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  • Desire


    Damian is a 16 year old young man. He lives his life day by day, just like all teens his age. That is, until the sky falls out, literally. After a couple hours in this strange new place he used to call home, a strange sound resounds in his head. *ding* ......*system initializing*............“Hello host, my name is desire! How may I help you today?”.........“What the hell???!!”———————————————————There will be 7 standard chapters per week.———————————————————Aye, I need a book cover. Comment on the latest chapter if you’re willing to make me one, or if you have a suggestion. Much love my guys ❤️❤️——————————————————— me on patreon? I’ll be your friend forever

  • Pupus_


    hidup memang tak seindah drama, film, komik bahkan novel..apalagi tentang CINTA

  • A Wave Of Desire (BL)

    A Wave Of Desire (BL)



    After having been abandoned on the beach as a baby Ocean has lived the best life possible. He is the school's star swimmer. He is the most popular and a shoe in for the student body president. He is an honors student. And he even has the hottest girl in school as his girlfriend. But everything comes crashing down around him when the hot new Makai Rivers transfers in their senior year. Makai begins to steal Ocean's popularity, his number one spot on the swim team, even his girlfriend dumps him for the new guy. All of this just infuriates Ocean. So, why is it that Makai seems to follow Ocean around like a lost little puppy? Why can't he get this super annoying and super hot guy to stop following him? What is it that he truly feels toward Makai. And What is it that is different about Makai? Why is it that they're both so drawn toward each other? ******************** MATURE RATING ******************** This book is a LGBTQ story with mature content. There will be scenes that contain the following: ADULT LANGUAGE UNDERAGE DRINKING VIOLENCE SEXUAL SITUATIONS FOLLOW ME AND TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK **THE AUTHOR OWNS NO RIGHTS TO THE IMAGE ON THIS COVER, IF THERE IS AN ISSUE WITH ME USING THIS PLEASE CONTACT ME WITH ANY CONCERNS**

  • Imperfect Desires

    Imperfect Desires



    "Are you looking for your Mr. Right?""Why would I wait for him? Mr. Right is lost on his way."He quirked his brow at her answer with a faint smile at the corner of his lips."Then what are you doing?" He questioned in amusement.She placed both her hands on his chest and pushed his masculine body against the wall taking him by surprise.Her honey-brown eyes blinked at him with mischief dancing in them as she planted a firm kiss at his jaw and said, "I'm planning on taking advantage of Mr. Right Now!"His eyes widened dramatically in disbelief. Before his eyes darkened with desire and passion. He placed his hands on her small waist and she could feel the heat of his big hands through the flimsy fabric of her shirt.His head leaned ahead as he whispered close to her ear, "Feel free to take whatever you want." She felt his hot tongue licking her earlobe making her heart to beat erratically.~~~~~Chen Xiu; known as Ms. Goody-two-shoes. A Superstar who was said to have it all which made her the center of hatred and envy as well.Little did anyone knew that the same Superstar had to nurse her own wounds in the silence and darkness of night where no one was looking.But for how long could she hold on for? Eventually, she decided to end her own misery and ended her life in the darkness of night, her only companion.Having woken up in a new body and at a new place wasn't something she could ever believe in. At least, not until she became Bai Xiu out of the blue.The day she thought to be her last became her first as a second chance awaited her. But whether this new chance was a blessing or disaster, it was hard to tell since she was trapped in a new body with a new life with the shackles of only her old memories.New life or a new curse? What really awaited her? The same disappointing silence of the night or was there someone calling out her name desperately at the end of the tunnel? Were sparks meant to fly in her heart or the fire in her heart was meant to burn her whole? Was this leap of faith gonna make her fall on her face or was she meant to fly the horizon?The new life brought a lot of questions. But the answer was simple...You would never know until you give it a shot!~~~This is an original novel by Xiao MeeHee. All rights are reserved to the author.Thank You! ~~~Join the Discord Channel: amaya_meehee~~~Other Novels by the author: "Mr. CEO Loves The Devilish Beauty""The Inconceivable Flame: A Fallen Angel's Disguise"~~~

