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  • The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

    The Domineering Glutton Of The Future



    #food Mo Chu was reborn. She opened her eyes to find herself in a world where a thousand years had passed. The docile animals and plants became very aggressive, and elemental abilities that existed only in stories and legends now appeared before her eyes! Fortunately, upon waking up, Mo Chu gained a nice-guy brother who had a sister complex. Unfortunately, she had a one-in-a-million sensitive constitution, so she couldn’t consume 99% of the available food. However, there would always be a solution. If she couldn’t eat the food of this era, couldn’t she come up with new food? And so, she made fries, grilled fish, beggar’s chicken, and various other delicacies that were not available in this future world. As a glutton, Mo Chu was satisfied with this outcome. However… “Wow! What have I been eating all my life? Her food is so delicious, it’s amazing!” “Aside from being delicious, the food can actually increase elemental powers, and its effects are several times better than pills!” “I offer five million Federal Coins!” “I offer ten million. Don’t compete with me! If you do, I’ll fight you!” Mo Chu held up her hands in defeat, feeling helpless. It was only grilled fish. Did they have to get so excited? *** Ning Yiyuan is the only marshal in the Federation and also a top-class expert whose elemental abilities could reach tier 12. Even in an environment where the number of men was double that of women, countless beauties would still throw themselves at him. Yet, he was never fazed. Over the past few decades, Ning Yiyuan was like a monument, always standing at the Federation battlefront. Yet, this monument started to crumble after meeting Mo Chu… “Uncle!” Mo Chu addressed him with her rosy lips, and Ning Yiyuan’s ever stoic face began to crack! He was only 40 this year. In the Federation where the average lifespan of a human was 300 years old, he was considered a youth. So how could he be called an ‘Uncle’? Hmph! He would have a word with this lass!

  • Flash Marriage: The Domineering Wife

    Flash Marriage: The Domineering Wife



    #Nominated in Webnovel Spirity Awards 2020. (Completed) Trigger Warning: Novel contains mature content and explicit scenes only intended for adults. {R-18+, No rape and No misunderstanding} *Nothing can come between my husband and I,not even death.* ~She was sad, hurt, and depressed. She was a mess, a monster who was slowly fading in her dark, lonely world until he came along. Like a twinkle little star, he brightened her horrid world. He was no one but her happy pill~ (Couple 1) "Tell me Wifey, has any man ever made you feel the way I do?" Lei Zhao asked. "Will it hurt if I tell you someone has?" Yan Mei inquired. A cheeky grin appeared on Lei Zhao's lips. "It wouldn't because I am sure no one has done it, especially the way you scream with pleasure under me." -------- Yan Mei, an aloof CEO known as the devil strongly believes love is a scam because she has experienced the joy and sadness of it. Now her heart has turned into a piece of stone encased by steel. Lei Zhao only has time for one thing in his life: work, after the death of his brother, which made him devastated and broken. After a chance encounter with a woman in a red suit at a club, he finds himself drawn to her. Something about the mysterious woman has him determined to make her his and unlock the mystery of the pain that flickers in her eyes. ~But will the devil give him a chance? Even though at times, the devil needs love too.~ ***** (Couple 2) ~She became the monster, parents told their kids to run away from, but she was far from a monster. She was just a lonely girl who wanted a friend who would always be there for her, who would check up on her and ask her how she was~ "This isn't a fairytale or a teen fiction where the bad girl falls for the good boy and tries to change for him, and then they live happily ever after. This is real life, and well, life is fucked up." Ying Sheng said, and she gulped the beer she was holding, loneliness flickering in her eyes. "But I-I won't ask you.. to change or want you to change. I just want you to be my bad girl. You --can tie me up in bed- and fu…ck me until I forget my name." Liam stammered as he turned crimson red. Ying Sheng heaved a sigh, "Cutie, you're supposed to look for a trophy wife who can cook and do chores. Not a monster like me who will destroy your perfect life. Also, we can't be together." Liam's heart nearly stopped in his chest when he heard her. His shoulders hunched, and he took a deep breath. 'Why?" He queried. "Because I love someone else." ~At times you have to choose between the one you love and the one who loves you. Ying Sheng learned this in a hard way.~ Two broken-hearted women, each broken in their own way.....with two determined men, ready to fix their broken pieces at all costs. This is a story of betrayal, love and second chances. Ready to enjoy the journey and learn along? *No evil mother-in-law, step-sister or cheating bestfriend *Not your usual cliche flash marriages novel *Bad girl X Good boy Tags: Flash Marriage #doting husband, #smut, #bad girl, #good boy, #betrayal #second chances #Strong female lead #Spirity-awards 2020 #Supernatural Note: Some chapters may be triggering for others but there is always a warning before reading. ^I'm not the owner of the cover. CREDITS TO THE OWNER. if the owner wants me to take it down just leave a comment. Thank you! Discord server: Join to chat with author, fellow readers and make friends.

