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  • Diabolic Desire

    Diabolic Desire


    "Hm?""Nothing." I smiled pleasantly. Jesus. Christ. "I really hate you" I said under my breathe. I heard a small chuckle."Baby-" he placed his hand over mine, and slowly shifted near me."This is the first time you've called me that. ""It will be used for special occasions only." he highlighted."What do you imply by that?" He hugged me from behind."It means you look very very very hot tonight." he whispered. His deep voice rang through my ears. Silence filled the air.He turned me around and pressed his lips against mine. My lips sunk in his and I melted against him, because of the sensation. The weird feeling of comfort swept over my body, making my body grow hot.I was freezing, yet he seemed like the only one who could breathe fire into me.He is the only one who could heal me. Heal all of my wounds and scars. He is the only medicine I desperately need.




  • Diabolic Eternals

    Diabolic Eternals


  • Diabolic Eternity

    Diabolic Eternity


  • My Diabolic Lover

    My Diabolic Lover


    I'm an ordinary girl until he came into my life. I'm walking on the street in the middle of the night. The road is empty and silence taking over the place. Me and my boyfriend.. uhh we broke up. After three years! After three years.. well who cares!? we never kissed anyway. It turned out I'm just like a friend to him.. from now on i'll focus on my studies! While walking, I saw a bench and I feel my legs suddenly want to sit down and I sat down. I took a look of the dark sky... I can see a lot of stars! I felt the fresh wind touching my skin and my ears loved hearing this silence. Suddenly I encounter a man that looked creeped out, scared, angry and very very tired. He was running and out of breath.. he asked me to help him but i'm in daze and very confuse. I let him sit on the bench and I gave him water to drink. I stood up and stared to the darkness... I saw nothing but I felt something different! I was trembling... I felt the cold and I also felt scared. I feel like someone is staring at me with cold, scary, intimidating eyes! I looked away and then the man who was seating here a while ago took my attention! He was no where to be found.. I fell and I can't breathe! my asthma!.. ahh ha ha.. ah ah ah.. then a moment pass and I'm able to breathe again, I'm now at a crowded place! the road is full of noisy cars and I didn't understood what just happened.. I ignored it and I started to think where i'm suposed to go.. Oh! that's right! i'm supposed to be with Chloe! nahhh! imma just text her and go back to my home and sleep. When I got back to my home, I fixed myself and do my homework then sleep. The next day I fixed myself again then went to school. Something is different, alot of students are in the hall and I can't really see why it's so crowded. I saw my bestfriend then she told me that Ms. Amy is Dead! she was killed ny the vampires abd ware wolves. I actually don't believe in it but when I saw her body... I saw claw marks.. her neck full of vampires bite and her body almost splitting up and there's no blood in her body. I'm terrified! but when the police arrived the students went to their classroom and they acted as if nothing happened. I went to my classroom and My Homeroom teacher, Mr. Bean also went inside. He tought us few things before a new student entered the room. He's wearing a hoodie and has a mask on and he look like he's a gangster or a member from MAFIA.. there's something odd with him! he didn't listen to anything that mr. Bean had asked him to do. When Mr. Bean could not take it anymore, he said "Let's go to the principals office young man! hurry up! the principal must lecture you" And we did not expect what he said "Why not bring the principal here? If you want us to talk.. why not you! bring him here? If you still love your job better move your ass and start bringing the principal here"

  • (BL) diabolic eternals

    (BL) diabolic eternals


    A boys love story.....An Zhao was too blank with his own surging pain to listen or to answer the baseless questions of his torturer, he didn't want to know who he was, or if he had come to kill him or ask if he had accomplices. He had only ever seeked the truth, he knew the whole system of the empire was flawed, there was no equality, the difference between the black hearts and the pure hearts weren't a mere difference of their deeds but it was rather of power. The black hearts were powerless, people without almost no magic, hence they were easy targets to be pushed down by the pure ones to be deemed as the black hearts so to take them in as mere servants, as mere enjoyments for them to show their dominance, in most cases they used to look for young maidens , deeming the male in their families as being the black ones thereby killing them off an taking the maidens to serve them but An Zhao's case was different, he had no family neither any friend but he wanted to change even if it meant for him to die but he still with all of his heart wanted to bring in the change but the loyalty of the whole empire was too strong to succumb to a single person, he was certain to gather similar black hearts so to bring about the rebellion but for his own group to have surrendered him to the pure ones of the gold castle was a big blow to his optimism, he wasn't shocked but rather miserable, hence accepting his fate he kept quiet, silence was his answer to the man standing in front of him, he knew death was on it's way and he'd accepted it. Yet fate had never sided with An Zhao and till now it hadn't been too sympathetic of him to let his suffering end so soon.

