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  • Cousins


    JEON JUNGKOOK FANFICSTARING: Jeon Jungkook and Nyzellry Kim (as you) WARNING: There are 15+ chapters here that are not allowed from 14 below readers/ sensitive readers. But if you're open minded you can read my story.  —{PROLOGUE} — Naalimpungatan ako sa pagkakatulog pero hindi ko muna idinalat ang aking mata.May kung anong mabigat sa t'yan ko pero binalewala ko. Ramdam ko rin ang matiim na pagtitig nito sa'kin.Maya-maya pa ay ramdam ko na sa leeg ko ang hininga niya. Naka ramdam ako ng kiliti sa bandang doon."I know you're awake Baby, Open your eyes please." Nag-aakit ang tono ng tinig niya. Napalunok ako na sinasabayan ng panginginig. Shit, those sweet voice of him is really driving me crazy.Hindi parin ako dumidilat at inaantay ang susunod niyang gagawin. Ilang segundo ang lumipas ng maramdaman ko ang paghaplos niya sa tungki ng aking ilong.Samantalang ang isang kamay niya nasa loob na ng suot kong pantulog na blouse. Ilang beses akong napa lunok ng maramdaman kong nasa dibdib ko na ito."J-jungkook."Hirap na sambit ko ramdam kong parang may bumukol sa bandang pang-upo ko. Nagpatuloy siya sa pagmasahe samantalang ako naman ay parang mawawala sa sarili dahil sa hindi ko alam na pakiramdam. Bago sa'kin ang pakiramdam na 'to. Isang sensenasyong di ko mawari."You had the lovely breast baby. Pinalaki mo sila ng maayos."Duon lang ako napadilat at nanlalaking matang tumingin sa'kanya.Agad na bumangon ako at agad syang tiningnan ng masama. Naka higa ito at may kakaibang ngisi ang nasa labi nito. Nanindig aking balahibo."C-cuz.. W-why are you doing this?" Pa bulong kong sabi sa kanya. Napa yakap nalang ako sa sarili dahil sa kanyang ginawa."Because i love you baby, i always do." He said. Akmang hahawakan na nya ang aking mga pisnge ng tabigin ko sa ere ang kanyang kamay. Nangunot ang kanyang noo habang may mapupungay na matang tumingin sa akin."Jungkook, we are cousin! We. Are. Cousins! Mali to eh maling mali. Hindi tayo pwedeng mag sama dahil mag pinsan tayo. Mali ang mahalin mokong higit pa sa pagiging pinsan. Bawal natin gawin ang bagay nato dahil mag pinsan tayo. Mag ka dugo tayo. Bawal maging tayo, bawal na bawal." Nang hihina aking matang tumingin sa kanya. "I-i'm sorry c-cuz But we cant be--" aalis na sana ako ng higitin nya aking kamay. Sa lakas ng kanyang pag hila ay napa higa ako ng kama."Fuck you! You said last night you love me? I clearly hear that. You said you fucking love me. Then now, you're saying that 'We cant be loving each other because we're cousins?!' How rude you are baby? I fucking assumed that you really do love me. But you fucking didn't?!" Bulyaw nya dahilan para mapikit na lamang at taim-ting napa iyak habang pikit ang mata.Napitlag naman ako ng maramdaman ang maiinit nitong labing humahalik sa sensitibong parte ng aking leeg. Napa hawak ako sa buhok nito ng kagatin nya ang maliit na parte dito.Nag sisimula na naman sya, ginagawa na naman nya ang bagay na ito. Ang bagay na dapat ay hindi nya ginagawa dahil mali. Dahil mag pinsan kami, pero wala akong magagawa.. Oo mahal ko sya, p-pero mali eh. Dahil ginawa kaming mag ka dugo, ginawa kaming mag pinsan."I dont fucking care baby if this is wrong. I dont fucking care what other will say. I just love you, i really love you. And no one, No ONE can stop me from loving you. I will do anything just to be with you forever, anything! Mark my word." 

  • A cousins affair

    A cousins affair

  • There were three cousins

    There were three cousins

  • My cousins girlfriend

    My cousins girlfriend

  • The Cousins Who Are Villainesses

    The Cousins Who Are Villainesses

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE ACTION

    Transmigrated again into another novel, Lin Xueqing and Yan Xiaoyue will try again to change their future as the cousin villainess who tries to ruin the female lead but this time they won't let that happen so follow them and their journey to change the future!

