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  • The Infinite Mystery

    The Infinite Mystery



    A generation's mighty and most powerful expert died mysteriously and reincarnated without any memories on a small planet far away from the Cultivation World. This small planet was earth. Five thousand years ago, a great calamity descended on earth. Countless Spatial Cracks appeared in the sky and beasts invaded. After hundreds of years of fighting, humans discovered they could awaken a battle spirit that can help them raise their strength and grant them the abilities that were simply unimaginable for humans before. Qin Feng also awakens his battle spirit but unfortunately, it was swallowed by his own birthmark, The Infinity Symbol. This was just the beginning of the mysteries that surrounded him like invisible specks of dust. He soon discovered that the 'Infinity Symbol' was actually not his birthmark but something mysterious from another world. The Infinity Symbol helped him awaken a Divine Battle Spirit and granted him a Nameless Cultivation Technique that was beyond the world's limit. He also discovered that he could not die! Every time, he was killed, he returned back in time with the memories of what is going to happen in the future. Soon after awakening the Divine Battle Spirit, a mysterious beautiful lady stepped into his life and told him that he does not belong to the earth. He was actually the reincarnation of someone called 'KING'. The mysteries that surrounded him like the invisible specks of dust started to come on the surface from the day of his awakening, revealing many secrets to him. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There are some grammatical errors so please ignore them and enjoy the story. The cover doesn't belong to me. All rights of the cover belong to the original artist.

  • A Murder Mystery

    A Murder Mystery


  • The Murder be Mystery

    The Murder be Mystery

    Romansa Kontemporer ACTION

    ♦︎ Darcy Giovinco :Tiga tahun lalu:. Terjebak dalam percintaan penuh dramatis, bukanlah tipe Darcy. Sayangnya tidak ada yang bisa dirubah olehnya, ketika desakan dalam batinnya menginterupsi dirinya mengecup sudut bibir Laura. Memang sangat disayangkan, untuk pertama kalinya ia melewatkan bibir mungil wanita bernama Laura tersebut, alasannya karena mereka adalah saudara, dan ciuman bibir termasuk sebuah kesalahan besar. Kesalahannya semakin fatal, ketika Darcy membiarkan perasaannya tanpa ditahan sama sekali, sebab ia mengira jika ini hanyalah sebuah perasaan semu yang akan segera hilang mengikuti berjalannya waktu. Lagi pula, Laura sering kali membalas tatapan intens darinya dengan sorotan datar, malah terkadang seperti mencemooh. Ya.. Laura Giovinco. Dia memiliki kepribadian mengerikan layaknya Giovinco lainnya. Tapi ada satu kekurangan dari wanita itu, dia tidak bisa mengabaikan orang lain. Empatinya terlalu tinggi, membuat Darcy muak jika seorang laki-laki mencoba mencari perhatiannya. Bahkan dengan gilanya, Darcy amat marah melihat kedekatan Laura dengan paman Rhys. Padahal awalnya ia mengabaikan kedekatan mereka yang terbilang sadis. Kini ada sesuatu yang perlu diluruskan oleh Darcy, bahwa ia tetap tidak bisa menginformasikan kepemilikan Laura atasnya, karena para laki-laki Giovinco siap membunuhnya jika ia sampai berani melakukan itu!

  • A Mystery Murder

    A Mystery Murder

    A group of friends from middle school meet again in high school. Thee only thing is, one of them has been murdered. It was by someone from the club, or someone out of it with a grudge. They come together and investigate the murder, seeing what happened and who did it.

  • The Murder Mystery

    The Murder Mystery


    Asher and his friends get stuck in this game they downloaded. Do you think they will get out.

  • Mystery Murder

    Mystery Murder

  • Briar Reef Murder Mystery

    Briar Reef Murder Mystery

    Jordan Silver is the author of more than one hundred and fifty novels and novellas spanning multiple genres including romance, erotica and new adult fiction. All works feature over the top alpha males and the women who love them, with a happily ever after guarantee. The small town of Briar Reef is shaken to its core when one of its leading citizens is found dead in the woods with her face missing. Detective Celia Sparks is working her first murder case in the town where she had come to escape but this big city cop has her work cut out for her. The more she uncovers the more questions they are than answers. In a town that’s known for burying its secrets how will she ever find the truth?



