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  • Duncan


    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE ACTION

    Ravi Duncan is the only child of Victor and Sonia Duncan. Ravi is like a ball of sunshine, always happy but will that happiness last when he is dragged into a life of deceit, murder and romance. Nicholas Ivanov is a Russian American who have been hurt by his father since he was born. Even after so many years of pain and torture he still couldn't bring himself to hate his father but when he is betrayed by the one his loves and his father yet again, he loose all hope of having love and peace in his life so he distance himself from his past life. After 8 years, Nicholas has made a name for himself but when all is threaten he goes back to his old life to seek for help. But what he didn't expect was to find love unknownly to him.

  • First Stygian Diviner:Apocalypse

    First Stygian Diviner:Apocalypse



    “ You must level down to the rock bottom of hell”, a demonic voice said when he was summoned to the other side. Seth Johnson was 16 when he was sacrificed in a cleansing ritual organized by his parent’s cult, to find himself reincarnated and transmigrated to a new world that was already on the brink of extinction. People were divided by their magic power’s ranking to live in different regions and sat on ascending levels in the sky. Being born again as Isiah Duncan, the brother of Lucas Duncan the prodigy who brought the apocalypse to this world was confusing to him, he who had no powers to survive, until he was forced to level down instead of leveling up, using the diabolic core of magic instead of the divine one … Tags: reincarnation, transmigration,male lead, fantasy . Schedule : daily updates( 2 chaps/day). Chapter length: 1 k . Warning : the mc is a broken soul, his actions are a reflection of that, and only that . The cover : isn’t mine, if you are the creator of this art please contact me if you want it removed .

  • Mattheo Duncan and The School in an Abandoned Garden

    Mattheo Duncan and The School in an Abandoned Garden


    Mattheo Oliver Duncan is a 16 year old teenager that moved to New York City after losing tons of money in his family. He sees an abandoned garden on his way to work everyday and when he asked people about it, they claimed they saw nothing in there. A particular day might explain how he is different from other people and how should he find his true power inside him. Will Mattheo accept the fact that he's different or will he continue his life as a normal teenage boy?





    I am the devil, the closer you get. You will feel deep pain! aren't you afraid of me one bit?" (Ducan Kayler) "With love I marry this handsome face, how can I be afraid of him? I will survive even if he gives a thousand wounds all over my body." ( Alisha Wheeler ) Duncan Tyler (25th) A drug addict for many years. Until it brought him down in a rehab which made Ducan a psychopath because of his addiction. Lucken Kayler (25 years) Ducan's twin brother lives as the perfect man. Forced to marry Alisha (21 years) in order to fulfill the wishes of his parents who are looking for a wife for his brother Ducan, a drug addict. Unbeknownst to Alisha, after Lucken's marriage is over, Ducan replaces Lucken's position in Alisha's life. What happens when Alisha finds out that Ducan is not her husband but Lucken's twin brother and a man who made Alisha fall in love for the first time when they met in Bali? Can Alisha live with a psychopath, addict and jealous? Can Alisha survive her marriage?

