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  • Cross Dressing So I Don’t Get Disowned

    Cross Dressing So I Don’t Get Disowned


    I had transmigrated but I had to cross dress so I don't get disowned. Watch how it goes horribly wrong.

  • Julietta's Dressing Up

    Julietta's Dressing Up


    Julietta, born as an illegitimate child of a nobility, is raised in an opera theatre to hide away from the eyes of the noble's main wife.To pay back her debt, she turns into a servant and challenges the high paying job that nobody could withstand.But her special charm could not be hidden with clothing, as she catches the attention of the crown prince. Unlike other woman who flock to him, she was brutally honest. But why was he so bothered by her?------© Chae Habin 2017 / D&C MEDIA

  • Forgotten Legend of the Bloodied Flower

    Forgotten Legend of the Bloodied Flower



    “Live the life you want this time.”A peerless assassin, codename: Hua, has already started her career ever since she was a child. Her mission’s record was perfect and whoever deemed to be her enemies would end up dead without knowing why.When war ended, she was sent to an institution where she was watched heavily. The doctor in charge gave her an ordinary wuxia novel to read.An avalanche struck after she had finished reading. When she woke up, she had turned into Nan Hua, the young miss of a powerful military family in the novel she read. The girl was also the former main character’s fiancée, who would die because of obstructing the main character’s love.Now that she had taken over, who would dare to act so presumptuously around her? They would never know how they ended up so miserably!But… main character, what are you doing loitering around her? Shouldn’t you focus on the impeding war and saving your female lead?Why are you trying all ways to win her instead, ah?...Story set in fictional world with similar culture to Ancient China.Join the discord to chat with the author and other readers: thanks for Jiyen (webnovel user Cookiejiyen) who had created the beautiful cover *sending hearts*...Other novels:-Flowers Bloom from Battlefield [complete]- Under the Veil of Night [complete]- 7 Path of the Lilies [on long hiatus]- 1 Year of Beginning [complete]- Villain Lady [complete]- Science and Fantasy [complete]- 2 Years of Restarting [complete]- The Quiet Empress [on going]...If you like my writing, I would really appreciate it if you can support me through either one of these:Paypal: me on IG: @sora100518

  • Royal Secret: I'm a Princess!

    Royal Secret: I'm a Princess!



    After living as a famous Korean vlogger-slash-mukbanger, Neoma died a (shameful) death and regressed to her tragic first life--- the life where she has to live as a hidden princess with a tyrannical father and a yandere twin brother. She died at the hands of her psycho brother in her first life. But luckily, she charmed her "big brother" this time. Her father remains a sc*mbag, though. But a blessing in disguise happened when her twin brother got "sick." Because of that, she has to pretend as the "Crown Prince," forcing her father to treat her well. She thought she was finally on the road to becoming a lady of leisure. But, despite her laziness, she still ends up completing royal duties that put her closer to the throne than her sick twin brother. The next thing she knew, they already prophesied her to be the first empress of their very patriarchal empire. Now Neoma finds herself in the middle of the succession war she never wanted to be involved in! *** [EXCERPT 1] “Neoma de Moonasterio, the first princess of Moonasterion Empire. From now on, you’ll live as Prince Nero’s proxy.” [The hell is this psycho saying?] Neoma, despite her confusion, still smiled at her father--- the emperor. “Father, what do you mean by that?” “From now on, assassins sent by my enemies would target Nero,” the emperor explained. “Until he’s strong enough to protect himself, you’ll pose as your twin brother.” Her smile froze, but she still acted innocent. “But Father. If I take my brother’s position, then wouldn’t the assassins mistake me for him and…” She stopped talking when she realized that was exactly what the emperor wanted her to do. [This sc*mbag wants me to be a bait?!] “You’re no longer a princess, Neoma de Moonasterio. From now on, you’ll live as Prince Nero de Moonasterio,” Emperor Nikolai said coldly while looking down at her with glowing red eyes. “Try to survive until your twin brother comes back to take his rightful place, understood?” Neoma was too shocked to react. [Are you f*cking kidding me, you sc*mbag?!] *** [ORIGINAL BOOK COVER. Artwork by sola_cola.] *** [EXCERPT 2] “I’m so sick of your tyrannical a*s,” Neoma yelled at her father aka the emperor. “I won’t forgive you for hurting Lewis and Tteokbokki!” “What will you do about it then?” Nikolai asked with a smirk. “Kill me?” “Yes! I’ll f*cking kill you, sc*mbag!” “Language,” he warned her, upset that his five-year-old daughter curses like a sailor. “Using vulgar words is unbecoming of the future Crown Prince.” “I’m a princess!” Upon yelling those words, the royal princess’s eye color changed from ash-gray to red. [This is getting serious.] “Stop it, Nero,” Nikolai told her sternly. “If you keep that up, the royal knights will come and–” “I’m not Nero!” Neoma screeched angrily. Then she jumped in the air with her left fist, ready to punch him. “In the name of the moon, I’ll punish you!” [What…?] And Princess Neoma, pretending as the Crown Prince for her sick twin brother, punched Emperor Nikolai, her father, in the face.