    This is where all the stories begin. A woman who calls herself the Cat Girl. Every night he wandered around every corner of the city's residential alleys. Handing out food to every stray cat he meets.One morning, a corpse was found in a flat of apartment. Police come and investigate. There were many cat scratch marks on the victim's face, a box of cat food cereal spilled all over the floor around him, along the floor since the entrance, traces of blood stamps of cat paws were also found on the floor. All these clues point to nothing else, except just about cats.The next day, another similar thing was found in the next district. The police are still investigating. Until some of the city's residents realized that every stray cat in this city was becoming more ferocious and fierce with sharper eyes than usual.What happened?***

  • A Florida Murder Mystery

    A Florida Murder Mystery

    Mike Daniel has a story. A big story at that! He never knew his parents, but knew something of what they looked like. Adopted by a rich family at the age of twelve, knowing things like this don’t happen very often, he felt skeptical. Mike trusted nobody. When one day he was called into the principal’s office of his new school, he got news his new father had died. Something about his father's death didn’t seem like an accident, and it wasn’t. As Mike finds out some chilling facts about his new dad’s death that weren't given to him, he puts himself as the next victim. Can Mike survive the terrors that await him or is he going to be the next dead body in the ground?

  • Danganronpa; Murder Mystery

    Danganronpa; Murder Mystery

  • The mansion murder mystery

    The mansion murder mystery


    When Jynx gets released into a new school, what will happen? How much drama can she take?How much blood will be spilled?

  • Mona's murder mystery

    Mona's murder mystery

  • 100 Ways to Solve a Murder

    100 Ways to Solve a Murder



    Levi Jackson is a brilliant criminal psychologist with a knack for reading people. He uses his twisted genius in making a name for his private detective agency ‘Jackson Detectives’ with the business motto of "No case is too insignificant, as long as you're willing to pay."Presented with the case of a missing accountant, he is forced to seek the help of Guy’s Hospital resident genius, and Director of Forensics, Dr. Sam Gray.Join them in their adventure in solving different crimes and pissing people off along the way. ........Disclaimer:(Please note that I do not own the cover art; it was created using canva app. Should this be yours, I'll gladly remove it upon request.) IG:

  • Who Did It: A Murder Mystery

    Who Did It: A Murder Mystery

    Horror&Thriller MYSTERY SCARY

    Read to find out who did the murder. If you don't, it might come to you next;) New Chapter!!

  • The Reunion: Murder Mystery (Previous)

    The Reunion: Murder Mystery (Previous)


    I made another book about this, still the same. Please search: The Reunion: Murder Mystery again.

  • Siren Song: Mystery and Murder

    Siren Song: Mystery and Murder

    It happened again, another murder, adding more to the mystery. I once more have questions, like:What is happening in the town? Who is he? What draws me to him? The answer to all this remains the same, I don't know. He is like a siren song, drawing me (us) in though I know that I (we) should run away, but I (we) keep coming back. I wonder if this will be the end of me, of us. The most important question though is, will I survive this?

  • Mysterious murder

    Mysterious murder


  • Who did it? || Murder mystery ||

    Who did it? || Murder mystery ||


    Friends stay together, don't they? Well, not always. After the sudden suicide of the bright and bubbly girl Lia, the friends part their ways, most of them. Three of the remaining friends stay and two of them goes away. Will they find the mysterious reason of Lia's suicide or will they forever be left with the small parasite that sits in their head, eating their brain because they are left in the unknown? I guess there is only one way to find out.⚠︎TW: This story contains suicide, murder and bullying! If any of this triggers you don't proceed to read!⚠︎⚠︎Updates are completely irregular!!!⚠︎⚠︎The main characters are kpop idols, if you do not know them, you can google them if you want to know how they look. Nothing mentioned is real⚠︎

  • Murder Mystery’s Lover

    Murder Mystery’s Lover

  • Mysterious Murder

    Mysterious Murder

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE ACTION ADVENTURE R18

    Emad Sadiq

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