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  • Dual Cultivation

    Dual Cultivation



    Su Yang is a powerful Dual Cultivator who was imprisoned after he offended the Heavenly Emperor. His crime? He committed adultery with the Moon God’s wife, kidnapped the Dragon King’s younger sister, seduced the Divine Goddess, and he even tasted the forbidden fruit that is the Heavenly Emperor’s beloved daughter. Inside the prison, Su Yang meets a mysterious old man who offers him a chance to leave this place, but that method requires him to experience reincarnation. In his new life, Su Yang swears to reunite with his partners and hold them in his embrace once again, all the while finding new ones along the way. ----------------------- Disclaimer: Dual Cultivation is a unique method of cultivation where a man and a woman cultivates together by having sex. ----------------------- My other novels: Cultivation Online / Magic System in a Parallel World

  • Dual Cultivator Reborn[System In The Cultivation World]

    Dual Cultivator Reborn[System In The Cultivation World]



    Yohan Was a game maniac, he loved playing the cultivation game which was popular on the earth, he was one of the Famous players in the action genre, but unfortunately, he died while crossing the road, Truck Kun Hit him with lightning-fast speed. "I am Going to die like this, I was about to get a breakthrough in the Heavenly Soul realm, I waited for six years for this day but Damn you, Truck Kun, you ruined my whole life" Yohan cursed truck Kun with The bottom of his heart. Meanwhile, A young man who was In deep thought thinking about the woman he loves, unfortunately, A Lightning struck on his body And the Next moment He died.  When people saw that lightning struck a particular area, The mob started gathering in that place, to see what was going on there. Suddenly The body of the Young man started flickering with Red light and started shaking violently. The next moment he opened his eyes. "Where am i?" Yohan mumbled and his memory of his previous life started to come into his mind. "Shit, I Died And reincarnated in a Different World" The young man mumbled to himself while he found himself half-naked in the middle of the road while people were looking at him with wide-open eyes, The area around that place was destroyed by a Lightning strike. "You shameless bastard, what are you doing here? " A cold voice resounded in his ears, he looked behind in the direction of that voice. "I Am a goner now" He mumbled when he saw a middle-aged man who was looking towards him with killing intent on his face. ***********************""*""******** Hello everyone, I hope you guys are doing well, well I am not a native English speaker but trust me this novel won’t let you down. At least Try reading 40 chapters before Thinking about dropping. Note: Cover is not mine all rights reserved to the original creator.

  • Personalities In Order

    Personalities In Order


    "Why am I so skittish, paranoid, crazy, and scared of everything?! Damn it! Don't tell me I graduated college for nothing?!!!"Our dear MC vented her anxiety and negativity on her 4 year old phone as she accidentally clicked in a website for a free personality test. Minutes later.... She got an answer."No wonder.... HA! RARE MY A***! I thought I was a freaking trash and it turns out I am just a freaking introvert with a high intuition that belonged to the 1 percent of the world?!"MC hit the imaginary her punching bag as she spit curses in her mind. Her cold face blocked her emotions as she finished her job for the day and stealthily running away, afraid that some of her seniors would ask her for dinner and coddled her time again.Planning her routine in the evening and waking up in pain and blood, she had the impulse to skip her work for the day and holler food in her small condo like bear getting ready for hibernation."Ugh... Did just seriously forget the napkins?!" Taking another trip into the supermarket as she forgot a very important product, she halted on her footsteps as the supposedly sane people she left hours ago started panicking and running away from something.