  • Star Crossed In Time

    Star Crossed In Time



    Nova works at a world-leading company known for its cutting edge video games. She and her team have been working on a new virtual reality video game that's going to take the world by storm. One late night she steps into the device and starts it up. Before she realizes it, she's in a new world standing in front of the hottest man she's ever laid eyes on. Unfortunately for her, she thinks this is just part of the game... She reaches out and touches the man's abs... "Wow... it feels so real!" Follow Nova on her journey to surviving this new world and the crazy powerful man she "molested" Wanna talk? Find me on Discord! Blissfullrage#3336 ___________________________________ Would like to donate? Cash App $Blissfullrage I do not own the picture. All credit to the original artist.

  • It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future

    It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future



    After dying from a strange terminal illness, Ling Lan was reborn into a world 10000 years into the future. Although she dearly wished she could just live a peaceful and uneventful life in her new healthy body, fate had other plans ... Forced to disguise herself as a boy just so she could inherit her deceased father's premium military benefits, Ling Lan's journey to adulthood was full of challenges. After much difficulty, she finally turned sixteen when she could drop the charade. But before she could grasp her newfound freedom to get married and start her own family, a twist of fate results in her being thrown into the Federation's top military boys' school. With these twists of fate, Ling Lan had little choice but to walk further and further down a path of no return, one of cold and aloof dominance ... ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* ryuxenji the translator here. :3 Here are some other things you should know: 1) This story is NOT primarily a romance. QI's system right now categorizes all novels taken from the female novel Chinese site (起点女生网) as 'romance' without fail, regardless of whether they truly are romance. So, if you are here just for the romance, you might want to find a different novel. There will be some romance eventually, but most of this novel is Sci-Fi/Xianxia with a lot of world-building and character development. 2) I use British spelling. So, please ensure spelling errors are really errors before reporting them. 3) No matter what the release rate up top says, the guaranteed release rate right now is 1 chp/day (a.k.a. 7 chps/week). All else is extra at my discretion. (I'll try my best, but RL responsibilities come first.)

  • Flowers Bloom from Battlefield

    Flowers Bloom from Battlefield



    Throughout the Ming Kingdom, Jun Hua was famous for being a useless girl without any talent worthy of praise. Everyone mocked her, belittling her for latching onto her brilliant brother Jun Min, the young and peerless general admired as the most talented prodigy for his talent and his ability to change the fate of the declining Jun Family. Never in their wildest dreams would they have suspected that Jun Hua is the young general who is leading the army on the frontline, Jun Min!"She has no talent as a girl, but has the brilliance of a great general!"Her journey towards revenge is something she has to do on her own. And yet, on that path she will gain allies, friends, and possibly even...... a romance? This is Jun Hua's story, a story that shall be carved into history as the legend of "the flower who blooms from the battlefields".....Story set in fictional world with culture similar to ancient ChineseWord count: 900-1500 words/chapterThank you for the help of the readers in the discord to make the synopsisThe cover picture credit goes to the Webnovel team. Edited chapter count: 75Link to Discord: novels:- Under the Veil of Night [complete]- 7 Path of the Lilies [on long hiatus] - 1 Year of Beginning [complete] - Villain Lady [complete]- Science and Fantasy [complete]- 2 Years of Restarting [complete]- Forgotten Legend of the Bloodied Flower [on going]- The Quiet Empress [on going]...If you wish to support me (^-^):Paypal: me on IG: @sora100518