  • Path Of The Diabolic Cultivation

    Path Of The Diabolic Cultivation


    The second son of the great Sect Lang of Southern Liang is assassinated on his way to Nothern Qi. However... Unbeknownst to all... He had not died... But a soul from another world had transmigrated into his body. And he had been taken under the wing by the formidable Poison Master. This is the story of a bastard. An unfortunate soul who had been sacrificed in a string of conspiracies. Betrayed by the closest, forsaken by his kins, having his companions slaughtered one after another... A good-for-nothing bastard who slowly yet steadily rises from the very beginning... This is the story of an abandoned son, a vengeful soul who defies all the rules set by several generations of great cultivators and sets on a path no other disciple had ever dared before. And reaches the pinnacle of power. And somewhere, along the ruthless struggles for survival, loses his humanity... And becomes a bloodthirsty shell of what he actually was. . . . Until a long time after, 'someone certain' from his past life appears and brings him back.

  • Order of the diabolic world

    Order of the diabolic world


    74,000 years ago the dark and light overlords were in search of the fate stars when the dark overlord Li Nan Feng suddenly died and the only suspect was the light overlord. A clue was given that the fate stars would appear 74,000 years later in the heavenly mortal realm. The light overlord underwent a trial in the same year and did his best to find the fate stars for fear that the dark overlord would reawaken and cause the diabolic world's unsealing.

  • [BL] The Diabolic Cultivator Thief

    [BL] The Diabolic Cultivator Thief


    After living a 'carefree life' and dying a tragic death, Advik thought that everything ended for good. But life is full of surprises and heaven likes to play with everyone. Hence, when he was ready to meet Yama in the netherworld, he opened his eyes in a place called Lost Soul's Realm and met three gods who told him that he died two thousand years ago. As if that was not enough to shock him when he was told that he is just a wandering soul and the only memories he has left are about or related to His Highness Shwet.Advik: "What the hell did I even do in my past life to deserve this?"Heaven: "You destroyed the entire empire of the person you loved the most and killed him."Advik: QAQ ... Trigger warning: Description of Gore, Gruesome Scene, Blood, Violence, Self-Harm, Harresment, Sexual Harassment, Manipulation, and other dark issues/theme. ... [This is a BL/Boy's Love/MxM story. Updates on Wed&Sun]... The artwork/s is/are not mine. I do not have any copyright/s over it....Read my other novel only on Webnovel:-- Wings To Fly (BL)

  • The Tyrant's Pet

    The Tyrant's Pet



    Aries Aime Heathcliffe. A princess from the small kingdom of Rikhill was loved by all. With her beauty that was enchantingly demure and a wise mind, she had caught a lot of attention and captured the hearts of many. One of them was the dashing crown prince of the Maganti Empire. Overcome by the desire to have her and his interest in the land of the small kingdom, the crown prince of the said empire would stop at nothing. The knights from the Maganti Empire marched across the masses and seized the four-hundred-year-old kingdom of Rikhill. The kingdom of Rikhill fell into ruin overnight. The crown prince left no members of the royal family alive aside from his war trophy, Aries. After suffering in his hands, Aries found the perfect chance to escape. That was when he took her to the world summit. A gathering of each sovereign from each kingdom and empire for peace talks. There, she met the emperor of Haimirich, Eustass Silvestri Abel Bloodworth. Overwhelm by desperation, Aries begged him to take her in. It was too late when she realized that the man she asked for help was far more cruel, twisted, and downright diabolical than the crown prince for taking her as his… pet! EXCERPT: With a pair of crimson eyes hovering over her, Aries held her breath. When the corner of his lips curled up devilishly, she couldn’t react fast as he swiftly flipped their position. She only realized it when she was saddling him, gazing down at Abel, wide-eyed. “No one is above me in this empire and even out — not even the law, but look at you,” he intoned with a devilish smirk. “Staring down on me… so daunting.” Aries bit her lip, planting her palm on her inked chest. “Your Majesty…” “Do you now understand the power you hold, darling?” Abel carefully wrapped his fingers around her wrist, chuffed by her reaction. “Only you, Aries, may go above me and the only person in this world who can look down on me. No one else.” He raised an arm and ran his fingers through the side of her hair, settling his palm on the back of her head before he pulled her down until her face was a palm length away from him. “You better use this at your own disposal,” he whispered, tilting his head as he lifted it up to claim what’s his. HER. Meet Eustass Silvestri Abel Bloodworth, the sadistic tyrant, who reigned an empire with an iron fist. With his pet, Aries’ increasing presence in his boring, dark life, he was set to kill her. But alas, every time he thought of taking her life, he finds himself changing his mind. The more he kept her by his side, the more it got harder to dispose of her. And the more he yearned for something deeper and darker... it was driving him insane. With a secret he was keeping from her, what would Abel do if Aries found out about the rotting truth behind the empire and the emperor? Would he kill her? Or kiss her? Perhaps cage her? And if she found out that Abel wasn’t just a normal human, would she try to escape? Or would she accept that he wasn’t just a demon incarnate? In a complicated world that tainted them black, was love even possible to bloom between a pet and her master? Watch as these two play the dangerous and insane game of love and lust. Who would be the master and the pet? Who was the prey? Read to find out more. --------- Original Story by: alienfrommars FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM for original character arts: @authoralienfrommars Discord server: https://discord.gg/tbS4rKec3e Disclaimer: Cover not mine. Got it from Pinterest. Credits to the artist.

