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  • Courage to Love

    Courage to Love

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE R18


    Lianne, a socially awkward girl due to her Asperger's, had never been in love before. She just found 'love' to be something overrated and troublesome. Boys were too troublesome.She just liked living a normal, low-key life. Away from the scheming of people and to just live the way she wanted. By herself.However, what would she do when she meets someone who decides that he wants - very much - to have her in his life? Though he is everything she wanted in a guy, he was also one that had everything she did NOT want in a guy: scheming, troublesome family and flocks of women wanting to bed him. Exactly the type of life she hates and has always been avoiding.What should she do?Did she have the courage to love him anyway? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Kai, the typical rich and playful CEO couldn't help but be fascinated by the woman he came across by chance at the airport. There was just something about her that caught his eye and he fell in love at first sight. Kai was used to women flinging themselves at him due to his power and money, even though he was often mocked for his looks. It wasn't because he was ugly. On the contrary. He was beautiful, far more than most women.He had always been surrounded by scheming people and he had never thought of finding anyone in his life. He held people at bay, he schemed against them to protect himself and he used them to get what he wanted.Love? An alien concept.So when he fell, he fell hard. But what is he to do when the one person he does want, doesn't want anything to do with him? He can tell she has feelings for him but she just didn't want to get entangled with him.Could he convince her to give him a chance, to show her how he can love and dote on her? To let her open her heart and take the chance.Did he have what it takes to give her the courage to love? NOTE: There is a 2nd ML and a 2nd FL as well. Most seem to like them more than the MCs. hahaha!! [Discord][Kofi] everyone.First, DISCLAIMER: I don't own Book Cover. I took the image off Pinterest. All rights go to the proper artist of this image. If you're the owner and do not want me to use it, just dm me in discord (PsyberRose#3292) and I'll take it down.This is my second novel and a spin-off from my first novel. You don't have to read the first to follow this, but it's more fun if you do. heh.New Life: A Second ChanceTo my old readers, welcome. I hope this novel will be as enjoyable as the first. To my new readers, welcome. Author only writes and publishes in Webnovel. Please support me there. Thank you.[Discord][Kofi]

  • The Courage

    The Courage

    Trama: Un ragazzo vivra' delle avventure incredibili, veramente uniche..., numerosi amori sbocceranno e moltissime battaglie segneranno le ere a venire, cosa imparera' da tutto questo? (Scritto dal 2014 al 2019)

  • Fear and Courage

    Fear and Courage

    Growing up is hard enough, but it’s worse as a pacifist whose country is at war. Jim and Brian are neighbors, best friends, and high school graduates heading for college. In 1970 the Vietnam War raged, and Brian and Jim, both pacifists, worry about being drafted.<br><br>To make matters worse, both men are gay and far from out. When Brian finally admits his feelings for his friend, he’s surprised and pleased Jim feels the same.<br><br>Brian’s father teaches jujitsu, and the two men learn the ancient art, though neither believes in fighting. They struggle to overcome their pacifist tendencies amid racial tension and homophobia that threatens to tear their lives -- and their love -- apart.<br><br>Can Brian and Jim turn fear into courage and learn to defend themselves, and each other, to create a life of love?

  • Courage for begginers

    Courage for begginers

  • The Courage of Love

    The Courage of Love

    When you are deeply in love, you feel as if your whole being is open and you are ready to go to any extreme for the sake of anybody. You are ready to go to any boundary, as there is nothing to protectwithin your being. Your being is totally open. You don't feel insecure when you are wild with love.

  • Glory Courage

    Glory Courage

  • Live with courage

    Live with courage

    A rich and widow woman called Fatu Sumo, who lives in a county near the capital city, one day intended to disguised herself to realize a faithful man to fall in love with, finally why decided, she came across a bike rider called Ansu Sessay, this rider usually takes her to her desired destination, a day came when she decided to secretly proposed to this bike rider mentioned above, she decided using a pretend by saying, hey guy am grateful for your kindness and simplicity and it encourages me a lot to do business with you, can I buy you a bike that you will ride and pay? In reply the rider agree and the buy the bike after many months the rider sincerely work along with her, it's encourage her once more to disclose everything true about, explaining that she has 3.3 millions and willing to marry him for his trustworthiness, and promise to love him for who he is and the rider accepted her proposal and promise also to love her, they lives in harmony and trust.

  • Battling with Courage

    Battling with Courage

  • Your Courage

    Your Courage

    Romansa Fantasi ROMANCE ADVENTURE

  • a game of courage

    a game of courage

    Writers note We in Kashmir are in lockdown from past three years and it usually remains shut and people are restricted to their respective homes. Being at home prompted me to write a story whose characters does not exist and to write in simple lucid language was necessary in order to entertain the general masses as general masses don’t understand the complex words. Being a Lawyer I know the jugglery and dance of words and I will try to follow a very plain English writing in order to entertain you. Javeed Hussain Shah (Advocate jk high court Srinagar)

  • Courage of the Stars

    Courage of the Stars

  • Courage the Coward

    Courage the Coward


    Courage is no Coward.But he is no gallant white knight that rushes to the front lines with no concern for his safety.Courage is actually pretty smart dude who is a lot more than what meets the eye.I’m going to try to focus on building nice relationships and depth to and between the characters so yeah…Also comment a synopsis and if I like it I’ll use it.(Cause I’m bad at writing synopsizes) *** Will write a better synopsis if somebody leaves a review.(bots do not count[-_-])Also there will be the mentioning of s*x but nothing explicit. *** MC will be OP(you have been warned) I’m not a scientist(you have been warned) I want your money(you have been warned) *** All credit to the og artist of the cover(it’s not mine) Let me know if u want it taken down or want to be credited. Leave a comment

  • Courage is enough

    Courage is enough

  • Take a courage!

    Take a courage!

  • The Underside Of Courage

    The Underside Of Courage


    "Adults have the right to disappear," they told her. "Your husband left you for another woman... There is no missing persons case we are going to file," they said. What would you do if you were Cathy Miller and the love of your life unexplainably went missing on your honeymoon? Appearances can be deceiving. But when suspicions rise, will she trust her gut and stop at nothing to find him?

  • A Commoner's Courage

    A Commoner's Courage


    There's once a Commoner Named Fisch GrimmHærth. But one Day a Catasthropic Event happened on their village. And Thats Where Fisch Awakened His Power.

  • A Warrior’s Courage

    A Warrior’s Courage

  • The Courage of the Weak

    The Courage of the Weak

  • The courage to move on

    The courage to move on



  • Courage of a brave girl♡

    Courage of a brave girl♡