  • Drugs + Love = Addicted

    Drugs + Love = Addicted

    Romansa Kontemporer ROMANCE


    Mature content (21+) Jenna Jameson dinyatakan menderita anemia aplastik, yang membuat dirinya sering bertemu dengan Dokter Ryan Karl, hingga secara tak sengaja terlibat cinta terlarang yang tidak seharusnya terjadi di antara mereka. Pada mulanya Jenna tak mengetahui bahwa Ryan ternyata adalah pria beristri. Hingga kepulangan Hellen Duncan-Karl, istri Ryan, menyadarkan Jenna bahwa dirinya dan Ryan tak akan pernah bisa bersatu. Jenna kemudian memutuskan untuk menerima pinangan Blake Gillian, mantan kekasihnya di masa lalu yang kembali hanya demi bisa menjalin kembali kisah cinta yang sempat terputus. Ketika Jenna dan Ryan telah memilih untuk melanjutkan hidup masing-masing, takdir justru seolah membuat lelucon. Secara kebetulan Ryan-Hellen dan Jenna-Blake berlibur ke tempat yang sama, sekaligus Dokter John Armando, yang merupakan sahabat Hellen sejak kecil, yang ternyata merupakan selingkuhan Hellen. Ditambah keterlibatan Clara—sahabat Jenna, membuat kisah cinta semakin rumit. Akankah cinta menemukan jalan pulang yang benar, jika cinta tak lagi cinta? Terlebih jika didominasi obsesi yang selayaknya candu, yang pada akhirnya memorak porandakan cinta yang dibangun dan dipupuk dengan tulus. Mampukah mereka menemukan kebahagiaan pada akhirnya? - Drugs + Love = Addicted -Reach me on IG: @kennie_r89Vectorist: A_NzeeIG: @a_nzee

  • Let Me Confess Love in Silence!

    Let Me Confess Love in Silence!



    [COMPLETED]"I will still like you even if you can't sing anymore."-------Sydney McKee has always been a great singer. Because of her talent, she was noticed by VIP student Matt Duncan, who has just transferred to their school from England. And also, her senior Lenoir Hans fell in love with her voice!But destiny challenged her when she found out that her throat needs to undergo surgery, and her beautiful voice is in danger.When Sydney becomes voiceless, how will Matt and Lenoir fight for her affection? And how will Sydney confess her love to the guy she likes the most, despite her illness?-------Volume 1 PREVIEWS:*Lenoir, the SeniorSydney’s house was only a few blocks away from the school. While they walked, they talked about what they wanted to sing for the concert.“I think I’m going to sing a love song,” Lenoir told her. “Something that can make your heart melt, Sydney.” He stared at her, and he meant what he just said!Sydney chuckled, not taking her senior’s words seriously. “Geez, you’re a sweet talker! I am so not going to fall for that!”*Matt, the Rich Boy ClassmateIt's nearly ten in the evening. Olivet had already fallen asleep, while Sydney tossed and turned, 'Great. I can't sleep.'Losing every hint of sleepiness, she took a flashlight and crawled out of the tent.To her surprise, she saw Matt just outside, holding two sticks of grilled corn. She asked jokingly, "Why are you here? Are you stalking me?"He laughed at her, "Yes and no.""Huh? What do you mean?""My tent is just beside yours, Sydney," he said pointing at it."Then why are you right in front of ours?" she raised her eyebrow."I didn't hear you snoring, so I thought you might be awake," Matt said with a grin, obviously teasing her."Hey, I don't snore!!!!! Why you-"Her violent reaction got cut off when Matt placed the grilled corn on her mouth!"You'll wake everyone. Keep quiet and eat with me," he said, then winked at her.-------VOLUME 2: Sydney chose one of the two boys during highschool! But how will this affect her college life? Read this volume to find out ;)-------AUTHOR's NOTE:This is one of the stories I made during my highschool days, so this is special to me~UPDATE 12 6 2020:I removed the old unedited chapters and found myself editing and improving the pacing of the story! I hope you'll like it! ;)UPDATE 2 2 2021"The Voice of Happiness" is now "Let Me Confess Love in Silence!" lolUPDATE 5 13 2021Fully revised the ending and extended the story to their college days! (Volume 2)Happy reading! :)-------[Part of my personal project "Revisions of my Highschool Novels"]-------BOOK COVER commissioned art by @omichiart on IGWebnovel Content Editor: Ms. Islinda-------Instagram: @ainawang.officialDiscord invite link: https://discord.gg/HYkU3RrPatreon: https://www.patreon.com/ainawang

  • The Femme Fatale [Completed]

    The Femme Fatale [Completed]

    Contemporary Romance VILLAIN

    Badass female and ingenious male, what could go wrong with that combination? EVERYTHING! Meet Mia Duncan, who was an assassin that got caught up with Detective Liam Hunt. Her life will never be the same. Then, say hello to Sabrina Dubois, who was an intern until she met her boss, Nathan White who happened to be a CIA agent. Also, we have Anastasia, who was a science whizz but got entangle with Marco Conti, a person that was bad news. Lastly, we have Alina Dalca that has attracted Kyle Conti when he first landed in her hometown. What would our Female Leads do to get away from their match? Or maybe, they might just snatch them for themselves (wicked smile).

