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  • Lucifer's Descendant System

    Lucifer's Descendant System



    At some point in the 21st century, the Christian God stopped listening to the prayers of humanity. Monsters with colossal strength and endurance began to emerge and humanity entered its darkest period.However, to the delight of humanity, some people around the world began to receive powers, and so humanity was able to fight back against monsters, now seeing these people with powers as the heroes who fought for the good of the world.Among these people was Noah, who even though he gained powers, he knew that those powers did not make him stronger at all, making him just as strong as a normal adult man. However, an unknown system awakens and declares him to be the descendant of Lucifer, completely changing his life to the path of the truth and true power.[2 Daily chapters + Extra releases]Lucifer | Descensant | System

  • The descendants

    The descendants


    Aubrey had been born into the modern world. Until one day her and her friends are sent back in time for some kind of mission but they dont really know how or why. Aubrey has seen Kingdoms fall and Empires rise. Will Aubrey find her place in this new world or find a way back home to finish her project? There is a prophecy that once went like this "Three of diffrenet origins descendants of those destined will meet and travel like a clock but backwards. One will betray them, one will stay never to return and the other will go back," a few pieces of the prophecy have been lost in time.



  • Ghost Descendants

    Ghost Descendants


    People who die but remain in the realm of the living are ushered into the heavenly realm by people known as the ghost descendants. Ghost descendants are people whose existence is not known to humans except the dead. They have remained hidden and are secretive in their dealings with humans because a little mistake in anything they do can cause a huge damage to humans. Kaadie also known as Azurine is the last ghost descendant who is neither human nor demon, neither dead nor fully alive. Determined to live the last of her days quietly and stay away from human relationship as much as possible, she comes across a detective from a parallel world whose true identity is the wielder of the knife, the same knife supposed to extinct the last ghost descendant.With the approaching of the blue moon, will Lucas Lan be able to fulfill destiny and kill the last ghost descendant or will fate have other plans for them?Will Kaadie be able to protect herself and the people she has come to call family or will they die by her very own hands?PS: If you're in for a ghostly ride, then join meTEMPORALLY ON HOLD, SORRY GUYS!!!

  • The dragons descendants

    The dragons descendants

  • The Angel Descendants

    The Angel Descendants

    A New Adult Fiction Novel That Takes You Realms AwayWilliam Blackwyll has roamed the earth, thriving in both the human world and descendants Realms. He has watched emperors rise and fall in their own blood, and fought battles alongside Lightwatcher's, Elvans, Shifters, Fairies, and Casters.None of which matters now- It didn't prepare him for the hardest battle of his life. It didn't prepare him for Clare Miller, the Lightwatcher hunted by Angels and Demons.After a severe head injury eight years ago left Clare Miller with no recollection of the first ten years of her life, retrieving the unattainable, is exactly what it is, UNATTAINABLE. Her only source to link her to her mysterious past is her overbearing, tight-lipped mother.Clare has no idea the deadly power that surge's through her veins waiting to be unleashed onto the earth.A horrific event leaves Clare with no option but to rely on her estranged brother, Nathan, and an enticing fire Angel, Kalbreal.Hunted by Tempters and Angels, Clare's only hope is the man who walks in her dreams, a man of no face, but eyes of the deepest blue dipped in the finest cut of diamonds, William Blackwyll.The race to the end begins. Angels and Demons will fight for their rights while one girl will bring the heavens to her knees.Touched by the heavenly hand itself, Clare Miller must uncover her destiny in PART 1 of Epic Fantasy Romance - The Angel Descendants

  • Descendants...


