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  • dragon Rider

    dragon Rider

    Fantasy Romance ACTION ADVENTURE

    snowflake must save her kingdom and her friends and family and middle earth

  • Epic of Ice Dragon: Reborn As An Ice Dragon With A System

    Epic of Ice Dragon: Reborn As An Ice Dragon With A System



    A young man that was always cautious with his life ended up dying in the most random way possible, buried by an avalanche. As he died, within his last moments, he heard several mechanical voices resonating inside of his head, and he was granted many wishes in the form of Skills, Fortunes, and a new Body. Now, reborn as an Ice Dragon, he is thrown into a world of fantasy that seems way too much like Norse Mythology named Yggdrasil, which is also, somehow, a Cultivation World? What a weird mashup of concepts! Accompany him as he explores this world, survives against the deadly monsters that roam this world, and fights to find a place to belong to, and a purpose to this new life. However, he is not the only Reincarnated who was given wishes, and soon enough, the world he was thrown into will be engulfed in complete chaos. This is the story of a man reincarnated as an ice dragon and his daily life, how he meets many people, finds many enemies, and also slowly builds a place to call home. https://discord.gg/JmEne5zHdt

  • Epic of Vampire Dragon: Reborn As A Vampire Dragon With a System

    Epic of Vampire Dragon: Reborn As A Vampire Dragon With a System



    After dying miserably, Chaos suddenly finds himself reborn in the body of a chimera between a Vampire and a Dragon created by an insane Elder Lich who claims to be his father. Thrown into a an universe filled with darkness, monsters, dungeons, and gods, he finds himself born as the calamity of the entire galaxy, the primordial evil, an entity that shouldn't exist! Packed 100 Million Mana, a cold-headed mind, a calm demeanor, and the power of both Vampires and Dragons developing within his chimeric body, Chaos will awaken his Chaos Magic, and gain Skills from the monsters that he eats, bringing forth the end of all those that dare come to take his life! This is the tale of the Devourer of Worlds, the Living Calamity, the Primordial Evil, Chaos! But was he all of this? Or was Chaos misunderstood? Watch as Chaos discovers the truth about his origins, and finds a purpose in his new life, and the fate that awaits him! Join the discord! https://discord.gg/JmEne5zHdt

  • Dragon rider Ruby

    Dragon rider Ruby

    Ruby is a young girl that has a tragic accident and finds herself in another world. She wakes up with all her knowledge from the previous one. She finds herself in a world of martial art cultivation and magic. Where she first must compete with various children on being a dragon rider an elite soldier that protects there nation. The nations are divided by the strength of the children’s magical prowess. It’s with cultivation and training the children sharpen there talents to move there nation to the top. The top nation is awarded various supplies, treasures and access to the sacred libraries of the nation. There are several sacred animals that can assist the top children. The Pegasus winged horses that have partnered with humans in the past. The unicorns known for their wit and whimsical knowledge. The dragons flown by knights and various military. Giant owls in the winter regions known for there dark humor and mage craft and various others. The nations have evolved on there strengths and environments. The Blue kingdom is an aerial city made of mountains and snow. Home of the the giant owls. Blue frosty trees grow in a dense packed forest with sharp ravines and cliffs. The harsh weather made the people secure geothermal heat from the ground as well as crystal they mined from the earth to make there crystalline fortress. They also have caverns of hot springs known to heal various illnesses. The Gold kingdom a land of sand dunes and heat is there opposite but they do well in trade. The various mages there smelt glass from the heat and sand and trade for the giant blocks of snow each kingdom has there own special precious mineral that helps in the cultivation of the nations children. Strict test of ability mentally and physically where boys have a larger chance of favor due to strength the playing field for girls is more strategic focusing both on strength but magical talent and mental fortitude. Ruby finds to her horror that she not prepared for these obstacles that seem more like a quest in a video game. The language at first seems strange to her but as a baby she seems to understand it. It helps that her mother does have a kingdom stone each child is gifted one on there birth. It is also there that an initial test of talent is made. Where’s crystal is placed on an infants hand the light emitted shows the child’s potential strength.

  • The Dragon Rider Queen

    The Dragon Rider Queen

    everyone has their struggles, right? For some people, they have to stand their ground and protect their kingdom from those who wish to take it away from them. From juggling the life of a kingdom in one hand, whilst in the other, they have to juggle personal issues. Now throw into the mix, a conniving evil king who want's nothing more than to destroy Apala Livingston. Follow our young princess as she experiences new things. question is though....will the outcome of these experiences be good or bad?