  • The Invincible Full-Moon System

    The Invincible Full-Moon System



    The sinful act of Humanity brings forth a great calamity towards themselves, or so they thought. Supernatural Emergence happened, Supernatural Creatures start to come out of nowhere and forcefully claim half of the Earth and massacre any humans that crossed their paths. The Supernatural Creatures are way too powerful, dozens of countries fall under their diabolic claws. Humanity was pushed against the corner. But things started to turn around when Humanity begins to Awaken magical power blessed by the gods. They are the pillar of humanity, and they're called Awakened. Rex Silverstar is a normal human boy that has a traumatic experience on the day the Supernatural emerges, a Werewolf takes everything he had. He lost his family and his home, he's left all alone in the cruel world. But what drives him to live every day is his deep hatred towards the Supernaturals. Rex decided to join the military in hopes to help exterminate the Supernatural from his early teens, he found out that it's impossible to kill the Werewolf that killed his parent without being an Awakened. On a fateful night, In a near-death experience, When his soul was about to be taken by Death. He is given a chance by the full moon where his life will be turned around. Given the chance to get stronger by a system and has the potential to match the Supernatural, Rex was ecstatic before he saw his stats window on the system. "I'M NOT A WEREWOLF!!" "Daily Quest failed, Decrease 20% Sanity Stat> "Blood Moon will start in ten minutes" "Sanity stat is too low to control the Blood Moon blessing!" "Forceful Transformation will begin shortly" "WHAT?! I'm a human! What transformation?!" "You're Overwhelmed with Bloodlust!" ----- I do not own the cover of the book, if you made it and want to take it down just say so and I will immediately change it.

  • Museum of Deadly Beasts

    Museum of Deadly Beasts


    Lin Jin never imagined he would ever transmigrate. And to such a peculiar world at that. Here, deadly beasts were regarded as sacred, and thankfully, he owned a museum for deadly beasts. “Master, this is just a dying little tortoise…” “What tortoise? This is a rare species that contains the blood of a Black Tortoise and could be promoted up to level seven.” “What about this shedding mongrel?” “Mongrel? How narrow-minded. This is a branch descendant of the snarling hound with a hint of Kirin’s blood. Take my word for it and sign the blood contract at once. I guarantee you that you'll soar to success and be on your path to invincibility!”

  • The Founder of Diabolism

    The Founder of Diabolism

    As the grandmaster who founded the Demonic Sect, Wei WuXian roamed the world in his wanton ways, hated by millions for the chaos he created. In the end, he was backstabbed by his dearest shidi and killed by powerful clans that combined to overpower him. He incarnates into the body of a lunatic who was abandoned by his clan and is later, unwillingly, taken away by a famous cultivator among the clans—Lan WangJi, his archenemy. This marks the start of a thrilling yet hilarious journey of attacking monsters, solving mysteries, and raising children. From the mutual flirtation along the way, Wei WuXian slowly realizes that Lan WangJi, a seemingly haughty and indifferent poker-face, holds more feelings for Wei WuXian than he is letting on.