  • The Grim Reapers Desire

    The Grim Reapers Desire


    When Ryu opened his eyes, he was overwhelmed by sudden visions of the future. Why exactly did the mysterious god decide to pass down this prophecy to him? Irrelevant! Why did the God also show Ryu that he would die within a few years?! Also irrelevant! If he must die soon, then he shall use this life to save the so-called Grim Reaper: Panzram. Panzram: How do you know so much about me? Ryu: A god spoke to me while I was taking a nap and showed me your future. Panzram: … Die. Ryu: Very well. Disclaimer: Contains mature content of violence, gore, and romantic entanglements. Anything deemed NSFW (or 18 and above), will be separated and clearly marked. ****This is Yaoi = Man x Man***** Release Schedule: 5-7 Chapters Weekly (~1500 words per ch)

  • Desire Of The Call Girl

    Desire Of The Call Girl

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE R18 HAREM

    Synopsis WARNING!!!! Mature Content!! Her name is Choon-Hee, a beautiful woman whose body is beautiful with a big sexy ass. It means the name of a girl born in spring. Choon-Hee's face is shady like spring, but her charm is able to make many men willing to spend a lot of money, just to rent Choon-hee One night.. Yes.. Choon-Hee is a escort woman in a fancy bar in JD city. One of the bars whose owner is a handsome and successful businessman, Choon has long wanted to meet the owner of this bar. The bar which is named 'Horsesky' deserves a thumbs up. Whoever comes home from this Bar, they will fly back and spend their money again and again.. Who doesn't know a handsome man named Edwards Salvador? The man became the target of many women around the world. Although Edwards already has a wife, news has spread that Edwards' wife is lesbian. Of course that's good news for all the women, who are eager to be with Edwards and feel the bath with his money every day. What do women want from a handsome and rich man? of course Money.. So is Choon-Hee, waiting every moment the big Boss arrives and trying to get his attention. Will Choon-Hee's Body be able to attract the attention of Edwards Salvador? We will continue the story in the next chapters!!!! Don't forget to leave positive comments and buy free coins to unlock locked chapters, one free coin from you guys. will make the author even more excited to write! Happy Reading!!!

  • Gardenia of Blooming Desire (BL)

    Gardenia of Blooming Desire (BL)



    This is a love story between Young Grand Duke Aster, and his slave, Ramuja. Separated by their status, they went through a series of struggles, misunderstanding, and madness until their love fully blooms under the Oath of Gardenia. This is their story since their first encounter, their life in the grand duchy, their separation, and reunion, and their story to fight against the world. The complicated feeling of dependency, manipulation, and the greater power behind their budding and blossoming love. This is the tale of the royal family, politics, forbidden love, madness, revenge, and the taste of a 'Gardenia Kiss'. "If having you means blasphemy, then teach me how to be blasphemous." - Aster. "I am nothing and have nothing, but Young Lord, my breath is yours." - Ramuja. __________ This is Yaoi/LGBT/Boys Love with politics in it~~ Expect: - Manipulative, Yandere MC, Yandere MLs, basically a lot of Yanderes~ - Lots of love triangles. - Heavy politics with many schemes. - Drama and angst.

  • The Vampire Lord's Desire

    The Vampire Lord's Desire


    Jedediah Windstrung is the Vampire Lord of Village Blackburn. For years, he lived alone in the Mansion until one day, on a dark night, he encounters a human– Rosaline Langford, who willingly offers her blood to him in seek of help for her ill sister. Intrigued by her innocence, Jedediah opens his home to her. And thus the sacrificial lamb enters the lion’s den. — Her breath hitched, and she pressed her back tightly against the bed poster. Jedediah's finger grazed her soft skin, and the blood oozed out of the cut. He leaned closer to the crook of her neck and inhaled the scent of her blood. "If I taste you, the consequences will be dangerous," he whispered in her ear. "The Vampire Lord has saved my sis-sister, so I must fulfill my promise," Rosaline affirmed. Her fingers pressed tightly on the vertical column when he brushed his rough lips on her earlobe. "But what if I ask for your body instead of your blood?" A devilish smirk appeared on his lips.

  • Festering Desire

    Festering Desire



    Synopsis loading .... If you want to shoot me ideas.

