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  • DemiGods



    5 boys find themselves chosen to be the next gods as candidates but must first prove themselves worthy by attending a school to help them control their powers, find out what they go through to get this control by journeying with them in this story!

  • Demigods Tales

    Demigods Tales



    Isang madilim na kahapon ang pinagmulan ng magkambal na sina Dark at Light. Sila ang magkambal na anak ni Hukluban, ang diyosa ng kamatayan at isa sa pinakamakapangyarihang alagad ni Sitan. Upang sila’y maprotektahan ay kailangan nilang makapasa sa demigods exam ayun sa kasunduan ng kaniyang ina at ni Bathala ngunit habang tumatagal ay mas lalong nanganganib ang kanilang buhay. Makikita pa kaya nila ang kanilang ina o tuluyang mawala ang kanilang landas bilang mga dark demigods. Matatanaw pa kaya nila ang pag-asa? Ano ang kanilang gagawin kung bakasakaling tuluyan silang makapasa sa demigods exam? Susuko na ba sila o patuloy paring lalaban?

  • Demigods In Eth

    Demigods In Eth

    Kidnapped and put through a week long session of physical and mental torture to create the strongest warrior alive, Simon had it rough. After a failed escape plan with a girl he had met in the program, many events transpired and soon all of the Demigod subjects who survived were thrust into a fantasy world with magic.

  • Demigods (The duology)

    Demigods (The duology)


    a young boy learns he is not his father's blood and that his whole life has been a lie. His search for the truth leads to the revelation of buried secrets that will change his life forever...

  • Demigods of powers

    Demigods of powers



    Annabeth is a demigod but she does not know that. She got adopted by a man called Mr. Cruise in a Demigod school. She felt piercing pains in her head and deafening sounds and when it happens things break and people get hurt. She tries to control her powers but she can't. Knowing her sorrow and inability to control her power mutants try to take advantage of her. Will darkness have a victory over light...Read to find out.

  • The last Demigods

    The last Demigods


  • Demigods of Destiny

    Demigods of Destiny

  • Lord Of The People: I Recruited A Mutant Succubus From The Start

    Lord Of The People: I Recruited A Mutant Succubus From The Start



    The whole world mutated. Mysterious resurrections happened in real life. The Tribulation descended. Everyone would awaken the ability to rule over beasts at the age of 18 and obtain a Lord Space of their own. After one month, their Lord Space would materialize and they would become a Lord. When they awakened, each Lord would obtain a summoning pool to summon their own troops. They had to plunder resources, strengthen their troops, expand their territory and defend themselves against the invasion of demons! Ren Qi recruited a mutated succubus from the very start. She could keep ascending until she became a fallen angel! Someone exclaimed, “Someone managed to recruit a succubus?” Another person said, “Why are you envious of him? Succubi don't have much combat ability and are weak. When his Lord Space materializes, he will most likely be consumed by the demons.” Someone said, “Hahaha, I awakened a top-tier troop, the Golden Tiger. I am invincible.” Not long after, Ren Qi’s territory expanded to the Warring Nation Level. A group of fallen angels stood beside him as they looked down on all the demons. The weakest fallen angel was an existence akin to a demigod.

  • Demigods: The Flames of Fate

    Demigods: The Flames of Fate

  • Dark Shifters & Demigods

    Dark Shifters & Demigods

  • 2 Demigods with One Arrow

    2 Demigods with One Arrow

    Amoriel Fletcher. The firstborn of Cupid one day woke up in a school bus in the middle of nowhere. Snuggled up into a handsome elf-ish latino boy. She doesn't remember anything other than her name and now she has to go on a quest to jail break the queen of the gods. What can go wrong, right?"You want me?"Amoriel giggled at leo's bewildered expression. "That's what I'm saying "He paused a moment. "How.........but......... why?""I don't know," said amoriel with a shrug . "I just think that we'd be a good us." He smiled slowly. "We'd be a wonderful us."Leo Valdez x OC(Heroes of Olympus)(The Lost hero)

  • Forging The Path To Godliness

    Forging The Path To Godliness


    Having transmigrated to a new world and becoming an ordinary Blacksmith in a Blacksmith Shop, Ye Feng shortly has the Master Blacksmith System activated. "Ding! Congratulations to the host for forging the low-grade weapon [West Wind Sword]. You have gained increased agility and the skill [Traveling With The Wind]." "Ding! Congratulations to the host for forging the middle-grade weapon [Spear of Dawn]. You have gained increased endurance and the skill [Flaming Rebirth]." "Ding! Congratulations to the host for forging the high-grade weapon [Oath of the Archer]. You have gained 300% attack speed and the skill [Blood Frenzy Disaster]." -------- "Ding! Congratulations to the host for forging the sacred-grade [Black Dragon Set], [Burning Phoenix Set], [Giant Set], and [Chaotic Set]. You have gained..." While others struggle to survive through tough cultivation, he only has to forge stronger weapons to gain greater power. From forging weapons to forging himself, any divine weapon or artifact is only a toy in his hand.