    this is a story of a major genral and his lover Jasy Loren . she was a great actress struck in the world of hypocracy she had everything. she was the greatest star of the entertainment world coming from the third richest family in the world she was fierce and independent she was not like damsel she was rock but suddenly a gorgeous man appeared in her life and turned her life upside down though she knew she could destroy anyone and everyone feared her and her connection but this man he didn't care what she could so but before she could know he was married to her . after times passed she came to know about him she was scared of him but still trusted him he came to be also known as the most vicious person of underworld.... after knowing this secret she started suspecting her father's death but she was now the wife of most powerful man in the world ...she could do anything other than disobeying him. She was his Queen to the world they would listen to her but then he started showing his real nature he started torturing her she was probably one of his eye candy but who knew what destiny wanted to destroy she fall in love with him lets see what the destiny wanted from them......he hated her ..but why .... the worlds most dangerous person with most power anybody can ever have what could he want why did he knew her father..._______________________________________"i want to breath but with you near me its getting impossible "man replied:-"oh do u want oxygen you should have asked before " and pressed his lips against hers .....she was disgusted but it was indeed a pleasent one.... and that moment she no more thought that there was no bliss in life

  • Descendants Of Light

    Descendants Of Light

    Living a normal life Eliana found a box at her apartment and the content changed her life forever

  • Descendants of Heaven

    Descendants of Heaven

    Tyche has everything every girl wants fortune, luck,brains, goddess-like face and body, a family that cherish her damn much and personality that makes guys fall deeper into her charm.Until one night,right after they confess everything to Tyche her true identity, mysterious people entered their house and murdered her parents."You have to search for the eight goddesses, our precious child.""It's the only thing that you need to avenge our death."With that the story of Tyche and the Eight Goddesses starts.......

  • Descendants of Magic

    Descendants of Magic


    New York city. Such a big city, full of people, full of power, full of magic. Have you ever thought when you were little that you could have any magical powers? Maybe you did but then you grew up and you are not a kid anymore. But what if I told you that there are people with the special gifts? They could be you, or me, or your classmates, wandering around us. And some of them found a place for them - a school.Aveus Umbras University or for short "AU University" somewhere in upstate NY. Why somewhere? Because even if you search every corner of every aisle, you won't be able to find this school. The Gate will present itself only to those with "magical blood". Between those students is also one girl. Kaitlin is a freshman at the Aveus University. The story follows Kaitlin and her life at the university.

  • Descendants of the Gods

    Descendants of the Gods


  • Descendants 4

    Descendants 4

  • The Exiled Descendants

    The Exiled Descendants


    Dark Jedi from the Old Republic era have crash landed on our world Earth in the year 2021. After decades of development in our universe we see the birth of a new Force Wielding generation where 50% of the population now can control this mysterious power. The Exiled Jedi did what they always do though and one side went Sith while the other tried the route of Grey Jedi. The cast is descendants of the latter group.--Discontinued--

  • Descendants of magic

    Descendants of magic

    Astoria not knowing she is the crown princess of fire nation and has lived all her life between humans with not powers now has to attend an academy full of fake , jealous and vicious people and on top of that her mother well she is sick out of black magic which is also not known to astoria ,and then her aunt , she died mysteriously , being the late queen of fire nation her death is talked still , many say maybe she died using her full powers for nation , many say she was killed and so on......astoria's powers are like none other only she can safe lives of nations and her mother but , can she do that ?and then there are 2 princes who could benefit her and her nation , they kind of fell for astoria Can Astoria do all that or lose her face ?[ volume one - her mother's sins ][ volume two - ???]



