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  • Guild Wars

    Guild Wars



    Draco had risen to the top of the world through his exploits in the legendary FIVR game, Boundless. After years of intense conflicts between his guild, Hellscape, and the guild of his former infidel lover, Darkrow, things came to a head when Draco conquered all. Now, nothing stood in his way of total conquest within the highly acclaimed second world of mankind, as he intended to fortify his new empire. Unfortunately, a timely assassination sent him back into the wheel of time for reincarnation, but not even the Gods gave him peace of death. Thrust into the past, Draco realized he'd been given a second chance at life to start from scratch, with all the knowledge of over fifteen years of almost absolute power in Boundless.Now, his path to glory will be far shorter and filled with more bloodshed than Hades could handle.--------------------------Discord: If you're the type to be triggered easily, please do not read.

  • Cosmic Professional Gladiator

    Cosmic Professional Gladiator



    In 2036, mankind steps foot on Mars for the first time. In 2052, Earth holds the first World Martial Arts Tournament, a global martial arts competition watched by the entire planet. Top professional gladiator, “Spear Demon” Xu Jingming, retires at the prime age of 26 with a body ridden with injuries. One day, the United Nations announces that mankind would be ushering in a new era for human evolution. Advanced technology had been found on Mars, a secret kept to this day. Research had been carried out to use science to augment human evolution. All of mankind can now evolve themselves by partaking in this VR experience using the freely distributed VR headset. How will Xu Jingming use this opportunity for all mankind to his advantage?

  • Cosmic Peak

    Cosmic Peak



    [ Paused publication until 8/20/2022.] Note: If you like the Video game genre (MMORPG) but with a twist like the whole world is forced to play the MMORPG survive, then you will love it. (It's not exactly an MMO game but game-like settings.) So, well, even if you are not a fan of the video game genre, you might still like it so give it a try. This novel has more things than just the video game genre. :D. ----- [ Choose your unique path and walk on it to see vast and new horizons that you've never seen before! ] (You can look at the "Paths" AUX chapter if you want to know what are the paths]. Aren had started his unique path along with his mother, his childhood friend, and others who also have their own Paths just like the people in the rest of the world! ---- [ Lifeform elevation process finished. Choose your path. Or, in your world's terms, choose a Job class. ] -1st: Emporio Armalist. -2nd: Runic Mage. -3rd: Heavilist Weaver. [ Trust your instinct to choose the path. ] Which path will Aren choose? Will they survive the despair that is to come after three years? What is behind all that magical phenomenon? How many are going to die even before facing despair because of the dire phenomenons? --- Quinn looked at her three options curiously. [ Seibaes Whisperer ] [ Spirit Invoker ] [ Brutus Zontheos ] She decided not to go with her instinct's choice but chose the path that sounded powerful...what will that unfurl for her? However, all path options given to individuals are suitable because they are given to them through a dream test that nobody remembers after their lifeform elevation process is finished. So what exactly is the goal behind this despairing phenomenon and the mysterious voice that suddenly forced them to go into a magical world to get strong if they don't want to die in despair? ... One fine day, golden brilliance appeared in the sky out of nowhere and started traveling the whole planet. Shortly afterward, A middle-aged man appeared in the sky and sighed after looking at the golden brilliance, " Sigh...Looks like it started. " ... The golden brilliance stayed for three days as the whole world talked about this strange phenomenon. But after three days, all golden brilliance gathered in the sky before becoming a grand mountain filled with lush greenery and water bodies. Along with that, Every single person heard a grand voice, as if a king's decree. [ Mortals! Your time has come. After three years, you will fight against despair and will be wiped out. BUT there is a chance to fight and win against that despair. Join the Myriad Mountain and start your journey in the Wild Expanse to get strong! ] [ This journey will be filled with danger but also opportunities. Work hard for three years until the despair finally arrives. There will be two final results: First, either your whole world will be destroyed along with the beings living in it, or your world will prosper like never before with brand new horizons appearing in front of you! ] [ GO!! Show your hard work and worth if you want to survive against the despair that will come after three years. ] PS:- I own the cover. My Patreon if you want to support me and Arts for this novel--- A secret:- You are in for an awesome ride so sit tight and watch as something you've never seen before...*cough* unfolds before your eyes. Join Discord:-

