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  • Michael angelo

    Michael angelo

  • Life of angelo

    Life of angelo

  • Infatuation of Darkness

    Infatuation of Darkness



    *Dark Romance* "Search the name, Angelo de Alassandro." He said. Now she was doubtful why would she have to search his name? She did it and the search was normal; it was like searching for any other business man. But a few caught her attention. 'Angelo de Alassandro linked with the underworld. 'De Alassandro associated with the recent gun fire.' 'Another body found inside a dumpster, to be linked with the de Alassandro group.' The links did not stop. They more she scrolled down the more she read and the more gut twisting they got. She did not know how to react with the situation especially when the man who was supposedly linked with them was sitting right next to her. She was reading them with so much attention that she did not notice Angelo standing behind her. He was enjoying her reactions and her curiosity to read more. He bent down to her ear causing her breath to be hitched. He leisurely stroked her face and pushed a strand of her hair behind her ear. "Do you think that can be rumours?" Calmly he spoke in her ear. "They could be," She spoke diplomatically. He chuckled, "well, they are not." He confirmed.(I don't stand for abuse but I need to show it for the development of my characters.)

  • Nico di angelo (percy Jackson)

    Nico di angelo (percy Jackson)




    Angelo Verde is a spy who investigates the Mafia's underground business. In the middle of an undercover operation, some unavoidable event leaves him no choice but to serve Marvel Yerevan; the Mafia crime boss of a respectable Family. The taste of horrible and peculiar experiences in the underworld does not stop him from stepping deeper into the Mafia's territory; all to gain Marvel's trust. Ready to submit, even become a plaything, he will act subservient while secretly taking advantage of his position for the investigation to complete the task he is given. But, can he win the mission when he has never been victorious over "the battle" with the boss?

  • grace 

    grace angelo jhoannarie jazmine jessica jenalyn jhoven mattwin

  • Taming The Wild Prince

    Taming The Wild Prince



    [Excerpt]- “Please, Kai. Don’t go,” Aylin pleaded, grabbing Kaiser's wrist firmly; tears were rolling down from her golden eyes. But, her pleading was empty and meaningless for Kaiser who swore not to trust her ever again. His gaze was cold and dismissive as he turned to face Aylin. Then pulling his hand away from her grip, he asked furiously, “Lin, stop acting as if you care. When you don't!" Biting her lower lip, Aylin mumbled helplessly, “So you will leave me without even listening to the whole truth? Why don’t you kill me instead of torturing me like this?” Kaiser answered coldly, taking a step closer, “Because, I want you to suffer…” As Aylin looked up, she found his handsome face closer than she realised and her heart ached in sharp pain. She wanted to explain a lot of things but before she could say anything, his warm lips captured hers. It was a hungry, forceful and brutal kiss with no sweetness and loving gestures. His scent engulfed her as his demanding lips were devouring the softness of her lips. His tongue twined with her, intense, forcing her to think about him only, burning through her. She closed her teary eyes. She had never tasted such a breathless kiss. She reached to push him away, but she found herself wrapping her arms around his neck instead. Aylin gasped as their lips parted and their eyes met again. Kaiser’s blood-red eyes were still cold and furious even after the heat of the kiss. Aylin mumbled in a breathy tone while trying to find the answer, “Kai, W-why are you-” “It’s your Punishment, Lin. For playing with my heart. You must suffer more than me..." -----------Aylin Angelo- An illegitimate princess of Arcelia got engaged to the enemy Prince against her will as a token of the peace treaty though her heart was still aching for a stranger whom she met 4 years ago when she was just 12 years. But, who knew she had the most destructive secret which was going to be the reason for the deadliest fight ever and would destroy the peace for eternity! Kaiser Hale- The Third Prince of Fintan was infamous as an untamed and brutal beast and he could kill anyone while smiling. Even his frozen heart melted, seeing Aylin's warm smile for the first time. But who knew that she was going to be betrothed to his elder brother, Crown Prince! Their fates entangled together though their love was forbidden. But, Forbidden Fruit always tastes the sweetest.--------First Book of Forbidden Romance Series.(The content is mature and a slow-burning romance which can teleport you into a new universe of Magic and Love.I bet you are going to love it.)

  • Baby Daddy Facade

    Baby Daddy Facade

    "Raina, listen it's not Ours that's your responsibility and secondly I'm sorry, I can't return those feelings...we fucked that's all there was to it." He spurt coldly and my heart broke it a million pieces making me cry even more when he left banging my office door. Raina Williams a preachers kid, who believes in love, a successful lawyer. She just finished college and is currently working at a well-known law firm. She meets Angelo Le roux, her bosses son from Netherlands, the arrogant billionaire bachelor who doesn't do commitment. He doesn't have to sweep her off her feet to get her into bed. She gets pregnant and he tells her off to get an abortion.. but does she really ? she is after all a preachers kid.





