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  • Pole Dancer

    Pole Dancer

    Michelle Long is an exotic dancer at Tits Up. With her curly brown hair, freckles, and caramel-colored skin on a 5’6” frame, she’s a hot little number, and a favorite with the regulars.<br><br>She grew up knowing who she was and what she liked. Her dance instructor, Ms. Prim, introduced her to the hidden joys of sex the summer before college, and she never looked back. After graduation, Michelle finally found her calling dancing in a strip club.<br><br>Her routines are always steamy and she gets great tips, especially from women. The other dancers at the club are always trying to get Michelle to join them in an orgy, but she just laughs them off. The one woman she really wants eludes her -- Josey Tillman, the boss.<br><br>Hoping to win Josey’s affections, Michelle goes for broke and performs the sexiest dance of her life. Will Josey give in?

  • The dancer

    The dancer

  • Vampire Prince's Dancer

    Vampire Prince's Dancer


    She gasped as he bit her neck, and pushed him away from her. But he didn’t budge despite her efforts, and stayed nestled in her neck as he breathed her in. “Ask it of me,” he told her softly, and she looked down at him, confused. “What do you mean?” she asked. He whispered again, “Ask me to protect you, and I will.” *** Gisella is a poor girl who dances for a troupe of travelling performers, wandering from kingdom to kingdom. They have come to Farrador just to perform for the king, and then leave. But everything changes when Gisella meets Ryre. The attraction between them is instant and powerful. But Ryre is no ordinary prince—he is sanguine, a creature of the night, and a dangerous and powerful man with enemies all around him. Soon Gisella’s whole troop is caught in the court’s web of conspiracies and secrets. Can the love she shares with Ryre make it into the day’s light? Vampire Prince's Dancer is created by Bella Gold, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

  • Sword Dancer

    Sword Dancer


    On Korone few things are more precious than a person's skill in combat, even more so a person's skill with a blade.Boro is the son of a legendary, but disgraced, sword master. He wants nothing more then to become the greatest swordsman of all time... And to bring honor back to his families name.Along the way Boro gets caught up in a royal scandal, a war and even worse, love. He assembles a wide cast of diverse friends and enemies, and figuring out which is which is no easy task.

  • Tiny dancer

    Tiny dancer

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE ADVENTURE

    In a somewhat apocalyptic world where zombies roam the earth in search of their "perfect" selves to become perfect themselves, lives the two lovers Tini and Cora and her three adorable clockwork rats. as they roam around near death we above do not notice as we are the Giants that roam their small world. little do clock makers Know that their creations could make and break new world's beyond our imagination.But remember that with every world that is made openly, their are those that are made in secret.




    success entails sacrifice

  • Dancer deleted

    Dancer deleted

    Contemporary Romance CEO SWEETLOVE COOLGUY

    Deleted works

  • War Dancer

    War Dancer

  • Dancer in Lingerie

    Dancer in Lingerie

  • Rain Dancer

    Rain Dancer

    Lily Hart, a struggling artist that is not only struggling with her art, but her health too. In this heart tugging story, Lily goes through friendship, and love, and loose it all, but at what cost? it's a common story, girl meets boy, boy dates girl, girl looses boy. Girl goes to best friend for comfort, girl gets back with boy. But in these types of storying the exciting part is always how. what events lead up to the big evens and what big events am I having out? read to find out.

  • The Masked Dancer

    The Masked Dancer


    I could be a better boyfriend than him. Why won’t you give me a chance? I’d love you like no other, no one could understand you like I do No one would touch you like I do, no one has fantasized being with you more than me. We’ve known each other for years and you still chose him. Even though he’s my best friend. Why? Why not me? I wouldn’t dump you in a bar in front of everyone. I could do so much more than he ever could. I would do so much more to you than him. I can be everything you need. I’d never leave you alone in a bar. The universe must have designed us for each other.

  • The Dancer and The Ruler

    The Dancer and The Ruler


    HIATUSDamoa, The land of sands and everlasting heat. A region ruled by a ruthless but a brilliant pharaoh.A girl, gifted by the talent of dancing, went through a life ravaging history, An invasion,massacre,greed ruined her life. She was broken, shattered but she remained strong at heart. with her mind shouting the flames of war and her heart beating for revenge. Her eyes are now filled with bloodthirst.After attempting to escape the wrath of Damoa, She found herself, trapped in a maiden's body. Now within her thoughts she now must overcome her thirst for vengeance. Her enemy is a powerful one, with connections and all sorts of magic, but bloodshed is scorching than the desert, and now she made a promise to wipe out anyone who stands in her way of claiming her share.

