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  • The Record of Unusual Creatures

    The Record of Unusual Creatures



    As a person who is down-to-earth as well as a good Samaritan, Hao Ren desires to live the rest of his life as a benevolent landlord. Stumbling into a curious yet mysterious lady, he began his journey of “collecting” abnormal and supernatural tenants. His life only became more chaotic when he receives a labor contract from “God”. Discover the many races, myths and worlds that lie beyond what humans define as normal! This bizzare fantasy full of fun is sure to bring you on a crazy rollercoaster of emotions!

  • The Dark Side

    The Dark Side


    Torn Between Good And Bad.Justin is light, safe, good. Alex is dark, dangerous, bad. Ariana is torn between the two. She knows she should head towards the light but the element of darkness has always excited her. Darkness runs through her blood, darkness makes her heart go wild. Darkness attracts her, she's drawn to it like a moth to a burning fire. Which path will she choose?

  • The Creature Inside Me

    The Creature Inside Me


    He felt like his body was on fire. It wasn’t something he wasn’t familiar with but every time it got more and more painful to bear. He held his stomach, curled in under his duvet and held his eyes shut tight.He was crying and biting his pillow to hold in the painful sobs. He was called weak for whining about the pain so he didn’t bother to tell the sister.They had been taking care of him for a very long time. He was a baby when he lost his parents and after that, they had taken care of him.They had taken him to the doctor and concerned with every doctor they could to ask about his condition and the pain he faced every month but nobody knew what was going on with him. His health started declining just when he hit 18.The doctors said he had maximum of 4 years to live which was a very vague estimation but he has already lived 2 years of his 4 years life.He had accepted his fate. He knew he wouldn’t survive long enough to even complete these four years.There was no medicine for his pain because his health sure was deteriorating but not knowing the cause of it made doctors confused as to what medicine to give him for his pain.All he wanted was to know who he was and why was he different from others before sleeping under the layer of mud forever!“Hey, you alright?” He heard a voice. He didn’t know who it was because he was under the duvet. But before he could open his mouth to answer or get the time to remove his duvet, he heard another voice.“Yeah… I’m just going to use the loo.” The other boy answered the previous boy’s question which made him realize that the question wasn’t directed to him but to the boy who was out of his bed for the bathroom.“Just wanna die soon.” He mumbled under his breath, answering the question even though it wasn’t directed to him.

  • Creatures of The Dark

    Creatures of The Dark


    Twinflames are a rare thing. One day, I met my other half.

  • Dark Hunger

    Dark Hunger



    A werewolf who would stop at nothing to claim her… After enduring the torment of his first relationship, Caleb Silver, king of Ixoviya, was enraged to find that he indeed had a mate. When he finally came close to her, the rage within him soothed. But she was on her death-bed. Turned into a vampire, she is on the verge of rejecting her mate… Conditioned to hate the night creatures, Elize Walsh, ran away from her mate. She hated him like fiery pits of hell — until this man starts his slow and wicked games of dark desires. Will Elize succumb to the miseries of her past with him and reject him? Will Caleb be able to win her? Join me in this game of seduction and games of the Lore. --- She watched the sun set through the tinted glass, rays blazing over the water, setting it aflame. Elize looked dreamily at the sea and said, "This looks too beautiful to be real."  "No Liz," said Caleb. Elize turned her gaze to meet him, and he was... mesmerized. In a breathy voice, he said, "You are… surreal. Do you know when I saw you for the first time, I thought I had met an angel?"  Her cheeks became pink like the sky outside. A smile tugged her lips up as his sunstruck eyes held her gaze. "When I first saw you, I was done for my life. Your blond hair, those sharp curves— it all acted like a magnet." His heart thudded in its ribcage and his pulse raced. She took a sip of her wine with trembling hands without realizing that it wasn't blood.  "And that instant I knew you were my mate. And that instant I knew that I could die looking at you."  There was so much intensity in his words that Elize's heart raced for this beautiful man. She wanted to go to him and place a kiss on his lips. Her flute shook on its way to her lips. She drained it absentmindedly and her head became dizzy immediately. Caleb came to her side the next instant. He took the glass from her and placed it on the table. Stroking her back softly, he apologized to her for giving her the champagne. She coughed a little and some tears poured out in response when she felt the burn of the wine in the back of her throat. But Caleb had paled so much by that time that she couldn't help giggling. "Since you didn't remember, it is your punishment that you drink the entire bottle of wine and then next."  ---- Book cover by Micehellwd. Copyrights belong to me. Other books in the series are: Feral Confessions: Adrianna and the Alpha (complete) The Silver Crescent Alpha Prince (complete) Ileus: The Dark Prince (ongoing)

  • creatures of the dark

    creatures of the dark


  • Rise of the Mythical Creatures

    Rise of the Mythical Creatures



    The Apocalypse of all creature types appearing on earth begins. Is this the end?Or the Evolution? Will humanity final be wiped out this time? Or will we coexist with the creatures as the magical era begins?The endless maze of questions kept crossing my head. All this questions remain unanswered.The world we knew changed once a red coloured moon was sighted, Mythical creatures who we thought where just myth suddenly appear. Every time a red moon surface, new mythical creatures are bought to life, draugrs, trolls, vampires, hundreds of creature types keep appearing on earth. humanity faces an extinction level threat. Not all hope is lost as humans start to awaken special powers and the world faces a new stage of evolution. I awaken unique powers while trying to survive in this chaos*Dragon system to be precise. I journey with the beauties around me so I can find the lost fragments of my past, and to become the strongest since trouble always finds us. Anyone who stands in my path will face the Dragon's wrath!! (Give my novel a try, I'm definitely sure you will love the Hyper imagination and creativity I put in here, Don't miss out.) My superb readers, don't be confused as you read later from chapter 14 I decided to awaken magic so my novel can progress like how I imagined it. PS: I don't own the cover of the novel.

