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  • The First King of Beasts

    The First King of Beasts



    On a normal evening, a voice appeared out of no where to give an announcement all over the world, this same evening was also when Dustin was run over by a car while running way from thugs.Dustin however woke up unharmed, and learned that the world was about to go into ruins basically, and that some humans would be taken away in a few days as 'earth's warriors'.As it would turn out, on the D-day, Dustin is one of those that were taken. But, this might turn out to be an opportunity rather than a curse, as some night before this day, something interesting happened.[System activated][Starting assimilation... Complete][System online][Congratulations player for being the first to awaken. Rewards will be given]

  • Evolutionary Prison

    Evolutionary Prison


    Dustin needed to evolve to survive on this hostile alien planet. If he can survive a year, he'll be released, free and clear. Unfortunately, no one's ever done that before. And it's not looking like he will either... Check out the sequel: Evolutionary Convict It follows Dustin as he tries to find a home with Olivia, but everything still seems to be out to kill him... A tag is displayed only when minimum 5 readers add it... I will be posting this story on RoyalRoad And it is available on Lulu.com in print as a paperback book!

  • The Weeping Willows

    The Weeping Willows

    A world long sealed away from forces unknown. Earth will become their final vestige of saving the nine realms. But the enchantress long forgotten made a child her prodigy will he save the world and endure the hardship or will anger, grief, and bitterness kill them all.

  • Dorian's Misadventures

    Dorian's Misadventures

    This is the story of Dorian Alladore, a poor village kid who chooses the path of adventure after the demon king's legion destroys his village. This is my first novel so please feel free to give me your honest feedback



    Damian, a single dad struggling to find balance between work and family. His wife passed after giving birth to their youngest. Now, not only was he left to take care of his newborn son, he also had two more sons to take care of. All responsibility now falls into his shoulders and raising three kids is no joke.Owen, also a single father of three boys. His wife has been out of the picture since the birth of their youngest. It was a great struggle to raise three kids on his own especially when his oldest has been diagnosed with cancer. It’s a fight he never thought he had to prepare for.Two different persons, walking different paths but are destined to meet each other half way.And despite the unusual circumstances, two single fathers will find something they thought they wouldn’t find again.LOVE.

  • Going To Another World With An Unexpected Guest

    Going To Another World With An Unexpected Guest


  • dead night

    dead night


    Hey this is the first time I had tried wirting I'm not good with words or spelling so if you do read tell me how bad I fuck upIs about a boy name Dustin he will make a group to live though the nights it will get longer and longer so give it time bye have a good day

  • Blood Visions

    Blood Visions

    Private detective Ronan Bayne is a former cop who now runs his own agency specializing in all things paranormal. After several women have gone missing, Ronan gets called in by the police chief.<br><br> Dustin McPherson is a psychic who’s worked with the police in the past. After having a vision of one of the missing women, he meets Ronan. Together, they must solve a case more complicated than either of them expected.

  • A Wise Old Turtle once said. You either run from it, Or learn from it.

    A Wise Old Turtle once said. You either run from it, Or learn from it.

  • Evolutionary Convict

    Evolutionary Convict


    Sequel to Evolutionary Prison. Home turned out to be a fake, littered with clues and filled with killer robots. Dustin managed to escape the prison, but now he's in search of his true home, and maybe the truth. A tag is displayed only when minimum 5 readers add it... This sequel is complete! It will be about a month before I start posting the next of this trilogy. Keep an eye out for it around the first part of June 2019! This is available on Lulu.com in print as a paperback book!

  • Babies In the Woods

    Babies In the Woods


    Dustin Lee is a 4 year old boy that loves adventuring. One day he and his family go camping and he runs away from his parents. What they didn't know was there was a killer on the loose and a kidnapped girl with him. Dustin and the girl must find their parents, but little do they know....

  • The Best Gift

    The Best Gift

    Malcolm Rowland’s nearly year old relationship ends just before Christmas when he learns his boyfriend has been cheating on him.<br><br>Now Malcolm has no place to live and no job. His best friend, Dustin Jones, who has stood by him for years, takes him in. Dustin is determined to show Malcolm not only a great Christmas, but that love between the two of them can be the best gift.

  • Sign Here, Please

    Sign Here, Please

    Dustin has a decent life, all things considered. He’s an overnight manager for his hometown grocery store, knows several languages, and doesn’t have much drama to deal with. Then one summer night there’s a new delivery guy who happens to be a blast from Dustin’s past.<br><br>Zach is an old high school crush of Dustin’s who has gotten better with age. Now all Dustin can see about himself is how he still lives with his parents and couldn’t get a man like Zach in his wildest dreams. He silently laments to his co-manager Moira through American Sign Language, but she won’t let him give up just yet. Even though Dustin has trouble believing her, will this opportunity wind up as a failed delivery?

  • More than just stalking

    More than just stalking



    Maze is confronted with the fear of rejection from the ultimate heart wrecker, Dustin. He is on top of the Dean's list and the Campus President. She's been stalking him since the 7th grade and he's been rejecting every girl in school. Cliff, a transferee, arrives at the most dramatic moment when Maze hears Dustin confess to someone else and saves her from shame. He is a charming photojournalist and the only guy who finds her attractive. The table turns when Maze discovers Dustin's darkest secret. Will she profess her love for him against all odds? Or will she give Cliff a chance?




    Dustin a 19 y/o werewolf traps Jezebel in his friendship to take revenge by killing her. Jezebel was the daughter of Austin and Gracie, werewolf hunters. They had killed parents of Dustin in front of his eyes. After spending days with Jezebel, Dustin falls in real love with her and was confused that he should kill the love of his life or not?

  • Either


    Dustin was a slave with 3 of his siblings they were experimenting on him one day Dustin kills all of the people who enslaved him and escapes with the help of the government

  • Evolutionary Liberator

    Evolutionary Liberator


    Dustin has his people spread out over the whole galaxy, where they've been enslaved, bred and slaughtered like animals. With Olivia at his side, he WILL get them all free and back home. Or die trying.

  • ?nflori


    Dustin gave up on being worthy of anyone's affections a long time ago, drowning his problems in substance abuse and meaningless encounters. He has learned it's better to avoid love altogether than risk the inevitable moment when it all comes crashing down.<br><br>Nicolae has neither eyesight nor excess, but he does have a wealth of family and intuition. He is nothing Dustin would have anticipated in a potential lover, but the more Dustin discovers, the more he finds himself willing to accept the risk ... even if his conscience and the people in his life keep warning him away.

  • The Strongest Creature In The Universe

    The Strongest Creature In The Universe


    After waking up in an unknown place, Dustin Reuter has to fight to survive. This is the story of how Dustin becomes the strongest creature in the universe. —————————————————————————- This is my first novel, so please give me feedback on what I need to improve. Thanks for reading. The cover picture is not mine, if it is yours and you want it taken down just let me know.

  • The True Demon Emperor

    The True Demon Emperor

    In a world where powers is everything there is a boy names Dustin King who has no ability... or so he thought. Dustin King goes through hardships and trials to master his new found power. If you wanna know more your gonna have to read this book.