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  • Corrupt Creations

    Corrupt Creations



    The Ancient Era has come to an end. Gods, demons and ancient beasts strong enough to rule anything with power and roam free in the universe... All vanished mysteriously.No one really knows how it has ended and what actually have happened. Some records state that it was the constant war between gods and demons that caused their demise, or even the conflicts they had against members of their own race that ended that golden age.Greed, pride and selfish motives could have been the catalysts for that ending.Who can precisely tell what happened? It has been 2 million years since the last record of those times and in this gap of time, other races made their appearances.Still, those considered God's and Deities of those old times, didn't let their names be erased from history. There are a lot of legacies they've left behind for the new races. Some are already claimed as people make them their sect treasure or family heirloom, but It's speculated that there are lot more legacies left behind that were still not found yet.This is a cruel world where power reigns, so people do everything to get what they want.It has to be known, that there were six supreme beings that were above the ranks of Gods and Demons, and they were called True Gods. Dauntless and unstoppable. They attained the peak of power and could only be feared and respected.Till this day no one has really found any True God legacy, so people have forgotten about their existence. Although, there were a lot of god legacies, since they were constantly searching for the best inheritors for their bloodlines and their teachings. However, it is highly unlikely for a person to fully attain it, because Gods are Gods and humans are mere humans.Their marks are all over the universe and they are treated with utmost respect until the present age. Still, there is no Deity alive to enjoy such treatment.

  • Lord Of The People: I Recruited A Mutant Succubus From The Start

    Lord Of The People: I Recruited A Mutant Succubus From The Start



    The whole world mutated. Mysterious resurrections happened in real life. The Tribulation descended. Everyone would awaken the ability to rule over beasts at the age of 18 and obtain a Lord Space of their own. After one month, their Lord Space would materialize and they would become a Lord. When they awakened, each Lord would obtain a summoning pool to summon their own troops. They had to plunder resources, strengthen their troops, expand their territory and defend themselves against the invasion of demons! Ren Qi recruited a mutated succubus from the very start. She could keep ascending until she became a fallen angel! Someone exclaimed, “Someone managed to recruit a succubus?” Another person said, “Why are you envious of him? Succubi don't have much combat ability and are weak. When his Lord Space materializes, he will most likely be consumed by the demons.” Someone said, “Hahaha, I awakened a top-tier troop, the Golden Tiger. I am invincible.” Not long after, Ren Qi’s territory expanded to the Warring Nation Level. A group of fallen angels stood beside him as they looked down on all the demons. The weakest fallen angel was an existence akin to a demigod.

  • My Wife Slaps People in the Face Online Daily

    My Wife Slaps People in the Face Online Daily


    Young Master Lu says, "My wife knows nothing at all and has a bad temper. You'd better not bully her." Gu Mang watches silently as this man warns everyone who comes his way. Young Master Lu says, "Read properly. How can you remember anything if you flip the pages so quickly?" Gu Mang takes up another book and reads it speedily. Young Master Lu complains, "What should I do when my babe hates studying?" What else can he do other than dote on her? Until one day... "Young Master, numerous universities in the capital and even top universities overseas are fighting to get Madam to enroll!" "Young Master, many TCM research centers are getting into deadly squabbles over hiring Madam." "Young Master, a legion of huge international law firms want to employ Madam." "Young Master, several eminent hacking organisations are here too..." "Young Master, multiple financial groups have come..." "Young Master..." To all these, Young Master Lu says, "What the f**k! Get out of here!" Yes, his wife is a genius.

