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  • Alpha's Cruel Addiction

    Alpha's Cruel Addiction



    [WARNING: EXTREMELY MATURE CONTENT] “If you ever come near my woman again, I will find you, brutally torture you, and unleash hell's wrath upon you for the rest of eternity." Her story with him should've never been said. Their world was as cruel as it was cunning. Werewolves rained terror upon humans as warriors of the nation. Vampires ruled high society with an iron fist. All her life, Ophelia wondered why the vampires and werewolves in the kingdom never attacked her—only to realize she was declared off-limits ten years ago. Yet, the entire realm was fighting over the rights to her body—or her life. But why? And what for?

  • Married To The Cruel Crown Prince

    Married To The Cruel Crown Prince



    Han Sheng Li is the Crown Prince of the Great Han kingdom. Since the age of fourteen, he mostly went to the wars with his father, Han Wenji, the great emperor of the Han Kingdom. He's the most favored child of his father but, is the cruelest and ruthless among all of his seven half brothers. An-Ying Lili, who is known for her kindness and beauty, is the princess of Juyan City. She could not see her family die at the hands of Han Sheng Li so agreed with the marriage alliance which was put forward by the Emperor of Han. ~~~~“I heard you are the kindest woman in the entire Han Kingdom but, it seems opposite to me. You want me to die!!” The Crown Prince astonishingly said, keeping his icy gaze intact on the woman on his bed. “Cruel people are not worthy of anyone’s kindness,” the Crown princess pronounced sternly. The crown prince chuckled. “Kindest is the one who whimpers in pain. Are you ready for undergoing that pain with this cruel man?” Crown prince asked, slightly tilting his head, and a smirk formed on his lips.Leaning closer to Ying Lili's ear, Sheng Li whispered, "Never expect love from this evil and cruel man. Feed this in your mind- 'You will never warm my bed.' Remember this memorable wedding night, my dear Crown Princess."~~~~~~Thanks to "LydiaF" for proofreading the chapters for me. Thanks to My CE for this amazing Title suggestion.The art is commissioned from lia.audelia. The book won WSA NOMINATION 2021, thanks to my lovely readers.Please check out my new story in the same setting- "Gifted Bride of the Sinned Prince."Follow me on Instagram- @rayoflight_pcy

  • The Side Character's Hidden Boss!

    The Side Character's Hidden Boss!


    A 20-year-old genius medical student transmigrated to a book she read during an experiment and became a female supporting character named Mo Li. In the book, Mo Li was originally a kind and good girl. However, she was framed and slandered by the white lotus female protagonist. In the end, she was betrayed and abandoned by her family. Her personality changed drastically, and she ended up in a tragedy. After understanding her situation, she decided to fight back and change her fate. Although she was only a medical student, her medical skills in the real world were 50 years ahead of those in the book world. Hence, with her unparalleled medical skills and his ability to foresee the plot… The brothers in the family who hated Mo Li initially all held Mo Li in their hands and treated her like a treasure in their palms. They all turned into crazy demons who doted on their younger sister. The leader of the underworld said, "Whoever dares to bully my sister, I will break his legs." The business genius's second brother, "My sister has a bad temper. If anyone dares to make her angry, I'll let him spend the rest of his life in the slums." The third brother of an international superstar, "I'm not free this month. Don't look for me for any activities. I want to spend the summer vacation with my sister." And the original female protagonist in the book finally met her opponent. After Mo Li exposed her various evil deeds time and time again, she eventually suffered the consequences of her own actions and was abandoned by everyone.

