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  • Controlling Interests

    Controlling Interests

    When Jayne takes a new job, she has her eyes on one prize but her two dominant bosses want something of their own—her—and it could cost her everything. JAYNE Our family beach house is mine on my 25th birthday. Until then, it sits in a trust, managed by my mother who dangles it in front of me whenever she needs something from me. I have six weeks left then it's mine and I'm free. Then I meet two men—brothers—my new sexy bosses, and they both want me, but at what cost? DECLAN & LUCAS Our dad is dating a gold digger and her daughter just came to work for us. She doesn’t know who we are, and we'll use her to find out about her mother. Our plans change when she walks into our office. She's everything we want and we're willing to share. Her life is about to take a detour because we're in the driver's seat and we're taking control. 18+ due to explicit sex scenes Controlling Interests is created by Luna Kayne, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

  • Controlling Destiny

    Controlling Destiny



    "To be in control of destiny is to understand the laws of nature and the course of human consciousness. To lose sight of consciousness is to fall into the absence of self-awareness and stray from the path of universal equilibrium.""Did you get that, Ultrix? Or are you too busy setting the workshop on fire again?!"--------------------------------------------------This novel is for the Writing Contest 104.

  • The controlling controller

    The controlling controller

  • Controlling Nightmares

    Controlling Nightmares


    Digging deep into the life of an escaped asylum patient, you'll travel with her as she slowly takes revenge on the ones who locked her away, and the ones who forced her to become the monster she now is.

  • Controlling Power

    Controlling Power


    A [Tool] is the most fundamental system of power, Nobles are made by them, and Kings are masters of them.Gerald is your normal peasant born, except when he awakened a rather strange [Tool], a book.

  • Controlling the Skies

    Controlling the Skies

    Xiao Ling was a ordinary school girl in the 21st century until she got into an accident that made her lose her life. Upon having the most unfortunate luck in the Universe, God took pity on her and give her a second chance of life. However, when she crossed over...she found herself in the body of a 12-year old?! Not only is this world a place where magic, supernatural beings and humans coexist, she also encounters two boys that will change the course of her life. The only problem was that the original owner of this body had a weak immune system and was constantly sick. Everyone treated her like a slave and so she had to fend off for herself, but in the end she died by the hands of a crafty schemer. But starting from today she was no longer the weak girl everyone thought she was, she was Xiao Ling and she swore to get revenge...

  • Thot Controlling System

    Thot Controlling System


    Jin Sung, an exchange student, has always been weak as he was born a failure with no ability. Always pushed around by others, Jin Sung finds himself unlocking a system that gives him powers of the Gods.With the powers of the Gods, he is finally able to get stronger but also gains strength through his sexual encounters.

  • It's Hard to Control My Naughty Wife!

    It's Hard to Control My Naughty Wife!

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE R18 CEO FACESLAPPING


    “I think we couldn't do 'that' just yet, since you're still recovering…” Hailee answered hesitantly, trying to find a reasonable excuse for her current situation. "Bulsh * t," Ramon cursed and got out of their extraordinarily luxurious bed. With impatient steps, the man approached Hailee, like a hunter about to catch his prey. “I'll prove that I'm okay. Better than the best." He confirmed his last word with a meaningful smile. “…” Ugh! *** Hailee found herself being sold by her adopted sister, Aileen, after the death of their parents in an accident. However, on the very night she was supposed to serve the bastard who had won the auction, Hailee managed to escape by killing him. Now, Hailee was in fresh pursuit and must flee the city to escape the accomplices of the man she killed. While she was fleeing from her pursuers, Hailee accidentally met Ramon who was dying from an accident, to avoid those who were after her, Hailee pretends to be Giana, the lover Ramon had been hiding from the public eye. Things got more complicated when Ramon woke up and said he couldn't remember anything. Hailee of course can take advantage of this and continue pretending to be Giana, but how long? And what about the real Giana? ============== ##Update: Monday- Friday (1 Chapter/day) ##Meet me on instragram : jikan_yo_tomare ##Cover from Pinterest Check out my other stories: **The Love of a Lycan **PURPLE DAWN TILL DUSK: dearest through the time **THE STORY OF DUSK

  • Controlling My Destiny

    Controlling My Destiny

  • Who is controlling me?

    Who is controlling me?

    Our main character Dave lives a normal life until one day he starts to feel like he has been forgetting things that he had just been talking about.This is my first book so it might not be the best. His actions are controlled by the readers as at the end of each chapter there will be options for you guys to pick from you can select the option by commenting on the chapter saying your option and the most liked option will be chosen. If an option is not chosen a random one will be chosen.You can expect a chapter a day but the novel’s future chapters will be constantly changing so planning the book becomes difficult. So some chapters might take 2 days instead of 1.

  • Controlling Plants in Onepiece

    Controlling Plants in Onepiece


    one day truck-Kun was minding his own businesses (driving looking for prey)when he bumps into a small pebble on the road that somehow leads him astray from the road, this cause truck-Kun to smash into the wrong man which cause him to get three wishes from, truck-kun's boss which is god.this fan fic is just for fun, i don't really know where this is going. this is also my first time writing a book, sorta, if your interested in plot or the ideas of the book I'm writing your welcome to use it. good luck understanding my novel.update is also pretty random.