  • Dual System: Ascension of A Nameless Nobody

    Dual System: Ascension of A Nameless Nobody



    WPC #256 - Magic, Gold Winner Check out my new story here! https://www.webnovel.com/book/grand-rebirth-online-my-second-life-as-a-genius-mage!_23118052606255805 -- Jeong-Hui, a teenager with no accomplishments in life, spends his days in solitude, living alone and gaming most of the day. That is, until a world-shaking revelation descended on Earth. The one proclaiming to be "God" informed humanity of their failure as a species, and that Armageddon would begin. However, as a means of giving those worthy of continuing on a chance, "God" introduced the "Armageddon Game", bestowing a special system onto every person of the world. The system grants each player the abilities of Angels, reminiscent of an RPG as experience, stats, and level-ups are all present. Though, as a person who lived a unfulfilling life as a lowlife and a coward, he begins his journey as the bottom-of-the-barrel start: level one. Those who reach level twenty within the six month time period will be allowed access into "The Tower"--however, what awaits in the mysterious, heavenly tower is unknown. Not intending to die after living a failed life, Jeong-Hui strives to reach the Tower, using his knowledge as a MMORPG player to ascend. As an assassin-class and a martial artist class, he utilizes both the "Angel System", widely available to humanity, and another, unique system available only to himself to combat the trials in the way of his journey. DISCORD: https://discord.gg/ph6qfFknqe --WARNING-- This story shows depictions of extremely graphic events. If you're adverse to traumatizing events, gore, death, and such things, this might not be the novel for you. Otherwise, please enjoy!

  • Past life sage: This life a dual cultivator

    Past life sage: This life a dual cultivator



    Heavenly emperors reigned supreme in the cultivation world but there were still existences beyond the power of heavenly emperors. They were termed as sages as they had mastered the laws of mortal world. The prince of Zhan dynasty had once reached that epitome of cultivation world. At the mere age of thirty, he had reached the heavenly emperor realm. Then he attained that legendary realm before turning fifty. Thus, he was hailed as an unprecedented genius never before seen in this world. When he was basking in the glory of his achievement, fate played a cruel joke on him. He got stabbed by his fiancée in his marriage day. Powerful enemies appeared out of now here and Zhan dynasty got attacked from every direction. His father got killed Infront of him and many of his relatives perished along with him. He wanted to charge towards the battle field but the injury given by his fiancée proved fatal to him. He perished despite his unwillingness. ---------- When he opened his eyes he was already a seventeen year old boy who shared the same name with his previous life. With his previous memory as a sage and the inheritance of Evil emperor as guide, he aimed to reach the top again. Since then the most cursed art of wife stealing reappeared again and an unprecedented genius appeared in the path of dual cultivation.

  • Sword Devil Also Dual Cultivates?

    Sword Devil Also Dual Cultivates?



    Hold the sword under your pants and follow the journey of a sword devil! If you don't have the sword under your pants, then hold someone else and then follow the journey of a sword devil! Qin Che inherited the Dual Cultivation Body which helps him walk on the path of working hard but only in bed. However, he also inherited devil powers that led him to the overwhelming height of power and ruthlessness Unfortunately, his heart was set on swords. Can he combine his Sword Cultivation with the power of the devil and the benefits of dual cultivation? He believes he can but the journey to spread the legs of the women is harder than one could ever find. You wouldn't know which woman is waiting for you at the bed or which woman is waiting for you under the moon. Qin Che's hunger for power drives him to become a dual cultivator and devil cultivator. But, was it just hunger that pulled him on these paths? Or, is there something else waiting for him to discover? Check out my new novel: I Lied To Become Village Chief Join the discord: https://discord.gg/eBMvTkZcqz

  • 16 personalities

    16 personalities

    “A sick society does not toleratehealthy people. "—-“The hardest thing you might go through is not understanding someone you love, but what about not understanding yourself?”—————-Run to that place ignorant of my way ... "where am I!!!!! I slowed down to move between those rooms Empty !!! " no one!,, The place is completely deserted by patients and doctors. "How did I get here !!" I feel like the walls will fall at any moment ... on my head ... "Dr. Jeon !!" After that I felt nothing but the weight of my body And I fell on the floor of that deserted place.- "Who are you !?. Who are you for trying to stop this?"------- "Jun-su please let us tell the police they will take care of his kidnapping case." "He is my patient, he was kidnapped while I was treating him with it so I am the one who will take care of this ... Iris!"“ You don't know what they're up to ...”------- "Promise me you'll be okay !?!" "I'll be fine because you want that ..."-——— "Today I will not be as I was yesterday, nor will I be as I am today, tomorrow, but I know that I want the same thing .." —————"What !!! ... to stop what? !!!!" Speak with shock. ____ "A project of one billion people on this earth .." ~~ "Stop the human offspring."-16 personalities,Jeon.jun-su

