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  • Boom Boom

    Boom Boom

    In a fantasy world that desires strength and power above everything else, one peasant boy struggles to rise up and stand on top as the strongest that ever lived. Using nothing but his own efforts, watch as Jack Frost, a kid with a rather interesting personality, cements his name in history. He isn't aiming to stay a loser, but instead hoping to be a legend!!!

  • The Power Of Music- Journey Of A King

    The Power Of Music- Journey Of A King

    Jake Fire was an odd existence, but not because of his insane understanding of martial arts at the mere age of 15. He was an anomaly due to his ability to become nearly undefeatable whenever he listened to music.Jake was the top fighter in his own Highschool and had even taken down masters of martial arts while listening to music. He was far too strong to simply take on in either one on one or in groups. He simply outsmarted or crushed his oponents with pure skill and strength.One day, one his way home from school, Jake came across a glowing green portal that only he seemed to be able to see. After touching it, he was immediately sucked in and lost consciousness. When he woke up, he was in an entirely different world from his own. One that contained other species, magic, and amazing other things he had only read in manga or light novels. It was a fantastical world that one could only fantasize about going to. Jake after accepting the fact that he was in another world, decided to explore this wondrous place instead of going back home. This is where his adventure started and he couldn't wait to see where this new world would take him.

  • WHEN Valerie WAS HERE

    WHEN Valerie WAS HERE



    When Maria Valerie Asher disappeared seven years ago everyone thought she died. After her disappearance, numerous cases of missing children were filed. She was accused of several cases, but why a dead person? Cause of curiosity Corpse did his own digging to find out what really happened. Why was his family acting suspiciously in several events?Casper, Keanne, Rayley, Roshey, and Kain did their own investigation. They drew the lines together, and it wasn't long when one of them figured everything out.

  • The Invisible Things

    The Invisible Things


    After joining the mathematical contest Czarina meets someone from the past and present. After winning second place Czarina attracts different people from the past. Secrets will reveal as the chapters continues—Czarina Indigo Stallin:Czarina's a clumsy teen who loves to watch anime. She has a salty persona and intelligence, but she only uses it if it's absolutely necessary. She was never uses effort on anything unless she wants to.She's not a damsel in distress, she chooses to defend herself and stand alone. Kaizer "Linus" Stellan:Kaizer's the smartass calm person, he's popular with the girls and boys but chooses to ignore the fame and mostly run away from the places that he feels is being watched. He likes to read books and write poems, and is the responsible one in the family. ''Foster" Lucifer Ramos:He originally had a cold aloof persona, caused by complicated family issues. Focused and unemotional, he chooses to preserve himself from other people and ran away in a young age. He hides a lot and is barely known alive. These three will cross paths in the future revealing eachother's secrets.:CHECK OUT THE BOOK COVER ON INSTAGRAM -> PHANTOM_21




    "I have no special ability. I am curious and i'm aware of the cost." When Anais was growing up she felt trapped in a box, and freedom was the only thing she ever craved for. That all changed when she finally left and went to the place a part of her began. ----------------------------OYAAAA!!Hello, this is my first time making a fantasy themed novel with a touch of romance and adventure. HOPE U GUYS WOULD LIKE IT :))I'm still a rookie so if there's errors feel free to comment them down ;))

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