  • The Demon’s Bride

    The Demon’s Bride



    *Slow Burn Historical Fantasy Novel* Elise had about to change into the dress that was lying on the corner of her bed when she heard a knock lightly calling from her door. Curious, she turned the door knob only to have a tall man towering in front of her. “Master Ian!” She called. Ian smiled with the usual mischievous smirk that he always used. His crimson eyes trailing a little over her room and spotted the black dress over her bed and shifted his eyes over to the woman in front of him. He stepped forward and spoke. “Where did you acquire that dress?” “Mr. Harland gave it to me.” Elise replied and strained her neck to see Ian’s brows knitted in its elegance. “Do you know why a man would love to give a woman a dress?” He gave the riddle that she always had to think twice before replying. But this time, she found no answer and instead shook her head. “I don’t know.” His grin grew bewitching as though something had stirred deep inside the scarlet eyes that he had. He slowly slid his hand over the collar of her dress, sending a cold shiver that startled her for a moment due to its freezing temperature. After unbuttoning the first two buttons on her collar, he tilted his head down, whispering to her ears. “Because they want to be the one to undress the cloth.” He paused and kissed her neck, turning the pale skin to red before retracting his move to fix his eyes on her and leisurely replied. “Unfortunately, you can’t wear the dress over there with this.” He chuckled and passed a box over to her hand. “And the fortunate news is I prepared a dress for you.” Elise was a cursed little girl who could see ghosts. Her family hated her and threw her from one adoptive family to another. However, misfortune didn't act alone. When she was brought up by her aunt, she was sold as a slave. When she had thought she would become nothing but a sacrifice to the sorcerer, she was saved by a man whose identity was far different than a normal mythical being. *** This book is ORIGINAL and it is not Translation Join Author's discord:

  • The Blue Dress

    The Blue Dress


    Lillian finally gets the dress of her dreams, a beautiful blue gown. But there is something odd about this dress. The moment she puts it on, she gets teleported to a different world where the leaves are colourful while the flowers are near non-existent. Besides the strange setting of the world, what's even stranger is the fact that she is now the designated 'Fairy Godmother' of this world, specializing in ... Love. Will this woman, desperate to find love for herself be able to grant the wishes of the people around her? And why are the wishes never specific? *Not my cover art.

  • After Transmigratted I Cross-dressed As A Beautiful Women

    After Transmigratted I Cross-dressed As A Beautiful Women


    Andrea a young boy living a highschool life passed out due to the presser of exams. Got transmigratted into a young master living the life of the only miss andreya of the Rodriguez family. Liam morales the eldest prince of Affrite is cold and indifferent to others except his family and the young miss andreya as they are childhood friends. On the princess selection for the eldest prince as the queen was selecting her niece as the princess a sound came “young miss wake up what happened to you “ hearing that everyone turned to miss rodriguez as she was found fainted . Eldest prince got up from his position ignoring his mother calls and started walking towards the fainted miss and directly carried her saying “ andreya the young miss of rodriguez is the only person going to be my wife as she is pregenent with my child” leaving the shocked crowd he left carrying the girl “Stop faking it i know you are ok comon “ the girl openend her eyes “thankgod i succeded and how come i am pregenent now you have to marry me” the girl winked HEY GUYS IT`S MY FIRST NOVEL SO HOPE TO GET YOUR SUPPORT AND FEEDBACK THANKYOUUPDATING- REGULARLY

  • Dress


    Gigi Geffrey’s life was about to change and she had no idea about it. Everything was perfectly planned by her, she had the best grades she could ever dream of, an amazing group of friends, and the perfect body. She thought she has everything worked out until she returns to her hometown after three years only to find out she still has a lot of things to figure out. With a terrible past behind her and a big mistake she made before leaving, Gigi only wants to make things up with the only person she truly cared about but she receives a cold slap in the face when she finds out this person was not willing to forgive her easily. Will she be able to make things up with the person she loved the most on Earth? Would she be able to finally explain why she left Illinois in the first place? Content tags: +16, explicit language, LGBTQ+ Dress is created by Candela Schneer, an eGlobal Creative Publishing Signed Author.

  • My 100-Day Secret Marriage With The Boss

    My 100-Day Secret Marriage With The Boss


    “Didn’t you want me to be with you when you bought me? I’m willing to do it!” said the cold business tycoon. He was unrivalled when he behaved like a bully. “You… You liar!” She was pissed. He set up this trap and lured her into it. Now, he blamed her. She could not tolerate it anymore. She wanted a divorce. “Fine.” Spoiling a wife had no limits. He accommodated her whims. “The corporation belongs to you; The house belongs to you; The car belongs to you; I belong to you.” Who is Ye Lanchen? An unbeatable business tycoon. Who is Ye Lanchen? An unpredictable, distant overlord. Who is Ye Lanchen? A devil who spoils his wife to the core.