  • The New Terra Sagas

    The New Terra Sagas

    Author: Matthew O. Duncan is part of the resurgence of Old School Sci-fi. His books are a mix of Military Sci-fi, Fantasy, Romance, and Mystery weaved together with non-stop action. Matt started his writing career as a playwright. He won a number of awards and had his plays produced on local stages. He put his pen down in the late ’90s but picked it up again in 2011. O’Hara never wanted to be a hero. He was a combat pilot only because his skills made him the best and Earth needed men like him to fight the enemy amongst the stars. Living a life a service and duty, alone in a cockpit suited him well, but fate had other plans for him. Shot down over an alien planet he was saved by a beautiful and mysterious woman named Katreena. He soon learns that the world is populated by people who seemed to have been lost by time and controlled by stones that the people believe to be divine magic. Wanting only to return to his fleet, he discovers that he has more than a passing connection with the world’s people, a love that resurrects a heart long thought dead and a decisive battle to the war that followed him.




    In a city, in Central America, Honduras to be precise, there lived a young girl named Queneera. Left alone by her parents in an accident, she was raised by her aunt. Her life journey was never easy, until she finally married a man named Benjamin Duncan, a plantation owner who recently took over his family business. Her life with Duncan never went smoothly, if happiness came, sorrow immediately followed. How long will Queen, Queenera's nickname, survive as the wife of the city's richest plantation owner? Or, will a loveless marriage eventually run aground in the middle of the road? The mystery of the death of her parents also reveals many secrets that have been kept tightly by her aunt, Clara.

  • Fated To The Cursed Alpha

    Fated To The Cursed Alpha


    Sylvia Todd's mother was accused of murder and was judged to be a traitor by the entire pack, condemning Sylvia to spend the rest of her life alone in shame as a poor slave. All she wanted to do was find a way to show her mother was innocent, but fate never seemed to be on her side. Sylvia never gave up though. Rufus Duncan, the future lycan king of all werewolves, was a man of enormous position and power, but he also had an enigmatic reputation for being cold-blooded, vicious, and cruel. Unbeknownst to everyone, he had been cursed long ago to transform into a killer monster on every full moon. Sylvia and Rufus were meant to be together, despite the fact that fate did not always favor them. Will Sylvia's mother receive justice? Exactly what is Rufus's secret? Will Sylvia and Rufus be able to defy social norms and stay together? Will the tragic story of these two unlucky souls end happily?

  • Child from the Dungeon

    Child from the Dungeon



    Join My Discord: https://discord.gg/3qa7nWVR Follow me on Instagram: kjv.zeanso ............. My name is Duncan Grimshaw, A hunter, I just had been married to my wife and we still didn't have any children. One day, While exploring the Dungeon with my Party, we found a strange thing that people will never expect to find in the Dungeon, a child, a small black child that somehow lives in the Dungeon. Seeing that, I can only wonder ... how can a child exist in the Dungeon? who's are his parents? __________________________ To support the author: https://www.patreon.com/KJVZeanso

