longer while as the fate between him and the youth was reversed. He had become people's hero whom the youth once wished him to be, yet the youth was now converted into a demon who had gone crazy for a brutal fate his family and sect had encountered. Let's see how the once powerful demon King would handle and tame this little demon and how these two would work together to find out and exterminate the real culprit behind the scenes. ------------------- Hello there, my dear readers! This is my very first time writing a novel . So I had to admit I felt thrilled and nervous a bit. English is not my first language. Thus I can't guaranteed there won't be any writing problems though I would try my best to fix and make progress. Please support me with your precious votes and comments. Thank you. ------- The cover art does not belong to me. All credits go to the original owner.

  • The villainess shall be mine

    The villainess shall be mine



    In his previous life, Mark was ugly, indecisive, pessimistic, and a coward. He lived a lonely life, and as he grew older, his face became uglier than it already was.His chance of marrying his ideal type of woman was slim to none.He wanted to have a second chance to restart his life... And his wish was granted, in a way that he never expected...He got reincarnated into a different universe.At first, he thought this new world was similar to medieval times on Earth, but then he learned that space and interstellar travel existed in this universe, and the technology was more advanced. His surprise didn't end there, because he was confronted with various unexpected and chaotic circumstances, such as the existence of supernatural power known as the Gift, as well as monsters from other dimensions. All of that made it difficult for him to adjust his perception of what was real, as he was caught up in a greater plot than he had expected. However, was this second chance the kind of restart that Mark thought it was?At first, Mark's goal was simple and didn't seem that ambitious. He wanted to conquer the heart of the most unreachable flower of this new world, just to prove that his previous life was unfair and that with a second chance, he could change his fate and himself.“Only that way this second chance won’t be wasted.” He steeled his resolve.However, Mark was naive to think that he could change himself that easily.And no one informed him that achieving this goal was far from easy, and the world that he reincarnated into was not as simple as it first appeared to him. It was extremely vast, complex, and mysterious. Only God knows where this path will lead Mark. Follow his journey to becoming a person that even himself never thought he could become, a badass hero. Still, this world had some surprises reserved for people like him, and he needed more than just his pride and intelligence if he wanted to achieve his goal.:::::::This is my first novel and as a new writer, there are many things that I can improve. Your support means a lot to me. I hope you will be able to continue the adventure with our MC until the end. Extra chapters challenge (This will take a toll on me but if you enjoy and want more, then I am ready to give more):- Power stones 100: 1 extra chapter.- 5 golden tickets: 2 extra chapters.::::::Disclaimer: The art on the cover is not mine. If you are the artist, or you want it to be removed, then please message me.:::::Discord: Kepalozoid#0110Twitter:@KepalozoidInstagram: nomena.01Check out my other works too. In the same universe.-Random hero.

  • Broken Strings

    Broken Strings

    Melissa and Wright were college sweethearts. The kind of love they have often makes others envious. Wright was from a wealthy family and he has everything in his hands. While Melissa only has her Grandmother after her parents passed away. The man who has everything and the woman who has nothing found each other and made each other feel complete. On Wright's birthday, Melissa spends the night with his pad and gives herself to him. But after a week, the man who said he loves her the most started giving him cold shoulders. Then, she found out that she was pregnant but the love of her life was avoiding her like plague.Then, one night, she visited his pad and to her surprise, she found his ex-girlfriend, Claire, inside. She confronted him about her pregnancy but she did not expect his words would make Melissa's world turn around."Abort it. I am not ready to be a father."After that night, Melissa didn't see Wright's face everywhere. They told her that he migrated to another country and left her all alone. Melissa took care of the child even if she encountered a lot of hardships. She stopped going to college. Her grandmother died. She faced all the hardships alone, without Wright.Years passed by, Wright found out that Melissa did not abort their child and he is desperate to take them back.

  • The Soldier Husband

    The Soldier Husband


    Having left his hometown with shattered relationships due to his decision to join the military Matthew Rong returns after nine and a half years, uncertain of how people will treat him. Lexi Yao, the only person who supported his decision, left less than two years later leaving her family and her child. Just weeks after the birth of her child in an arranged family marriage her husband of less than a year died, putting her in a position that she could not cope. Eventually, when she was ready, she returned to her hometown to resume full-time care of her child bringing her now successful fashion business with her. Matthew had never forgotten the promises Lexi made to marry him prior to and in the twelve months after he joined the military, despite her marriage and becoming a widow. He hoped that he would be able to marry her and secure for them both the future that they had believed was there for them as teenagers. Just after Matthew’s return, having reluctantly agreed to drive Matthew home after a celebration for not only his return but the engagement of their brothers, Lexi and Matthew were kidnapped by the terrorist who helped make Matthew’s career seeing his rapid promotion to General. To protect Lexi, Matthew knew he needed to use changes in the law to protect her and their assets that the Terrorist sought to exploit and committed to her through a forced marriage ceremony at the hands of the Terrorists. For Matthew this was the one thing that had kept him going, and for Lexi she only agreed to protect herself believing there was no legal validity in the ceremony. On their rescue Lexi was confronted with the truth of another forced marriage and was determined to escape this to have her own life, free from domination by men. Matthew not only was left to fight to secure the love of his life but to protect his friends and family from the terrorist who decided that they were fair game in the pursuit of his goals. Can Matthew succeed and win? Can Lexi learn to trust and forgive Matthew? Will the one secret that she has been keeping for eight years drive them apart? This is the story of their journey, with their friends and family along for the ride. Note – for those who have read my first story Offer to the CEO, our favourite couple makes appearances here, with Anna becoming a huge supporter and friend of our Female Lead. Extract: “Matthew, you b*stard. You knew our marriage would be valid, and you forced it on me. You are no better than my parents who arranged my first marriage?” “What did you want me to do? Let you be killed?” “You should have thought about me, not your own selfish needs. Get the hell out of my sight and let me be I'm going to stay away from you.” “Forget it. You are the wife of a military officer. You will live in my villa and forget about going anywhere without my permission. It is not safe.” “Safe? I am not safe from you, everyone, everything and everywhere else is safe!” Please note the cover artwork is not mine. Also while at the start of this story it may seem that the lead is male, in fact the lead is a female lead (be patient for this to be shown)