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  • Fashion Wonders of Fashion Dreamers.

    Fashion Wonders of Fashion Dreamers.

    Fashion stories of different cultures and traditions and how they manage to do each and every aspect in most fashionable manner so that the view of the world get change and lay the path of fashion as a source of life.

  • Commerce World of American Institute of Accountancy in Dibrugarh.

    Commerce World of American Institute of Accountancy in Dibrugarh.

    Martial Arts ACTION

    Accountancy World.

  • Fell in LOVE with a CRIMINAL

    Fell in LOVE with a CRIMINAL

    Romansa Kontemporer ROMANCE ACTION


    TAMAT [Novel ini sedang dalam tahap revisi dan pengeditan] Note : Buku kedua dan ketiga akan segera diterbitkan. Harap bersabar karena proses pencocokan plot dan lain-lainnya membutuhkan waktu yang lumayan lama. Warning : [ 18+ ] dilarang untuk pembaca di bawah umur. Banyak konten kekerasan dan pembunuhan sadis di dalam novel ini. Harap dedek2 kecil yang belum cukup umur, baca saja novel kakak-kakak Author lain yang lebih sesuai rating yaa ?? Silahkan add friend saya di Facebook : Audy Here Saya biasa update beberapa informasi tentag FLWC di fb. Silahkan di Add yaa. Terima kasih Sinopsis : Apakah mungkin untuk jatuh cinta dengan kriminal? Earl, seorang perwira militer kelas menengah yang tertimpa berbagai masalah rumit dalam hidupnya. Suatu hari, Ia harus menangkap Arthur, pria jangkung seperti Slanderman, sang bos mafia nomor satu yang menjadi buruan semua penegak hukum dunia. Top criminal level SSS! Dapatkah Earl menangkap Arthur? Atau justru dirinyalah yang terjerat pesona memabukkan no.1 kriminal ini? Jatuh cinta pada seseorang yang sangat berbahaya. Cinta terlarang antara Perwira dengan kriminal top. Akan jadi seperti apakah kisah cinta mereka berdua? Dapatkah Earl menangkap Arthur? Atau justru dirinyalah yang terjerat pesona memabukkan kriminal no.1 ini?




    Aradhya was a simple girl who loves studying and she wanted to be something in her life but she got betrayed by her friend. she got accused of a crime, she have never done. her whole life and dreams to be something shattered in just a moment. she lost everything her future, her pride, and hopes to make her parents proud of her. she was only 17, and because of that crime had to spend 7 years in jail, in that time she becomes a brave, witty, and strong girl. her old personality as a shy and cheerful girl was gone long ago in jail. after completing her punishment in jail, she has only one mission in her life and that is revenge. what was the crime? who had framed her in all this, who was the mastermind? how she will take revenge?

  • Criminal Intelligence

    Criminal Intelligence


    A master of deception… a Chameleon? A Myth? A Shapeshifter? Even a modern-day vampire… There were multiple theories and names for Lucifer. Though no one ever saw his real face; no matter how many intelligence agencies tried following or capturing him. Though in reality… Lucifer was just a 19-year-old boy with a 236 IQ; who never knew his parents bouncing from foster home to foster home until he was 12. Once he was twelve he ran away from home and started a life with one goal in mind. He started stealing anything he could to survive, without hurting anyone; then he found computers and became infatuated with them. He soon started using computers to hack into anything he wanted, from intelligent agencies to terrorist groups. He stole from both groups but stole everything from terrorist groups while turning them into the FBI and Interpool. They didn't know who he was but was considered an angel for helping them as they didn't even find out he was stealing from them. He accomplished all this by the age of 16. Once he turned 16 he was set for life, he could have just lived the rest of his days without worry. Though he tried he couldn't stick with it, so he started stealing again but this time, identities multiple identities from civilians to celebrities, of course, he never hurt anyone. He even did all this while pursuing an education; mastering 5 Degrees. Everyone tried finding him though no one even knew where to start or what he looked like all they had was a name, Lilith, until… He received a job offer… from the BAU section of the FBI. An elite squad of FBI profilers analyzes the country's most twisted criminal minds, anticipating the perpetrators' next moves before they can strike again. Each member of the "mind hunter" team brings his or her expertise to pinpoint predators' motivations and identify emotional triggers to stop them.

  • criminal master

    criminal master


    Our mc is looked down upon by his peers. This is a result of him having a trash ability. One day he finds out that there is more to that ability than meets the eye. Follow the adventure of a young man on the road to power Novel includes some gruesome scenes(/text? idk) proceed with caution. English is not my native language, accept it. This is my first novel so expect mistakes, no one is perfect. I'm trying to improve my writing skills, if you didn't like it please give me feedback. Side note: I don't own the cover art. If you wanna check out the original go here: If the original creator needs me to take it down pls contact me. Further i would love for you to enjoy this novel.

  • Criminal minds

    Criminal minds

  • Criminal Love

    Criminal Love

    Darius is a Veriea cop, pretending to be a human. Devon is a high-ranking member of the FCRL, an almost terrorist organisation (key word: ALMOST), hellbent on the liberation of creatures all over Izara. What happens when their worlds collide?