  • Cultivation Online

    Cultivation Online



    Yuan was born with an incurable illness that left him blind at a young age and crippled a few years later, rendering everything below his head useless. Deemed hopeless and irredeemable, his parents quickly gave up on him, and the world ignored him. In this dark and still world, his younger sister became his sole reason for living. Watch as this young man reaches for the apex as a genius in Cultivation Online, the newest VRMMORPG, becoming a legendary figure in both worlds. --------------------- My other novels: Dual Cultivation / Magic System in a Parallel World

  • Two Personalities Guy

    Two Personalities Guy


  • Me and My Personalities

    Me and My Personalities


  • The second female lead Dual Cultivates

    The second female lead Dual Cultivates


    Heavy R-18 from chapter 10. It is Yuri and harem. Futa side characters.Maria died and then reincarnated into a game. A harem game. Not as a protagonist, but as a member of the MC's harem. The childhood friend that never wins. Maria was quite satisfied with her life in this new world filled with magic and advanced science. She had looks, money, and a future to look forward to since she was a lesbian and had no intention of getting together with the MC.And then the MC died, leaving the world and Maria in chaos. There was a tentative peace that lasted until she heard the court have a talk with a mysterious figure. They were talking about sacrificing Maria to the demon gods to ensure world peace. She was about to be killed for things she could not control and Maria did not want that. She especially did not want to die as a virgin.Not one to be taken for granted like this, Maria decides to run away from home and started her new journey. This time, she was no longer a harem girl doomed to be cast away, but rather the hero of her own story. She would travel lands, gather friends and live her life out. And she has to do all this while running away from her dead ex-fiancé's sister who has an obsession with her for some reason. (Cover image not mine. It will be taken down if the original owner wants me to)

  • Multiple Personalities with a System (Dropped

    Multiple Personalities with a System (Dropped


    I was sorely underprepared when starting this novel, so therefore, it will probably never be updated again. I will need to have more preparation and an outline, which I will be starting to do for another novel. So, if you want to take this idea and run with it, feel free too.- FragileFish

  • Dual Legacy

    Dual Legacy


    A teenager that goes with the name "Khil" accidentally died due to his unawareness and was transported to another world to live a second life. Unknowingly, his soul merged with a Legacy System. Read and join me in witnessing how Khil powers up and set sails to a new world."Choose: Salvation or Nightmare?" -Khil Asarth------------------------------------------------------------------[This is your very cliche novel about other wordly things, maybe?]------------------------------------------------------------------~I don't have discord like other author's do, I'm only writing for fun. Hopefully, this novel won't be suspended like the other one I've publish. ~I won't make this novel premium >.

  • Dual Worlds

    Dual Worlds

    As a wise man said, "sum it up in 20 words or less." Clyde has the power of going back and forth from Earth and a different world. How will it affect him?

  • Dual Magician

    Dual Magician


    While visiting Japan with his friends, Jack was transported into another world when he tried to stop a mugging. However, he didn't reincarnate into another body, god didn't summon him to save the world, and neither a kingdom wanted his help to defend the land. Stranded in the middle of nowhere and with no idea of what to do, he looks for the nearest town."Where are my cheats? My overpowered stats?"Did he get dragged along by mistake? Follow his adventures in this world of fantasy dominated by magic and monsters as he looks for answers!------Is the premise generic? Hell yeah! I have been reading stories like his for years and always felt bothered by how some characters acted or how things unfolded, so I created this to give my twist to established troupes while building a compelling world of magic and mystery. I hope you enjoy it despite my lack of writing skills :)