  • Cousins Acorn And The Elf Witch

    Cousins Acorn And The Elf Witch

  • Top-notch Master Masquerading As Cannon Fodder Female Companion

    Top-notch Master Masquerading As Cannon Fodder Female Companion


    The little snow fairy Tan Mo was about to complete her transformation into a human when she was picked away and reincarnated as the Tan family’s beloved daughter. Only then did she realize that she had become the tragic cannon fodder who died a miserable death after serving as her green tea cousin’s stepping stone for marrying We Keli, and whose life she had once seen before in her master’s mortal world mirror. Her parents seemingly aged overnight, and her three older brothers all suffered ignominy after their attempts to seek revenge for her. Yet with her here in this life, nobody should even think about harming her family! Tan Mo: Wanna play green tea with me? I’ll give you a taste of master level green tea art today! Reporter: Young Master Wei, what do you admire the most about your wife? Wei Zhiqian: She’s kind, cute, pure-hearted, and unpretentious. Reporter: Director Tan, your new work has been praised as a masterpiece. How did you create such an amazing script? Older brother Tan: There’s nothing of the sort. Truthfully, I didn’t write the script. It’s just that the true author is too low key to reveal her true identity. Reporter: Lord Tan, your new song has come out and immediately became the number one hit single on the charts. The lyrics are ingenious. Second brother Tan: You flatter me. The person who came up with the lyrics is someone very important to me. Without her, the song wouldn’t have been successful. Yet she’s too low key to reveal her identity. Reporter: Artist Tan, your painting was sold at a ten-figure price as soon as it hit the market. Where did the inspiration come from? Third brother Tan: It’s all thanks to her. Reporter: ...... Oldest brother Tan, second brother Tan, third brother Tan: Our younger sister had always helped us without asking for anything in return. Wei Zhiqian: Without my protection, she would be ruthlessly bullied by those pretentious and innocent-looking Machiavellians. Everyone: Pfft! Who is the one bullying who!

  • After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

    After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!



    Qiao Mei transmigrated into a novel as a supporting character with the same name as her who lacked presence. This supporting character was a country bumpkin who couldn’t get married due to her obesity. According to the original script, this country girl Qiao Mei was a fatty spoiled by her grandfather. However, their relatives were all vicious and cruel people. Her grandfather had poor health, so once he died, the relatives would divide and swallow up his assets. Hence, her grandfather’s greatest wish was to marry Qiao Mei off. For this, even sacrificed and betrayed his good friend’s grandson, Xia Zhe. Grandpa got Xia Zhe drunk and had Qiao Mei forcibly take the strong and handsome Xia Zhe with her body which weighed more than two hundred pounds. Then, grandpa would catch them the next day and force Xia Zhe to marry Qiao Mei. However, that eventually caused the start of Qiao Mei’s unfortunate life. Also, in the original story, Qiao Mei took possession of Xia Zhe’s mysterious jade. But due to Qiao Mei’s stupidity, her cousin's sister had tricked Qiao Mei into giving her the jade, which resulted in the cousin’s family becoming rich. When Qiao Mei transmigrated here, it was during the awkward moment when she was making love to the man after making him drunk. She woke up groggily the next day and grandpa’s team had already appeared at the door. Qiao Mei was frightened. She didn’t want to proceed on the original path and marry a man who didn’t love her. And so, she lied and chased grandpa away. She also pushed the man out before forcing herself to look at her tanned and chubby reflection in the mirror! Alas, she cried at her ugly appearance… Like a sumo wrestler in large cloth underwear, even the plus-sized apparel shops didn’t have clothes in her size. And her face was the size of a pizza, a scorched pizza! Qiao Mei decided to reform her life! The first step, lose weight! The second step, clean up her room! She used to be particular about cleanliness, and although her current house had a huge courtyard, she could only describe it as messy! The third step was to hold onto the jade tightly so her greedy cousin wouldn’t stand a chance! Only, wasn’t the tall and handsome Xia Zhe supposed to hate her according to the original story? Why was he being nicer and nicer to her?

  • Forbidden Heat R18

    Forbidden Heat R18

    [MATURE CONTENT R18] "I'll fuck you so hard that you'll forget all about him"Natalia has been desiring her stepfather for the longest time after her mother passed away. Suddenly, her stepfather becomes engaged to another woman while his younger brother found out about Natalia's secret... Trying to keep her affair with her step cousin a secret from her passionate bodyguard."I no longer want to be forgotten. I'll give you so much pleasure that you'll forget all about my brother." - Edward"We've always been together so I never told you this...I love you" - Zak"I'll do whatever it takes to make you mine. Please wait just a little longer" - Lucien"I'll always protect you...even from your own self" - Reiner**This story does NOT contain incest. All male love interests are NOT blood-related to the female protagonist**Note: I own commercial rights of the book cover as commissioned from the artist. While you support my work, I also support the work of artists. Thank you very much! My other works: Conquering the Emperor ; Love Slave to the Mafia Boss's Passion Follow my Facebook page: Realfantasies AuthorThank you!

  • By my cousins, I chose to be reborn in random Race!

    By my cousins, I chose to be reborn in random Race!

