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  • Dolls


    Ophelia Luciana has had a hard life, but it only gets worse when the 14 year old gets kidnapped. After her escape, she comes across a utopian society,but something seems off.

  • "Dolls"


  • The dolls eyes

    The dolls eyes

  • The Dolls

    The Dolls

  • Military Dolls

    Military Dolls

    Sci-fi Romance CONQUER

    After 19 years of the war against the world has finally been resolved. Unfortunately, for 6 teenagers they don't have a home to go back to.When you are created to end a war, then without war what are you?

  • Dolls house

    Dolls house

  • Their Broken Doll

    Their Broken Doll

    "Erina's family sells her to a pack of wolves, she knows she's there for their pleasure to be used and then killed, at least that's their intention.But what they don't know is that Erina isn't willing to accept that fate. She's determined to do whatever is needed to stay alive. The pack thinks they can just use her and throw her away, but when she's done with them they won't be able to survive without just another moment with her.Because Erina doesn't want to be their broken doll, she just needs to be their perfect one.Unfortunately for her, the pack isn't going to make life that easy for her. She's underestimated just what they could want from her and she's about to be pushed to her very limits and beyond for her mistake.Her bid for survival is about to begin."

  • Valley of the dolls

    Valley of the dolls

  • The Science Ace Go Back To The Past To Save Her Brothers

    The Science Ace Go Back To The Past To Save Her Brothers



    # GROUP PAMPERING In her previous life, Su Su offered up her life for science, and in the end, she developed a system that could let her travel through time and space, allowing her to return to a time 30 years ago, to the day before her family was destroyed. She was only four at that time, and she was the legitimate lady of the Su family, though she ended up wandering the streets. At the same time, the imposter, Su Nan, lived a lavish life in the Su family, and she was also well loved by her brothers. When Su Su brought with her a dirty doll and stepped into the Su family's mansion, they were holding a grand birthday party for Su Nan. But this was also a sign that the Su family’s tragic fate was about to change! However, the imposter, Su Nan, panicked. “She’s just a beggar, and yet she’s pretending to be Su Su! Chase her out!” The guests snickered and agreed with her. “Where did this girl come out from? The Su family lost their eldest daughter when she’s just one years old. Someone must have told this four-year-old girl to do this, right?” Su Su ran into her noble and reserved big brother’s arms. “Brother, I’m Su Su! I came back! If you don’t believe me, we can do a paternity test!” In her previous life, she was only discovered and brought back to the Su family when she was an adult. Unfortunately, by then, the Su family was already persecuted to the point where it was almost ruined. This time, Su Su swore that she would save her brothers! Much later, when the four-year-old Su Su used the technology to save the Su family, Su Nan’s real identity was exposed. In truth, the Su family’s downfall was linked to this imposter…




    KHUSUS DEWASA!! HANYA DI WEBNOVELRexford Mackenzie 40 tahun patuh hukum juga bukan laki-laki kelainas sexs yang menyukai wanita dibawah umur, tapi ketidak tahuan Rex malam itu hampir bercinta dengan wanita dibawah umur membuatnya gusar.Disisi lain banyaknya uang yang diambil gadis itu membuat Rex geram. Untuk apa uang sebanyak itu?Apa tujuan gadis di malam itu? Apakah ia mengetahui siapa Rex? Biyan Anastasia tidak lagi ingin berhubungan sexs, setelah malam itu bersama laki-laki bertopeng yang hampir saja bercinta dengannya.Apakah Biyan bisa bertemu laki-laki itu lagi? Bagaimana dengan pertemuan berikutnya? Sisi lain adik tiri Rex membuat konflik lain dengan Biyan, berniat menghancurkan hubungan Rex dan Biyan. Bagaiman hubungan itu? Apakah Dili benar-benar menyukai Biyan Anastasia?Sedangkan sahabat Biyan, Yona telah memalui malam panas bersama teman Rex yang ternyata itu bukan untuk yang pertama kalinya keduanya lakukan. Perasaan itu hadir di tempat yang salah. Rasakan sensasi yang berbeda dengan membaca novelku yg lain, baby ^^~ TERPAKSA MENJADI ISTRI SIMPANAN~ BABAY DOLL (English)~ PENGUSIR SETAN Cover by freepikfollow Igku y : nilakrisna176

