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  • Bloody Conspiracies

    Bloody Conspiracies


    In a world where dragons rule over humans. Myra Grey, an assassin, works for an organization that wants to destroy the Dragon hierarchy. Who will be on top?Warning: This story does have graphic violence.

  • Domestic conspiracies

    Domestic conspiracies

  • The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak

    The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak



    The fantasy VRMMORPG, Battle Worlds, is one of the most played games in the world. In this game, there's a legendary player that could defeat a "Boss" on his own. His name is Blood(In-Game-Name). Blood is a legendary player that surpassed all the players in the world. He completed hundreds of quests and dungeon raids alone. When Blood was going to log off, suddenly the virtual capsule that he was wearing exploded causing him to die. His soul didn't go to the cycle of reincarnation but it was sucked by something causing him to transmigrate into a body of Goblin. This is a story about a boy that was transmigrated in the body of a Goblin. Follow him as he rises through the ranks and become the most powerful monster in the world. ....... Tags: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, World Travel, Sword and Magic, Late Romance, Tragedy, Game Elements, Non-human protagonist, System, Beast Companion, Gods, Demons, Hero, War, Modern, Slice of Life, Dungeons, Scheme, Conspiracy, Evolution, Cheat, Weak to Strong, Drama, School Life, ....... Photo not mine. I only found this on google. you can donate here




    This is the age of exotics and technology. Due to the discovery of the wonder mineral resource referred to as exotics, humanity was plunged into an era of war. A vicious circle of killing each other for this rare resource began as technology improved tremendously due to it. Your neighbor country of yesterday is now your rival for exotics. This led to the great battle of supremacy as the world became submerged in war heralding the 3rd world war. After the great battle, the world changed tremendously as the big 5 organizations came to power. The Mercenary Alliance, The Apocalypse Military Organization, The Sea Farers Alliance, Araga, and Oakland came into power as the tyrants of this era.Clark Pendragon was born into this cruel era where the ones with the biggest fist speak. After his parent's death, he enrolled in a cadet training course, where he graduated to become an exceptional Spartan soldier; the best in his batch. With the help of his country Sparta, his wife Sonia, and a lot of other factors Clark gradually fought his way to the peak of power as an elite grade soldier.Join me as we witness Clark's legendary and meteoric rise to power, and how he'll conspire against and overthrow the rule of the big 5 to stabilize the world again.

  • Edea: Hero Summoning Conspiracy

    Edea: Hero Summoning Conspiracy



    Enter Kazuya, a boy who never had any memories before his adolescent life. He was summoned to the world of Edea wherein the final battle against the Demon King, our hero entered the last room to find a welcome he had not been expecting. An unguarded, unarmed demon king who greeted him with manners and etiquette.As if a respectful and well mannered final boss wasn't shocking enough, he was then introduced into an elaborate plot to exploit summoned heroes. Unfortunately, our naive hero chose to trust his companions. He underestimated human greed which led him to suffer alone in darkness for a time he himself does not know how long. When he suddenly woke up, he saw himself as a child back on Earth. As an amnesiac, he had been thrown into an unknown part of his life. What should he do? What about the people who betrayed him?Follow along as Kazuya finds out about his past and tries to prevent the tragedies he's experienced while trying to change what he knows what will happen in his future.Volume Guide:I - From the Ashes. (Learning about his life before he lost his memories)II - Divergence. (Changing the future) III - The Two Heroes. IV - Edea and The HeroV - ???VI - ???VII - ???VIII - ???Official Release Schedule: Currently ongoing changes.PATREON = = =

  • Love And Conspiracy

    Love And Conspiracy

    Romansa Kontemporer ROMANCE ACTION HAREM


    Sebuah permainan yang berbahaya menciptakan romansa dan konspirasi yang mendalam. Seorang gadis cantik terjebak dalam lima pria tampan. Dia tak mampu untuk melarikan diri. Dimanapun ia berada, selalu ada trik yang tak bisa membuatnya berkutik hingga ia mendapatkan cinta sejatinya. Sanggupkah ia melewati setiap peristiwa yang mengorbankan harga dirinya itu, jika ada seseorang yang mengendalikan hidupnya?

