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  • English reader literature language for life a multiskill course learns

    English reader literature language for life a multiskill course learns

    Very very very best English chapters

  • Off Course

    Off Course

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE CAMPUS DARK

    A few months into the next lap of the race I've been made to set course on since life went south for me; I take a detour into uncertainty but potential freedom. I used to be the product of a great love story. Now I'm just a reminder of all that is left of the ashes of its decay.

  • The Course of Life

    The Course of Life


    Rez is one with nothing who will find his way, hopefully.(This is my first time writing and I am not in the place to write a lot)

  • ABDUCTION - A New Language in Love

    ABDUCTION - A New Language in Love


    Fidgeting with my fingers, I tried my best to stand straight without falling back and embarrassing myself in the presence of all these men I have no idea who the hell are. “Sign it” he ordered one more time pushing the papers to me. I stood still unable to get what he wants from me. “Rule No 1, Never ever try defying my orders” his hands instantly gripped my neck in a dangerous hold and he put his Gun on my forehead, his finger very close to the Trigger. Looking at the Gun in his hand, a relieved smile made to my lips. After all, he is going to gift me eternal liberty. “Why the hell are you smiling, do you think this is some joke Iril Ranallo?” he growled. Realization dawned upon me, hearing him speak. How the hell am I supposed to say that they have kidnapped me than my sister? “Speak up Goddammit” He screamed scaring the shit out of me. I sucked on my lips as my throat turned dry, moving my fingers towards my throat I signaled him that I was mute. His eyebrows turned into a thin line and immense shock was evident when he shrieked… “What the Fu…….” ********* Life is tough for ladies in Mafia families and it is nothing less than sheer torture for specially abled. Born in one of the influential and powerful Mafia families, I had every materialistic thing the world could not even dream of. But being lost my voice in the horrendous incident, I was the ignored piece. Unlike my sister Iril who manages most of the business and stuff, I am confined to my room and the world outside is just a dream for me. All I prayed for 23 years is an escape from this prison and finally, when my prayers are answered, I was kidnapped by some men. I was taken to some strange place in the middle of a deep ocean, almost like a stranded island. Men looking nothing less than beasts and the one they call Boss stares at me with despise. I am forced to sign some papers, of which I have no idea about but all I knew is the liberation I seek from one Prison has stranded me up in some unwanted prison of which I knew nothing about!! Careful of What you wish for, lest it come true! And now, I have realized that in return for dreams, I received a Nightmare!!!

  • Language Barrier

    Language Barrier

    LGBT+ BL

    Love is a strange language, often unspoken by many people. However, how can you speak the love language, to someone who doesn't understand you!?

  • Language Of Happiness

    Language Of Happiness


    A woman who knows many different languages. She works as a translator in the military. During a routine event, she is killed.Then she transmigrates into a boy's body. Not only is she a woman in a man's body, the body is also deaf.During the story she will find a family and friendship. Living a peaceful life instead of the war torn world she was in.---08/21/2020Changed the intro chapter to ask a question. Updated Tags and Synopsis.

  • Uncharted Course

    Uncharted Course

    Eastern Fantasy CULTIVATION

    Nature, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water these 5 elements have been the base for all cultivation techniques for centuries. Starting at age 6 you get three chances to find a cultivation technique that resonates with your soul. If you can't find the perfect technique by the third time your future potential will crumble to dust.Sects only select cultivators that have a technique that resonates with them and the heirs to major family clans follow the same rules and have, for centuries protected the status quo of how the world is run. Until one day a new entity came to be from the frustration of two people burned by the way of the world.

  • Russian Language

    Russian Language

    For people who wanna learn Russian

  • Flower Language

    Flower Language


    Banyak kata yang tak dapat terucap, yang hanya dapat disampaikan dengan setangkai bunga.Ketika Kageyama Tobio menyadari rasa cintanya pada senpai-nya yang membuatnya takut, satu-satunya Okawa Torru.

  • Hindi Language

    Hindi Language


    Story of Vikram & Betaal

  • English to marathi language

    English to marathi language

  • language of love

    language of love

  • Love Language

    Love Language

  • System: Replicating The Heavens

    System: Replicating The Heavens



    Alex used to be a person with an incomplete soul and died at the age of 20 without being able to cultivate.Mysteriously, he once again woke up in a different world, in the body of a young man with the same name, facial features, and even soul.Yes, the other half of Alex's soul was actually born as this young man but since this young man's soul was also incomplete, just like Alex, he also couldn't practice martial arts.After both incomplete souls fused together, a System suddenly appeared and Alex could feel a kind of connection with this system as if he himself was the creator of this system.The System grants him the ability to see everyone's attributes and duplicate them.Follow Alex's journey to the peak of martial arts as he'll overturn both heaven and earth and will even try to Replicate the Heavens.------------------------------------------------------------------The cover is not mine. The credit goes to the original creator.English is not my main language and you might find some grammatical errors. I hope my readers can ignore those errors and enjoy the story!Also, the concept of this novel is taken from another novel called 'Divine Replication System' but the story is entirely different. Of course, you might find first few chapters similar to 'Divine Replication System'. But I assure you that the novel is completely different.I hope you guys will first read and then judge.

  • Fidget Course

    Fidget Course

  • The Twisted Course

    The Twisted Course


    A place that shows that the fables, fairytales, and mythology all came from somewhere... A world more truthful then our own....Gods exist tho are rare to behold for only the exceptional may make them curious. Power and abilities can be honed and gainedDemons, Elves, Dwarf, Beast people, Human..... and even species or as some say creatures that we love tho do fear are also present.... Welcome to the Reality of Truth

  • Changing the Course of Fate

    Changing the Course of Fate


    This novel has been deleted. You can check @thepremedstud on Wattpad to read it instead.

  • To Defy The Course of Fate

    To Defy The Course of Fate

    Ayla Grantaine Peritia couldn't remember much from her childhood. And it became a thorn that inhibit her from fully reconciling with her self.All she could remember is the massacre that happened almost ten years ago, dragging her out of the life she once knew.Now, she realized there was a world bigger than she once knew. But it is on the verge of falling apart.As the Kingdom faced its first breakout, leaving the Kingdom with less resources and living space, the people now began to defy fate by just waiting for another breakout to get them.Now, they planned to fight back. And on the forefronts is Ayla with her strong Aurora affinity.But as she slowly began to learn her more of her past, it slowly occurred to her that her past may not be as simple as it seems.And she's bound to cross against powerful divine beings in the direction of her fate and possibly...for her love.

  • T-Net Course

    T-Net Course

  • Body Language for Beginners

    Body Language for Beginners

    I. Ways to read body language. II. Reasons why you may have a bad memory.III. For me since I am a newbie in studying this subject hahaha!