  • The Abandoned Husband Dominates

    The Abandoned Husband Dominates



    After three years of being married to an unfaithful wife, the multi-billionaire is chased out of his home! After the divorce... His unfaithful ex-wife comes begging for forgiveness while she says, “I was wrong, please give me another chance!” Meanwhile, his former mother-in-law pleads, “Please be my son-in-law, I’ll do your laundry, prepare your meals, and serve you well!” "It’s too late to regret..."

  • World Domination System

    World Domination System



    [*Ding* World Domination System booting up. Current World: Unknown Host Status: Near-death Current Goal: Survive Overall Goal: Dominate and Conquer the world!] A college student struggling for cash opted for an experiment which was advertised as safe but paid a lot of money. As soon as he was strapped to a chair and had electrodes placed on his head, he fell asleep but woke up to this robotic voice in his head. With these words started Daneel's adventures in an unknown world. Will he explore and conquer the rapidly changing new world, as the system stated? Or will he die and be forgotten within the eddies of time? If you have some spare change, buy me a coffee to support me at: Release rate : 14 chapters per week Release Schedule: 00:15, 6:00 GMT+8 Chapter Length: ~2000 Map of Angaria: Updated Map(SPOILER ALERT- Only see if you've read until Chapter 900) : Discord:

  • I Got Caught Lying To A Domineering CEO

    I Got Caught Lying To A Domineering CEO


    After running away from home, Guan Ju accidentally picked up a drunk domineering CEO on the streets. She needed a place to stay for the night while he needed to vent his frustrations. It was a night of passion and they were unusually compatible, so they decided to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau and got married. After their marriage, Guan Ju was considerate, sensible, and flirty. She never asked the domineering CEO about his work, and just stayed at home and be his decoration. The domineering CEO surprisingly doted on her, showering her with expensive gifts every day. But Luo Han always liked to pretend to be miserable in front of his wife. “I’m just a worker who helps his boss manage the company.” One day, Guan Ju was flipping through the financial news when she saw the domineering CEO’s photo. Luo Han returned home to a dark Guan Ju with the interview article placed beside her. “Care to explain?” Luo Han felt guilty. “He might be my twin brother who was cast out on the streets.” Then, Luo Han was schemed by bad guys, and his wife came to his rescue, displaying maximum combat ability. She could even remove bombs with her bare hands! Everyone was wailing, but Luo Han hugged his wife and explained on her behalf, “My wife is weak, so none of you can bully her!” Back at home, the domineering CEO pressed his wife down onto the bed and asked in a low voice, “How should I hold you accountable for lying to me?”

