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  • New Age Of Summoners

    New Age Of Summoners



    #Silver prize winner in the Webnovel Spirity awards Spring 2020My other books:-Talent Swallowing Hero. Sovereign of the firmaments.My Cultivation System. Ajax was an orphan who survives a massacre along with his friends but unfortunately gets separated from them. Fortunately, after a turn of events, he successfully gains a system which helps him increase his cultivation, but doesn't know what it is called. But he knows one thing for sure, this system is very powerful and helpful in taking his revenge. "Whoever you are, I am gonna find you", Ajax mumbled himself with a disgruntled expression. In a world where Summoning of an elemental spirit is done through a dream when they are 15 years old, Ajax with the help of a system and his summoned spirits sets out on a journey to seek revenge against the mastermind behind the massacre. Discord link:- https://discord.gg/kuMT64tInstagram Id:- vinay_raj_16Support me at Patreonhttps://www.patreon.com/vinayrajor PayPalhttps://www.paypal.me/vinayraj14

  • The dark ages

    The dark ages



    Teen TEEN

  • Moon Of The Alpha; Dark Ages

    Moon Of The Alpha; Dark Ages


    " You killed them. " She stumbled back, her eyes wide opened. " I-I can explain. " He advance towards her with slow steps. "S-s-stay.. away, " Voice shook as she tried to flee from the man with all his hands covered with blood. " Please Sasha, hear me first. " He kept on moving towards her. -------- -------- --------- ------ Sasha is a normal high school graduate and an orphan. She always has hardship as a best friend. Her adoptive parents made her life a bitter hell, after she graduates her adoptive father forced her to give up on her dreams and become a stripper. She refused and her so-called father beat her up and her mother would just watch her get beaten up. Sasha didn't like it and run away from her home, she run and run and run and run.......... ..... ....,. ........... ....... ..... . . . Read Moon of the Alpha; Dark ages and join the adventure of Sasha as she find hidden truth of the world she is and how she dealt with it.Book cover does not belong to me.

  • Dark Blood Age

    Dark Blood Age


    Chu Yunsheng, an ordinary white-collar worker one day discovered his family heirloom book shined a bizarre light by accident. Out of curiosity, he tried to study the heirloom book. After studying for a long time, he still only understood a few symbols written in the book. However, he was shocked when he figured out what messages the book tried to tell him: The sun will disappear, humanity will be doomed... He tried to spread the message but no one believed him; his family and friends even tried to take him to see the psychiatrist. Eventually, he gave up telling anyone but prepared for the apocalypse in secret... Until one day, the sun really disappeared… our discord channel is https://discord.gg/xgjKg7G

  • Dawn- An age of Darkness

    Dawn- An age of Darkness



    ~In a world where death is everywhere and the gods do nothing, living is hardly a blessing. The dark realm- the gods call this world. One day or rather one night, a young man- Daarc Green, finds himself stranded in the middle of a forest. He is hunted by goblins and then the undead. But wasn't he in his room all this time? And why would these things come after his life? Things didn't make sense but he marched deeper into the forest and met a statue of an angel.Will he survive to tell the tale?~The cover isn't mine. Support kirinottk (original artist)CH size 1.2k~1.9 (depends on context) present tense= internal monologueYou can follow me on twitter@nr_yetOr on Instagram @nr_yet1208Or perhaps join my Discord Server and have a blast talking about novels? https://discord.gg/FUzyEwmZmjPs. Everything is just fiction.

  • The Dark Side

    The Dark Side


    Torn Between Good And Bad.Justin is light, safe, good. Alex is dark, dangerous, bad. Ariana is torn between the two. She knows she should head towards the light but the element of darkness has always excited her. Darkness runs through her blood, darkness makes her heart go wild. Darkness attracts her, she's drawn to it like a moth to a burning fire. Which path will she choose?

