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  • The Horse Inside

    The Horse Inside

    Catherine’s mare is an off-the-track Thoroughbred. The little ex-racehorse doesn’t fit in with the expensive German horses at the dressage barn because she doesn’t look or move like them.<br><br>So it’s no surprise that when a competition is held for all the boarders, Catherine and Besca are the only ones not chosen to ride on a team. The two are laughed at for having the nerve to hope they’d be invited to compete.<br><br>Catherine resigns herself to not taking part, but continues to work on her riding skills and practice the test she wanted to perform in the competition. But she doesn't realize she's being watched ... by someone intent on changing her life when show day arrives.

  • How Not to Rescue a Racehorse

    How Not to Rescue a Racehorse

    When my current dressage horse wants a change in career, I visit Nonette, a beautiful wannabe-retired racehorse at the track with great dressage potential. I find her stuck in a dark, hot stall.<br><br>I have no room for her at home and have promised my husband I won’t buy another horse until I sell the one I already have.<br><br>But poor Nonette! Having seen the conditions in which she lives, I feel obliged to rescue her. However, my husband mustn’t find out what I’m doing -- he’ll never believe I don’t intend to keep another horse.<br><br>Read on to discover how rescuing the pretty mare becomes a nightmare!

  • The Horse Who Went to Church

    The Horse Who Went to Church

    A rider faces a difficult situation, as she must attend church then almost immediately get her horse to a dressage show. There’s very little time after Mass to go home, hitch up the trailer, load up the animal, and be punctual for her first class.<br><br>To make life easier, she decides to haul her gelding to church. Firecross is munching hay in his trailer in the parking lot as she sits in her pew waiting for Mass to begin.<br><br>But the service never starts. Hooves suddenly clatter up the center aisle: they belong to Firecross, and pandemonium ensues.<br><br>Will the horse trample the parishioners? What will Father Frank’s reaction be? Will he throw the owner out of his church with her horse? And, most importantly, will they still be able to make it to the dressage show in time to compete?

  • Bridled Passion: A Horse Trilogy

    Bridled Passion: A Horse Trilogy

    This short anthology contains three true stories about an old mare who becomes a superstar and her son who takes over where she leaves off. Contains the stories:<br><br><strong>Kelly: The Horse I Didn’t Want:</strong> Kelly was already eighteen years old when she arrived at my barn as a thin, nervous Thoroughbred ex-racehorse with a host of bad habits and behavioral problems. Little did I know she would become my equine soul-mate within six months of being given to me for free. She won numerous dressage, show-jumping, and eventing competitions until her death many years later.<br><br><strong>Kelly Comes Through:</strong> The story of how Kelly comes to the last minute rescue of a courageous teenage girl in the bid for her Pony Club badge, when her original mount went lame on test day.<br><br><strong>Kelly’s Son:</strong> After a rocky birth and a youth filled with accidents and injuries, Kelly’s son Cruz Bay develops into a consistent winner of blue ribbons. But not without more setbacks along the way!

  • Perfectly perfect

    Perfectly perfect


    Perfectly.It wasn't enough. Perfect.It wasn't enough. It always had to be perfectly perfect. Few horses met these conditions. Today I know that I would like to give up my talent and fortune so that I would not have to live such a life and hurt so many amazing creatures. Top dressage can be completely different than people think. The beauty of the velvety black stallion completely blinded me. I thought I was perfect. Perfectly perfect. I'm sorry, Trezzuro. Your Monn. • A story inspired by real events. The names of all participants have been changed.

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