    I, my cousins and many classmates had died in a bus accident on the return from Summer Camp.Before reincarnating I was offered a proposal, if I accepted, my cousins and my colleagues would reincarnate in a good life, the better the relationship we have, the better the living conditions, in return I would be reborn randomly, being any kind of creature, from a man to a tree, from a humanoid monster to an animal monster.For my cousins to have a good life, I accepted the proposal.

  • My Cousin My Love

    My Cousin My Love


    Reina Smith is an orphan after her parents died unnaturally and Reina's parents body has not been found. Reina ends up living with Aunt Shelena Carroll and cousin Sebastian Carroll in a faraway city. Aunt Shelena is cruel and accommodates Reina for inheritance money. How is Reina’s life at school, she likes Lee Jackie but there are many conflicts? Sebastian secretly likes Reina and tries to protect her from the pursuit of an evil mafia named Kenzo Gonzales. The winding and thrilling journey of love from Reina Smith.

  • Mapaglarong Pag-ibig (Meniza Cousins Series #1)

    Mapaglarong Pag-ibig (Meniza Cousins Series #1)


    I was just a simple person and my life became miserable when I obeyed the command of my cousin who was reprimanded by a famous student. He explained everything I could clue to making a fool of that idiot. But I was wrong to fight and that was their leader who was serious about everything and bad humor.

  • Heidi and the Lord

    Heidi and the Lord



    An adopted child, Heidi was a smart and obedient girl because she had to be. Used as a scapegoat by her family, she was sent to become the political bridge between two empires. Taken in by the House of the infamous White King, Lord Nicholas Rune, she would be cared for and supervised until her wedding with his cousin, Warren Lawson. A man whose gentle appearance and benevolent manner earned him the title White King of the Empire, Lord Nicholas was a man kindest to the souls around him. Very few knew about the truth that lay beneath his beautiful visage. Who could predict a little human girl would bring out the best and the worst of a noble pureblood? ----- “Now, tell me, Heidi, why do I have a bad taste in women?” As Lord Nicholas took a step forward, she took a step back. Heidi had said too much, and she regretted it. Would he let her go free? Gulping, she warned him, "What you're doing could be considered harassment, milord." "I wouldn’t. I’d call it persuasion.” He took another step towards her, his frame towering over her. "I believe the dictionary in your library would disagree with you, milord." She retreated another step back, shrinking away, hoping he would give up. “I keep the good one in my room. You can come to see for yourself if you don’t believe me.” Her back struck the wall behind her. "You haven’t answered my question, Heidi." The Lord was too persistent, Heidi cursed to herself. He was unwilling to let her go.

  • History's Number 1 Founder

    History's Number 1 Founder



    Lin Feng travelled through worlds and even obtained an overpowered system, but he still faces a pressure as huge as a mountain. System's main quest: Lin Feng is to create a school; establish history’s number 1 sect and Lin Feng himself to become the number 1 founder. To become history’s number 1 founder, Lin Feng started to work hard. “Your name is Shi Tianhao? Natural born sovereign roots but it was stolen by your cousin? Now being raised in a little village your father placed you in? Come come come, follow your master and we’ll let those people know that justice that is owed must be returned!” “Your name is Xiao Yan? A genius of the past but a loser now? Even your fiance came over to humiliate you by asking for a divorce? Come come come, follow your master and we’ll let that brat know the meaning of: don’t bully a youngster just because he’s poor!” “Your name is Zhu Yi? The son of a marquis but you’re being suppressed by your father? Your mother was a saint but she was assassinated? Come come come, follow your master and we’ll let your dad know the meaning how problems can be solved with your, with reasoning!"

  • My Beloved

    My Beloved



    *WELCOME TO THE STORY OF THE SWEETEST GIRL WITH THE SEXIEST CHARM* "Baby, why don't you serve me tonight?" "Baby, since I'm yours, you are mine as well." His words are magnetic and seductive, making her heart race. The Han Family’s Han Luo is a beautiful, smart, and sensible child; everyone loves her. That aside, the friend of her elder cousin – who she affectionately calls ‘big brother’ – has his eyes set on her. Han Luo’s fondness for her big brother has grown over time, but as the fondness grew, so did his bullying. After all, it’s not his fault that he can’t control himself when she’s being all cute! ~Where a childhood love story turns into a passionate romantic story~ PURPOSE OF THE STORY: to relieve the stress of my beloved readers ^_^ Support me- Patron: Buy Me a Coffee:

  • Cousin's Train

    Cousin's Train

    aku kembali untuk menghabisimu............sepupuku!

  • dear but cousin

    dear but cousin

    kisah seorang laki laki yg tidak pernah mengenal cinta akhirnya bisa mengetahui arti cinta dan jadi cinta kepada sepupu nya sendiri

  • Cousin Couple

    Cousin Couple

  • That one cousin

    That one cousin

  • the cousin love

    the cousin love