  • Afterlife-Return of Dark Ages

    Afterlife-Return of Dark Ages

  • Dark Hunger

    Dark Hunger



    A werewolf who would stop at nothing to claim her… After enduring the torment of his first relationship, Caleb Silver, king of Ixoviya, was enraged to find that he indeed had a mate. When he finally came close to her, the rage within him soothed. But she was on her death-bed. Turned into a vampire, she is on the verge of rejecting her mate… Conditioned to hate the night creatures, Elize Walsh, ran away from her mate. She hated him like fiery pits of hell — until this man starts his slow and wicked games of dark desires. Will Elize succumb to the miseries of her past with him and reject him? Will Caleb be able to win her? Join me in this game of seduction and games of the Lore. --- She watched the sun set through the tinted glass, rays blazing over the water, setting it aflame. Elize looked dreamily at the sea and said, "This looks too beautiful to be real."  "No Liz," said Caleb. Elize turned her gaze to meet him, and he was... mesmerized. In a breathy voice, he said, "You are… surreal. Do you know when I saw you for the first time, I thought I had met an angel?"  Her cheeks became pink like the sky outside. A smile tugged her lips up as his sunstruck eyes held her gaze. "When I first saw you, I was done for my life. Your blond hair, those sharp curves— it all acted like a magnet." His heart thudded in its ribcage and his pulse raced. She took a sip of her wine with trembling hands without realizing that it wasn't blood.  "And that instant I knew you were my mate. And that instant I knew that I could die looking at you."  There was so much intensity in his words that Elize's heart raced for this beautiful man. She wanted to go to him and place a kiss on his lips. Her flute shook on its way to her lips. She drained it absentmindedly and her head became dizzy immediately. Caleb came to her side the next instant. He took the glass from her and placed it on the table. Stroking her back softly, he apologized to her for giving her the champagne. She coughed a little and some tears poured out in response when she felt the burn of the wine in the back of her throat. But Caleb had paled so much by that time that she couldn't help giggling. "Since you didn't remember, it is your punishment that you drink the entire bottle of wine and then next."  ---- Book cover by Micehellwd. Copyrights belong to me. Other books in the series are: Feral Confessions: Adrianna and the Alpha (complete) The Silver Crescent Alpha Prince (complete) Ileus: The Dark Prince (ongoing)

  • The Wolf of a Dark Age

    The Wolf of a Dark Age



    Ren Lei is the fourth son of a minor noble family and the son of a concubine to boot. Being born a cripple, the only thing he has is beauty; beauty that caused him much suffering growing up in a house where no-one loved him. As if that wasn't enough, he was about to be sold off in a political marriage to a woman who had everything he didn't, the Princess of the Ether Cloud City, full of not only beauty but with immense talent in profound cultivation. Refusing to submit to his fate, as a final act of rebellion, in a desperate bit to retake what little control he had over his own life, he chooses to consume poison and commit suicide. However, the fates are not so kind to those that would try to change it. He survives but suffers from a strange condition that causes his soul to separate from his body. As he slowly loses the constrains of a physical body, he is forced to look at himself more closely and recognising who he truly is. Not only must he struggle against the destiny devised for him but also his true nature: a calamity whose howl will wipe the slate of an era clean, ushering in a new dark age.

  • Dark Age

    Dark Age



    The story takes place in the interstellar universe, where everyone born with a tag on them(S, A, B, C,) which created by the Godlike Emperor who rules 3/4 of the universe from Millenniums. The Tags gives the higher tags complete domain over those tags, this age knows as Dark Age.The tale is about a young boy named Atlas, who woke up on an unknown planet and found everyone on the planet dead. He is a boy born without a tag on him known as "untagged".The untagged is the individual how possed the strength or talent to rival the Emperor and conceded as the symbol of terror and destruction.The story starts when the boy escapes from a slave dealer to find his mother and thus the tale of an Untagged boy, who brings an end to the Dark Age begging.

  • Age of Heroes ( Age of Heroes Chronicles)

    Age of Heroes ( Age of Heroes Chronicles)



    Arial is a soldier in the Human resistance against the Demonkind. After the destruction of the resistance he was given a chance to undo the past mistake.Join as Arial went back in time and prepare to save his family and the world of humans against the Demons.**************************************Other synopsisTales of great heroes that fight dragons and demons, stories of evil monster and cruel men and cunning woman, of great heroes fighting great wars, the stories of their noble life and tragic death stretched across the stars, a thousand, and a thousand more, and a thousand more, glimmers of their battles, of hope and love and their strugglesHow much stories, how many battles were fought, won or lost ?They call it the Age of Heroes

  • Age of Darkness

    Age of Darkness

    *The picture is taken from Wikipedia with regards to the 4 Horsemen of ApocalypseIt is believe that human only use 1% of their brain capacity. What if your remainiing 99% capacity is being unlocked? Age of Darkness is the 1st part of trilogy I planned in writting. It is the beginning of decimation for the human race.Kang Min Ju is a happily married Royal Guard of Kim Jong Un. His happy life was distorted as his father in law was suspected to betray the country. Having his life disrupted, he had to run away from his beloved country where he served his entire life. Carrying with him the very thing his father in law gave him. The very thing will unlock the power of humanity. It will also open up the gate of juudgement by God. The long Fallen Angels will all be awaken following this event. All the catastrophe of the world will centre around the action of Kang Min JuThe fall and rise of humanity together with unlocking the hidden potential of every human.