  • Dragon King's Son-In-Law

    Dragon King's Son-In-Law



    Normal Release Schedule - 2 chapters on every weekdays/ no releases on weekends. Hao Ren, an ordinary university student, saved a little girl who fell from the sky. By accident, he swallowed a "candy" that fell off of that girl's body and somehow became the Dragon King's son-in-law...... His life was turned upside-down from that point on. There were dragons in this world? And they are living side-by-side with humans? Ancient Chinese Mythologies really happened? Hao Ren got to experience a new world that was hidden from ordinary humans. Despite the thrills that came with the new discovery, there were challenges along the way. He thought his easy life as the Dragon King's son-in-law was going to be chill and gucci, but conspiracies and undercurrents were coming his way. TL Notes: this novel was written quite a while back, and its statistic isn't as great as some of the newer novels. However, the storyline is great, and the development of characters and emotions between them are the highlights of the novel. I read this novel more than three times, and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

  • Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent!

    Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent!



    Author's Synopsis: A piece of divorce paper sent Xia Xinghe into a state of destitution. However, a car accident later, she transformed into a professional hacker with more money than she could ever spend. All those that have belittled, bullied and laughed at me, please line up, I'll show you what the meaning of face-slapping is! Wait, wait, wait. That guy over there, the ex-husband that I no longer have any relations with, don't cut in line. What, you want to help me face-slap these people? “Not only that I will help you face-slap myself!” The wickedly handsome man with billions dollar in estate raised his own palm to slap his own face without reservation! Ps. This is a girl-power, no cheating, no misunderstanding, no harem, 1v1 romance story. Also, please expect the unexpected in terms of the plotlines, and not hold it to the standard romance plot structure. Translator's Synopsis: A van exited an orphanage under the cover of the night but wait, what is it carrying..? Dead bodies! Dead bodies of children and toddlers! No one knew for certain where it was going and what happened to the children but one thing's for sure, it had to do with the mysterious disappearance of highly intelligent children all around the world. A recurring nightmare triggered Xia Xinghe's desire to unveil the mystery behind her mother's disappearance, a mystery that led to the discovery of a larger conspiracy. Follow along as she made new allies and enemies as she delved deeper into the twisting conspiracy, all the while fielding her ex-husband's relentless romantic advances. The quarrelsome yet loving couple supported each other as they crossed the boundaries of class, nations, space, life and even dimension itself, each pursuing their own goal. For the wife it is to discover the identity of her origin and for the husband, to make his ex-wife fall in love with him.

  • Royal Conspiracy

    Royal Conspiracy


    Talia grew up without trusting anyone but herself to live. With no father figure to look up to and a clinically depressed mother who keeps on betraying her, Talia crawls her way to the top of the social chain to survive. But upon one drunken night, she meets her terrible end. Just like that, Talia loses all she worked hard for, or so she thought. When she wakes up, she becomes a duke’s eldest daughter in a medieval era where alliances and conspiracies dictate a noble’s future and where love is a luxury that will lead anyone to ruin. No matter how twisted the world she is pushed into, Talia is determined to live long. She realizes that she is given a second chance to live – or not. Reality slaps her hard when she learns that she is now inside the body of a sixteen-year-old villain character of the Netflix series that she binge-watched, “Thorny Crown”! Talia, who is now the infamous Lady Victoria enters a popular, yet twisted Netflix series that is set two years before the plot started. And in that plot, the character of Lady Victoria is meant to die like some cannon fodder for the female lead! Talia refuses to die again. And this time, she is going to extend her helping hand to another side character, the second prince of the story, Prince Cory. She decides to be the queen and defy the plot called destiny with the king of her choosing. In an era of deceit and conspiracies, will she be able to keep her head as she walks the thorny path of a villain? With her head on the line, will she be able to control her blooming feelings for the pawn that she has chosen?

  • The Verlusian Conspiracy

    The Verlusian Conspiracy



    Schemes, lies and plots. The devices people in power use to remain in their seats. Underneath of the conflict and power struggle an unknown entity is being born.They are not born of greed nor thirst for lust or even crave for avarice. They are a phantom but a shadow the country has summoned in its turmoil.Should chaos ensues shall the defenders of the land be enough in ensuring the safety of the people? A new hope rises from slumber. As chaos engulf the land and hopelessness aflict the people, will his efforts be enough?Notice: The author will stop posting updates in this website. This story will be posted on due to some reasons. To the readers and followers of the story, the author expreses his thanks. This story will be written by the username "KriegBringer" in

  • A conspiracy, but not a theory!

    A conspiracy, but not a theory!

    Giles Diamond heavily regrets becoming a publisher for FUN, a company that has the purpose of making people's fear come to life.



    Prominent men are showing up dead and Agent Smith is sent to investigate the murders. When she starts to dig, she discovers a secret meant to be concealed.Someone wants Smith off the investigation because she knows too much but her determination leads her to unmask the identity of the culprits.She is threatened—her life, family and carrier are put in jeopardy. When her pursuers know she is hard to take down, they mastermind a conspiracy to frame and obliterate her, a deadly conspiracy...A stunningly intriguing novel that grips you from the start and doesn't let go.