  • Life as a dancer

    Life as a dancer



  • Dancer of Two Elements

    Dancer of Two Elements

    I was going to earn money by performing and somehow I became a guide and a terrible bodyguard of one of the most wanted men in Empire Sileskie - prince Herald, first in line to the throne. In Magdandylion, my country, there's a saying that a dancer cannot fight like a soldier, because the dancer is unable to lower their level. Yet, my fighting skills equal zero and my employer may die before I receive my payment. If only I could sell the prince...

  • In Love With A Male Dancer

    In Love With A Male Dancer

  • Dancer or Soldier of Time

    Dancer or Soldier of Time

    Sci-fi Romance ACTION ADVENTURE

    Welcome To A World Of Different Possibilities! Where Fiction Is Explained. Where Travel Through Space Is a Breeze. Where The Mysteries Of The Unknown And Forgotten Are Rediscovered. Follow Kyrniz as she journey's to Remember What and Who she is. From Different points of view, we will Uncover Mysteries You, have Thought of? Dreamt of? Hear about?.. but probably forgot.... maybe ... A Different Form of Writing that Allows One to Think about Different Things. That do have something to do with the progression of my story. From the Evilness of disappearances, to what goes on when specific events happen unexpectedly, to the past that is a dream but not, What happens when specific 'locked in time' moments that cannot be undone happen? To a new world that is older than the oldest, deadly and secret. Do you dare to challenge your mind on being a descendant of an Impossibiliter? Or Discard this book for being Impossible to read? The Choice Is Yours ^~^

  • Bigshot Gets Loved By All After Transmigrating Into A Book

    Bigshot Gets Loved By All After Transmigrating Into A Book

    Fantasy Romance COUNTERATTACK


    "Jiang Yu transmigrates into a novel and becomes a side character in the book. In the book, she's a long-lost daughter of the Jiang family. She returns to the wealthy family and the socialite circle calls her idiotic, trashy, and ugly. They ostracize her and despise her. Only her stepsister, Jiang Wan, treats her well. She is completely dependent on Jiang Wan and tells her the secret of how she had saved her four brothers. In the end, all the credit is snatched by Jiang Wan. Her stepsister becomes the apple of her brothers' eyes while she is isolated with no want to turn to for help. She dies with grievances. Jiang Yu, the real all-rounder who has just transmigrated, directly kicks one of her brothers, sending him rolling! Her face is filled with disgust. My fate cannot be decided by the author! ————————— Later, her brothers realize the truth, and they all fight to spoil her: A new aristocrat of the business world who's worth billions says, ""How dare you show off a necklace worth only 100 million yuan in front of my sister?"" A medical sage, the world-renowned genius second brother: ""How dare you provoke my sister. Do you have a death wish?"" The third brother, a top singer and dancer, says, ""My sister is THE fairy. Who do you think you are?"" The fourth brother, a racing rookie and school prince who slays all young girls, says, ""If you don't kneel down and apologize to my sister, you can forget about leaving this street."" Then there's that ruthless and fearsome man. He dotes on her excessively, loving her so much to the point of craziness. He tortures all the scumbags for her, yet he's afraid that her hand would hurt. He holds her hand and says, ""Yu'er, don't make me leave."" Brothers: Let go of that stinky paws of yours!! If you want to marry my sister, you must pass the test! This is a heartwarming story about sibling love and romantic love. Imagine, if you had four brothers, how would you get along with them? If you are interested in this story, please add to your Library and let us know~ "

  • Superstar's Backup Dancer

    Superstar's Backup Dancer

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE SHOWBIZ

    The ambition of Kang Hyejin is not big. She never wishes to be so famous that the whole country or world knows her. She just wanna be a dancer who can perform on the stage and an actress who can act. To her, the world of entertainment is so troublesome. The star cannot live their life according to what they wish for. They cannot date as they wish, cannot eat as they want. Therefore, for 3 years she's just not setting foot in any permanent career in the entertainment industry. She's just floating around the third rate entertainment industrial line. Finally, after learning dancing for 2 years, she got an acceptance notice to be in the dance crew from one of the dance studios that she applied to 3 months ago. However, after a few days of practice, she got select as the idol's dance partner. What most surprised her was she was the dance partner for one of the popular idols of the year!How will she cope up with this situation? What will happen when she experiences the thrill of performing on the stage with the audience below shouting and screaming the name of the performer?

  • dancer in another world

    dancer in another world

    Sara Is a ballet dancer, but causes of an accident she loses her leg ,with no family and no one to relley on she decide to end her life, but the havens ho pity that poor child give her another chance and send her to another world where she continued to express her art but détérmined that this time she will not die alone