  • Dark Bond

    Dark Bond



    Faolán Quinn, Alpha of Mac Tire Pack, becomes the CEO of a large company in order to better protect his pack from human intrusion into their lives. When he competes for land with another company, he meets Alanna Doyle, a strong and determined woman, the competition's CEO and, also, his mate. What happens when he discovers that the bond that unites them is far greater and darker than any other? Will they be able to unite and save their souls or will they be doomed for eternity? Talk to me! Instagram @m_zanakheironofficial Discord MunhozM#5017 Facebook M_Zana Oficial

  • Age of darkness

    Age of darkness


    In a world of magic, two kingdoms have been at war for over a century. Can our MC fulfill his father's wish of ending the war once and for all.

  • In The Dark

    In The Dark

    Mothers were supposed to love unconditionally. Mine didn't. In fact, she tried to kill me on my thirteenth birthday, when she saw just how different I was. My dad saved my life that night. He also took her away on an extended vacation, leaving me with an ever-absent uncle. Five years later, solitude was something I lived by. I had to because I was different and people tended not to cope well with the unusual. In fact, they hated me for it, were even scared of me because of it. I thought I was meant to live alone, until Isaac Grey took notice of me. He changed my life, taught me I wasn't the only one who was different, and I didn't need to be alone. But with love comes sacrifice and then pain. Could I ever escape living in the dark? In The Dark is created by Lila Rose, an eGlobal Creative Publishing Author Warning – adult themes, 18 plus, abuse, violence, sex scene.

  • Age of Adventure

    Age of Adventure



    "Kingdoms may fall and fail, but I do not."In the virtual game Brave World, the heroes fought their wars and Kings hold their kingdom.Heroes, warriors, knight roamed the expansive vast land of Brave World.People praised the game to be realistic but is it really a game?As there is a secret in the real world that is hidden from the rest of the world, there is also secret in the virtual world.Enter Daniel. A young bright man who decided to enter the game to help his family and trying to make a living by playing gameThe story tells of his life, his tribulation, his failure and his triumph. It is in Brave World he began to shine. It is the story of his legend, and how he became known as the greatest strategist in Brave World.PS: I also wrote Age of Heroes, Song of Heroes and Lord Shadow.

  • Dark Blood Age

    Dark Blood Age


    Chu Yun Sheng an ordinary White-collar worker once discovered his family heirloom book shined a bizarre light by accident. out of curiosity, he tried to study the heirloom book.After research for a long time, he still only understands a few symbols written in the ancient book. However he was shocked when figured out what messages the ancient book tried to tell him, the sun will be disappeared, the humanity is doomed...he tried to spread the message but no one believed him, his families and friends even tried to take him to see the psychiatrist, eventually, he gave up telling anyone, but prepared for the apocalypse in secret...

  • Akira: Age of Darkness

    Akira: Age of Darkness


    Age of Darkness is the story of Akira Shimotsuki, a 5 year old boy who lost his parents, his village and his memory. When his village is attacked and his family slaughtered, he was sent to an adoption center and soon met an unknown man when he reached 15 years old. As he follows the man he finds out his hidden power and join into a world filled with espionage, magic, and betrayal. He soon attends (unknown) academy for 3 years to control his hidden power and graduate. Along the way, he made friends and control his power. He too discovers about his clan and his power to summon powerful animals (that is not yet fully unlocked) He would learn about the world and clans and have fun with his friends. Age of Darkness is about one man's struggle to find the power within himself and to protect those he loves. ------------------------------------------- Tags: Magic, Male MC, Western Fantasy, Academy Schedule: 4 chapters/week (Monday. Wednesday, Friday and Sunday) Chapter Length: 800 - 1000 words ------------------------------------------- Discord channel: https://discord.gg/SfsCxCcH -------------------------------------------- P.S- I don't own the cover and this is my first book (actually I dropped my other book, but for me this is my first)

  • Age of Cosmic Exploration

    Age of Cosmic Exploration

    Sci-fi ADVENTURE


    Endless sky and infinite space, the cosmos isn’t some paradise waiting to be found, it is full of darkness and danger, death and terror of the great unknown. However, for that glittering swath of blue, we have no fear! For the longevity of men, we have no regrets! Nothing shall stand in our way because it is finally our time, our age! The age of cosmos exploration!