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  • Own Creativity

    Own Creativity

  • God's Creativity

    God's Creativity

  • Common power creativity

    Common power creativity


    So, here's the jist.I was enjoying my unfulfilling life with a boring job, when I suddenly get transported to this weird magical world where people have magical abilities. Apparently people don't get transported here much, but when they are they're given God-like powers or insane abilities.But I'm not like them. I don't have insane intelligence nor an OP power. I just have to survive with my common power.This world is a lot more scary and death ridden than my novels! :(

  • Creativity At It's Best

    Creativity At It's Best

  • Creativity according to RAFEEQUE BALOUCH

    Creativity according to RAFEEQUE BALOUCH

  • The Hub of Socialism, Creativity, and friendliness. [DROPPED]

    The Hub of Socialism, Creativity, and friendliness. [DROPPED]

  • One Last System

    One Last System



    Scorned by the world he was born in, Arthur had no other choice but to learn how to deal with it. Yet, just as his hard work and dedication were about to pay off, the hate towards his origins brought him to his death. But that wasn't his fate. His future wasn't supposed to end with his head cracking against the edge of the stairs. His bloodline could not die as that would be against the wish of the universe itself. Thrown to another world, he found himself in a situation where the skills and craft he honed would be no longer of use. His patience, his creativity, his logical thinking were no longer in demand in a world where strength reigned supreme. Or was it? "My system is overpowered. I'm not shameless enough to deny it." "Scores of women and slaves all around? Those are the wishes of a naive kid, not mine." "Lower the price of those apples by a quarter and we will have a deal!" "Dear, stop, I cannot hold any longer!" Jump in and follow Arthur's adventures as he proves that even the illogical world of sword and cultivation has its own rules. Laws, that one can learn, laws, that Arthur sets off to use to his own advantage! **** This novel will have some comedic elements, but it won't be the core of the story. I also won't hold back any punches when it comes to dark humor, heavy elements or morally ambiguous aspects. If you are looking for a fckboy/edgelord/cliche, then his novel is not for you. Discord:

  • creativity through knowledge and imagination yield a great output

    creativity through knowledge and imagination yield a great output

  • Creative Writing: A Creative and Abnormal Teacher

    Creative Writing: A Creative and Abnormal Teacher

    Emica Kana is 18 years old. She has always loved writing stories., They were her escape from reality. She always wished that a man would come and save her like they always do in the stories.Well, she got her wish.Emica entered a small writing school that was near a river. Her friend had joined her. But, the teacher had an odd vibe around him. Emica became a little scared of him. She especially became scared when the teacher started to pay more attention to her. One day, when she runs from him, she falls into a world of adventure, risk, and abnormalities. But, her teacher is what scares her more than this new world. What secrets and schemes did he use to get her here?

  • creative   activities

    creative activities

  • A Creative Day

    A Creative Day

  • Creative Writing

    Creative Writing

    This book is just a test. I'm not an author I'm a reader I just wanted to write this book as a way to deal with depression. Stories may be non linear or even just not connected in general. Enjoy!

  • The creative ink

    The creative ink

  • Creative Diarrhoea

    Creative Diarrhoea

  • Creative Impact

    Creative Impact

    Martial Arts ROMANCE ACTION

    This is a story of a kid named Itaka Ishito he is a 9th grade student by day and a criminal by night he commits crimes left and right and it’s quite exciting he has a special power that allows him to write or draw whatever and it becomes reality!

  • Creatively in Love

    Creatively in Love


    She is just a normal girl, working in a cheese cake café, talented, hard working, and had a big dream of becoming an artist, yet something is keeping her from doing so. That's why her gifted group of friends helped her pursue her dream. They helped her get in this amazing and well known Academy, where it was not only Fancy and Luxurious facility, only the rich and skillful can get in. Can they help her with her problem, while dealing with their own? or just dropped out as well?

  • Creative Thinker

    Creative Thinker

  • Creative creature

    Creative creature

  • creative journey

    creative journey

  • Creative life

    Creative life