  • The Invincible Corruption Manual

    The Invincible Corruption Manual



    Guys, check out my 2nd novel. The Supreme Satanic System. ---------------------------------------- This is the latest version. ---------------------------------------------- Synopsis: A strange dark entity approaches the milky way galaxy. A new era was about to begin and it would choose the fateful one. Joey always thought that he was unlucky and hopeless. From an early age, he was brought up by the church and ended up adopted by a couple. From then on, his life became not so easy. Poor in studies, abused by his parents. One day after school, he was hit by a car after saving an old man. "Am I going to die like this? " He thought. Then the old man suddenly hit his forehead with a strange stone. ------------------------------------------------------ # OP Mc # Lots of new unlimited action packs. You will enjoy them. # Harems, you will love it. But, my main theme is action and comedy. # It is a Xianxia novel. ------------------------------------- #Corruption in the title, corruption: what is it? is it a good thing or a bad thing? No, we all are looking in the wrong way. Corruption is everything. Everything, we see, touch, smell, feels, is corrupt. It is neither a good nor bad thing after all. It is just our limited point of view that we see the Corruption Dao as a bad thing. hmm, life is also another law of corruption Dao after all. But, it was like two faces of the same coin, one path is the way of righteousness and the other the evil path..... Let's see which path the MC will choose in the later part. If you want to know more please feel free to comment me. --------------------------------------------- #The novel cover is not really mine. Please contact me if the owner wants to talk about this issue.@here

  • Corrupt



  • corrupt


    "Persetan dengan dunia ini" Itulah prinsip yang selalu dipegang oleh seorang remaja berusia 17 tahun bernama Rohmat Bin Kodir atau sering dipanggil dengan Somat. Remaja yang tidak perduli dengan kejadian apapun yang terjadi kecuali kejadian itu berkaitan dengannya. Dia memiliki pendirian kalau dirinya sudah dikhianati oleh dunia ini. namun seiring berjalanya waktu, dia diberi tugas untuk memecahkan sesuatu yang menurutnya mustahil. dapatkah Somat mengatasinya?

  • No Way People Find Cultivation Difficult, Right?

    No Way People Find Cultivation Difficult, Right?


    It’s the 3rd of March of the Immortal Martial era. Under the Sect Leader’s unremitting efforts, the Qingyun Dao Sect finally welcomes its eighth disciple, Ye Ping. In order to make Ye Ping stay and to earn his respect, everyone in the sect resorts to all sorts of tricks to deceive him. They boast and pretend to be peerless Sword Dao experts, geniuses in cultivation, alchemy, refinement, divination, alchemy arrays, treasure appraising, and sons of destiny. For the sake of maintaining the image of geniuses, they teach Ye Ping all sorts of nonsensical things. They make Ye Ping try to gain an epiphany out of a random sword mark. They take out a random big pot and make Ye Ping refine supreme-grade pills with it. They take out a random copper coin and make Ye Ping deduce the ultimate heavenly secret. They initially hope to just delay the time that Ye Ping discovers the truth so that he would stay in the sect for a while longer. However, to their surprise, their new little Junior Brother… manages to learn everything.

  • Corrupt Fate

    Corrupt Fate


    A world full of human life. A corrupted General. A Lieutenant with a broken heart. A strange female creature with unknown origins. When the Lieutenant leaves, the world falls in to mayhem at the merciless hand of the General. The female creature slowly grows attached to the Lieutenant, creating… Confusion? What will this adventure unfold? Life? Death? Liberty? Who knows?

  • The Corrupt School

    The Corrupt School

    A young boy named Asher has now moved home's and is going to a school with no-one he knows. Once Asher arrives at the school he starts getting an off feeling about it all not just because of how strict the teachers are but just by the school itself. Then the next day one of the students goes missing just near the lake across from the school. Will Asher ever find out about why the school seems off? Or will it remain a mystery forever? *WARNINGS* Cursing Light Gore More potential warnings later

  • Corrupt Vines

    Corrupt Vines

  • Corrupt Vessel

    Corrupt Vessel


    A high schooler finds himself in a different world, with a skill called -GUIDE- to guide him in this unknown this world. He is excited about living in a world of magic. But, he didn't know, that what awaited him wasn't a beautiful fantasy world, but an ugly and cruel world. This is the story of the desperate struggle of a young man to find what is the reason for everything happening around him, and ultimately, find what he himself is.