  • The Diabolical System

    The Diabolical System


    Set in an Alternate 1700's Medieval style world, King Paul was the most Powerful King, Ruler of the world! He's the first King to unite the 5 neighbouring Countries with the help of his 5 Royal Knights. Although to all of the power he has, and loyal companions a Coup occurred! All of the Co rulers of the Five Countries attacked the King and his Royal Knights. Ultimately they were apprehended and were beheaded. Their bodies were thrown to the Ravine of Death. The once man who ruled the world died with dignity, his death caused outraged and the once unified world began to crumble the once peaceful lands became blooded with warriors as the war for landmass began. 5 years have passed Paul woke up from the deep ravine, the once 35-year-old man is now 14 years younger. He remembered a deep voice in a blank of space talking to him, he woke up and a window popped up in front of him showing his Level and Skill. He realized if he did something he'll gain something from it. Sooner he realized the world has changed, it was not all battles he was told to into the unknown blank of space, instead of it's quite normal for a world. He then soon realized news that a system like the game took over the world 2 years ago. The once Weak warriors became stronger as the depended on the skill upgrade. But something also bothers him, he found that some tabs are not available into other people systems and the name is also different. Paul's system was called "Diabolical System" while the other has the same name. Some actions are only available to him like seeing one's level of skill and a skill that makes him calm and cold.

  • The Vendivilliens:Miss Diabolical

    The Vendivilliens:Miss Diabolical


    If you were ever given the chance to reside in a dystopian world, would you only really go after power? It would have felt too estranged, would it not? Although, despite that...As far as the lass could tell, that really wasn't her plan altogether. She had only planned to live normally, but her grudges would not rest until their bloodlust were to be fulfilled.She often felt her humanity leave her body, but was she really as human as the world viewed her as? Miss Diabolical, as they called her; closer to the demon, farther from humanity...Her only goal now was bloodshed, but none would have expected she'd meet...Agent H.

  • Diabolical Love

    Diabolical Love

    Fantasy R18 BL VAMPIRE

    A love between vampire and human?

  • The Founder of Diabolism (Filipino)

    The Founder of Diabolism (Filipino)


    [Language: Filipino (formerly known as Tagalog)] +++Wei WuXian, ang YiLing Grandmaster, ay ang pangalang kinatatakutan ng lahat. Bilang tagpagtatag ng diyabolismo, noong kabataan niya ay naituring siyang bayani dahil sa kaniyang kadakilaan, ngunit kilala rin siya sa pagiging malupit. Sa paglipas ng panahon, naging mas makapangyarihan at mas malupit siya; pagpatay sa libo-libong tao at naging dahilan ng pagkamatay ng mga itinuring siyang pamilya. Sa huli, pinatay siya ng kaniyang kababata at ang tanging nakaligtas sa Sektang YunmengJiang— si Jiang Cheng, na minsang naging parang kaniyang kapatid. Iyon ang kuwento sa mga alamat. Isang araw, isang baliw na kultibador na nagngangalang Mo XuanYu ang gumamit ng pinagbabawal na mahika upang ialay ang sariling katawan kapalit ng isang hiling. Naging dahilan ito upang bumalik ang kaluluwa ni Wei WuXian sa mundo. Maghiganti kaya siya tulad ng kinatatakutan ng mga tao, o may iba pa siyang nais? Sa pagitan ng tama at mali, tunay nga bang tampalasan si Wei WuXian tulad ng sinasabi ng mga tao, o ang totoo'y isa siyang bayani? At gaano katotoo ang sinasabi sa mga kuwento?+++BABALA:Ang kuwentong ito ay naglalaman ng mga maseselang paksa at eksena tulad ng madugong tema, karahasan, balbal na lengguwahe, at sekswal na hindi angkop sa mga batang mambabasa.Basahin sa sariling patnubay. [R-18]

  • Diabolical Lover | Vkook

    Diabolical Lover | Vkook

    Fantasy BTS

  • Return of the God of Diabolism

    Return of the God of Diabolism


    Thousands of years ago, the only son of the Dark Lord died in a war between the righteous sects and the only demonic sect that ever existed. Thinking his soul is already broken, never to reincarnate again, people from the righteous sects celebrated."Baohu Zhen Ai is dead! Baohu Zhen Ai is dead! Everyone, the only Master of the Demonic Sect is dead!"But they seemed to be celebrating too early.Thousands of years after, Baohu Zhen Ai got reincarnated in the body of a young commoner, one that is striving too hard to be a member of the righteous sect. Righteous their ass.In the middle of waking up, there seems to be some weird mysterious voice whispering to him.."Gang Houhui.. Revenge.. Protect.."Since he doesn't know what it meant, he walked down the path ahead to find out about it.

  • My Diabolical Self

    My Diabolical Self