  • Rise of the Cosmic_Emperor

    Rise of the Cosmic_Emperor



    There are three realms in the multi verse; The Cosmic, the Mortal and the Nether realm.Hal grew up in the mortal realm with no idea whatsoever of who his parents were.His love for relics, adventure and the occasional danger would aid him in finding a genie's lamp.Rubbing a genie's lamp should grant three wishes, but Hal is struck by lightening instead and eventually arrives in the Cosmic realm with a large book in his mind space titled; The Primordial Cosmic Grimiore, that apparently holds all knowledge for a perpetual reign.And so Hal's journey begins in a little city called Salmon city, in the body of a 17 year old boy also named Hal but was sold into slavery by his own father.Hal finds out who his mother (prior to reincarnation) whose bloodline now flows unmixed in his new body is....Join Hal as he battles mortals, Dragons, phoenixes, Gods and many more together with his harem of Beauties for the complete subjugation of the three realms.---------------------------------So this is an original novel and I am giving it my all and I hope you give it a chance.The First twenty chapters (more or less) were not quite good but that is because they were the first I ever wrote so please read till chapter 30 at least before deciding if it is not for you.It really gets better quickly.P.s The cover Is not mine

  • Cosmic War Game

    Cosmic War Game


    The labour force of Earth was abducted by an 5th dimensional being for an experiment, on an cosmic scale to see what would happen if most humans had the ability to travel the cosmos.

  • Cosmic War God

    Cosmic War God


    Humans have lived in the universe for 1 billion years, expanding the territory to the entire universe, with nations occurring every day, something unexpected happened, that is. The first cosmic war, every country is very busy with this war. both increase their strength to fight against other countries both at war with the whole universe The people who started this war were very unusual. The war continues

  • War Online

    War Online



    Williard is an early side character who became a stepping stone for the world's protagonist, Bran.This average gamer real-life hidden identity is a runaway young master of the Scarlet Vultures, a powerful mafia group. One day, he gets killed by the rival gang after getting found out and woke up in the past at the time when his life changed by two events, the death of his father and the release of the world's biggest VRMMO game, War Online."Ugh, this skill book cost 3000 gold? I only have 500 left. Boys, go and rob the players""Oh! You are the young master of Paves Group? Boys, go and kidnap this trash and his father and lock them up""Oh! You want to challenge me 1v1? No thanks. Boys, just round him up and kill him for me""Did that guy used his large guild to bully you? Don't worry. Just pay us the amount in gold or real cash. We will take care of him and his so-called guild leader"Follow Williard Ravens as he becomes the "Mafia Boss" in War Online using his Mafia brothers.------------------------------------------Note: please do read author's review before reading the novel.-----------------------------------------Author's other current books: My Soul card is a Reaper, Prince of Kpop, Weapon Seller in the world of magicNotable works: The Last Slytherin, The Sharingan Hyuga

  • Tamer of Cosmic Beasts

    Tamer of Cosmic Beasts



    Every living being is a beast that can be tamed, but only the most advanced races are called Tamers. The universe is filled with Tamers who use cosmic beasts as contracted pets. Akash Tagar, a veteran broken and battered because of his long blood-filled journey, was on the brink of suicide when he met the strongest being in the universe, the Primordial Beast. Restoring Akash to a youthful body, the beast gave him a chance fulfill his remaining regrets by completing a mission and sending him to the weakest planet in the universe. Akash, now restored to his youth, must start at the bottom and claw his way to the top. See the journey of a main character who will build a new world, together with his loyal army, and unite thousands of races to face their true enemies, and purge all evil. . [The main character is OP in this novel, he has the reason to be OP too] (words per chapter "1000 to 1500") {Editor: Erwin Cloude} Hello dear readers add me on discord to be in touch with novel man's fan community. Discord Server:

  • Realm Wars

    Realm Wars



    [Mature Content] A long, long time ago. In this world of power and magic, war is constant. The six realms in the world of Septverden have been shackled in perpetual conflict. They have engaged in slaughter and battles among themselves for every reason possible, from territory, resources to meaningless semantics. In the era where the mortal realm is the weakest among the six realms, where human bones and ashes covered the entire Blue Earth Continent, Empires rise and fall as the never-ending cycle of war birthed boned deep hatred that even centuries can’t erase. Until the mortal realm no longer can take the oppression and give birth to a new generation of heroes. With power equal to that of the Heaven and Nether Realm. With strength and agility on par with the Beast realm. With magic and spells second only to that of the Elfen and Spirit realm. With these. The mortal realm stood shoulder to shoulder with the five realms and humans sore to never-seen heights. Together, they reclaimed their lands and repelled the five realms back to their continent. And the world of Septverden finally known peace. Or so the tale goes . . . --- PLEASE TAKE NOTE! The first chapters, the MC is weak, mated and became a servant. I know you'll hate Cecily but at most she wouldn't be present in the latter chapters. If you could make it through Arc 1, then 2, and 3 wouldn't even mention her and the servant thing. SPOILER! In Beast Realm Arc maybe Arc 4, the mate bond will break as well as his restrictions. He'd be OP then. Hope you'll stick around till then and appreciate Ryu's journey *bows head ---- Read my other works: I am the Queen (FL) Genre: Fiction, Mature, Modern Romance, StrongFL, RichFL, PoorML, ColdML Leanna (FL) Genre: Modern Romance, Reincarnation, Second Chance, StrongFL, RichML, ColdML, Mature, Trinity the Last White Witch (FL) Genre: Werewolf, Vampires, Witches, Fantasy, R18, Mature, ColdML, StrongFL Generation of Heroes (ML) Genre: Action, Adventure, Epic Fantasy, Friendship, Magic, Beasts, Game Elements, Multiple Leads, OPmc, Romance, War, Military ---- Stalk me here: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter: MiuNovels ---- Donate for my Milk Addiction: PayPal:

  • Age of Cosmic Exploration

    Age of Cosmic Exploration

    Sci-fi ADVENTURE


    Endless sky and infinite space, the cosmos isn’t some paradise waiting to be found, it is full of darkness and danger, death and terror of the great unknown. However, for that glittering swath of blue, we have no fear! For the longevity of men, we have no regrets! Nothing shall stand in our way because it is finally our time, our age! The age of cosmos exploration!

  • Cosmic


    Cosmic will be outta commission for a while... gotta redesign the story a bit. Thanks for helping out with your reviews and adding to your collections. it will be back one day...tho probably not soon

  • Cosmic Curtaincall

    Cosmic Curtaincall



    A Denizen of Infinity discovers a newborn universe seeking the only thing Infinity does not have: An End. Of any kind. Out from infinity and into the finite plane, Athelei manifested beside the initial point of creation. Now, not one, but two Big Bangs will wreak havoc upon the nigh-endless emptiness. What else would you expect when a paradoxical, high-dimensional being steps into a world similar to ours? A Holy Light? The birth of a God? Pft. The natures of matter are unaligned. Nay, they are opposite. The rules of physics are simply incompatible. Annihilation was all that awaited what comprehensible physical form Athelei had ownership of. So, Athelei simply extracted his existence, leaving his infinite body to mesh with the energies of the newborn universe. He then stepped forward to walk through an ocean of time, seeking a timeline and a specific time at random. Now, Athelei was floating in the midst of a thriving universe... But then, a seemingly human emotion tugged at him, as human thoughts bubbled into his mind. "Something's.... wrong..." In more ways than one. =} What's wrong with this universe? {= Aside from the typical planets, galaxies, atoms, and other scientific rules, other magical features had mutated into existence due to the universe's special creation. There are three unique Systems, weird and baffling alien races, magical lifeforms, jaw-dropping technology, and Unknown Mystical Phenomenon. The universe is also not populated by 99.999999% empty space. There are weird places where things can live that are not planets as well as more accessible transportation systems that beat wormholes. Who knows? Maybe some kind of tower just pops into existence—a magical tower with a height of at least a few lightyears. In short, instead of a fantasy world, we have a fantasy universe. A perfect place for an MC with an unquenchable curiosity despite his... artistic (read, psycho) desires.

  • Forsaken : The Angel wars

    Forsaken : The Angel wars



    Christine didn't know why her dreams were filled with angels. Little did she know she was a reincarnation of the Angel of War. Lucian who damned himself to follow his lover to earth was left broken to see her die over and over again. Uriel who always hid his feelings in the shadows will not back down. Who will win her love in the end? This is a slow burn romance. ------ Lucian took a step forward, Christine took a step back, her back hit the door. Lucian placed his hands on either side of her head pinning her in, his face came closer, she could feel his breath. "What does your gut tell you, Miss Parkins?" Christine couldn't think, she was already undressing him. She averted her gaze, he removed this right hand, placing his fingers under her chin. He forced her face gently so that she was looking into his eyes. "Do not look away from me, tell me what does your gut say?" Christine gulped. "M... My gut says you are hiding behind a barrier, you are not dangerous to me." Lucian smiled at her, he moved his face an inch closer, their noses almost touching. "I am a very dangerous man, Miss Parkins. Your gut is wrong." Christine's head was spinning, then why did he ask me what my gut says if he will only brush it off? Before she could muster a retort her cooking alarm went off. "That would be lunch." ----Warning: This story does contain smut, R-18. Please proceed with caution.*Disclaimer: The cover does not belong to me and all credit goes to the artist.