  • Descendants of the Sun 

    Descendants of the Sun 

    Kapten Yoo Si-jin (Song Joong-ki) adalah tentara pasukan khusus Tentara Angkatan Darat Korea Selatan yang memimpin kelompok khusus bernama Tim Alpha yang terdiri dari lima tentara, termasuk dirinya sendiri. Pada awal cerita, Si-jin dan Sersan Mayor Seo Dae-young (Jin Goo) menangkap pencuri sepeda motor Kim Gi-beom. Gi-beom yang terluka akibat jatuh dari motor dikirim ke Rumah Sakit Haesung, tempat di mana Dokter Kang Mo-yeon (Song Hye-kyo) bekerja. Terpesona akan kecantikan Mo-yeon, Si-jin berusaha mencari perhatian Mo-yeon. Akan tetapi, Mo-yeon tidak percaya Si-jin dan Dae-young benar-benar tentara, terlebih lagi karena nama samaran Si-jin adalah "Big Boss" (bos besar), sehingga Mo-yeon mencurigai mereka berdua adalah gangster yang memukuli Gi-beom. Untuk memverifikasi identitas mereka, Si-jin meminta bantuan dokter tentara Yoon Myeong-ju (Kim Ji-won) yang pernah magang di Rumah Sakit Haesung. Meski punya masa lalu kurang menyenangkan dengan Myeong-ju, Mo-yeon percaya dengan verifikasi Myeong-ju.Mo-yeon dan Si-jin pun menjadi akrab satu sama lain sejak Si-jin meminta Mo-yeon mengobati lukanya. Mereka juga membuat janji untuk menonton film bersama di bioskop. Sayangnya, sebagai tentara, Si-jin selalu saja sibuk sehingga sering membatalkan janji mereka. Mo-yeon baru menyadari bahwa Si-jin mempunyai pekerjaan misterius yang sangat berbeda darinya. Sebagai tentara, Si-jin bisa saja membunuh orang sedangkan Mo-yeon, sebagai dokter, menganggap nyawa manusia paling berharga dan harus diselamatkan. Atas dasar inilah, Mo-yeon memutuskan hubungan dengan Si-jin. Saat itu juga, Si-jin dikirim ke negeri fiksional Urk untuk menjaga perdamaian di sana.Lambat laun, Mo-yeon menyadari bahwa menjalani kehidupan idealis tidak membawanya ke mana-mana. Mo-yeon berubah menjadi dokter elit yang melayani orang kaya. Ketika Mo-yeon menolak direktur Rumah Sakit Haesung yang meminta hubungan seksual, Mo-yeon dibuang ke Urk. Bersama tim dokternya, Mo-yeon belajar untuk kembali menjadi dokter idealis yang membantu kemanusiaan dengan menghadapi bencana gempa bumi, perang, penculikan, dan penyakit berbahaya. Di Urk, Mo-yeon juga bertemu kembali dengan Si-jin. Mo-yeon masih bimbang apakah dirinya siap mempunyai kekasih seorang tentara yang dapat meninggalkannya kapan saja. Namun akhirnya, situasi berat di Urk mengukuhkan cinta mereka berdua.Sekembalinya ke Korea Selatan, Mo-yeon berencana keluar dari Rumah Sakit Haesung dan membuka klinik sendiri. Sayangnya, bank tidak ingin memberi pinjaman jika Mo-yeon pengangguran sehingga terpaksa Mo-yeon tetap bekerja di Rumah Sakit Haesung. Sementara itu, Si-jin terlibat dalam aksi perdamaian Korea Selatan dengan Korea Utara.Ketika Si-jin dan Tim Alpha dikirim ke Albania untuk misi berikutnya, Si-jin hilang dalam ledakan dan dianggap sudah meninggal. Mo-yeon sangat terpukul. Satu tahun kemudian, Mo-yeon pergi Albania dalam peringatan kematian Si-jin sekaligus kegiatan relawan. Tiba-tiba Si-jin datang dengan luka-luka, dan menceritakan bahwa "teman jauhnya" yang merupakan seorang tentara Korea Utara menolongnya untuk tetap hidup. Akhirnya, Si-jin dan Mo-yeon, dan Dae-young dan Myeong-ju bersatu kembali.