  • Marriage Conspiracy

    Marriage Conspiracy

  • Absolute Conspiracy

    Absolute Conspiracy

  • Conspiracy Of Silence

    Conspiracy Of Silence

    Matatagurian siyang masayahin pero sa loob ay kinikimkim niya ang lahat ng sakit. Tiniis niya ang higpit ng mga steps niya at in-laws. Hindi niya alam sa anong dahilan bakit na lang lagi siyang pinagbubuntungan ng galit. Ang asawa niya't lola nito ang tanging nagpapalakas sa kanya. Ngunit isang araw ay saksi niya ang pagtaksil sa kanya ng asawa. Maiyak-iyak ito hanggang sa nagkaroon siya ng ideya. Lumayas siya't natuguriang patay sa pagkahulog ng kanyang sasakyan sa bangin. Sa pagkamatay niya ay ang pagkabuhay ng bagong anyo niya. Bagong anyo't bagong buhay ngunit naiisa pa rin ang kanyang hangarin. Maghiganti sa nagpahirap sa kanya.

  • A Demon's Journey

    A Demon's Journey



    Frascoia Continent… Various races like Celestials, Demons, Humans, Monsters, Elves, Dwarves, and so on occupied this continent.Humans and the other races lived on the mainland of the continent while the Celestials and Demons lived in Heaven and Purgatory, respectively.Within the Demons, a prodigy named Azaroth rose quickly, even by demons' standards, to the point of being dubbed a "Demon God. There was only one person above him within the demons: The Great Demon Venerable, the Demons' Supreme Godfather.Azaroth's extraordinary talent never had the chance to blossom to its full potential; a terrible calamity struck him down and he died soon after. But was this calamity just misfortune or was it hiding an opportunity for him?Near his deathbed, he prepared for his future ascent to achieve his lofty goal.Millions of years had passed after Demon God Azaroth's demise and now a young aristocrat called Edwin Rhodes came across a mysterious cave.~~~~(A/N: The release rate will be a minimum of 14 chapters a week. I hope you like the novel and vote for it. It will help me immensely.)Follow me on my instagram: my discord using this link--> out my Ko-fi page --> Male Protagonist, Anti-Hero, Previous Life Talent, Reincarnation, Transmigration, Beautiful Female Lead, R18+, Schemes and Conspiracies, Sword Wielder, Friendship, Subordinates, Elves, Beasts, Beast Companions, etc.~~A new update and deal for all of the readers.500 Ps a week = 3 advance chapters at the end of the week.1000 PS a week= 5 advance chapters at the end of the week

  • Valerian Empire

    Valerian Empire



    A dark time when the creatures of shadow descended unto the tranquil human lands, making their existence known. A time followed when empires were led by humanity's conspiracy and betrayal, a time filled with hatred, but unbeknownst to the humans, they were only mere puppets, pawns of greater beings of darkness, entities with the power to crush anything and everything in their way. What happens when a small human girl catches the eye of one of these so-called greater beings, a pureblooded Lord? Can an ant such as her survive the political strifes and fearsome feuds between the lands and the monsters that control them. For those who fear vampires, ghosts and the unknown, I offer two words of advice… Tread lightly. -------- "Why should I avoid him? He was a perfect gentleman, a good man," Katherine Welcher argued in his defense. "Good or not, neither matter," Alexander Delcrov warned her, "As long as you're under my wing, you shall behave and listen to my words. Do not let any man kiss you, Katherine. I don’t want others to call you improper." "There was nothing improper about it! And I'm not yours to obey," she blurted out in annoyance, feeling her face flush with embarrassment for the second time this evening, "I mean, you can't order me aro—-" "So disobedient," he stated with nonchalance before moving his hand from her waist to her back, pulling her closer to him as they danced. His breath tickled her nape. "So you’ll only listen if you are mine?"

