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  • The Cost

    The Cost


    It is said that desperate situations leads us to do unspeakable deals, but is it really worth it?

  • The cost of loyalty

    The cost of loyalty

    For now this is just an idea and I haven't started writing this book... Sry

  • the cost

    the cost

  • Revenge Comes At A Cost

    Revenge Comes At A Cost


    This story, is about a girl and her parents being killed on her birthday. She went into a coma for a year and woke up with the shock of her life, but the killer of her parents was alive, she knew what she had to do, to avenge her parent's death...Take matters into her own hands, and deal with him herself. But you know what they say, revenge comes at a cost. But the story doesn't end there, after she kills the man, she figures out something else, something bigger, her entire life changes after that....And nothing's going to stop her from killing every last one of the people who made her life chaotic. No one's going to stand in her way when she kills the one person who caused all of this in the first place.

  • The Cost of Love

    The Cost of Love

    Hannah falls in love with Marcus only to discover that his bad boy image is more than just an image. He is a violent and possessive man who will go to any length to have what he desires, including her. She wants to escape the gilded cage he has put her in. To do so, might meant her death or a rebirth as someone else. only then will she willingly pay the cost for love. The Cost of Love is created by Rebecca Graf, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

  • I refuse to be maidenless but at what cost

    I refuse to be maidenless but at what cost


    [WPC 294] Harem[Notice I am the Harem system][Oh what's that, you got Ntr][Yikes... Alright, Alright, I am a generous system, my job is to make you the host become unparalleled through various criminal activities][What do you mean you don't like violence, Haaaa... I see, well you will never reach chadhood with that thinking, here let this generous system help you][In no time you shall have a Harem of amazing and lovable yanderes of all sizes and flavors][Haaa... What's a Yandere... Only the best type of women in the dere class][What do you mean I sound sketchy, im the harem systems, don't you want to get your dick wet, your ball has been dry for eighteen years, and you don't even give yourself pleasure with your ten little friends][Sigh you smell of virgin, no can do, no can do, well then let's find the thickest Yandere maiden and get your cherry destroyed][At a boy, now that's what im talking about, but if you must know, I was created by the Harem God, and as he thought me no power equals no coochie, so please complete the first quest mission, to unlock the first skill][Wooohooo!!! First mission created][The mission: Thot begone has been created][Will you accept it [Yes] or [No], please pick in the next 60 seconds, or the system will find another host, to properly bond with][What will you get in return][You shall get the Lvl 1 skill "Gender manipulation", all boys have that guilty pleasure of wondering how it feels like to be a woman, the same can be said for a girl who wants to know what being a man is like][Of course, I respect LGBT, and I know you're not gay, and you never will be, but come on being a girl and changing appearance is a dope first power, and it only gets better as you continue to level up][Now we are talking, ok then shall we begin](A/N)Weekly goal10 power stones= 2 chapter release20 power stones= 4 chapters release50 power stones= 8 chapter release100 power stones = 14 chapters releaseStart voting now for more chapters guys_____________Ps: the arts not mines

  • love at a cost

    love at a cost

    Shreya an heir of the Shang feng group is dethrone she leaves country Q to set a life in town X luck is not on her side she after a disaster happens she is saved by boy called lalan and who knows where life and love will inteloke

  • The cost of love

    The cost of love

  • forbidden love has a cost

    forbidden love has a cost

  • What it cost

    What it cost


    Nick has found himself in a weird position. Weird as he is falling out of a second story window and heading towards the ground. During his fall though he falls into a Stream of Consciousness and starts to recall all the events that lead him to that moment. "The self destruction of a man"

  • At Any Cost

    At Any Cost

    Leon Ainhardt. A name that struck fear into the hearts of his enemies. A name that brought pride to all humankind. A name cursed by those he couldnt save. A name forgotten forever, when the last living being on Marien died. What if you could go back? What if you could try again from the start and save all those you failed? "Im alive?" I say, staring into the mirror at my child self.



  • At What Cost

    At What Cost

  • At All Cost

    At All Cost


  • The Cost of Silence

    The Cost of Silence

    It was just a normal day in Frankfort, Wisconsin when the call came in that there had been a stabbing at Oakdale Academy, and that the victim was fifteen years old Erica Wilson the daughter of a prominent lawyer. Now told through a series of flashbacks detectives Cassidy and Gibbs will piece together the events leading up to the attack and what they find changes everything.

  • What It Cost For Bewitching Him

    What It Cost For Bewitching Him

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE ACTION R18 COMEDY URBAN


    This story is about a beautiful and charming girl; Aleina Kallis who is fun, smart, bold, studious and very determined in making a name for herself. She belonged to a rich family that was famous for running a well-known Real estate company - The Kallis Estate. Everybody envied Aleina for having it all; ethereal beauty, loving parents and perfect siblings but what you see is not always true. Her father was very abusive, always venting out his frustration on Aleina for reason; nobody could even fathom. Her elder brother was the adored son of the family. Her elder sister was always jealous of Aleina for her beauty and intelligence which is why she kept degrading her in front of their parents. Distressed and filled with bruises hidden underneath her clothes, the 16 year old Aleina decided to accept the invitation of her cousin to go with her to her husband's company celebration. Aleina didn't know that by going to that celebration party her fate would be sealed. The Underworld King of Country D, Alex Rodriguez, famous for being the devil incarnate himself and being devilishly handsome, was mesmerized by Aleina's beauty and decided then and there to hunt his prey slowly by breaking her down completely and making her surrender to him. Aleina's life turned for the worse after the party and she felt like her beauty was curse. She soon realized, in a painstaking way - What It Cost for Bewitching Him. ------------------- Hello my beautiful creatures! This is my first novel so please go easy on me. There lots of twists and turns and it will take you on an emotional roller coaster ride. Please give this novel a chance and i promise you won't regret it. Please vote for me as well. Thank you!

  • The Cost of Immortality.

    The Cost of Immortality.



    What would you do if you where grated Immortality? Some may think of it is a blessing and others a curse.This all depends on perspective, if you were granted a choice to be immortal but at a great cost, what would you do?Well, meet Rob, just your average nerd who fantasizes about immortality and was actually granted it! But in exchange, he has to destroy the worlds of his Masters Rival.*/I don't want to spoil too much, but this Is basically a story about an average guy being sent to another world(Magic based) and only granted a unique type of immortality, in exchange he has to destroy the world.The novel is about how he goes about this and how he overcomes various challenges in order to do so.*//*It will be a slow start as I want this to be as realistic as possible (It's obviously difficult to destroy a world without being OP), he starts with nothing and has to overcome many different challenges in order to achieve his goal. */ *All suggestions and ideas about the book are welcome!! If you spot any issues in a chapter please let me know so I can update itI will try release 4-10 chapters a week from Monday to Friday, this can change depending on how busy I am at work.**The cover image is not mine, all credit goes to the creator, If you would like me to remove it, please let me know*

  • Talia must survive at any cost

    Talia must survive at any cost

  • A Lover’s Cost

    A Lover’s Cost

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE ADVENTURE

    This is a story of 3 girls, who battle through the hardships of their personal lives, in order to keep, their friendship, lives, and value. Living life normally, until they each meet another set of 3 boys. Will they find love? And if they do, can they keep it? These 3 girls have a secret. How long until it affects these other boy's lives? Who will win? Who will lose? Who will live? Who won't? Who will love? Who will hate? The answers to these questions, lie in between the pages of this book. Finding true love is hard. Keeping it, is even harder. How far will they all go to save each other? Being a friend, has its consequences. Being a lover, has a cost. I give you, A Lover's Cost.

  • survival at all cost

    survival at all cost