  • The Dragon's Kiss

    The Dragon's Kiss



    The first time she saw him, he was surrounded by flames. She couldn’t clearly see his eyes, but his gaze burned every part of her skin it lingered on. Surely if the legendary beasts ever had existed, he would be one of them—one of the dragons. **** Kel has spent her life as a palace guard, hiding her mysterious ability. When sent in the princess's place to form a marriage alliance with a neighboring kingdom, she is captured by enemy soldiers and taken to the Serin Empire. The ruler of Serin is a terrifying and coldhearted man, but he seems to have taken an unusual interest in Kel. How long will she be able to keep her identity and abilities a secret under the constant gaze of the Dragon Emperor? ---------- !!Slow burn romance!! ~I own no rights to the cover image~

  • Mistress Of Enchanting Dragon

    Mistress Of Enchanting Dragon



    [Warning… Mature content.] Seventeen years old Silja Castemont, a beautiful, prideful, and mysterious princess of Atlanea. The simple life of Princess Silja started to fill with questions a few days before she approached her eighteenth birthday.Series of horrible dreams and unusual events made her simple life complicated.But that wasn't all. She didn't know her act of helping an old guy would turn out to be a ticket to attend a bride choosing ceremony of the prince of the biggest kingdom of North. What will happen when a princess is forced to attend the ceremony by the groom's Father?Will she be able to find a way to escape this marriage?*** Donovan Regalhelm, eldest Prince of the Northern Empire.Handsome, powerful, cold-hearted, Evil. His father forced him to choose a bride before his 28th birthday.What will happen when a cold-blooded prince sees something interesting when he meets Princess Silja for the first time?He forced her to marry him by all means but the reason behind it wasn't love.What was so special about the princess of the small Atlanea kingdom?***Excerpt***The bride, dressed in a white wedding dress, was sitting inside the decorated wedding chamber.Soon the door opened and she heard the heavy footsteps coming closer.Silja lifted her head and saw his handsome profile hidden in the shadows."Stand up." He ordered in his usual heavy indifferent voice.Silja gazed at him for a moment with her misty hazel eyes but followed his order anyway.The dress was heavy, making her movements clumsy."Striped." He ordered as she stood up in front of him."Huh?" Silja snapped her head and looked at him in shock."I said, stripped all the clothes." He repeatedThe girl was so shocked that she couldn't react."Ohh do you want me to help you? What a naughty princess we have here." He moved his feet and started to walk around her in a circle. He stood behind her and moved his fingers in the air and with movements of his hand the laces of her dress started to loosen up. Silja felt her dress loosen and hastily tried to secure it.He came forward after opening all the laces from behind.And with just another snap of his fingers the dress fell on the floor."Nooo"The girl's eyes were filled with tears but she refused to let them fall.And in the next second all the fear disappeared from her eyes and rage took place.In the next second the cloth on his body caught fire and the ashes flew in the air."Interesting." He smiled like a devil.###Hello, guys. Please support the book and add it to the library. # Cover edited by ImagineTishaD.The picture doesn't belong to me credit goes to original creat Anna stokes.

  • Dress


  • [ABO BL Anthology] Time Cross Academy

    [ABO BL Anthology] Time Cross Academy


    Amanda Lucifer is the archmage of Time Cross Academy - the best school for all kinds of species. She oversees the best kind of education for her students who are future heirs to their clans or countries as the principal but more importantly, Amanda has a job to keep the population growing. The grand archmage of Time Cross Academy supports love in all forms and mating season is the best season to catch romance in action.Every year, clans and countries will send their sons and daughters to Time Cross Academy with their children's application form as well as an identification certificate that includes their second gender traits. This year is no different and the archmage looks forward to greeting her new students and tying a few red threads.Hormones will fly, clans will get allied, mates will be bonded. Everything that happens at Time Cross Academy happens for a reason and nobody shall question the archmage. Let the mating season begin!Note: As this is an anthology Collection, the focus will be around the ABO theme more than the actual couple. There will be many couple pairings so feel free to skip what you don't like and put in the comments what kind of pairings you would like to see. No females in the school seeing as the setting is purely BL. Also, no entry to those below 18, there will be adult scenes.Drama seekers, toxic bitches and overly-sensitive folks who cannot chillax not welcomed. Author also has indemnity to typo, grammar mistakes and English bugs throughout the story as no proofreaders are offered.You have been warned. Proceed with caution and enjoy.***Cover art made by Krustallos.Support me and my works on:Patreon: (I do mini-chapters for Time Cross Academy at USD1 per month on Patreon only)Join and stalk me on:Discord:, Instagram & Twitter @DestinyAitsuji#LGBT #Boyslove #yaoi #omegaverse #mpreg #yaoi #R18 #abo #anthology

