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  • Coronavirus


  • Evil Dragons Disciple

    Evil Dragons Disciple

  • Love In CoronaVirus

    Love In CoronaVirus

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE COMEDY SWEETLOVE

    While the entire world was busy fighting the dangerous coronavirus, a young writer found her love during her time in Quarantine by chance! Will the story end up with a tragic ending or is their still any hope for the two...?A simple and short love story, which will keep you engrossed at the time of isolation!---Webnovel Spirity Awards 2020

  • coronavirus corn

    coronavirus corn

  • zombie pandemics by coronavirus

    zombie pandemics by coronavirus


    In 2020, the new coronavirus mutated and became a zombie virus.In the world where the zombie pandemic happened, the main character who happened to get "the power to command zombies" and "the power to return zombies to humans" -Shoya Nakamura uses this power for himself in the collapsed world. Try to make a zombie.The protagonist tries to act as he pleases, but he is basically a good person.You will become a savior in the process of aiming for a happy ending.H The story is marked with a star, but it is not marked if there are only a few erotic scenes.

  • The Orc Experience

    The Orc Experience


    David lost his battle to Covid 20, the new coronavirus that targets the younger population as opposed to it's previous iteration that was most deadly to old people.He reincarnates as an orc and chaos ensuesFirst time writing a story, will be slow to write new chapters, I only do this for fun. I work 6 days a week and am training to join the army simultaneously so I hope you can understand.

  • Quarantined|BTS



    ambwA young youtube vlogger gets held in Seoul because of the coronavirus pandemic. After fleeing from the prejudiced cops she gets stuck in an alleyway. What she didn't know was that she wouldn't be leaving anytime soon.

  • Kaufen Sie einen echten COVID-19-Pass in Australien, Coronavirus

    Kaufen Sie einen echten COVID-19-Pass in Australien, Coronavirus


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  • "The coronavirus situation has taken a dangerous turn," says Chairman

    "The coronavirus situation has taken a dangerous turn," says Chairman

  • los ojos de la oscuridad

    los ojos de la oscuridad

    los ojos de la oscuridad (the eyes of darkness)Coronavirus: el libro que 'predijo' la creación de un virus en WuhanUn libro escrito en 1981 por Dean Koontz presenta similitudes con la llamada crisis del coronavirus.Coronavirus: the book that 'predicted' the creation of a virus in WuhanA book written in 1981 by Dean Koontz shows similarities to the so-called coronavirus crisis

  • deadly love (Dark romance)

    deadly love (Dark romance)


    I wrote many stories but this story is real and heartbreaking please read and share your views. Real life story of Sofia and Antonio who worked as nurses in Italy . They left their small kids ( cara and lia) with their grandparents when coronavirus outbreak in Italy and spend day and night working at hospital . Since then they never seen their kids to avoid chances of getting them infected . While treating patient with virus , Antonio got infected with virus , but this doesn't break their determination of Sofia to help the patient , neither did Antonio stopped her from working in hospital . They kept their duty higher then their family obligations . Week later Sofia also got infected with virus , but hospital was out of beds and isolation wards . Sofia had some medical condition so chances of her recovery were feeble . They kept themselves in isolation , days later they got call from hospital that they have a bed for one patient. Antonio insisted Sofia to get admitted , but she doesn't want to leave her husband to die in vain . Few days later they both died holding each other hand , looking after each other , caressing each other . They never got a chance to hug their kids for final goodbye .Cara and lia lost their parentsCouple lost each otherHospital lost patriotic nursesBut we people lost compassion , lost their mindsThese brave people are risking their life to save life of stupid people like us , who are not listening to them and roaming out freely on roads . If we have stayed home , we could have stopped the spread . We could have saved parents of lia and cara , we could have saved Sofia and Antonio and many other unknown hero's

  • Back to 2014 With A System

    Back to 2014 With A System

    Eastern Fantasy R18

    John Lauren is a failure in life, not only did he stop in school for three years, he had never done anything to do aside from always sleeping in his bed. In 2020, he is already 19 years old and still useless as usual until he got infected by a virus called coronavirus.John Lauren died in the hospital with regrets and hatred in the hospital. But who would have thought that an unexplainable mystery happened and found himself back when he was still in high school. Join me and watch how John Lauren will do everything to become successful with his System.Note: The MC is not a good person, but a bit of calculating.