  • The psycho controlling bff

    The psycho controlling bff

  • Puppet Master Controlling The World

    Puppet Master Controlling The World


    The world is your oyster, a common saying right? But it is especially applicable to the protagonist Dante Armstrong. Born into a ancient family, Dante has had anything he needed since he was child. Stepping onto the road of cultivation with unlimited access to ancient medicines. To make it better Dante claims the mysterious Inheritance of a Puppet master, providing him with infinite opportunities in life play with the world as a puppeteer. But is the world as simple as it seems? {R18 Stuff doesn't start until later in the novel, and it is not the main focus so if that is what your here for sorry to disappoint.}

  • Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

    Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God



    Starting over once more, he has entered this “living game” again in order to control his own fate. This time, he will not be controlled by others. Previously the Level 200 Sword King, he will rise to a higher peak in this life. Methods to earn money! Dungeon conquering strategies! Legendary Quests! Equipment drop locations! Undiscovered battle techniques! Even the secrets Beta Testers were unknowledgeable of, he knows of them all. Massive wars, life advancement, entering Godhood, sword reaching to the peak; a legend of a man becoming a Sword God has begun.

  • mind controlling girls into sex slaves

    mind controlling girls into sex slaves


  • (Mind-) Controlling My Life

    (Mind-) Controlling My Life

    You know the feeling, when you want to jump back in time, wanting desperately to fix a mistake you made a minute, an hour, a day, a week ago? I don’t. Not because I’m someone who can time travel. I communicate to people, make them do whatever I want. A guy won’t stop annoying you? Make him pour a bucket of water on himself. Seems like a cool ability right? If I had gotten it as a teenager, I would've thought so too. But I didn’t. I was born with this power. I didn’t know that It was “special”, until I realized it… eventually. And it was not to my disadvantage. This is my story, the story of (Mind-) Controlling My Life This is my first Novel so please be kind with Feedback. If you have any suggestions, don’t mind writing them in the comments.

  • Hitman with a Badass System

    Hitman with a Badass System



    Have you ever thought about having a cool system at your disposal? What would you do if you suddenly received a system that can help you achieve anything? Would you go save the innocents and damsels in distress or use it for your own advantage? This is the story of a normal human (well, not very normal) who crossed over to another world with such a system under his command. But the question is, who’s controlling who? Is the system under his command or the other way around? What was the origin of this system? Why did it choose him? What’s waiting for him in the future? A hero is only as good as his villain? So who is the villain for our hero? Lots of questions right? Jump right into the book and see the answers for yourselves.Anti Hero with a Symbiote System: link: my wonderful circle and be part of the book!!!

  • My Formidable Beast-Controlling Consort Rules

    My Formidable Beast-Controlling Consort Rules


    She was once a Godly Sovereign who had to self-implode to kill her enemies, and now she was back as a good-for-nothing and boy-crazy young lady in Tianyuan Continent. Crazy in love? All those blind douchebags should stay as faraway as possible! Useless punching bag? She's got pills in her left hand and Magical Beasts in her right hand! She'll fight and destroy any gods that come! So what if the people around you bully you, humiliate you, insult you, look down on you, slander you and falsely accuse you? Yun Qingyan says, "I'll bash him! Bash him again, and again, and again! Then forget about him!" "Get lost!" When they first met, he couldn't move at all and his eyes were filled with murder. "You little punk, trying to fight with me?" She stripped him of every valuable item and her attitude was arrogant. In the end... "Your Majesty, the Sacred Prince has gone to the Yun family to ask for her hand in marriage!" "WHAT?!" He clenched his teeth. "Prepare an army of a million soldiers, we're going to raze that palace to the ground!"

  • My Werewolf System

    My Werewolf System


    What would you do if you were to wake up one day to the message?[You have 5 days until the next full moon][Your bloodlust is increasing] Gary Dem is a person with a secret. While coming back to school appearing as a whole new person, he does everything he can to keep this from the people he cares about. For his path is one that led him to become part of the underworld. The world has changed, and gangs rule the streets sponsoring big corporations. Bribing politicians behind the scenes and controlling the decisions people make without them knowing it. Using a new breed of humans called the Altered, a mixture of man and beast.It was only meant to be a side job, he was never meant to dig in too deep, but on a mission for his gang, something went wrong, something changed him. [You have 5 days until the next full moon] [Your bloodlust is increasing]The lone wolf... is about to go on a hunt!

  • Return Of The Controlling God Of Ten Thousand Realms

    Return Of The Controlling God Of Ten Thousand Realms

    For 10 eras he has been hiding behind the scenes controlling thousands of worlds. no creature can escape from his shadow. all existence danced between his fingers without realizing he was a taboo amongst other taboos. but he suddenly disappeared. 100,000 years later he returns to achieve what was unattainable then. "Everything is only profit and loss, I'm not coming back to be the ruler, but only for transcendence" don't forget to click Vote, like, gift, favorite, and comment if you like this novel, to help the author be more enthusiastic.