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  • Creepypasta


    Creepypasta are short stories passed around the internet made with the intention to scare people. In this series, I created my own creepypasta but it's not exactly short. When Pele was looking through her old photos, she realized there was something in the backround. Something that, for some reason, came up as a blur to her whenever she looked at the pictures as a kid. When she tells her mom, however, her mom doesn't see ANYTHING in the backround...Also, quick side note, my chapters are super short

  • CreepyPasta


    CreepyPasta adalah plesetan dari "copypaste"yakni istilah slang diinternet untuk tulisan untuk tulisan yang dicopas dari sebuah situs ke situs yang lain,namun sesuai dengan namanya,yang di copas ini adalah hal-hal yang bertema creepy atau menyeramkan,biasanya cerita pendek atau gambar atau foto yang memang sangat mudah untuk di copas dan disebarluaskan.Attention!!Semua cerita yang ditulis disini adalah CreepyPasta dengan source yang sudah dicantumkan,jangan salah paham kalau ini adalah original karya saya

  • CreepyPasta-horror


    Stories from creepypastaCTTO"I am not the one who write this story, I just compile thr stories that i have read in creepy pasta. So all rights reserved to the real owner/writer ?"

  • creepypasta fem! reader ×haikyuu

    creepypasta fem! reader ×haikyuu

    Fantasy Romance HAREM ANIME

    A female girl got abandoned by her mother and father and a tall white man found her in a small box and decided to bring her home

  • creepypasta x reader chatfic

    creepypasta x reader chatfic

  • Creepypasta love

    Creepypasta love

    Teen ROMANCE

    Hayley slender is the daughter of slenderman and of queen Starmare cousin of jane the killer toby eyeless jack or ej ben hoddie makey and laughing jack or lj and best friend's with jeff the killer or jeffrey woods and his older brother homicidal liu or liu woods and is cousin with other people that live with her father sally is like her daughter and hayley call her daughter all the time lazari is her daughter same with sally but she gave her to her auntie that was like sally mother because hayley had sally when she was in high school and could not look after her and do high school so her auntie said that she would take sally and look after her has if she was sally mother lazari got taking away when she was sleeping and was put in hell lj has a circus with a lot more people in it that are all Hayley's friends

  • Creepypasta video games

    Creepypasta video games

  • CreepyPasta one shots

    CreepyPasta one shots

    Fantasy Romance BL

    These are Creepypasta Shipping One Shots and I hope you guys enjoy themfeel free to request any ships for creepypasta and I will write about them

  • My creepypasta story

    My creepypasta story

  • Begging You To Stay{Marvel x Creepypasta}

    Begging You To Stay{Marvel x Creepypasta}


    One day during June, Matilda and Stephen was practicing with their magic. To create more stronger and stable portals to other worlds to see if it was possible, they accidentally somehow hit the same point which created a portal between their worlds but what was not meant to happen at all is that thirteen people from Matilda's world to fall through. This included Matilda being the tenth person. Watch as two families have fun along with other people. Matilda and Sam end up being allowed to stay along with Tia and Nisha at Stark Tower or The Avengers Tower, Tia sees Shuri, Peter, Marina and Vincent as possible friends with Peter it didn't take long. The two grow close together, to the point she goes to school to keep him safe. Stephen and Matilda are now trying to recreate the portal, so those not from the world can get back to their own. What happens when that isn't able to be done? That they are stuck there for nearly twenty four years, from 2016 till 2040 but half way through the year. which in their own world would most likely be a problem a month and a half or a year. But what happens while they stay? Read to find out. ~Look inside for more information.~

  • Creepypasta

    Creepypasta Horor

    Creepypasta adalah gabungan dari dua kata yaitu (creepy) yang berarti menyeramkan dan (pasta) yg berarti cerita. Jadi creepy pasta adalah sebuah cerita menyeramkan. Creepypasta juga hanya terdiri dari beberapa kata dan kalimat. Walaupun sama-sama seram, namun creepypasta dan cerita horror lainnya jelas berbeda. Yaitu seperti yang tadi dijelaskan diatas, creepypasta hanya terdiri dari beberapa paragraf dan tidak seperti cerita horror pada umumnya yang bisa sangat panjang alur ceritanya; selalu ada plot twist atau ending mengejutkan di setiap ceritanya (kebanyakan creepypasta selalu berakhir tragis); juga ada beberapa creepypasta yang alurnya terkesan biasa saja dengan maksud untuk menyembunyikan bagian utama atau misteri dari cerita tersebut (kebanyakan yang seperti ini disebut Riddle dan para pembaca biasanya tertantang untuk memecahkan misteri dari riddle tersebut); sebagian besar creepypasta juga menggunakan sudut pandang orang pertama, maksudnya adalah tokoh utama dari creepypasta tersebut selalu disebut sebagai "aku".

  • Creepypasta Island

    Creepypasta Island


    welcome to creepypasta island im jack your guide. please keep your hands and feet under your blankets at all times....................still here?go and enjoy the ride!

  • Creepypasta Love

    Creepypasta Love

  • Lemons CreepyPasta

    Lemons CreepyPasta

  • Creepypasta, by Me

    Creepypasta, by Me

    Creepypasta.. cerita horor yang dicopy paste, dari internet ke internet lainnya. saya awal suka dari youtobe channel nessy judge.. soalnya sy juga suka yang berbau tak biasa.. enjoy ?

  • Creepypasta yn

    Creepypasta yn

  • The new creepypasta

    The new creepypasta



  • Creepypasta Case

    Creepypasta Case


    "Is this recording? Okay... Okay... Let's do it.(Sigh)My name is Feith Valentine, I'm 26 years old and I'm a detective, Erh... In the moment I'm working on case 39, aka the most difficult case that I ever worked in my life. This case is about de disappearance of 9 childs, between 5 and 13 years old in a space of 8 hour, just... just one night.(Deep Sigh) and 30 dead around the city and inside of the Forest. This city is called Norckville, and is near Wisconsin, that's where I live. The children doesn't got founded between the dead bodies. An interesting fact in the bodies is some of them was without one or two kidneys, and others have a terrible smile cut in their faces. I found 8 papers with some doodles and words, in one of them it was written: "H...'s c...m...g...(The audio was jammed) There's drawing of something with... without a face? (Strong Caugh and have a lot of interference) Well... That's all the information by now... [End of the Audio]

  • Creepypasta circus

    Creepypasta circus


    Hayley slender live her life in her cousin circus with a lot more people like her her cousin name was lj he was never around that much but he would come in and see them sometimes hayley never really know why she was here and not with him but she was dead and her dad didn't know that she was here lj said that she should stay at the circus till he and she is ready to go and see her father again