  • The domineering playboy

    The domineering playboy

  • Profane Prince of Domination

    Profane Prince of Domination



    Government intelligence agencies realized that Konrad, the world’s number one wife robber, was endowed with a supreme weapon allowing him to turn the purest of maidens into hungry beasts: The Golden Rod! Eager to obtain that marvelous weapon for their own nefarious purposes, powerful politicians send their teams after him, hoping to capture and analyze the rod. Konrad was chased from one corner of the world to another and ultimately cornered. But in a fit of fury, he chose to destroy what they worked so hard to obtain! “Screw your ten thousand ancestors! Only I can wield the golden rod! Since you want it so badly, then fetch its remains!” He howled as he aimed a gun at the golden rod. But suddenly, the sky darkened, and purple lightning struck him from above. “Fool! This is a national treasure! Who gave you the right to harm it?” The Happiness God roared in indignation while sending Konrad into reincarnation. “This time put the treasure to better use. Complete all the quests, and I might even let you enjoy the sweet fruits of paradise!” “God, I won’t disappoint you!” Happiness God even gave him a tailor-made system. But there was one problem, he was reborn in the body of a half-incubus eunuch caned to death for offending the emperor’s favorite consort! *YIKES* Empresses, imperial consorts, princesses, daughters of powerful families. Within the confines of the Holy Flame City, no beauty is safe from Konrad’s demonic clutches. “Finally, a body matching my demonism.” “To all the beauties of this world, I announce that your conquest now begins!” Tags: Harem, System, R-18, Mature, Reincarnation, Anti-Hero, Shameless Protagonist, Overpowered Protagonist, Immoral Protagonist, Dual Cultivation, Demons, Politics, Comedy, Face-smacking. Author's note: You can expect a lot of smut, comedy, and face-smacking. If any of this bothers you, this is not for you. I do not own the cover. I'm evil. (Check out my latest work: Reverend Ecstasy)

  • Domineering Jiang

    Domineering Jiang

    Story if a Jiang, a mysterious guy. Well for fun read.

  • Special love from domineering ceo

    Special love from domineering ceo

    The woman was lying on the bed. The soft moonlight from the window was shining on her pale face. What a sexy scene!Christopher Loomis looked at the numb woman who was pressed down by him. He said with a mocking smile, "Isn't this what you want?"Leslie Ward's face looked much paler than before. Her chin was suddenly pinched tightly by the man before she could say anything. This pain made her cry out."Have you forgotten what day it is today?" Christopher said with mockery. At the same time, the pressure on his hand got stronger again.Her pupils contracted instantly while something was striking on her mind. Then her whole body kept trembling."Even the day of remembrance of your sister can be forgotten, you are really a ruthless woman, ah."Christopher said while his body was still moving through her body. It would be nice if Evelyn had not been killed by this woman.Leslie was accustomed to hearing Christopher's taunts, but her heart still can't help but throb.She had been married with Christopher for three years. But she loved him for more than three years. Why Christopher overlooked her, only sneered at her these years? He only loved Evelyn. Even giving her love with both hands initiatively, she would not get any concern from him.Christopher’s voice rang in her ears again, "You went to great lengths to be married with me, even put your own sister's life on the line. Now everything is as you wish, what are you not satisfied with?"She closed her mouth tightly without any word. She was afraid that if she opened her mouth, she would no longer be able to hold back her emotions that were about to erupt.But her silence at this time seemed to be a provocation to Christopher. His movement became more violent and faster. Leslie finally cannot help but groan painfully.Half an hour later, Christopher pulled out from her body and went into the bathroom. Leslie endured the pain in her body and wrapped herself up tightly with the quilt.Christopher came out of the bathroom and saw the way she was. His heart was ignited with anger again. He said, "Leslie, don't you just want me to fuck you? Now your reaction is for what? The bitch still wants to declare herself a virgin?"Leslie gritted her teeth. In the past, Christopher made love with her with saying nothing. Just to satisfy physical needs, and the woman can be her or someone else.He ridiculed her like this. Only on the day of Evelyn's remembrance every year, he hated her even more."I'm sorry."Christopher frowned unconsciously when he heard her tiny voice. He walked towards Leslie and lifted her quilt.Leslie looked flustered and curled herself up into a ball. But Christopher was not ready to let her off the hook, "You make me feel sick now."Tears could not be controlled in her eyes. Christopher did not see her abnormality because of her messy hair.In his memory, Leslie never cried."Christopher Loomis, what do you want me to do?" Her voice was a little hoarse, but it did a good job in hiding her trembling voice.Christopher looked at the wretched her from a high position, "Clean the picture frame."That was Evelyn's photo, which Christopher regarded as a treasure.She got up slowly and moved her feet step by step towards the photo. She found a stain on the glass of the frame. It may be rubbed on accidentally. Did Christopher’s anger just for this?She looked upward subconsciously, but hit Christopher’s obscure eyes. "On the first day you lived in this house, I said that you needed to do nothing but wiping the picture every day. It must be stainless."Leslie's hands with the frame shocked and almost dropped the frame. Christopher's heart was filled with anger suddenly. There was a tinge of shade in his voice, "If the frame in your hands is broken, then you will take your life to pay for it!""My life in your mind is not as important as a picture frame?" Leslie asked with a shudder. It seemed like her heart was torn into pieces, painful even unable to breathe."Leslie, you are worthless in my mind." The unforgiving words made Leslie collapse completely. Tears kept flowing down from her face. She turned up her voice suddenly, looking straight at Christopher and said "For these years, you put all your heart in this photo, not willing to share your heart even a little bit with me?"This was the first time he saw Leslie's tears. He was astonished just for a second. He took two steps forward to look at Leslie with his brooding eyes. Then he still said mercilessly, "Leslie, I did not love you before, and would not love you in the future."