  • CEO and his fake wife

    CEO and his fake wife


  • Lt. Reilly 2321

    Lt. Reilly 2321

    Author: Matthew O. Duncan is part of the resurgence of Old School Sci-fi. His books are a mix of Military Sci-fi, Fantasy, Romance, and Mystery weaved together with non-stop action. Matt started his writing career as a playwright. He won a number of awards and had his plays produced on local stages. He put his pen down in the late ’90s but picked it up again in 2011. Jack Reilly’s luck ran out just before the war did. Released on a medical discharge shortly after the end of the war with the Serkins, he went out into the galaxy looking for a job. Signing onto the Glacier Runner 17, an old and rundown cargo ship, Rielly finds himself working for a clueless Captain, mixed up in an intergalactic conspiracy, on the run from assassins and involved with two women in relationships that he could only call ‘complicated.’ Fan’s of Matthew O. Duncan will recognize the universe as the same as from the New Terra Sagas, but this is not a sequel. This is a stand-alone, spin-off with new characters, new worlds and in a different format. Told in the first person from Reilly’s perspective, this is a fast moving, non-stop sci-fi adventure.

  • The Princess & The Dragon / The Sins of The Father

    The Princess & The Dragon / The Sins of The Father

    In a world where magic and Dragons are real, where magic is taught at a school's and kingdom's rule over the land. Why are dragons so scarce and why is magic not so widely used if it's available for everyone to learn and use. History is told by the victor and that often leads to a miss telling in the tale, leaving those who read it to miss out of the true story. But when Young Nova discovers her past and goes on quest to discover her true self, she will meet friend's she will come to hold as family and they will discover the truth behind magic. As everything comes to light, and the truth comes to light, their resolve will be tested.

  • The Squire

    The Squire

    Duncan has been Sir William's squire for two years. During that time, he has lusted after and been in love with the beautiful muscular knight. Too bad Sir William prefers fair maidens ...<br><br>Suddenly Sir William is called home due to the impending death of his father. On the journey, he catches his squire watching other men having sex and realizes Duncan is also ready for some love play. Once they reach the family's estates, William and Duncan begin an affair of both body and heart. But the happiness they find together is short-lived when the king dictates that William must marry a suitable heiress.<br><br>Unable to bear his place beside William and his wife, Duncan flees. Can William find the squire to convince him their love is meant to be?

  • married to a stranger

    married to a stranger

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE ADVENTURE

    he-why did you married to me ha??she- because I was forced..if you are thinking that mai tumme interested hoon ( i am interested in you) then you are wrong okay.he- toh you could say no to the shaadi (marriage), kyu (why) you didn't say no to the marriage??she- don't eat my head mister mujhe sone do yaar ( let me sleep), i am too tired pehle se(already) and now you are torturing me.he- you are not going to sleep itni jaldi (that early),mere se baat karo mujhe nhi pta ( i don't care, talk to me).i am not happy with tjis shaadi (wedding)yaar.she- what's your problem yaar, ok fine, btaao(tell)?

  • Un Amor De Chocolate (Libro I)

    Un Amor De Chocolate (Libro I)

    Alice vive en un orfanato, pero una mañana aparece un extraño, que responde al nombre de Orfen Von Fisher y es enviado por alguien de mucho dinero para adoptarla. En el trayecto desde la salida del orfanato hasta la llegada a destino, Alice debe oír una historia que Orfen empieza a leerle. Dicha historia relata las desventuras y abusos que Ian Duncan padece durante su vida.En su historia, Ian va relatando las vicisitudes que padeció, al intentar hacer realidad su amor hacia Orfen sabiendo que estaba destinado a desaparecer por pertenecer a mundos totalmente diferentes. ¿Podrán Ian y Orfen hacerles frente a los inconvenientes que la vida misma les coloca en el camino? ¿ O estarán destinados a separarse para siempre?Obra registrada en Safe Creative. Código número 2108048636712

  • Vampire Island

    Vampire Island

  • My dangerous billionaire man

    My dangerous billionaire man

    It all started with forced marriage,he loves her ,but to her he is a stranger. Will they be successful in their wedding ?Read the book to know more about this.

  • mi peligroso hombre multimillonario

    mi peligroso hombre multimillonario