  • Nahami Dolls

    Nahami Dolls

    sorry.., this story was deleted :(

  • Transmigrated as the Tortured Female Lead's Daughter

    Transmigrated as the Tortured Female Lead's Daughter



    My mother is the sweet, silly, and innocent protagonist of an angsty novel. My mother was the substitute for the overbearing CEO's unrequited love interest who ran off when she found out she was pregnant. As for me, I'm nothing special. I'm just the child prodigy who became a hacker at the age of five. … Genius hacker Gu Chu found herself reborn in the pages of a tear-jerker book. She had been transformed into a cute little five-year-old. Her mother was the tragic female protagonist while her father was the uncultured, boorish male protagonist. There was also a gaggle of hostile, opportunistic relatives and a pretentious, seemingly-virtuous but vile-hearted aunt... Gu Chu straightened her small little frame and began waging war secretly to help her mother. What bad intentions could a five-year-old have? She just wanted to protect Mama. … Until one day... The man who had hunted her across half the globe in her previous life suddenly appeared. As he stared at the weeping little doll-like child in her princess dress, the man fell silent for a long while.

  • Dolls and Gods

    Dolls and Gods


    A deep space salvaging crew of five on a mission to find out what the meanings of life are - while cleaning up the space ecosystem, filling up quotas for the Corporation each month. They have to communicate with alien races friendly or not, travel the unforgiving vacuums of space, face ancient dangers, and see venture on strange and wonderful new life forms on different planets. But first, they have to get by their tedious day to day work of cleaning space junk.

  • Murder dolls.

    Murder dolls.

    Horror&Thriller SCARY

    Quite and gently, but cold with no heart. Eyes with no life but move with such strength. No human but he the doll maker will know how to make a doll of murder.

  • The Village of Dolls (tagalog)

    The Village of Dolls (tagalog)

    Contemporary Romance ADVENTURE SCARY

    Mahilig ako'ng manood ng nakakatakot na palabas, kami'ng tatlo'ng mag-pi-pinsan ay linggo-linggo naghahanap ng magaganda'ng pelikula na siya'ng nais naming magbigay bangungot sa amin. Ngunit dahil sanay na kami ay ni minsan, wala pa kaming napapanood na tatakot talaga sa amin. Ngunit sa dulo'ng banda sa labas ng sinehan... kung saan naka-paskil ang isang pelikula...Sadya ba'ng nagkataon lang o... isa kami sa napili nila?Inyo'ng subaybayan ang kwento'ng bangungot na siya'ng gumimbal sa buong pagkatao ko... isang bangungot na hindi lamang sa panaginip ako ginulo... dahil ito ang uri ng bangungot na nasaksihan ko gamit ang mata ko.Ang siya'ng lumabas ay siya'ng uunahinNg mga manika'ng itim na pula ang ngipinHabulan sa loob--- taguan sa labasKahit saan ka magpunta, hindi ka makakatakasKaya't paano ka makakaligtasLalo na't ikaw ang napili ng manika'ng hudas"Oras na ikaw ang pinili... paano ka pa kaya makakatakas?"




    In a world full of mystery and misfortune, Sophia and her fellow comrades came across a power unknown to all yet strong enough to destroy the whole world and without realising it they became one with the power. Will this power bring them the peace they seek or will daythis be the wirlpool that drowns them in it? Sophia , the girl who is surviving in a devastated world stuck by war received a call to fullfil her duty as a citizen despite being just only 16 and due to unexpected turn of events she finds herself stuck in a place where she has no way to escape from . while she fights her way out with her comrades, she found new powers and reason to live . Her power which were unheard of and mysterious to boot . she goes on accepts it as it is and fight her way through in the vicious world while learning more about her powers every.

  • Glass dolls and Lecture halls

    Glass dolls and Lecture halls

  • Beauty in the beast world

    Beauty in the beast world



    Lyra is a 21st-century girl from the modern world who accidentally transmigrated into the beast world while swimming. what happens when a gorgeous young girl with golden blonde hair and ocean blue eyes with ivory white skin doll falls into a world where the female population is drastically low. But as she stays in the world, she discovers many secrets about herself which she never imagined. Join her journey in discovering love, heartache, and the real truth of her life. This is my first story please support me and join me on my journey through this story. The cover photo is not mine Contains mature content with many r#18 scenes audience below 16 restrain from reading it. Follow my insta @ruby_rosie_2001

  • yuna and her dolls season 1

    yuna and her dolls season 1

    Yuna’s doll comes to life and has adventures with their owner Yuna and finds out many secrets

  • The doll

    The doll

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