    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE REVENGE

  • No Divorce For The Domineering CEO

    No Divorce For The Domineering CEO

    Romance PREGNANCY


    # DIVORCE # REGRET GETTING MARRIAGE Zhao Jia fought for justice and someone hit her on the head. Not only did she wake up as a married female CEO with a net worth of over a hundred million, but she was also pregnant with a child that not even the father knew about? She heard that her husband, Peng Zezai, was a cold and indifferent young master from a wealthy family with exceptional looks and a good figure. Others said that she and Peng Zezai were the model couple recognized by the wealthy circle. That night, Zhao Jia experienced how the man who was rumored to be 'extremely gentle to her' mocked and ridiculed her, accusing her of scheming after him. Zhao Jia, 'I can't stand this injustice! What model couple? What gentle husband? It's all fake.' She wanted a divorce! Peng Zezai slammed the divorce agreement on the table. "No divorce!" Zhao Jia scolded him, "What's wrong with you?!" He looked down on her and still refused a divorce. This scum of a man seriously needed help! Zhao Jia was convinced that she did not have a good relationship with Peng Zezai. The baby might not be Peng Zezai's… Then, she slapped a paternity test report on Peng Zezai's face. "I'm officially informing you that you've been cheated on!" Peng Zezai sneered and pushed her against the desk. "Cheated on? It's impossible in this lifetime." How could he not know about planting his own child? Zhao Jia, "…" She was unscrupulous in getting a divorce, but the man was as immovable as a mountain. How infuriating!