  • Cross dresser

    Cross dresser


    Jang Seo ya, a wealthy but cold-blooded woman, had gotten a call from the hospital notifying her that her twin brother had been in an accident. “In the meantime, please act like me and look after my CEO,” her brother said before losing consciousness. Seo ya was taken aback by his remarks since he's asking her to work as a secretary for her brother's CEO, which is a homophobic—the type of person she hates the most. While investigating her twin brother's accident, Jang Seo ya tries to figure out what she did to turn a cold-blooded homophobic CEO into a gay who is head over heels for her. A homophobic and a LGBTQ supporter, what type of romance awaits them?

  • Blossoming Flowers

    Blossoming Flowers



    COMPLETE ! She was born in the countryside where she lived her childhood together with her weak and sick brother. While she was healthy and capable of playing outside every day, he was confined to his bed, unable to make a move, listening to her tales of the world beyond the windows. One day her brother could no longer hold on to his frail life and he succumbed to a sudden virus. Unable to cope with the loss, Jiang Yingyue took over the life of her deceased brother. Starting life anew in the capital, Jiang Yingyue became Jiang Fengmian. A lonely prince charming who never got close to anyone yet somehow her life got entangled with the fate of Han Qingshan, the young master of the Han Corporation. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, grew up as the heir to the biggest corporation in the country and one of the biggest on an international scale. He was a sunshine boy, happy and always smiling. It was like a spring breeze flitting across the road as he came by, stealing the hearts of all women. His kindness knew no bounds, but only for her would he really care, only for her would he become a wife-protecting devil. - - - - - - - - All rights to the Cover Image belongs to me. The story was previously uploaded under the name My Life or Your Memory, but due to some issues with Amazon, it was taken down. The issues have been solved, and the story is back. Patreon: Website: Discord: Facebook: Instagram:

  • Crossing The Lines

    Crossing The Lines



    This is a story of a woman who is adventurous, a woman who likes to play safe, and a cautious man. Alexandra, Amelia, and Adrian are best of friends for as long as they can remember. They know each other's strengths and weaknesses; they even know each other's secrets and dating history. They find comfort from one another and promised to be always there for each other no matter what. But what if love enters their harmonious friendship? Will they fight or waver? Will they keep the boundaries they built or they will cross the line from friendship to love?

  • Villain Lady

    Villain Lady



    “Future will only set in stone when it becomes the present.” Wei Liuying is a concubine daughter in Prime Minister’s Residence. A lowly existence with barely anyone who cares for her. She had to rely on her wits and manipulate others to stay alive. When the main daughter suddenly changed overnight, the others were dragged to keep up with her pace. Wei Liuying was no exception, and she had to adapt to the sudden power structure’s shift inside the residence. The main daughter laughed and looked at her with contempt, “Trying to scheme at me who knows everything like the back of my hand? You’re nothing more than a villain who’ll die a miserable death.” When the only one who cared for her was harmed by her father and so-called family, Wei Liuying laughed to Heaven as tears trailed on her cheek. “If you truly wish for me to be the villain, fine. I’ll be one.” In the midst of the raging flames of succession’s war and rebellions, Wei Liuying had to stand up for herself and fight for her survival. ... Story set in fictional world with similar culture to Ancient China. Join the discord to chat with the author and other readers: novels:-Flowers Bloom from Battlefield [complete]- Under the Veil of Night [complete]- 7 Path of the Lilies [on long hiatus] - 1 Year of Beginning [complete] - Science and Fantasy [complete]- 2 Years of Restarting [complete]- Forgotten Legend of the Bloodied Flower [on going]- The Quiet Empress [on going]... If you like my writing, I would really appreciate it if you can support me through either one of these: Paypal: ko-fi: Patreon: me on IG: @sora100518