  • Passion Desire Lust

    Passion Desire Lust

    "Natasha Tsarina is a single mature woman who loves writing erotica. She has lived in Europe, the United States, and Central America. She has explored her sexual fantasies during her travels, which can wake up your sexual arousals in the scene. In the collection of her erotic stories, you get some fiction from reality that are mysteries you have to figure out from her experience.Welcome to the erotic world of Natasha Tsarina, where everything goes around with love."

  • Desire Of The Princess

    Desire Of The Princess


    Mature Content! When in one body there are two souls! When one heart has to choose 4 different feelings? Rosa Centifolia An innocent woman who always falls in love with the charm of men. Even she likes the man who is her own father. Her body is luscious and beautiful, making many pairs of eyes leak amazing. Her ignorance of adult life makes her always enjoy many men who meet her. Enjoy the pent-up desire, the soul that always asks again and again. There is only one body, but two souls. A soul that thirsts for power and strength. Making an inevitable grudge on her current life. About the throne that is in control and About a destiny that can't be changed anymore. How can Rosa live and find true love? How did she defend the Throne that was supposed to be Her? do all men only love her body and the throne of the kingdom? Is there a man who really loves Rosa?

  • Forbidden Desires

    Forbidden Desires


    Let's play a game he said.And I agreed.He called it possession and the possession was me.Maybe just this one night I'll let Mr. Arizona possess me.I might call him sky when we are all together but secretly when he touches me, touches the heat of my skin and the lust that drips along my legs I call him Mr. Arizona again.It's a vile game we play where he lights a fire on my skin and I call him Mr. Arizona, watching the fire burn within his eyes when I moan it again and again. It's lust. That's what Mr. Arizona means.Just that single word and in different names as we play different games but tonight he calls it possession.Not another game of lust. He invited me to be won. To be possessed by him.




    CHARACTERS INTRODUCTION FEMALE LEAD ______________Name: Thakur Shulvih Rana Pratap Singh ▪A school going girl▪ age 16 and the only daughter of the Senior Superintendent Of POLICE CITY MR. Rana Prayap Singh MALE LEAD ____________Name: Hridhay Vihan bundela▪age 16 and the hier to the Royal throne of bundelas. ▪4th son of bundelas▪Siblings:Akarsh Vihan Bundela▪Father: Vihan Shivay Bundela_______________________________________________Arman: Hridhay you are such a must have been picked up from the dustbin { laughing }Mr. Vihan: yaa you are right i picked him up from the dustbin { laughing }Mr. Veer: {Throws a pen in the dustbin} Vihan pickup that pen for me!?Mr. Vihan:{ arrogantly } seriously why would i do that!?Mr. Veer: you can't even pickup a pen out of dustbin & you are telling me that my son was picked up from dustbin by you { questions }Arman: { laughing }Akarsh: { laughing }Amaan: { laughing }




    The Silver Orde, a famous and most powerful family of werewolf hunters. Their greatest enemy is The Arnav Marama, the strongest werewolf family capable of fighting them while all werewolves cower in fear awaiting their death, but it is in the past.Now, The Orde and The Marama live in hiding, People do not know the true identity of these two families. One as the strongest werewolf hunter in history and the other as the strongest werewolf clan in history. Even they themselves do not know that they are the greatest enemy in history.Ana Silver Orde is the only daughter of the Orde family. Ana fall in love with Peter Arnav Marama, a child who was abandoned by the Marama Clan.When she was a little girl, strange things happened, Ana suddenly appeared in the forest and met Peter there. As if it was fated that strange events continued to occur which led them to continue to meet until they both became close and created beautiful memories together. They were very happy, especially Peter, he really enjoyed the time he spent with Ana. But happiness is not eternal. A cruel fate changed everything.Two families who were once great enemies finally realize each other's existence and start a bloody war once again. A cruel fate makes Ana and Peter have to accept this harsh reality. But what can they do if they already love each other.What will happen to both of them? Will they just stand by and accept reality or their deepest desires that win and rule over everything?Let's see their story in THE DESIRE!

  • Inhumane Desire

    Inhumane Desire



    Have you ever wondered? what would happen if a teenager transmigrated to another world? Alfred is a peculiar student who hates God because of reasons that made his behaviors bad. His life was full of ups and downs, and yet he was still breathing.Alfred living on Earth where he could not feel warm finally found a vestige to hold his wish one last time in the world where everything is possible, The World of Sword and Magic. Let's go and watched how he unfolds the World new to him.2k+ words every chap.................This novel is extremely dark! I need power stone, please, and your honest reviews.