  • My Domineering Husband

    My Domineering Husband



    Since high school, Jin, a billionaire CEO, has neglected all the other women in his life in order to pursue Eunji, his dream girl. In his dreams, she wove an exciting future for them. But he was afraid to confess to her how he felt. Even though she had no feelings for him, Eunji, a cheerful young lady, agreed to date him. But he was too reserved for her. "He isn't my kind of guy" She gave up hope of ever seeing him again. Jin had plenty of time to catch her, but he let her slip through his grasp. In the end, he was left with nothing. Is this going to be the last chapter? Or is this the culmination of a fresh start that is about to begin?If he is shy, then why the Novel named 'Domineering Husband'? Find out reading the novel.MINE BOOK SERIES★ My Playboy Is a Prince★ My Domineering Husband★ My Wicked Male Lead═══════════════════════════POINTS TO BE NOTED• [GOLD TIER WINNER in WFP#23]• No smut scenes uptill Chapter 10.• Read the auxiliary chapter if you are a New Reader.• This Novel features Mature and R-18 contents, however, no rape.• Join the author's server to discuss This Novel and get fanarts.• Any comments that are baseless and not meant for the novel will be Deleted.• Thanks for reading.═══════════════════════════Contact:•Discord - Tisha#6746•Join my server -•Instagram - @imaginetishad , @tishad.arts , @mistress_of_leoSUPPORT ME:•• More═══════════════════════════IF YOU ARE NOT READING THIS BOOK ON THEN THIS BOOK IS STOLEN BY THAT SITE. THE AUTHOR ONLY PUBLISH ON WEBNOVEL.

  • Domineering Billionaire Husband: Please Love Me Gently

    Domineering Billionaire Husband: Please Love Me Gently

    She was forced to accept a marriage proposal from a strange billionaire to pay her huge debt and to take back her inheritance left to him when her mother died."I only have two questions," she said. "The first question is this: if I sign it, does it mean that I don't need to pay my debt?"Mike: "Yes. And your second question...?"Crystal: "Okay, I haven't reached the legal age for marriage yet, so even if I sign it, it won't take effect. Is that right?"Nathan quickly raised his hand and said, "If I say that it is effective, no one will dare to say that it isn't. Do you believe that?""I suppose so," Crystal admitted. She hesitated for a moment, and then she signed the marriage certificate.Months later, she asked for a divorce from him. He stared at her in silence, then he uttered, "Have I ever told you how much I love you?""What does that have to do with our divorce?" Crystal asked."I'm only asking because I care about you," Nathan murmured.Suddenly, tears began to stream down Nathan's face."I'll be happy if you say that you care about me," Nathan continued. "Why must you torture me this way? Haven't I done enough to prove my love for you?"She was stunned hearing his confession and words stuck on her throat.Nathan carried on with his little speech. He said, "I have died once, and the fear of death has no hold on me. But if you admit that you care for me, then I will live for you! So, please, love me once, and I will be at your disposal!"

  • My WereDragon Husband Is Too Domineering

    My WereDragon Husband Is Too Domineering

    In the snow-white room, the sounds of heavy, manic breathing were intertwined with soft whimpering as the large figure enveloped Reese like a god. Even though this was only their first encounter, he was already hopelessly crazy for her. With rough movements, frenzied kissing, and bondage, he forcefully overcame every last line of defence in her body, causing her to succumb to him completely. Reese Tate was a medical genius who had some small achievements with her medical skills, but she was otherwise the most ordinary young lady there was, especially among all of the diverse races in the entire Universal Galaxy. She never imagined that she would be framed by her fiancé and locked up in a mental hospital, let alone be molested and violated on her first day here, by a despicable dragon who had status and prestige. In the eyes of everyone else, he was distinguished, handsome, and powerful. But in Reese’s eyes, he was stubborn, cold-blooded, and obsessive. He was also a sex maniac who eyed her bare body with lust at every chance he had! But why did this awful, lecherous guy protect her time and again? Why did he say that she was his salvation? Furthermore, Reese was beginning to feel that his silhouette seemed to resemble a certain someone from her memory…

  • My Domineering CEO

    My Domineering CEO

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE

    Follow Autumn Albury on her journey to find love and beat the rude people who caused her so much heartache.