  • Transmigrating Into A Female Side Character As A Prodigal Doctor

    Transmigrating Into A Female Side Character As A Prodigal Doctor



    Yan Xi, a medical prodigy who obtained a doctorate at the age of 22, never expected to end up transmigrating into a novel. Her husband was the female lead's fourth brother, Gu Shen. He was a bigshot in the business world who had suffered from disability from a young age and could only move in a wheelchair. However, he was a handsome man full of schemes. Yan Xi became the cannon fodder wife of a bigshot in the business world. Her first love, Zhang Ming, had stabbed her husband's subordinate with a knife. To force Gu Shen to release Zhang Ming, she had unhesitatingly to stab herself to threaten Gu Shen. Eventually, Gu Shen released the man and gave her a large sum of money. She took this money and eloped with Zhang Ming. After that, Zhang Ming planned for a car accident that ended her life as they hit the road, which allowed Zhang Ming to conveniently take her money and run far away. When she transmigrated over, Yan Xi found out that she had just stabbed herself with a knife and was in the critical stage of deciding her future fate! Therefore, when Gu Shen threw her the divorce agreement, Yan Xi decisively refused. "Hubby, I won't divorce you." Gu Shen was surprised by her change. "Have you thought it through? I've left you some real estate and cash. It's enough for you to live comfortably for the rest of your life." Yan Xi revealed a confident smile. "I've thought it through. Zhang Ming stabbed your men with a knife. You should hand this matter over to the law. I won't interfere anymore." The surprise that Yan Xi's change brought to Gu Shen did not end there. After that, she tore off the mask of her hypocritical best friend and calmly dealt with her scheming family members. She personally treated Gu Shen's chronic illness for many years. Bit by bit, she managed to shock everyone around her who was once prejudiced against her.

  • Strong Female Side Character Awakens

    Strong Female Side Character Awakens

    Contemporary Romance VILLAIN


    When Ye Qing Ran wakes up, she finds that she has transmigrated into a book. She has become the vain, domineering, and evil villain who dies a tragic death. Before she transmigrated into the book, she was the carefully groomed heir of the family. Her life goal was to make the family stand at the apex of the world of fame and fortune. After she transmigrated into the book, she does not want to participate in wars in the business world anymore. Every day, she would hit on chicks, torture trash, and flirt with handsome boys. But why do her father and three brothers look at her more and more lovingly? Father: "Whoever dares to say that I favor boys over girls, I'll make his family bankrupt." Big Brother: "My sister is the smartest and most suitable to be the heir." Second Brother: "My sister is invincible and cool. She is my idol." Brother San: "My sister is an angel. Our whole family is honored because of her."

  • The Side Character Turned Villainess

    The Side Character Turned Villainess



    Leia was a successful car salesperson who didn't care who she had to trample to climb up in the ranks. She was on top of the world. That is, until she was thrown into the body of 5 year old Seri from one of her romance novels. Now she has to deal with the annoying Prince and his sadistic friend. The worst part? She is just a side character who is bullied by everyone! The. least. favorite. character. How could anyone like this girl?! Now, she is stuck as Seri, but watch out world: This side character is actually a foul mouthed villainess. _______ Chapter release: Daily Words per chapter: 1500-2500 Disclaimer: Some chapters may contain mature content, such as violence. There will be a disclaimer at the start of each chapter with it. Full disclosure: This novel is 90% humor and 10% serious.

  • The Ultimate Support Character

    The Ultimate Support Character



    SynopsisKuramoto Daisuke, a freshman in High School was suddenly exposed to someone vanishing in front of him. Turns out he was admitted to a Special Class full of Isekai Heroes that were regularly summoned to Otherworlds since the start of their Middle School. He was told that he was to become their Support to prevent each of the Heroes' fate of dying in the world they were summoned into. Though mediocre, he realized that his ability has a great potential but it needs a lot of hard work on his part.Unconvinced of being just the Support Character, he vowed to excavate his mediocre ability, all the while supporting the Heroes using it.And maybe more.Join my Discord Server:

  • Reincarnated in an Otome game as a background character

    Reincarnated in an Otome game as a background character



    Razel, is a reincarnated youth. In his previous life he was a lonely boy who spent his days playing video games. Then one day tragedy came into his life. It all ended for him, was what he thought, until he opened his eyes; to find a fantasy world, where science and magic go hand in hand. That could have been a joy, but that happiness was nipped in the bud, because he reincarnated as the eldest son of a poor family of barons without territory, and, above all, he is uglier than in his previous life. His tragic new life doesn't end there, as he woke up in the last video game he played. An otome game. But not just any otome game, it is one with an RPG theme so it is made up of strong and dangerous enemies. He will have to live his new life as a background character and help from the shadows to the capture objectives and the protagonist to avoid the end of the world and especially, the cruel villainess.