  • The Dragon's Kiss

    The Dragon's Kiss



    The first time she saw him, he was surrounded by flames. She couldn’t clearly see his eyes, but his gaze burned every part of her skin it lingered on. Surely if the legendary beasts ever had existed, he would be one of them—one of the dragons. **** Kel has spent her life as a palace guard, hiding her mysterious ability. When sent in the princess's place to form a marriage alliance with a neighboring kingdom, she is captured by enemy soldiers and taken to the Serin Empire. The ruler of Serin is a terrifying and coldhearted man, but he seems to have taken an unusual interest in Kel. How long will she be able to keep her identity and abilities a secret under the constant gaze of the Dragon Emperor? ---------- !!Slow burn romance!! ~I own no rights to the cover image~

  • Coiling Dragon

    Coiling Dragon



    Empires rise and fall on the Yulan Continent. Saints, immortal beings of unimaginable power, battle using spells and swords, leaving swathes of destruction in their wake. Magical beasts rule the mountains, where the brave – or the foolish – go to test their strength. Even the mighty can fall, feasted on by those stronger. The strong live like royalty; the weak strive to survive another day. This is the world which Linley is born into. Raised in the small town of Wushan, Linley is a scion of the Baruch clan, the clan of the once-legendary Dragonblood Warriors. Their fame once shook the world, but the clan is now so decrepit that even the heirlooms of the clan have been sold off. Tasked with reclaiming the lost glory of his clan, Linley will go through countless trials and tribulations, making powerful friends but also deadly enemies. Come witness a new legend in the making. The legend of Linley Baruch.

  • The Dragon Rider (no longer updating)

    The Dragon Rider (no longer updating)

    Maria is a adventurous teenager with a loving family, her mother and her cute, little brother Lucas, but what happends if they're threatend? How long will she go to protect them? Can she handle the consequences?

  • The Legend of the Dragon King

    The Legend of the Dragon King


    Following the advancement of soul technology, the humans of Douluo Continent conquered the ocean and discovered two new continents. After being hunted by spirit masters excessively, the soul beasts are nearly extinct. After countless years of lying dormant, the King of the Soul Beasts has awakened in the Great Star Dou Forest. It will lead its remaining clansmen in taking vengeance against humanity! Tang Wulin is determined to become a powerful Soul Master. However, when he awakened his martial soul, it was actually a… Incomparable talent. The battle of the Dragon King. The Legend of our Dragon King hereby begins.

  • The Chaos Dragon Prince

    The Chaos Dragon Prince



    The Domain Of Gods exists! For years, Cain searched for ways on his Modern Earth to travel to the world where beings akin to Gods roam about. Nobody believed he could do it, but Cain never gave up. And after so many arduous years, he finally created the ritual that would transmigrate him to the Domain Of Gods! When the ritual had actually worked, Cain should've been positively elated. He even managed to transmigrate into the body of a genuine Dragon Prince. But, there was one major problem. Despite being the grandson of a Dargon God, he had zero cultivation for 18 years of his life! But, instead of feeling despair or cursing his luck over such a cliche scenario, Cain welcomed this problem with a maddening smile. Who cares if I have zero cultivation?! I will become a free reign expert no matter the means!

  • Golden Dragon Rider and the Golden Academy

    Golden Dragon Rider and the Golden Academy


    In the world of Magic there's a girl who were born without magic or special ability and who always get into trouble, but later on she slowly discovered her fate, will she discover her ability and will she fulfill her fate too, to maintain the peace and order of every living beings in the world against the wicked?

  • Dragon riders

    Dragon riders

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE ADVENTURE R18

  • The Dragon Rider's

    The Dragon Rider's

  • Dragons and the riders

    Dragons and the riders


    welcome to the world of dragons and riders but not just that but this would will be magical the MC is thrown into a world that is foreign to him and into a body that seems to have died. The would will have many cruel things in it what will this young dragon rider do with his dragon we will see. He might not be a hero he does what he has to so him and his dragon are not killed. author note: I have a spelling disorder so if some things are not spelled right sorry about that I will do my best to make shore this does not happen.