    The "Falci". One word. One woman but absolute hell, for the werewolves of Alexei. After singlehandedly bringing Alexei to its doom in a single attack, the falci is very determined to make sure the wolves don’t go back home. Without a home and their werewolf powers, the surviving wolves have no option but to blend in with the humans, only this time, they are the slaves for the humans for decades. However, their hope lies in two kids, both who haven’t been sighted since the attack on the day they were born. They are alive, though totally unaware of their identities, but that is all the hope the wolves need to keep them going. Maybe someday they will go back home. -------------- Rhian is the good thief. Steals everything that she considers valuable, but never sells them. Her reason, souvenirs are a man's best friend. Angels are supposed to be people with beautiful souls, but him, he is Satan reincarnate despite being called Angelo. They are both independent yet hardwired with a load of trouble and a carefree spirit. Heirs to a world they have only read about in books, these two must come together to save their people. A people they have never heard of yet are so dependent on them coming together. Will they really accept their fate or will they fight it till the end? Will they submit to the pull or will they end up destroying the very world they were tasked to save? A story that wills to answer the question, Whose Alpha? OTHER WORKS: CRADLE OF LOVE | BULLETS BY DAWN| NIKITA cover photo not mine, will take it down if the owner requests.

  • Mafia King

    Mafia King

    I glared when his hand reached again to my neck. Our faces only an inch apart. His big hand was almost wrapping it whole. His thumb massaging my throat like a feather. "And when I thrust inside of you, I want to hear you scream my name. Every name of mine.""Dante. Adriano. Sol. Di. Angelo." His thumb stroking the center of my neck while uttering every name he owned. His eyes hooded in heat, lust clouding the windows of his soul. "And when you cum, it'll be Dante you moan."---Hailynn Fleury is a talented painter. Growing up as an orphan, she and her best friend Ethan, always wanted to get back to the people that helped and cared for them. When one of her friends convinced her to auction her paintings at one of her charity events, it didn't take much persuasion knowing the money would go to the orphanage. On the night of the auction, her future took another turn when she saw a handsome man holding a gun. Later finding out that he was a mafia boss with an intention of keeping her from thereon. Witnessing him pulling a trigger to someone would have been the mafia boss' wisest decision to never let her go. Except that he couldn't touch the girl knowing the promise he had with his cousin. Dreams of bedding the girl is no longer an option. But how will he treat his ragazza, really?Find out how both of their lives took a turn- with the aspiring artist and the Italian mafia boss.



    A thought can killA thought can give lifeIt Can trigger a good willOr a Futile sacrifice.But Angelo's writings will trigger a Fantastic moodBecause all that he writes is fantasy That is good.

  • Her Nerd Husband

    Her Nerd Husband

    Michael Angelo Smith the nerd fat boy, bound to marry Athena Meredith as what there parents wanted to. When they were young, Athena helped her fight the bullies who's been bullying Michael Angelo. Athena Meredith is a strong girl and doesn't want to see weak people being bullied. Because of what happened, they become friends. A best of friends for years. Suddenly, they lost of communication when Michael Angelo decided to study abroad because of his mother. His mother needs a medication abroad. After seven years, he came back to his homeland. He grew differently. From being a nerd fat boy to become a fine man. But he needs to hide his identity and chose to be a nerd guy. He became a secret agent and no one knows about his job. He married Athena Meredith, who doesn't know about his secret job. Michael Angelo loves Athena very much but He will not take her into danger, the reason why he chooses to hide his Identity to her What will he do if it turns out that Athena will knew about his identity as an agent? Will she able to accept it?

  • A Girl from My Dream

    A Girl from My Dream



    Namaku Angelo, biasa dipanggil Gelo Statusku saat ini memiliki pacar, namun hubungan kami sampai saat ini sangat dingin dan bahkan sering sekali bertengkar. Hingga suatu hari aku bermimpi bertemu dengan seorang gadis berambut merah. Aku yakin aku mengenalinya, entah kenapa aku merasakan sesuatu yang menggelitik di perutku saat bertemu dengannya. Sepertinya aku pernah bertemu dengannya sebelumnya. Siapa dia? Aku menemukan gadis itu di kehidupan nyata. Ia gadis masa kecilku. Apakah ia jodohku sebenarnya? Kenapa aku bisa lupa padanya?

  • My Bestfriends Grandfather

    My Bestfriends Grandfather

    Karma Brism. 19 years old. 5 foot 7 brick house for damn sure. Ass to tittie ratio on point. A face so beautiful you could say it was carved from the hands of Michael Angelo himself, actually she was once told. Bred from a white heroin addicted mother and fifty year old Haitian pimp. Attracting older men definitely ran in her blood. Archibald Jackson. 57 year old. 6 foot 5 Caucasion male. Millionaire ceo. He's watched his granddaughter (Laura) and Karma play and grow up together for years and he can't help the rush of emotions he feels at the sight of a now fully adulted Karma. Literally a story about a teenage girl going from rags to riches. From the hood to the suburbs.