  • Married and Rejected By My Cruel Alpha

    Married and Rejected By My Cruel Alpha


    His breath is warm against my lips as he lowers his face toward mine. I melt under his touch and wrap my arms around his neck. We fit together like the last two pieces of a puzzle. He pulls away to catch his breath, his eyes shimmering in the moonlight. “Who are you?” he breathes again, resting his forehead against mine. When Alicia learns she is to be married to the rival pack Alpha, she’s heartbroken. She just met her mate two weeks ago—and now she has to be with someone else. But Alicia will make any sacrifice for her people. Then, when she goes to meet her husband-to-be, she is shocked to see her mate standing in front of her. Problem solved... right? “I didn’t know this was your daughter,” he says in a pained voice. My heart sinks. This isn’t the kind, warm, sweet man I met that night two weeks ago. His expression is cold and dark as he stares me down with hooded eyes. Married and Rejected By My Cruel Alpha is created by Kathy Malkovich, an eGlobal Creative Publishing Author.

  • Transmigrated as side character, i will steal all the heroines

    Transmigrated as side character, i will steal all the heroines



    Ray, a super nerd virgin otaku student was transmigrated into a game based on galge."Ding, please prevent the main heroines from falling in love with the protagonistRewards: Elementary Cooking skills.Penalty: The host will lose his house and all his property."Wait, WHAT THE HECK!!!I don't want all of this, please return me to my old world!!"Ding, It was indicated that the host wants to reject the mission. Reject the mission and immediately gain the penalty Y/N"NOOOOOOOO, What in the seven hell has I did to ever deserve this thing!!!Follow the journey of Ray and the absurdity of the system in this story.Other tags:Beast taming, School life, R-18, MILF, Weak to strong, Yandere, Evolution, Annoying system, Super annoying system, Super super annoying system don't complain you have been warned.I don't own the cover.Hi everyone, I have created a poll in chapter 40, please feel free to join if you have any ideas or Spirit beast you wanna see in this story ^_^. I know I can't make everyone happy, but I'll try my best, and thank you to everyone who has supported this story.Discord:

  • I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!

    I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!



    Lee Fei is a normal 30-year-old man who has a good job as a librarian at the National University in China. He is an avid reader and has always read everything, including BL and GL, even though he declares himself 100% straight. He died just like that. There was no truck. There was no car accident. No deadly disease. Lee Fei reincarnated and transmigrated to the world of the book he had read days before he died. Unfortunately, a BL Dark Book. The worst, he transmigrated as an insignificant side character! Lee Fei became Emery Darcy, who is the third child of a powerful duke. Your life should be full of wealth and happiness, right? Unfortunately, Emery Darcy followed the path of an exorcist! Yes, Emery Darcy is an Exorcist Bishop! To make the irony of his situation worse, this side character had a worse fate than the villain. What an injustice! As the knowledge of the plot of this world, Lee Fei intends to return to the home of his rich family and live a good life! So, what if he has divine powers and MANA from nature? He just wants a rich and peaceful life! Ehhhh? Is the MC making a honey trap for me? Is ML no longer a possessive demon, but a tsundere that is following me? Is the fallen archangel a shameless voyeur who spies on me even in the bath? A guardian knight who thinks I'm the reincarnation of the god of nature? Stay away from me, I just want a peaceful life! Does apocalypse come far? No matter, I'm rich enough to protect myself! Let's have a happy and rich life as a good nobleman should be. NOTE: 1. R 18 2. Chapter Auxiliary with the main characters of the harem so far; 3. Harem Romance 4. Follow my Ko-fi for news and weekly calendars: and Thanks for your support in the 2021. Hope we're together in 2022 too.