  • Project Genesis - Masked Personalities

    Project Genesis - Masked Personalities

    Magical Realism ACTION ADVENTURE

    A paz é perdurante na pacífica cidade de Elderlog, em Montana, EUA. Os pássaros cantam, os bosques são belos, e todas as pessoas podem ter a sensação de que estão seguras de qualquer tipo de atentado ou violência...Contudo, esse cenário pode acabar não se mostrando como completamente verdadeiro...Tudo muda da noite para o dia, com a chegada de um grupo de pessoas com muitos segredos para guardar: A família Savoia.Mas o que há de tão especial nessa família? E qual a relação deles com os mistérios da cidade?

  • Two Personalities Changes Minds

    Two Personalities Changes Minds


    The boy wakes up from his bed and gets ready for school. He goes to school and something weird happens. The class was suddenly covered with light and he woke up back in his room. Was it all just a dream or did something fantasy-like happen?

  • My Personal Lycan King

    My Personal Lycan King


    Victoria Gibberson, an 18 years old telepathic girl who can read the mind of others whenever she wants. It was a curse more than a giftHer parents died in a car accident, one year back and thus, the first thing she did after completing high school was to change her place of residence.Moving in a small town called Pearly Canines with her aunt, she said goodbye to the old memories wanting to start fresh with her college studies.But there was something wrong with this place. The vibe she was getting was one of creep but luring her in at the same time.The thing that was most strange to her was, she felt an undeniable attraction to this guy called Alexander Hunter. He would stare at her deeply as if knowing her deepest secrets.It didn't help her when one night, he came near her and leaned before whispering seductively in her ears,"Hello, mate. Let's fall in love with each other."

  • The King Has Two Personalities

    The King Has Two Personalities

    Fantasy Romance ROYALFAMILY

    Princess Fluotile from the kingdom of Ivory, pure white and pure concerns. The princess was set to a marriage arrangement with the King of Prephetty, King Lancelotte. Unexpectedly a trauma of the past caused the King of Prephetty to release an uncontrollable power. The power made the king to suffer from great illness, after the king was healed. The king starts to act strange, he began changing his moods, as if he has Two different personalities. Doctors in the palace can not track any signs of any disease present in the kingdom. The King was known to have 2 personalities. As for Fluotile it would be hard to understand the situation and understand the King. The only way to end the curse of the King is for Fluotile needs to give birth to a boy child and should be the next King of Prephetty as said in the prophecy. Now let's find out how would Fluotile fulfill a task she needed and let's see the romance between Fluotile and Lancelotte.

  • Dual Rebirth (BL)

    Dual Rebirth (BL)



    Life Extinction Pearl, one of the Seven Heavenly Law Treasure that contained the most potent poison in the universe.A treasure that transcends all common sense, it can poison anything and everything in the world. Even fire, water, wind, earth, or the other elements will be poisoned by its powerSven, a powerful God in the God's World was chased by the Dragon God Emperor because of the Pearl. Just when he though that he would die he discovered a half of another Supreme Treasure inside the Life Extinction PearlHeavenly Wishing Bell! Legends said that those who can wield its power can make any of their wish to come true. Even though it was only half, it made him trascend time and space to have a new chance at life again!The other half of the Heavenly Wishing Bell landed on Kence's hand from earth as their family heirloom. His aunt betrayed him and took away all of his possessionsWhen he thought there was already no hope the half bell on his hand sucked him and he experienced a rebirth in another worldProfound Blood ContinentHere, everything whether it be status, fame or position all depended on one's power. The two that each has half of the Heavenly Wishing Bell met on this continentTwo different people from two different world, just how will things turn out for them?------- This is a Cultivation and Bl novel I hope you will read and support me thank you!! Some terminologies about the world would still be change as the story progress. I'm still working on it but got too excited and made this Novel early. Hope you won't mind it as although the terms will change but it would be something you will be able to easily understand

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