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  • Princess is Glamorous in Modern Day

    Princess is Glamorous in Modern Day



    Having brought up her younger siblings in troubled times and guiding her younger brother to the throne, Xia Wanyuan is the most legendary eldest princess in the history of the Xia Dynasty. When this eldest princess opens her eyes, she finds herself in a world a thousand years into the future. While she is still called "Princess", it's only a nasty jeer imparted on her as a mockery for her arrogant connections within the entertainment industry. So what if you were rich? In the end you've fallen to a status far lower than any beast! In response, Xia Wanyuan promises that a day would come when they will sincerely call her Princess. Everyone laughs at her, waiting to see the day when she'll be abandoned by the wealthy and affluent. Handsome yet aloof, President Jun Shiling is known only for his success in the corporate world with a demeanor cold enough to cut through ice. He has just one thing to say: Take the one hundred million divorce fee and leave quickly. Two years later, the eldest princess is a two-time winner of a prestigious acting award. The darling of the fashion world, she has become a style icon who is also proficient in the four classical arts. As an all-knowing professor in both literature and poetry, she is also a professor in two departments at the most renowned institute of higher learning. The Olympics? Gold medals are a dime a dozen when considering her skills in fencing and shooting. Her name is spread all over the world and she is filled with an unprecedented glory never bestowed upon any other. The CEO who wanted a divorce at the start refutes on television: "How dare anyone spread rumors about our divorce? My dearest wife, can we have another child?"

  • 48 Hours a Day

    48 Hours a Day


    Growing up with eccentric materialistic parents who left him in the care of his grandfather for a job overseas, Zhang Heng had learned to adapt and be unfettered by the oddities and challenges in life. But he would soon learn the baffling truth about the world he thought he knew when one day at midnight time froze and he found himself in a world so quiet and still it was deafening. That night, he discovered that he had 24 hours more than everybody else and thus, marked the beginning of his adventures. The mysteries surrounding his newfound ability only deepened when a strange old man claimed to have given Zhang Heng that ‘gift of time’ and recruited the young man to participate in a cryptic ‘life-changing’ game on his behalf. Little did Zhang Heng know that accepting those terms meant embroiling himself in many versions of reality and exposing himself to the hidden secrets of the world—a decision he could never undo.





    Can we really decide our fate? Or is it just a string pulled since birth? Kevin KOERSOMBRE is a young and naïve boy, son of a village chief, living a peaceful and eventless life. Until particular one night... Abandoned by his own parents, and betrayed by the one he trusted the most, he will survive nonetheless. Then, through fights and betrayals steaming his hatred for the world, he will discover the conspiracy planned by the LONGINUS. The harbingers of death: lifeforms as ancients as the gods which threaten the balance of the world and scare even those immortal beings, wielding an ancient and destructive power: The REGAS. After being betrayed and hated, after everything he will have faced; will he still save his world, SHCAMERIN, a world governed by the goddess MEETIA and her heroes? Or will he participate in its downfall with the LONGINUS?

  • day by day

    day by day

    hello people. please dont expect much from this book. this is the only place where i can rant or write a simple story, one shots if you called it. happy reading and dont stress too much! help is everywhere <3

  • day to day

    day to day

  • Day and day

    Day and day

    Love is blind

  • Day after day

    Day after day

  • 6 Times a Day

    6 Times a Day

    Magical Realism ROMANCE R18 HAREM


    6 Times a Day (6TaD) is a story centers around a male high school student named Alan Plummer, who starts off as an awkward young man. Unbeknownst to him, his mother's best friend and neighbor lusts after him and concocts a phony medical diagnosis that requires him to have six orgasms a day, in order to seduce him. Things don't go quite as she plans and a chain of events and circumstances results in an increasing number of gorgeous women finding themselves 'helping' him with his "medical treatments." **Not my Own Novel, but found on SPACER X Website which is down nowadays.. thus i am re-editing and re-posting this novel which i have greatly enjoyed..If the Original Author wants to take down this publication, pls pm me at** Otherwise Have Fun Reading this Novel you Bit$$es. Since i am editing this you expect a good update speed.. Image is from Deviant Art. ------------ TAGS: HAREM, INCEST, TEACHER, NURSE, SEDUCTION, NTR (somecases but consensual by female),SlowBurn Note: Here the NTR tag is Alan SEDUCING Female Lead & other rare cases, which you can definitely skip. ------------ Edit: Small amount of netorare has been mentioned by the readers, which the team is looking into, we haven't crossed that threshold,IF THERE IS NETORARE, THEN Read at your own risk, as it mostly woman seducing her son[ Acording to the readers, and i am not pushing myself to read ahead as it time consuming and not worth it] . If you are not into this categories, THIS IS A FREE NOVEL I AM PUBLISHING DURING MY FREE TIME, NOBODY IS FUCKIN FORCING YOU TO READ THIS NOVEL, SO STOP FUCKING GIVING 1 STAR REVIEWS WHEN I HAVE CLEARLY MENTIONED THE TAGS AND STORYLINE YOU FUCKIN IDIOTS.. P.S Thanks for all the Loyal Readers who have followed this novel from the beginning........Much Love...!! **/////////////////////////////** Please consider Donating however much you can to support me to keep this novel going. Every Little Donation counts. ----------------------------- [for those who ko-fi is not working pls try the above two.] Please also Support my other Novel which is a Fan-Fic. Harry Potter and the Gift of Kali **/////////////////////////////**