  • I Can Summon Mythical Creatures

    I Can Summon Mythical Creatures

    It was a world of sword and magic. Kings and lords guarded the people, while mages and paladins resisted the evil. In the continent, there were many monsters. A giant dragon was flying in the sky. In the depths of the sea, the giant demons were churning. Infinite wealth and adventure! I, Wharton Campbell, traveled through the modern New York in the twenty-first century. I obtained a mythological space to raise countless mythical beast pets. I would eventually reach the peak of this world!

  • Dark Bond

    Dark Bond



    Faolán Quinn, Alpha of Mac Tire Pack, becomes the CEO of a large company in order to better protect his pack from human intrusion into their lives. When he competes for land with another company, he meets Alanna Doyle, a strong and determined woman, the competition's CEO and, also, his mate. What happens when he discovers that the bond that unites them is far greater and darker than any other? Will they be able to unite and save their souls or will they be doomed for eternity? Talk to me! Instagram @m_zanakheironofficial Discord MunhozM#5017 Facebook M_Zana Oficial




    Rydian Lockwood adalah remaja pria tanggung yang memiliki nasib buruk. Suatu malam dia bertemu dengan Jake yang datang entah dari mana dan mengatakan bahwa Jake adalah makhluk abadi. Memaksa Rydian meminum cairan perak yang membuat Rydian yakin, dia akan mati detik itu juga.

  • The Creatures of the Darkness

    The Creatures of the Darkness


  • The Creature Of Darkness

    The Creature Of Darkness

    Darkness is an old friend that we all must respect. He is the first God in this world we live in but now it time for him the wake up and fix this from the ruins of this world.

  • The Creature of the Dark

    The Creature of the Dark

    Fantasy Romance MYSTERY SCARY

  • In The Dark

    In The Dark

    Mothers were supposed to love unconditionally. Mine didn't. In fact, she tried to kill me on my thirteenth birthday, when she saw just how different I was. My dad saved my life that night. He also took her away on an extended vacation, leaving me with an ever-absent uncle. Five years later, solitude was something I lived by. I had to because I was different and people tended not to cope well with the unusual. In fact, they hated me for it, were even scared of me because of it. I thought I was meant to live alone, until Isaac Grey took notice of me. He changed my life, taught me I wasn't the only one who was different, and I didn't need to be alone. But with love comes sacrifice and then pain. Could I ever escape living in the dark? In The Dark is created by Lila Rose, an eGlobal Creative Publishing Author Warning – adult themes, 18 plus, abuse, violence, sex scene.

  • Creature of Darkness

    Creature of Darkness

    This story is set in a fictional world split into several parts. Light, Dark, and Twilight are three you will encounter. The characters come in a variety, some with wings, some with claws, some with both, and if you comment a name and personality, I may incorporate that character into the story, since it is still in early stages of development. The main character starts off at about ten years of age, though we will never be sure, as she has a strange past which most don't understand. She lost the ability to speak before she could learn, however she will discover another way to communicate. Pieces of her past will be revealed as we continue on through the story, and her future is not bright, it's dark.

  • Dark Creature

    Dark Creature

  • The creature of darkness

    The creature of darkness

  • The creature within the darkness

    The creature within the darkness

    Fantasy DEVIL

    A dark place can hide many things, and some of them, shall not be found, but what happens when those things in the dark come out for the ones outside it, death, destruction, and devastation, that's what it brings to the surface A/N Notes: Best cover of all times Also available on Wattpad

  • The Dark Luna

    The Dark Luna


    Blanca Vergil, the first of her kind, a young naive hybrid with an ancient bloodline, met Dimitri Norton, a rich, handsome, and powerful last living vampire. After a devastating betrayal from his past, he unleashed ferocious powers and waged war against his destiny. When two strangers come together and two lifemates face treacherous schemes and uncover a dark mystery linked to a tragic incident in the past, you get a love story no one could have ever foreseen. 

  • TVD/TO (FanFic) — The Creature of Dark

    TVD/TO (FanFic) — The Creature of Dark


    2000 Years ago in Ancient Greece. 2 Witches Brother and Sister created an spell. Used it on Brother first and he became immensely powerful and had to be taken care of.So the Sister takes help from Qetsiyah and Silas for locking the brother up and put him to sleep. Then in current time this story takes place when Elena and Caroline were attending college and The Originals where in New Orleans as Witches had Hayley and Klaus's baby. Jackson a high school guy and an Ancient Vampire known as Alden who wanted Jackson so that he could make Jackson the weapon to open the tomb in which Arius was locked. (The Vampire Diaries — The OriginalsI am writing a novel for the first time, so if I make any mistakes or something ends up wrong. I might make grammer mistakes so be patient do comment. )