  • Blood Type: Dragon

    Blood Type: Dragon



    (Warning! This is a Dark novel)FAMILY OR HUMANITY?Elric's life completely changed as a fated stormy night ended up making him choose between his humanity or becoming a dragon - all with its dearest cost.Accepting his new fate, He soon realized he has taken a bite of power more than he can chew. A new world has been revealed and an unexpected journey to the world of the Elementals began as Elric tried to fix the mess he has made. Along with meeting unexpected friends and enemies, Elric was forced to redefine his goals as he struggled his way up to the final form of evolution and to unite the mysterious world he once thought he knew.1 chapter daily!~Cover Dragon source: https://www.uihere.com/free-cliparts/rage-of-bahamut-granblue-fantasy-final-fantasy-xii-dragon-bloodborne-1866079

  • Heir of the Dragon

    Heir of the Dragon



    Would you like to be the heir of a power that dates back to the beginning of the world?Mel was a skinny boy living in a mountain village. Although his abilities were limited, he was happy and spent his days experiencing peace in the forest until that day came.His relationship with the older man who lived in the ruined house outside the village would make him heir to the world's greatest secret.He was trying to make his way across the river of life in a raft that not belonged to him. Changing with each stop he was dragged into, Mel first knew himself, and the powers he had inherited, and then the order of humans.It would either rise despite the whole world or be a forgotten detail in the dusty pages of history.Don't forget to check out my other series!HeLL OnlinEhttps://www.webnovel.com/book/hell-online_21978982506750705World of Six Civilizationshttps://www.webnovel.com/book/world-of-six-civilizations_20648681605354905




    A poor boy who has just turned ten years old, no longer able to live in the orphanage. He leaves the orphanage to seek power. His motive is revenge. One day he comes across a stone. A stone that changed his enter life as he knew it.This is a story of Felix and how he became the dragon rider who slew Tyrant Immortous. The person who was deemed to be an immortal who would not die no matter what happens.The cover does not belong to me so please tell me if you are the owner or you know him and also if you want credits or want me to take it down.

  • The Rider and its Peculiar Dragon?

    The Rider and its Peculiar Dragon?

    A 16 year old boy called Klear Coman is transported from Earth to a world full of DRAGONS. Where dragons and humans live and battle with each other also the one who can successfully summon or tame a wild dragon are respected and worshipped. The stronger and rarer the species of your dragon are the more power you can be. And Kreals here, have now the most unique specie of dragon in the this entire continent. Hello guys follow our MC in his epic journey for becoming one of the most powerful riders in the world he is currently in where monsters, magic, fairies and many mystical creature especially DRAGONS!! and stuffs that only exist in his wildest dream. Note:This is my very first story created and expect some errors in the story because Im also not good at English

  • The Dragon Beside Me

    The Dragon Beside Me


    Su Ruan’s life was not going great at the moment. Her best friend, whom she had been in love with for the longest time suddenly announced that he was getting married. Then, she had suddenly lost her job. To take a break from all those things that have been going on in her life, Su Ruan decided to return to a place that she had not visited for more than twenty years--her grandfather’s orchard in the countryside. It was supposed to be a quick break until Su Ruan was ready to pick up herself and start again. However, her life changed the moment she decided to go into her grandfather's orchard where she met… a creature. For Long Fei, he has been searching for Su Ruan ever since the girl had left the small town twenty-five years ago. Now that Su Ruan had returned to his life, Long Fei was bent to claim her as his own and never letting her out of sight again. --- Entering WPC 227 - Human and Beast --- Cover Illustration: kirinlukis --- This is a contemporary/fantasy/chick-lit romance XD --- A shared universe with: 1. Loving You Too Much (completed) 2. True Love and Other Lies (on-going) 3. A Lifetime with You (completed) 4. You're My Only Star (completed) 5. Love So Sweet (on-going)

  • Dragon's Throne : Rise of Dragons

    Dragon's Throne : Rise of Dragons

    A fallen kingdom and a hidden prince that could lead to the Birth of an Empire. Thus is the Legend of Elric Vellen. Will the sacrifice his father made on the day of his birth be in vain or will he be able to reclaim what was lost. Only time will tell.This is a story full of magic, dragons, blood, and steel with a bit of mild r18 that is relevant to the story's plot and used to spice up the dry lore and world building arcs.Our story begins with Elric's birth and the siege of his homeland and follows his escape to an unknown land in his mother's arms. Were he is given into the care of a kind old man an quickly grows into a budding hero.

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