  • Magical Cosmic

    Magical Cosmic



    Victor Petard Asterisk was just an explorer, like many others. Roaming unknown parts of the galaxy, seeking the answers to Humanity’s greatest mysteries among the stars. One day, he chanced upon an unnatural wormhole that brings him to another Universe.A Universe filled with magic and wonder!“Hah! With my advanced technology, who would dare challenge me?”“You there, savages! Still using bows and swords? Better go back to farming in the countryside!”"And you! What's with that backward magic staff? Use mine instead and witness its power."Filled with determination and experience, from years of exploring, Victor will seek out the unknown and unravel the deep mysteries held within this strange Universe.Follow Victor’s journey, as he lays down a legend that will echo throughout the Multiverse and last for eternity.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------New chapter is released every two days.I usually update faster here: you were kind enough to support me, I will leave a link below:Paypal: anyone that want to joint me in discord: joining you are privileged to read 1 early chapter :V

  • Cosmic Sovereign

    Cosmic Sovereign


    John Morris, a space engineer was sucked into a black hole as he watch the entire universe die with his naked eye. He was stuck in space of never ending pain, as he died not once or twice but countless amount of times. With a blue panel being the only one that has accompanies him for quintillions of years, he grasped for the only remaining strand of his sanity.But as the world had come to it's end, he woke and became a God. A Supreme being of a dying universe, he was pulled back to the cosmos.The adventure of a man who has become a God not knowing his own purpose in this vast multiverse. The immortal and an overlypowerful deity who seeks to find his family as a longing father he was. Along with his followers hailing from different parts of the multiverse, serving a God who has no purpose but could destroy the entire multiverse in a whim. "Do not fear me because I am a God, fear me because I am a Man."- Pantheon



  • Cosmic Creator

    Cosmic Creator


    Jay Thomas was your typical high school boy obsessed with sports, video games, and girls. He has his whole life planned out ahead of him after graduating from high school, or at least he did until having a fateful encounter with God. During the summer between his junior and senior year Jay was confronted by a strange voice in his head that asked him to become the first ever “Cosmic Entity.” At first Jay thought he was going crazy, but soon he learned just how real the voice in his head was. Overnight Jay’s world was flipped inside out after being turned into an immortal and becoming the Infinity Plane’s first Cosmic Entity. Now he’s tasked with creating entire universes and managing over existence itself! Cosmic entities! The Infinity Plane! World Games! A world where imagination and creativity are the only limits! Kind of... Join Jay as he enters an entirely new world of...well, world creation! What are World Games? Will Jay become the most powerful Cosmic Entity of all? And is it okay to make it rain dogs on Sundays? Honestly? Only time will tell. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Important things to know for this series: This story is told through our main character's perspective, however, the setting and lens of the story changes frequently to see what's going on throughout his universes. You will experience various adventures, cultures, civilizations, wars, and story-lines throughout the entire book. I'm always willing to take new ideas or answer questions about the book, so feel free to leave a comment and let me hear your thoughts! It's important to note that this book is inspired by karami92’s World Keeper.

  • The Cosmic Tranxetion

    The Cosmic Tranxetion


    Jutaan tahun sebelum Zaman Pleistosen. Pada saat itu, Bumi didominasi oleh bermacam Ras berbeda yang jumlahnya hanya tiga perempat dari populasi Manusia saat ini.Diantara semua Ras yang ada pada saat itu. Ada 3 Ras yang paling menonjol secara keseluruhan. Selama ratusan juta tahun, ketiga Ras terkuat tersebut saling berperang satu sama lain yang mengakibatkan perubahan Geografis, Iklim, suhu pada Bumi pada kala itu.Disaat eografis semakin kritis akibat Perang. Sosok Transenden yang muncul dan menghapus sebagian besar dari mereka, yang langsung menghentikan perang yang sedang terjadi.Setelah tragedi itu, sisa pecahan dari Ras mereka berusaha melarikan diri dan bersembunyi di suatu sudut di Bumi. Baru setelah itu Manusia Purba muncul Untuk pertama kalinya dimuka Bumi yang relatif telah stabil, hingga Zaman sekarang.Tanpa terasa Manusia tidak sadar kalau mereka tidaklah hidup sendirian, disisi lain ada mahkluk selain mereka yang membaur bersama di Zaman Modern saat ini.Lain halnya, Mahkluk Transenden itu terlarut dalam kehidupan Zaman yang berubah-ubah secara perlahan.

  • Cosmic Summoner

    Cosmic Summoner


    In a word of sword and magic, where the sword rules and magic is the law.Where majority of the people will undergo in ceremony to awakened their abilities.Arthur Reinford is a man searching for his missing grandfather and becomes the first player to go in another world where countless strong monster and strong figures roam and countless inheritance are waiting to be seek.

  • Cosmic Days

    Cosmic Days


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