  • After Divorcing, She Shocked the World

    After Divorcing, She Shocked the World

    Contemporary Romance TRANSMIGRATION


    Top Special Agent, Wu Mei, was murdered in a conspiracy. When she opened her eyes again, she found herself transmigrated into the body of the gorgeous, abandoned wife of a handsome, wealthy man and… She was sleeping with him!   The handsome man placed the divorce papers in front of her and said, "Let's get a divorce. I'll give you one hundred million."   Father: "If you don't get the money from President Li, your mother will pay with her life!"   Stepmother: "Quickly get a divorce and let your younger sister take your place!"   A sly smile crept up Wu Mei’s face. She agreed, "Sure. But... you'll have to raise the stakes."   After her divorce, Wu Mei became stronger and stronger. She dealt with her stepmother and punished scumbags. She was awesome!   Gradually, her true identity was revealed - A medical genius, hacker, businesswoman… Her existence shook the world!   All the big shots knelt before her. "Whoever messes with her, messes with us!"   Then, at a cocktail party, someone saw…   The almighty Mr. Li clinging onto Wu Mei's waist, his eyes red as he begged, "Let's get married again. I'll even give you my life."   Just like before, Wu Mei smiled slyly and said, "You'll have to raise the stakes."

  • Zombie Sister Strategy

    Zombie Sister Strategy

    Fantasy Romance APOCALYPSE


    Lin Qiao remembers nothing from the past five years since the post-apocalyptic era began. She wakes up only to find herself having become a newborn, superpowered zombie, in a body that used to belong to an evil and notorious woman! Having kidnapped a girl and raped her father, the previous host met her demise at the very hands of the conspiracies she courted all her life, leaving Lin Qiao no choice but to deal with the consequences while trying to figure out her own past and the fate of her loved ones. As for the little girl’s father, can’t he just have a decent fight? He’s a human being, but why is he biting a zombie? She’s the zombie! She’s the one who’s supposed to bite!

  • The Silver Crescent Alpha Prince

    The Silver Crescent Alpha Prince



    **Nominated for 2020 Spirity Awards** Bitten by a werewolf, Dawn Wyatt becomes a Neotide – a werewolf who has no place in the world of pure bloods. What follows is even more harrowing. Targeted for being killed by their father’s enemies, eighteen-year old Dawn Wyatt and her ten-year old brother Cole escape the capturers and literally plead to be taken in by a farmer's family. The family complies, but when the captors offer a huge reward of ten million dollars for the escaped siblings, the family betrays them. To save their lives, they flee the country. Dawn returns back five years later as a 'Bitten' werewolf and brilliant market analyst to carve her niche. And also to avenge those who turned her into a werewolf and took everything away from her, without realizing that she is a cynosure of multiple conspiracies. ------------- Daryn Silver is the lethally sexy Prince of a rare Silver Clan of pure blood werewolves. Cold, ruthless and merciless, he is arrogant. And she is bitten. He wants to eliminate all the bitten—the rogues from the face of the Earth. He's been hunting them down for years. What happens when he meets her? It's difficult to resist her, and challenging to accept her. Dawn’s life is turned upside down when she meets him. She realizes dangerous things about him - He is a pureblood werewolf and is the prince of a rare Silver Clan who every other pack bows to; He has had numerous girl-friends. In fact he had to get restraining orders from some of the crazy ones; He maneuvers her in his world with a proposal she never anticipated. Dawn uses that to her advantage! She knows she is playing with fire. ------------- She nodded and walked inside as he held the door open for her. As soon as she closed the door, Daryn held her hand and pulled her against the wall.  "Daryn…"  He leaned down and placed his hands on either side of Dawn. Their faces were an inch apart. Daryn parted his lips as if to say something. Dawn could feel all the heat that emanated from his body, from his breath. She clasped the cold wall and stared into his eyes. He drew a faction closer and her breathing hitched. Her mind left all the reasoning. This was not what she had expected in his office. It was the first time she had even stepped in there.  "I am unable to stop thinking about you Dawn," he whispered. She bit her lip to stop herself from touching his lips and feeling him.  Daryn grabbed the back of her neck and his lips fell on hers. She shuddered. At first he lightly brushed them and then his kiss turned deep, full of passion, which he had held back for a long time. It was getting harder and harder to not kiss her senseless, to feel her. And Dawn—she closed her eyes. --------- Join me in reading the adventurous journey of Dawn Wyatt and Daryn Silver. Like I said, this is going to be one suspense/thriller/steamy romance novel! So strap your seatbelts for a roller-coaster ride! Warning: This novel is fast paced and contains suspense, thrill and romance. Don't expect typical cliché romance that you keep reading. And if you are looking for that, then I am sorry this book isn't for you! The book contains MATURE CONTENT! ------------- Feral Confessions Series: Feral Confessions: Adrianna and the Alpha (Completed) The Silver Crescent Alpha Prince (Completed) Ileus (Ongoing) Other books: Sugar and Spice: The CEO's Feisty Wife (Completed) Two Contracts: My Lover is a CEO (Completed) Join me on Discord at

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