  • SF9 AS DEMIGODS (Find The Heroes)

    SF9 AS DEMIGODS (Find The Heroes)


    Based On Percy Jackson. Ini adalah lima tahun sejak peperangan demigod melawan Gaia. Demigod yang tersisa semakin bertambah dewasa tanpa adanya demigod baru yang datang ke perkemahan. Pak D, sang dewa Olympus yang sedang menjalani hukuman di perkemahan blasteran pun ditarik kembali ke Olympus. Sejak saat itu, tak ada lagi pesan iris. Tak ada lagi peri pohon. Ladang stroberi juga tak lagi hijau. Semua kemampuan demigod yang sumbernya dari para dewa juga memudar perlahan. Seolah Olympus memang sudah tak lagi memberikan restunya. Olympus menutup diri. Olympus bungkam. Dan Chiron, sang centaur pelatih blasteran selama ratusan tahun harus memutuskan keputusan terberat yang tak pernah ia bayangkan. Membubarkan perkemahan. . . . "Anda akan tetap di sini kan pak Chiron?" "Tak ada lagi alasan, nona Dare," "Percy dan yang lain? Grover?" Chiron menggeleng pasrah. "Grover dan para satir yang tersisa melebur ke dalam hutan," "Pak Chiron, m-maaf!" Si gadis Dare menunduk dengan bahu bergetar. Di saat ini bukan salah nya, ia merasa jika ini salahnya karena tak mampu melihat apapun yang akan terjadi. Tapi si pria kuda masih dengan bijak menanggapi jika ini bukan kesalahan si gadis fana. "Pada akhirnya semua akan tak berguna tanpa restu para Dewa. Aku tak tau apakah ini sebuah akhir peradaban Yunani atau apa. Tapi hal kecil yang masih bisa kau lakukan nona, kau hanya harus percaya jika Dewa Dewi Yunani itu ada," Dan itu adalah hal terakhir yang Chiron dapat katakan setelah akhirnya mereka berpisah. Chiron dengan jalannya, dan nona Dare dengan kembali ke kehidupan fananya. . . SF9 AS DEMIGODS : FIND THE HEROES! . .




    Amora is a simple girl living in the Kindom of Dexzhiarah.She's living a simople life with her mother.She's a demigodess but that's not a big deal in their world.For them,it's just a natural thing.But as she entered the most famous and prestigious school in the whole magic world,everything in her life changed.Her thoughts are wrong.Can she withstand the things and challenges that will come to her life?Can she correct the wrongs written by the past?Or the history will just repeat itself?

  • The Academy for heroes and demigods of undiscovered Earth

    The Academy for heroes and demigods of undiscovered Earth

    the academy is a school for heroes and demigods

  • Rebirth of The Abandoned Demigod

    Rebirth of The Abandoned Demigod



    That day, during an apocalypse, Willow died on the front lines of the medical battlefield. Volcanoes erupted, earthquakes shook the mountains, and plagues devasted the people. It was the very definition of the end of the world and she stood futilely at the the edge of it all riddled with symptoms of the plague and ashes till she became one with it. She was one a famed doctor of many fields and the best physician of the best medical company in America. Yet, that all crumbled down the day she learned the existences of celestials and heaven. Who would've known that the company who she was working for was on of the masterminds of the apocalypse or that she was one of the pawns that helped them kill so many people?! Abandoned by everyone and stranded in China as she passed, her only regret was her own weakness in the situation and was left with silent cries of the dead. Her guilt. However, after the end of her life, a hand appeared before her offering her a second chance at life as well as the shocking truth of the world but for a price, a mission involving the imprisonment of the God of the Underworld. Can she stand up again and complete her mission or will she shirk back into her shadows and lament at her own weakness again? Just when she thought that everything was futile, she discovered that she was being stalked by a shady guy! "I can help you if you want to succeed in your quest, but you must come with me." He said. "Um, how about no." "Then, I'll take you away by force, if I have to!" "A challenge? Great! I've always wanted to see how much my bombs have progressed!" Currently on Hiatus due to attending graduate school.(Places are taken from real cities and states most of the time, except none of the government affairs and state affairs are real. Even parts of social problems can be made up in the story.)Discord:



  • The forgotten demigod

    The forgotten demigod



    Synopsis: Year 0 , First Period The Nothingness, a universe fated to an endless cycle of destruction and creation. The first being born in that universe, The First One gave birth to the life on the universe. Time passed. An all out war fell upon the universe. The ones below The First One battled each other and countless lives were lost. The First one and two of the remaining beings swore a vow: No more killing, no more creation. Countless years later, twelve gods have the duty to oversee the universe. One of the gods is carrying a child, and that child is fated to bring the destruction to the universe once more. Reincarnated in the Ayon planet with an elf body, the story of the Forgotten Demigod starts. - My opnion about this series remain the same, it is at least worth a try. It might be a little dull on the start, but trust me, as the chapters goes on, it become great. The MC is easy going, as if he don't care about anything besides himself, because he is a god (A pretty selfish one I must say) and on top of that he disregards life. The romance tag is not a bait, *BUT* it will take a looong time for it to shine on the actual plot. - Editor and reviser needed!!!! (I will pay when this novel is worth something.) - Release schedule: 2 chapters/week (Between friday and sunday) Chapters are being revised constantly - Also being published on Tapas! - Tradução/Tranlastion PT BR: - Call me on discord! Im open for Q&A anytime: ValenceWR#9975