  • The Cruel and Corrupt

    The Cruel and Corrupt

    Fantasy Romance DARK KILLER TWISTED

    Amara Dolent: Father was always a weird character. He's either happy, calm, bored,he's never angry... at least.. not that I'm aware of.. He's a mystery....As a young child, I never paid much attention. But as I got older, I noticed all these strange events happening. Have they always been happening, and why am I just now starting to notice. But most importantly...Does Father have something to do with this?..... Malefic Dolent: The world is an unpleasant place, Many dangers lurk in every corner. I will not allow my precious daughter Amara; be in any danger. I must protect her, I'll do anything, anything. Whatever it takes. If that includes doing something drastic....Details: This will be in Third person. Language will be present, as well as blood and gore Any activity that will be deemed upsetting, will have a warning before the scene takes place If you are not comfortable with any of these. Then you are free to leave. Enjoy.

  • Corrupt the Hero

    Corrupt the Hero


    That sword, that sword destroyed the empire 200 years ago, but today a young 16-year-old boy must face the greatest test of his life, the emblem of the hero has appreciated in his right hand and he will have to face a multitude of tests to be recognized by his nation and in the future, he will unite the empire again to face the oppression of the Demon King.

  • Corrupt Hearts

    Corrupt Hearts

  • Corrupt Me

    Corrupt Me


    Clarissa Chambers,I am pristine, unblemished by the cruel elements of the world. I am my Mother’s pride and joy, also her burden. I am my best friend’s unrequited love. I am naïve and socially awkward. I am now a Yale student and the world is finally mine to take by storm. I have the freedom and the space to do what I want but what exactly do I want? I have never tasted the outside world without the supervision of an adult…what do I do with all this newfound independence? By the end of my story, I may have wish I had never asked. Stone Maxwell is wild and reckless; Dangerous. Everything I have been warned against, yet I cannot stop myself from feeling drawn to him. Those stormy grey eyes pull me in, and I feel myself drowning under his power. I know that this will not end well, I can feel it in every nerve ending I possess. I just can not free myself from this current of self-destruction. This man will obliterate every pure thing about me, and I tingle with the knowledge that, I will not stop him. ((Corrupt Me is the first book of what will be a continuing series of Clarissa and Stone’s relationship))

  • Corrupt leadership

    Corrupt leadership

    Corruption about our leadership

  • Corrupt Hero System

    Corrupt Hero System



    Zeke is just a small-time merchant but the events of one night change his life forever. Losing everything he ever knew and loved caused him to make a pledge, a vow, if he could only do it all over, he would do better. He would be a Hero! He gets his wish only to find himself locked into a system that has cost countless lives. A system that will stop at nothing and resort to any trick in order to create a True Hero. Will he succeed in becoming a true hero or will he fail like the 50 heroes before him? This is in WPC 248 so Votes, comments and collections are extremely important! Please support my book!

  • Prodigies of a Corrupt Country

    Prodigies of a Corrupt Country


    Their country was in chaos. People were dying, the economy was falling and yet those at the top kept on stuffing their pockets with the money meant to help the people.Silencing honest officials? Corruption during pandemics? Pretending to be innocent? Spies within the senate?They have had enough! It is time for a revolution.Watch as five prodigies rise to take over the country.(Cover was created using Canva)

  • Corrupt moon remake

    Corrupt moon remake

    Join angelus as he fights against lucifel his evil brother as angelus and his brother ignitise fight, this will eventually become a real anime, that I and a group of friends will create

  • The Corrupted

    The Corrupted


    Jade is just an ordinary girl trying to survive life. What will happen when she meets a demon? Will she let this demon take control of her, or will she fight? Jade wants nothing more, than to pull her tragic life together. Will she be able to, or will her life become even more tragic and darker?

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