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  • Tower Defense Survival: I Defend the Whole Country Alone!

    Tower Defense Survival: I Defend the Whole Country Alone!



    Every twenty years, the world of Tower Defense arrives to take away people and make them participate in the survival game. You can get unimaginable rewards if you can win. You can also inflict severe damage to your country if you lose. Pierce finds himself in this world, and sent to the Tower Defense alone, while other teams have a hundred people. Fortunately, he awakens golden hint system. Not only can he see useful alerts, he can also discover the fatal weaknesses of his enemies. Every monster he takes down rewards him with top-tier prizes. While the other players are still struggling, he is already swinging his swords to take the lives of gods.

  • The Rockin' Country

    The Rockin' Country

    Fall in love with this steamy opposites attract rocker romance. The bad boy of rock meets the good girl of country and sparks fly! The Rockin' Country is created by Laramie Briscoe, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

  • Our Country

    Our Country

    Historical Novel on the lives of three people tied together by everything except blood and the unlikely new findings that form at the end of the Goryeo Dynasty in Korea. Will the trio go their separate ways in order to fulfill their own ambitions or stay together as they have since childhood when they were abandoned by everyone around them?




    Crystal moves away from her hometown leaving her best friend Cristine and all the memories of her late mother behind to start a new life with her father. Crystal happens to find love in the arms of a young man named Dylan who seemed to understand her from the very moment he set his eyes on her. Although it wasn't love at first sight but amidst all the troubles she had been through.....Country love was all worth it in the end......

  • Desert Country

    Desert Country

    Brandon has just graduated from university as a primary school teacher. As he travels to his first teaching post, he wonders what he’s got himself into. From the airplane, the tiny town of Gunnanilla looks no bigger than a cattle station. And when he lands, he steps into heat such as he has never encountered before.<br><br>Sweating and feeling faint from the extreme temperature, he meets his new boss Mark Petersen, the racist principal of the only school for miles around. Then he meets the school’s other teacher, Mark’s wife Trina, and the students, most of whom are Australian Aborigines.<br><br>Life in the small town is no picnic. In the summer, the heat is unrelenting. In the wet season, the town is cut off from the outside world and all deliveries are brought to a halt. There is only one television channel. To top it all off, there are any number of poisonous creatures around, such as snakes, scorpions, and spiders. How’s a poor city boy like Brandon, who’s interested in fashion, music, and clubbing and none too confident with his sexuality, going to cope?<br><br>Enter the handsome, rough-around-the-edges miner, Frank. When Mark warns Brandon that Frank is gay, it seems this town might finally have something to keep him entertained. But how can he meet Frank without drawing attention to his own sexuality? How can anything possibly happen between them in such rough, tough, and macho surroundings?

  • Country Sun

    Country Sun

    As fun as country singing may be to some, it isn't to Seirra. Seirra will soon find her forever home and passion. Join Seirra as she journey's to find her real passion and where she really belongs.

  • glorious country

    glorious country

    mereka ini datang dari masa depan?!atau sebaliknya.ah itu tidak penting sama sekali,yang paling penting disini adalah bagaimana aku bisa terlepas dari para monster monster ini.apakah aku jadi buronan para monster monster ini

  • Love country

    Love country

    Not now

  • The Country Girl

    The Country Girl

    Contemporary Romance R18 SLICEOFLIFE

    Nino, a CEO of a company engaged in the plantation sector, fell in love with Regina who is a country girl.A few months later, he took Regina to Jakarta and introduced her to Juan and Triana as Nino's girlfriends.When Triana had approved of Nino's relationship with the beautiful and innocent woman, Juan suddenly told his wife that he has arranged marriage their son with Beatriz Fernandez.Would Nino accept his match with Beatriz or would he still choose Regina and marry her?

  • Royally Country

    Royally Country


    A country music superstar who is raising his three nieces. England’s Princess Royal, who is trying her damndest to carry on her family’s traditions while also trying to avoid strangling the Princess of Wales. Can this unlikely couple overcome the pressures of duty, fame, and family? Read and find out!

  • Targeted country

    Targeted country

    Can you imagine what a targeted country is?And what do we really mean by saying it?The people in this country bave been forced to begging for their lives,for their family and honor.This is all about Afganistan.

  • Country fun

    Country fun

    Kevin and his friends are having fun riding horses and stopping a farm from getting destroyed

  • Country History

    Country History

    I like good History

  • Over country

    Over country

  • country roud

    country roud

  • Country Crosser

    Country Crosser

    Romansa Anak Muda ROMANCE

    Cita-citaku simpel cuma mau ke Jepang, nonton konser One Ok Rock, band rock favoritku yang hari ini cuma bisa kulihat lewat layar hp, menghayal-hayal bisa jepang dengan kondisi ekonomi rendah dan otak yang tidak ada isinya memang kedengarannya egois sama diri sendiri, sepupuku bilang "mimpi lo ketinggian!"

  • Now country

    Now country


  • My country

    My country

  • country girl

    country girl

  • Country Road

    Country Road

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE ACTION TEEN

    Marx Mitchell is a well known pop star, but in a sudden turn of events he is forced into hiding on a farm in the middle of nowhere. Heavy physical labor, sweat filled days in the boiling sun and a lot of other non-luxurious things await. He hates everything about the place... Or does he? After meeting Lydia Bell, he isn't so sure anymore...