  • desire.


    Teen ROMANCE

  • Desire Games

    Desire Games


    This Novel was able to win bronze for #220 WPC.Thanks for supporting this novel by reading.20XX of September 29Twenty percent of the adult population received a message that the majority of people ignore.Adults are around 20 years old up to 69 years old.[Shall We Play a Game?If you win, your wish will be granted. However, if you lose, you will perish. Begins in 3 days]When people receive the message, it takes many forms. Some people get it via text or chat. Some people get an email, while others get a physical letter.Unfortunately, many people did not take it seriously and were caught off guard when they were placed in the Desire Game.That causes only 10% of the adults that receive the message to survive the games in the first game.So it had a nickname: the Death Wish Game.Because they can choose a price from the Desire Games' Wish List.Of course, the quality of the Wish List will depend on the level of the Gamer.People who were invited to join the Desire Games must play a game for a solo category once a month.In which humans expressed their dissatisfaction with the lack of additional categories in the Desire Games. It was later revealed that everyone was taken aback.It was a disaster for the first few years of the Desire Games, causing a 60% decrease in the human population.Because only adults can participate in the Desire Games, the population has recovered. Younger children have more time to prepare and grow.The Desire Games only spent 20% of the world's total population per year. They also send it three days ahead of time.So, as long as the Gamer is prepared, they have a good chance of surviving.It was a big mystery who was behind the Desire Games. Many lost interest to know the reason the Desire Games exists. But one thing is for sure it made the whole world upside down.You do want to play a game?Will you accept an invitation if you give one?

  • Dark desire: Getting his revenge

    Dark desire: Getting his revenge



    Denis, a businessman and lord of the hidden underworld army, faced the cruel reality of betrayal when both his friend and fiancée sought to deliver him into the hands of his enemies. Devising a plan to trap his so-called friend (Mark) thinking that he was merely selling information… exposing him to his adversaries , but little did he know… his very life would soon be in danger… they were hasting to commit coldblooded murder and by the time he found out, it was too late. Above all, he was truly crushed learning that his fiancée, Irene, had plotted against him with the rivals seeking his demise. So having survived the near death experience, Denis returns with a vengeance to dominate… to claim what rightfully belongs to him and retaliate with no mercy on those that wanted him dead. He thought it would be easy, but too many forces were involved, including those from an unknown magical realm… Would he be able to escape death once more? Or will this be his final straw*****I am not a native English speaker and may have errors in terms of grammar.The story is still in editing. You are much welcome to help with the editing Oooh before I forget, the book has Mature content. Read at your own decisionThank you for your supportThe cover is not mine. Credit goes to the owner

  • desire to be desired

    desire to be desired

  • Desired Curse

    Desired Curse



    {Warning; Mature Content!}"Do you even know what it's like to desire someone?""Maybe, I desired you.""I'm a cursed being!!""A curse can always be broken Shanxia but until then, you're my desired curse"Shanxia happens to wake up from a deep coma with no recollection of her past, who she was, what she was and how she ended up in a coma.She's kept under the care of a very powerful immortal in Mount Xuandu who will guide and teach her the right ways of gaining full power.Things start to heat up when Shanxia begins to develop feelings for her master unaware of the fact his feelings for her boiled like wildfire.There is one thing she finds suspicious, she wasn't allowed to remember her past and everytime she asked her master, he gives her the same strange reply."If you want to live, then stop trying to recall your past memories".............{A little Excerpt}"What are you doing?" I asked wondering if I was being mistaken for someone else but his gaze remained warm and burned onto mine.He traced his beautiful slender fingers along the corner of my lips and I felt them part on their own will, he smirked."Giving you the distraction you seek.".........The cover isn't mine so all credits on the cover goes to the rightful owner Please do bear with me if you find some grammatical errors as English is not my first language This story is based mostly on romance and less of mystery. what ever genre you might come across in this story are nothing but plot devices. I hope my story has what you're looking for T∆TUpdated daily

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