  • Pasión Criminal

    Pasión Criminal

    Artes marciales ROMANCE ACTION R18 MAFIA

    En el mundo hay millones de personas, unas van y otras vienen; todas siguiendo un ritmo determinado. Sin embargo, hay muchas personas que vagan por la vida buscando un propósito, buscando dónde estar y como dice el viejo adagio; esto los lleva a estar en el lugar más inoportuno, en el momento menos indicado. Rui jamás pensó que una noche le cambiaría su vida para siempre; sin saber que estaba en el lugar menos oportuno, presenció algo que la mayoría de nosotros no quisiera ver en la vida; un asesinato. Sin saberlo se acaba de convertir en testigo de un ajuste de cuentas perpetrado por el criminal más buscado y temido por las autoridades en Tokio. En una noche, pasó de ser una persona común y corriente, a ser la persona más buscada por los peores elementos criminales de la cuidad. ¿Cómo podrá Rui escapar de todo el que lo persigue y salir ilesa? #1 Premios Summer Worlds - Categoría de Mafia

  • Innocent Criminal

    Innocent Criminal

    Eggason Li, a member of the Rowel family risks his life to save Mr Rowel's daughter, Miranda.Later he is arrested after he tries to apprehend robbers at a mall alongside Mr's Rowel and falls on the wrong side of inspector Rodger who hunts him down.Rodger however changes his mind after he discovers Li's romantic relationship with a famous musician.

  • Forever a Criminal

    Forever a Criminal


    ”I’m sorry...” Rune, famously known as the invincible ’God of the Underworld’, glanced down at the knife protruding from his chest with wide eyes. How could he have been caught off guard? But then he looked up, and saw that the one who had done the deed was none other than his best friend, his most loyal follower. ”I’m really, really sorry,” Zeke murmured, his hands trembling around the hilt of the blade. ”But if I don't do this, then who knows what Cereus would do when he and his gang catch you.” Rune staggered back and fell as Zeke released him, clutching the hilt of the knife. He could himself slipping away from consciousness, barely holding on. The corner of his mouth turned up slowly, as he realized what this was all about. He laughed, despite the pain that shot through his body treacherously. What was this? What was this feeling inside him? Regret? Guilt? He was only at the mere age of twenty-one, there were so many things he hasn't done yet... Cereus. It's all that b*stard’s fault. He’s always making problems for them, even till the end. Rune stopped laughing and let his body sag against the wall that held him up. But if it weren't for the fact that he was ambitious, if he weren't so power-hungry and desperate to make himself known, then they wouldn't have made so many enemies in the first place. Slowly, his eyes closed and his head dropped, the last of his energy drawing away. It was already too late to change anything now...

  • Misunderstood criminal

    Misunderstood criminal


    My name is Jak and I'm looking for something desperately ...Do not get me wrong ...My story will probably make you very angry, then you would understand me but itiva was sorry that you didn't ...I'm looking around the world for answers ...But on my way I always meet with garbage, these damn people ...Why did society become so?Wherever you have apples, you only see bad things ...Of course ...I took the gun and wiped out all the bastards in my path ...Maybe I'm not a cop or a judge, but in my mind I say I'm right ...I take revenge on others ...I'm not doing anything wrong ...This book is the first volume in a series ...The series is called: The city of mudThe rest of the volumes will be:2. Insecure element3 The detective photographer4. Hacker in viewfinder5. Creative hooligan6. Whispering shadows

  • criminal case

    criminal case


  • Criminal in Wild

    Criminal in Wild

    Realistic Fiction ACTION MAFIA

    Since his parents were murdered, he has led the life of a simple Mafia Cartel dog washer.He has been enduring all kinds of humiliation and mistreatment for 5 years by the person who killed his family. Like a weak mouse hiding a trained cat, his life is meaningless and he is only trying to survive one more day.Days before his death he was given a chance and with a ring in his hands he decided to challenge and completely change the course of his life.From dog wash to a great boss.His path was nothing but wild.

  • Criminal love

    Criminal love

  • Criminal camp

    Criminal camp

  • Criminal Diaries

    Criminal Diaries

  • Criminal Desire

    Criminal Desire


    It is said that obsessions are bigger than us, most of the times we cannot control them, it is difficult for us to understand, to the people who suffer from them, what it is to be in the skin of the other, who seeks to satisfy his thirst.  She was one of his biggest addictions, he looked at her and felt he could get high just looking at her eyes. She made him go crazy just looking at her face and he wanted to have her with him more and more, just for him.Erika is a girl who lives in Reno, Nevada, in a house in the woods, which was inherited by her parents after their death. Living alone and far from civilization, one day she meets Peter, a man who moved with his friends to Reno, Nevada.  Peter, a man who moved with his friends to Reno, Nevada to be quiet and peaceful, meets Erika, Peter's undoing.

  • A criminal for you

    A criminal for you


    Run run were all gonna die then chris says we are going to die if you dont shut the fuck up and i say oh please as if this isnt your fault then he says my fault you started all of this thi olivia says lets go get the body then i say hell no i dont want blood on my hands then olivia says guess what you already have blood on your hands then lisa comes and kneels down and says please lets get the body pls candice you owe me and i knew the decision i had to makeFind out if candice choose the path of freedom or not

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