  • The Creator's Descendants

    The Creator's Descendants


    The continent of Eberon was blessed by the deities in a faraway past, where humans were born, and the first civilizations were built. Though the so-called Creators had long left that world, traces of their magic remained, and two powerful Descendants lived among the deities’ creation.A conflict between the Descendants – half-human, half- gods - traced back the beginning of history until the present times. In each generation, two males were born, always as enemies and fighting till death. One of them wanted power, creating a World Government to rule over humans. The other sought balance and freedom for the people, leading armies of rebels against the authorities. Darkness cursed the continent of Eberon and the islands surrounding it. Until hope finally arose...Imprisoned since her childhood, the 15 years old ALTHEA discovers the meaning of freedom when 17 years old DOMINIC and 20 years old JOSEPH enter her path, leading her to a journey where ALTHEA will uncover her origins and understand the mysteries behind her overwhelming power. The young girl soon discovers that she is a break of a cycle that lasted thousands of years and that her god-like abilities are the hope of a new world.During her journey, Althea undergoes hardship and adverse conditions. In such a harsh environment, she must search for inner strength to overcome a lengthy series of trials against powerful government forces and destructive enemies. Her first mission is to unite the people against their rulers, while adjusting herself to freedom gradually amid revealing dreams and the buoyancy of comradesLegends, prophecy, a vast power struggle, and supernatural elements provide a unique otherworldly setting. Althea wrestles to triumph within the inherent strife around her, gaining a sense of her own potential. As the stakes increase, we watch Althea grow, acquire new abilities, and fulfill her role with the help of resourceful supporters through training and enemy encounters. She then, struggles to accomplish her first mission before facing the real enemy, ORION, the Creator’s Descendant.

  • Descendants of the Arcangel

    Descendants of the Arcangel


    Aretha berkeinginan membalaskan dendamnya kepada orang yang berusaha membunuhnya hingga mengakibatkan orangtuanya mati mengenaskan. Hingga suatu ketika dirinya bertemu pria misterius yang selalu mengikutinya di manapun ia berada, membuatnya kesal. Sampai liontin peninggalan ibunya yang harus ia jaga sebaik mungkin itu hilang. Sampai pria yang selalu membuntutinya itu mengaku bahwa dirinya adalah mate dari Aretha. "Sayang, kau adalah mateku, mengapa kau tidak pernah percaya?!" dengus pria itu. "Tidak!" Meskipun Aretha tahu bahwa pria itu mate nya, ia memilih bungkam karena asal usul pria itu tidak jelas. Aretha takut jika sewaktu-waktu pria itu memanfaatkannya setelah mengetahui jati dirinya yang asli.Sampai suatu kejadian mengejutkan Aretha. Gadis itu tak sengaja melihat bahwa pria misterius itu tengah bertarung dengan bangsa yang ada di wilayah kerajaan Nephium di hutan Blakeley. "Kau adalah ... Seraphim?" Pria itu terkejut, mau tidak mau ia mengangguk. Mata Aretha berbinar, kemudian berlari kecil mendekatinya. "Bantu aku!""Hei! Kupikir kau akan mengakuiku sebagai matemu!" gerutunya kesal. "Aku akan mengakuinya setelah kau membantuku!" ucap Aretha dengan seringai tipis di bibirnya. "Katakan!" "Bantu aku untuk membalaskan dendam." Apa yang akan terjadi jika pria misterius yang membuat Aretha berbinar saat mengetahui jati diri pria itu membantunya untuk balas dendam? Akankah setelah itu Aretha mengakuinya sebagai mate?

  • The Descendants of Mythologies

    The Descendants of Mythologies


    A 17 year old boy named Roland from United Kingdoms with a father named Arthur Drake and a mother named Morgana Lee. He is suddenly met with 6 parents at a same age as his father and mother in their late 40s, and 3 kids his age. He founds out that his father and mother and the other parents were actually from ancient mythologies. His father being Arthur Pendragon and mother being Morgan Le Fay from the Arthurian Legends. While the others are from different Mythologies.He founds out he needs to go the world where their parents originated from with the 3 other kids named Lance whose parents is Lancelot and Guinevere. Hermione daughter of Helen and Menelaus. Lastly Atlanta daughter of the Huntress Atalanta and Hippomenes

  • Versatile Descendants

    Versatile Descendants


    After he is assassinated from his previous life, ARK 1 otherwise known as the earths greatest all rounded Expert Killer transmigrates to a new world where he inherits the memories of a Fallen Angel.With his new identity, he must fight back to regain his stolen title while displaying his powers as the Next Descendant of the Universal Laws on the Four Realms