  • Stallion Series (Filipino, Tagalog) - Stallion Boys of Exclusive Stallion Riding Club under Precious Hearts Romances

    Stallion Series (Filipino, Tagalog) - Stallion Boys of Exclusive Stallion Riding Club under Precious Hearts Romances


    A collaboration of Sofia and Sonia Francesca. Stallion Riding Club is an exclusive club for the rich, successful, gorgeous, and famous men in the Philippines. Nestled in Tagaytay, women dream of entering their secret paradise and capture their heart. Sofia's stories will be featured on this post. Each story will be posted per volume. Sonia Francesca's books will be preview only or teaser only. Video preview of Stallion Series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOASTI9xb-A ***Photo credits to the owner of the photo To get a printed books with pre-order option and autograph: https://www.facebook.com/Myprecioustresures Shopee (with free delivery and COD option in Philippines): www.shopee.ph/sofiaphr To get complete ebook: www.preciouspagesebookstore.com.ph Keep in touch via Facebook: Sofia PHR Page Here's the official list of Stallion Boys: 1. Juan "Jubei" Bernardo IV 2. Eneru Villasis 3. Gregory Alfred "Gino" Santayana 4. Suichiro "Hiro" Hinata 5. Reigan Baltazar 6. Neiji Villaraza 7. Yue Anthony "Yuan" Zheng 8. Gabryel Hinasan 9. Brandon James "Brad" Alonzo Crawford 10. Rodjan Sta Maria 11. Kaiser Montezor 12. Yozack Florencio 13. Renzell "Zell" Zapanta 14. Emrei Rafiq 15. Romanov Querido 16. Jason Erwin "Jed" Dean 17. Crawford Oreña 18. Kester Mondragon 19. Phillipe Jacobs "PJ" 20. Eiraun Jimuel "Eiji" Romero 21. Rolf Guzman 22. Beiron Rafiq 23. Reichen Alleje 24-25. Reid Alleje 26. Peter Paul "Pipo" De Vera 27. Cedric Johannson "Johann" Cristobal 28. Daniel "Daboi" Bustamante 29. Angelo Exel Formosa 30. Gianpaolo Aragon 31. Thyago Palacios 32. Icen Villazanta 33. Hayden Anthony Illano 34. Rozen Aldeguer 35. Joziah Gatchalian 36. Cloudio "Cloud" Montañez 37. Eizhiro Figuerao 38. Zantino Roberto "Zairo" Montevedra III 39. Hans Cervantes 40. Baxter Saavedra 41. Mark Ashley Camello 42. Danilo Ricardo "Danrick" Tezzoro 43. Richard Don Robles 44. Ricos Caderao 45. Lee Shin Yang 46-47. Myco Gosiaco 48. Reiven Alleje 49. Ian Jack Salmentar 50-51. Trigger Samaniego 52-53. Jigger Samaniego

  • The Last Piece

    The Last Piece

    Emarlia Damarys, a criminally insane teenager. What happens when she finds out who she really she is?

  • Moonrise on Earth

    Moonrise on Earth


    Hundreds of years ago, monsters took over Earth. Saving it from pollution but destroying most of human kind. A few escape and take a mixture that gives them special abilities. For years they live in space, terrified of going back to Earth a fighting the monsters that ruined their fellow humans. Cithara Blythe is the daughter of one of the most dangerous super humans and a council member who refuses to fight violence with violence. She has powers no one has had for a century. She fights her inner demons, her anger issues and at home problems as she gets to control her unwanted powers to keep from killing the rest of the human population. Cithara is sent down to Earth, risking her own life for other super humans to live with no monsters. Her and four other kids wander around Earth, recall!long stories of the land and sky, trying to blend in with the monsters. Will the five turn into monsters themselves, save the human population, or give in and go crazy?



    Angelo loved her from the very first moment he laid eyes on her. She didn't know who he was and what he did in his past and he loved it that way .It was his past and he wanted her not just for fun but for keeps. If only she stopped running away from him...Cleo didn't want to catch feelings for a guy who was out of her league . He had everything sussed out and she didn't or so she thought . Running was always a safe option but fate had other plans ...

  • My Secret Admirer

    My Secret Admirer

    Everyone wants to find the right person with whom they want to spend the rest of their lives. Krista, a girl who just enters college, along with her two sisters, who together are triplet, is excited about meeting new people, having fun, and hopefully having a boyfriend in college. Will she be able to cope with college, homework, her annoying sister, people who just hate her or will there be someone in the shadows sticking up for Krista? Read to find out.Please note that everything in this story is clearly from my imagination and any names, places, etc. are simply coincidental.

  • Project Ero [R18]

    Project Ero [R18]

    Romance R18

    Compilation of steamy interconnected short stories. Short stories of 5 hot men and be ready to welcome their individual sizzling life.1st Series: Angelo - On going2nd Series: Tom - Soon3rd Series: Marco - Soon4th Series: Manolo - Soon5th Series: Evo - SoonFirst series is now boiling up!Check it out!© mcdarkages 2018