  • The Day and The Last Day

    The Day and The Last Day

  • Loop Day, Real Day

    Loop Day, Real Day

    Today is Loop day which means everything I do today doesn't matter kill somebody or anything else will be back to normal tomorrow.Tomorrow is Real Day which means I have to be Everything I did tomorrow will be part of my life.One day is Real next Day is Loop which is a Day but shows the future.

  • remember that day

    remember that day

    Airin Kamiliana, wanita yang hampir selalu baik-baik saja dalam hidup. Terlahir dalam keluarga yang berkecukupan, memiliki orangbtua yang sangat mencintainya, tumbuh menjadi wanita cantik dan cerdas, hingga dinikahi oleh laki-laki yang behitu mencintainya dan dicintainya. Seperti ini kan perjalanan hidup yang diinginkan semua orang? Dan Airin beruntung bisa menjalani kehidupan sempurna seperti ini Namun, bukan hidup tidak pernah akan sesempurna itu. Begitu pula yang akhirnya harus Airin rasakan. Dia akhirnya harus merasakan perihnya kecewa dan penghianatan. Bian, pacar yang sudah sekian tahun ia pacari dan kini sudah menjadi suaminya dengan tega membuat keputusan untuk menceraikannya karena tergoda oleh sahabat lamanya. Namun, untuk menutupi semua kesalahamnya dia justru menuduh Airin berselingkuh dengan sahabat lamanya juga Setelah persidangan memutuskan perceraian mereka secara resmi, hari-hari penuh kenangan terus menjadi bayang-bayang untuk Airin dan Bian. Seperti banyak kalimat bijak yang sering kita dengar, kita akan merasa sangat menyesal setelah kita kehilangan. Dan yaps... Bian akhirnya membuktikan kebenaran kalimat bijak itu. Bian kini terus menyesal karena melepaskan Airin. Namun apa mau dikata, nasi sudah menjadi bubur. Airin sudah menemukan kehidupan barunya, kebahagiaan barunya. Apakah Bian akan yega datang lagi kepada Airin dan menghancurkan kehidupan bahagia Airin untuk kedua kalinya?

  • this day

    this day

  • Random: Day to Day Life

    Random: Day to Day Life

  • The Day!

    The Day!

    The day I wear my heart on my sleeve and let you undress my covered soul, that'll be the day when I succumb to your otherwise cold heart and let you fill that huge black hole. This is a journey of transformation of a girl into a resilient women. (All you have to do is, enjoy that journey)Amor already knew that she had a very fragile and a vulnerable heart, but she also knew she had the perfect mask to cover it all with the facade she kept, an identity she was admired for - “A Strong girl and later a lady”.Colleague: hey you bi***, you don't belong here!!!!! Amor: OH, hello there! I almost forgot your Introduction, thanks for reminding your name, B.I.T.C.H is it? Not so pleasure meeting you! 'And there she goes making enemies again.' ************************In City X:Klaus, a young psychologist and an ace entrepreneur, a best among best. He thought he knew everything that the world had to offer, but until one day he met that perfect lady (Amor). Klaus: ***Blankly stares***Amor: ***Blankly stares***Klaus: 'Who's this kitten, she dares looking me in the eye, intersting!'Amor: 'What are his eyes, X-ray machine? I'm getting chills all over my body' What will happen when these not so perfect counter parts of each other meet? Join the journey of Amor keeping her strong facade and Klaus trying to discern the first difficult puzzle that life had offered him.Declaration:This story is straight out of my imagination, no characters exist in real life. However, if you find some problems with it, drop a comment in the Commet box.



  • That Day

    That Day

    "Tandang tanda ko pa ang mga araw na naasar ako sa'yo, nagkagusto ako sa'yo, at nang nagalit ka sa akin. Pero sa araw na iyon, doon din nag umpisa at natapos ang lahat."

  • A day !

    A day !

  • And a Day

    And a Day

    Morgan is starting her last year of High school. Finally the clock is ticking down until her freedom.But it's never that simple.She'd been prepared to undergo some changes as she grew up, but these changes were definitely not those that she was prepared for.Updated at the very least Weekly.