  • My Domineering boss

    My Domineering boss

  • Taming The Beauty: Domineering Wife

    Taming The Beauty: Domineering Wife

    She, Hu Guan Yin, is the new rising Best Female Actress of the Entertainment Industry. She is also known as the long-lost daughter of the prominent family in City A, the Chen Family.Her younger brother is working as an doctor in the most prestigious hospital in City A. While her older brother has been the one managing the company.While, she was just a flower vase* in other people's eyes. But, what others didn't know was that she was an assassin that constantly gives the people in the military an headache.He is the king of the underworld that many people feared but is her eyes he is just a big teddy bear.Flower vase - Pretty face

  • Tales of the world domineering emperor

    Tales of the world domineering emperor

    War&Military SYSTEM

    "حيوا جلالة الإمبراطور الحكيم!" داخل قاعة ارجوانية عملاقة مرصعة بالذهب والجواهر! في عاصمة أكبر وأقوى إمبراطورية في القارة والعالم بأسره! اجتمع مئات المسؤولين المدنيين والعسكريين. بعضهم يرتدون ملابس بيضاء والبعض الآخر سوداء! يقفون على جانبي سجادة طويلة تمتد من أول القاعة عند باب عملاق لا يمكن للشخص العادي رؤية ارتفاعه، متصل بعرش عملاق! ذلك  العرش الأحمر الذي لا يستطيع أحد معرفة مما صنع، اذا رأه شخص ما للوهلة الأولى لإعتقد انه مصنوع من دماء ملايين التنانين! يقف خلفه تسعة حراس مرتدين دروعاً ذهبية لا يظهر منهم سوى عيونهم، جميعهم يحملون اسلحة ذات قوة مرعبة، قد يُعمى الشخص بمجرد النظر اليهم، اذا رأى شخص ما هؤلاء الحراس لإعتقد انهم تماثيل عديمة الحياة!تردد الصوت في تلك القاعة! إنحنى جميع الاشخاص في الغرفة ماعدا الحراس التسعة! فتح ذلك الباب بصوت مهول، تبعه صوت قدم تخطو على تلك السجادة، ذلك الصوت مثل صوت الموسيقى ليس قوياً ولا ضعيفاً، ارتدى ذلك الشخص جلباباً ذهبياً مرصعاً بالجواهر! وجهه مليئ بالكرامة والهيبة والجلال! ذو عيون سوداء حادة وشعر أسود كالحبر، مشى ذلك الشخص حتى صعد الى العرش المهيب وجلس عليه! لم يجرؤ أحد على التحدث أو الارتفاع دون أمر ذلك الشخص أعلاه! "فليحيا جلالة الإمبراطور!" صدى صوت المسؤولين العالي في أنحاء القاعة. "ارتفعوا!" صدى صوت جهور في آذان الحاضرين! "حسنا! من أين أبدأ؟!" فكر ذلك الشخص في أعلى القاعة.

  • Abyss Domination

    Abyss Domination


    He doesn’t know why his mind has been transferred into that of a petty thief named Soran within the VRMMO . The new ‘Soran’ though possesses both the body’s previous occupant’s memories and his own. Using his experience as a Legendary Rogue who had reached the apex known as the Realm of Legends, he will now have to survive in this world which had once been a game to him. Soran will have to grow stronger while avoiding the upcoming dangers and protect his younger sister, Vivian, from the chaotic times which will soon devastate the world. He shall eliminate everything and everyone that threatens them, but perhaps Vivian might not need his protection? When the demons of the Abyss rise and the gods fall, a massacre will take place across the world. Divinity has fallen, and evil is surging from beneath. The Time of Troubles has begun.

  • Dominating Sword Immortal

    Dominating Sword Immortal



    On this land of real souls, with millions of different martial art institutions, there’re so many strong fighters just like the trees in the forests. Among all, a mediocre apprentice from one of the mediocre institutions suddenly became a martial art genius after a mysterious incident. Not only did he acquire a photographic memory and keen perception, but he had also come to discover that his ability to comprehend martial arts is astronomically good, which eventually made him an almost godly existence. From the hot-blooded intense battles to the clashes between the top geniuses, Martial Arts is no longer limited to the mortal world, it reaches to a level that can do everything from controlling the oceans to flying up the sky and diving under the ground.