  • Cruel Of The World

    Cruel Of The World



    He is a boy, but he isn't human. Every full moon, his form will change to be Werewolf. And He was pure werewolf blood. His father was named the King Cronos Werewolf with black hair which means strength and his mother is Queen Rhea, a white-haired werewolf which means Chastity. Unfortunately, Harmes's happiness had to be taken away. He was separated from his father when he was a baby. And he also lost his mother after dying to save him from the pursuit of the vampire who caught up with him. He lives with Matheus, who saves himself from the disturbance of the Vampire and it is also on the orders of Queen Rhea to take away from the vampires who already know his whereabouts and also Hermes, his son. Then, how about with Hermes's life be like after being saved by Matheus? Will he be able to take revenge for the attack of the vampire nation that killed his parents and destroyed his kingdom?

  • Real or Fake Missy : Female Side Boss Character Does Not Want to Die

    Real or Fake Missy : Female Side Boss Character Does Not Want to Die


    Shen You is a real daughter. When she returned to the Shen family, she realized that the Shen family was biased towards the fake daughter. They always said that Shen You was not as elegant and kind as the fake daughter Shen Jiao. Even if Shen You did not fight for it and only wanted to gain the recognition of her family, they believed that Shen You was fighting with Shen Jiao. Until Shen You died of a terminal illness. At this moment, Shen You realized that she was living in a novel. Shen Jiao was the real lucky female lead in the novel, while she was just a supporting actress with a tragic ending! Shen You, who had been reborn through the system, decided not to care about her family anymore. She wanted to stay away from her fiancé, Zhao Nan, who hated her. She immediately packed her luggage and left. But after she left, her cold parents, her brother who hated her, her hot-tempered brother, and her fiancé, Zhao Nan, who was used to being pestered by Shen You, all felt uncomfortable? In order not to get terminally ill again, Shen You had no choice but to follow the system's tips and try her luck with Young Master Huo. Every time this young master saw her, his face was so red that it was about to bleed, yet he still had to pretend to be cold. "Can you stay away from me and not always stick by my side?" Shen You nodded and left. She was going to take advantage of other people's luck. At a cocktail party, her fiancé saw the beautiful Shen You and took the initiative to strike up a conversation with her. Unexpectedly, she rejected him coldly. Zhao Nan was about to pester Shen You when he was stopped by Master Huo's bodyguards. At that moment, Young Master Huo was walking over from the banquet hall's entrance. He grabbed Shen You's wrist and finally lowered his noble head. "I thought you wanted to pursue me, but you just wanted to take advantage of my luck. That's why I was a little angry before." "From now on, I'll let you stick to me, okay?"





    "I will get my revenge! I must get my revenge!" Fengge is the Crown Prince of the heavenly realm but he was born with immerse powers that causes panic to arise. Without realizing it, Fengge is betrayed and forced to lose everything. Many years pass and the three realms think Fengge has died causing peace to reign for a short while. But soon he returns with only one goal in mind. That is to take everything from his enemies. He will spare no one including the love of his life, Jiayi who played a major key in his betrayal.

  • Married to a cruel billionaire

    Married to a cruel billionaire

    " Listen to me carefully, little girl. You signed your life to me the moment you became my wife" He said while emphasizing the last word. He raised her chin forcing her to look at his cold-blooded gaze. Emma shrieked, afraid of what he might do to her. She knows him. She knows how dangerous he is." Do not expect any love from me because I will never show you even the tiniest bit of my affection "His fingers dig holes painfully into her skin." This is my house and I make the rules。 If you dare to disobey me, I will not just ruin you but also everyone you hold dear to your heart," He said coldly gnashing his teeth in rage. Then, he bent down placing his mouth on her ear. His lips parted and he whispered,"Welcome to hell, little pixie ""I do." Those were the two words that changed Emma Bryson's life forever. Her once peaceful world turned chaotic right in front of her. She sold her life on a contract to Blake Campbell, a devil in disguise of a handsome billionaire.