  • I Was Given Two Wishes in the World Of Hunter x Hunter

    I Was Given Two Wishes in the World Of Hunter x Hunter


    My name is.... I don't remember. I died to the Coronavirus in my sleep and now I've been reincarnated into Hunter x Hunter into Meteor City. How will I survive???



    DRACO MALFOY AND HERMIONIE GRANGER? Who would've thought. Ms. Goodytwoshoes and badboy?He's the schools SEX GOD. Attractive. Everyone notices. Hot in many disffrent ways. Has a big ego along with a anyways so. She's the good girl. The smarty pants. The nerd. The muggle. Her perfect brown locks of hair. Her kindness.What happens when the two 17 year olds a put together in one room? What happens when they make amends?.....The professor told us to smell. I smelled mine. I didn't say It out loud. I mixed the amortentia.I brought my nose to the silver spoon that my hand was holding gently. I smelled....Mint. Spearmint to be exact. Expensive cologne...That was all I needed to know who it was.Draco.

  • Amicitia's Second Chance at Life

    Amicitia's Second Chance at Life

    This story tells about Arnold II beginning to catch up with his friends and family after he came back from the dead for 24 years due to the dreaded Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

  • The Virus

    The Virus

    Miracle is a lovable daughter and a caring and understanding girlfriend to her boyfriend, Ezekiel. Miracle is one of the model students at her university. Everything is going smoothly, until one day. She was diagnosed with this rare and new virus called coronavirus. What will happen to Miracle? Will she survive?

  • COVID-19 Outbreak

    COVID-19 Outbreak


    After already spreading across the globe COVID-19 aka the coronavirus becomes incredibly advanced. It begins to kill off most of the population and those who die, reanimate and have a need to feast on human flesh. The contact through either bite or scratch causes you to get the virus and slowly kills you off. The last few remaining survivors now known as the 1% do whatever it takes to make sure they don’t contract the virus while tirelessly searching for a cure. Not only do they have to put up with the struggles of fighting the undead, but also have to put up with fighting with other survivors for the last remaining resources.

  • #StrangertoStronger


    Rave Michaels is a wanna-be-writer who meets a beautiful older woman named So Price on Facebook. At first Rave is too caught up with plans with her girlfriend Tiffany, a woman on house arrest, to give too much thought to her messages with So, but the two soon become good friends, talking about their writing projects together, along with a variety of other topics.<br><br>After Rave has an unexpected break-up with Tiffany, So is the one who is there for her. In spite of their distance -- Rave lives in Indiana and So lives in Pennsylvania -- Rave and So decide to become a couple. So travels from Pennsylvania to Indiana frequently and they spend time together in hotels, getting to know each other and having passionate sex. But will Rave's problems with bipolar disorder prove to be too much to handle? Will the coronavirus keep them apart? Can a lasting relationship truly be found online?

  • King Of The Hill: The New Normal

    King Of The Hill: The New Normal

    The Hills have had some crazy adventures in the past. But none so challenging as this one. Arlen is under lock down following the "coronavirus" outbreak.

  • Death's Best Friend

    Death's Best Friend

    Realistic Fiction SYSTEM DARK

    During the Coronavirus Pandemic, everyone has been through their own struggles. This short story offers the perspective of Death himself on our current situation. Dark and honest, this story dives into the reality of this difficult time from a surprisingly compassionate point of view. Stay safe and enjoy the story. *Viewers discretion advised since the story's content handles sensitives subjects*