  • Reincarnated With A Badluck System

    Reincarnated With A Badluck System



    [Slow Burn] Died as a virgin. Reincarnated with a big rod. Ding! [You have acquired the Bad Luck system. The God of death sympathized with you for dying pathetically. You have been gifted with a divine rod. Your meat rod is the tool you would use to rise to the top. Grow faster and stronger to conquer all the beauties and face the tribulations of the world] "Eh, where am I? What! A Bad Luck system!" Trying to comprehend what had just occurred as strange characters appeared in his view. Vincent tried to talk and move his body but he realized that he was In the body of a baby. Vincent Oswald, a popular hentai writer and tentacles creator died as a virgin in a tragic accident and reincarnated into another world. A dog-eat-dog world, a world of cruelness, a world where you could have your head rolling for a plate of meat soup. Let's see how Vincent survives in this cruel world and strives for the top as a boy that was born with a silver spoon. Elves + Demons + Vampires + Yandere + Op characters and so many fantasizing things. ============================ Note: No NTR towards Mc. ------- The MC acts naive and annoying in the early 30s chapters. After that, I can guarantee you a lustful, action-packed piece of work...Warning: Incest included.

  • Cruel Destiny

    Cruel Destiny

    " he.. he r..a..p.e.." before I could finish my sentence he cut me off."Pathetic girls like you are meant to be fucked by those men, why are you complaining anyways? I fucked you, he fucked you just the size would be different, I am sure you enjoyed it as much as you enjoyed my dick" he said smirking looking at my broken form." How can you say this? " I shouted at him with tears flowing down my eyes. " Oh shut up you orphan bitch, don't fucking ever raise your voice at me and after this lesson, if you want more, I have many other men like him," he said laughing at meWhat happens when an orphan girl with the purest soul meets a man who from the start had played her, used her, and threw her ?? What happens when she finds the truth about the man whom she loved with all her heart? Most importantly what will happen when destiny throws her into a maze that ends only at one place misery But between all this, the most important question is 'will she ever be loved ?' Join the journey of Natasha and the man who had played her well Liam Knights.

  • A Supporting Character's Love Story

    A Supporting Character's Love Story



    Does a supporting character have a chance at love? or is he destined to be in the shadow of the main character? **************************** "You are thinking of something stupid, aren't you?" Makoto asked her. She turned towards him surprised. I leaned in and whispered into her ear while grinning "You are not the only one who can read someone's true intentions." She blushed. For the first time in his life, Makoto felt no need to put on an act around somebody. **************************** Cover is done by me.

  • Cruel Of Love

    Cruel Of Love

    Romansa Kontemporer ROMANCE R18

    Cinta dan obsesi adalah dua hal yang sering membuat orang salah mengira.Amelia—seorang istri yang terjebak dalam lingkaran perselingkuhan tiada akhir. Obsesi dan keegoisan membuatnya lupa dengan makna cinta suci yang selama ini suaminya—Robi Wijaya berikan. Sampai akhirnya, dia mengandung dan bersusah payah menyembunyikan jati diri si jabang bayi di hadapan sang suami. Namun, Tuhan membuka kebusukan itu dalam sebuah tragedi dan membuka mata Robi bahwa cintanya telah terkhianati.Meski begitu, Robi berniat akan pura-pura tidak tahu sampai bisa menguak ayah biologis sang jabang bayi dan membongkar seluruh kebusukan sang istri.Namun, setelah menguak kebenaran atas anak itu, justru banyak kebenaran lainnya yang muncul ke atas permukaan.Akankah Robi sanggup bertahan? Atau ... menyerah dengan keadaan?

  • Not the Heroine, Not the Villainess, But a Side Character... or not?

    Not the Heroine, Not the Villainess, But a Side Character... or not?

    TAGS: Yuri, LGBT, Fantasy, Comedy, Reincarnation, RomanceReiré Norman remembered her past life as an eighteen-year-old high school girl. Having these new memories she realized that she was reincarnated into the world of her most favorite light novel, Fight for Love and Acceptance. As a character that never appeared in the novel, she has given up on seeing the story events, that was until fate had had something else in store for her. Now thrown into the story’s set environment, Roseward Academy, she had decided to interfere with the plot and save a certain someone from her impending doom. “Why?” you ask. Well, Reiré was a sucker for the tsundere villainess.