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  • Edward In Love

    Edward In Love


    ‘Could he learn to love me? Without fear? Without hesitation? To love me with my flaws, as they are many and to wake up every morning and choose me.’ Edward Coleman never questioned himself. Never questioned the successful billionaire he had become or the womanizer he was so famously known for. Yet after his heart is broken by a woman, he realized he could never truly have. He reaches an all time low and thought he would never be able to move on. Or so he thought. Soon he meets Vasili Chernyshevsky; a Russian man with a sharp mouth and witty comments. Their friendship is unconventional and chaotic, but for both it seemed to save them from despair. So what happens when Edward starts questioning himself in more ways than one? When his new best friend seems to derail his life in more ways than he had suspected.

  • The Daily Edward

    The Daily Edward

    What would it feel like to be the most 'ordinary' person on Earth?A boy and his hopelessly 'normal' life will be portrayed in this novel.

  • It was Edward Jones

    It was Edward Jones

  • To Find Edward

    To Find Edward



    Marguerite is oblivious as she folds Arthmael's body into beautiful silhouettes. Following the familiar choreography, she dances relentlessly.Grand Jete! Penche! followed by a series of graceful pas de chats. All concatenated in front of the enthralled emperor.When the music reaches the outro in a full stop, Marguerite falls gracefully on the floor in a pose. She stays there and waits for the king to tell her she can leave.She stays on the ground for a long time but hears nothing from him. Wondering if she did anything wrong, she wants to lift her head to look at the king's face, but quickly remembers the warning he gave her. If she disrespects him any further, who knows what he might do to her.She suddenly feels her chin being lifted, her eyes meet the hazels of Demian. She forgets to breathe and falls from her pose onto the floor. She doesn't have time to regain her senses before two strong arms lift her off the floor.She is about to question him on his weird behaviour when her mouth is suddenly covered by his in a kiss.-------------------------------------------------Marguerite is very talented. She has a beautiful voice, a great passion for music and various talents in the arts. Unfortunately, her bright future gets compromised when she is forced to leave her world to fulfill the wish of someone else. Marguerite wanting to go home as soon as possible, accepts. However things turn out quite unexpected for her.The cover belongs to the rightful owner. If you are the owner of the art and want me to take it down, DM me on discord burlesque_dancer#2837

  • The Adventures of Edward Flinch

    The Adventures of Edward Flinch


    The adventures of a young boy who sought freedom, knowledge and eventually power.

  • Edward Stallone

    Edward Stallone

  • Diary Edward I

    Diary Edward I

    Horor dan Thriller MISTERI HOROR

    Kisah Diary seseorang pria bernama Ales Edward yang hidupnya kelam karena sesuatu kejadian yang menimpa dia...

  • Wake Up Prince Edward!

    Wake Up Prince Edward!

    Meet Zandea Hart. Once a sophisticated lady, fed with silver platter and no one get's in her way but sad to say that was BEFORE. Now she's broke, literally. An offer led them to a creepy mansion full of mystery. A room where secrets are hidden somewhere down there. And a coffin in which her love awaits her for a million centuries.And shockingly... There she met the Prince that will change her life. In a good way? Not really. It'll just pester her peaceful life. A prince with so much pride, arrogant, hot tempered, lazy yet blessed with beauty Prince Edward of Xanderdaile, self proclaimed Son of the Sun and the Reigning King but that was a long time ago. Now he's just a handsome guy sipping his coffee gracefully. "Wake Up Prince Edward!"

  • You & I Edward Cullen

    You & I Edward Cullen

    Bella Swan's unknown half-sister Hayley Marshall comes into town looking for answers. The truth turns her from an ordinary girl with a troubled past to an Alpha of the Forks pack. But her true family isn't the only thing she finds. Her old hook-up Edward Cullen. There love is powerful but can it overcome all?

  • Edward and the Island

    Edward and the Island


    A dark comedy set in the afterlife where souls are plucked from heaven, put in children's bodies, and dropped onto a lonely island as part of an experiment for a new universe.

  • Edward G Momin

    Edward G Momin

    When we grow up, we leave them… only come to them when we need something or when we are in trouble. No matter what, parents will always be there and give everything they could just to make you happy. You may think the boy is cruel to the tree, but that is how all of us treat our parents.

  • CHOICES | Edward Cullen

    CHOICES | Edward Cullen

  • Journal of John Edward Black

    Journal of John Edward Black

    Horror&Thriller MYSTERY SCARY

    Garrett Carter received sad news about his best friend John Edward Black died due to unknown disease upon his death Garrett received package that contains a old journal belong to his dead friend it tells about his expedition to search Iram of Pillars the city that lost within desert. Garrett Carter received package from someone inside the package there was journal belong to his friend John and Stone carving idol Shape like creatures with unknown origins.

  • Edward's Twilight

    Edward's Twilight


  • Edwards Twilight

    Edwards Twilight


  • Who's whom? The story of Edward smart

    Who's whom? The story of Edward smart

    Martial Arts MYSTERY

    A game of lies and deciet that sends a detective to his worst nightmare. This is the story of Edward Smart. A genius young detective who is moved to a new city. he immediately comes face to face with a great evil master mind who beats Edward at his own game. You are about to read a story where the bad guy wins.

  • Nawa Edward, true life story

    Nawa Edward, true life story

    Dear sir/mandam, names are Edward Nawa, I lives in Zambia ,Please I need help . I beg of you in Jesus name.... I need help from you because I need to complete my studies but am orphan. I lost my father in 2014 when I was 13 years old and mother she not working.... I completed my secondary level in 2021, grandpa he was the one paid for my school fees and included my groceries. Now am still in society, My examination results for Grade 12 I got;English:4Mathematics:6Biology:5Science:6Civic Education:3Religious Education:3Art & design:6And am good in art and design, I will send my art works to you so that you can see them. I lives in Zambia, in Lusaka city. If you want to help me, you can call me at that number below on what's app...0777523750. Have mercy on me please I beg of you in Jesus name , God bless you.... thanks.

  • Lola Song 
Edward Qui

    Lola Song Edward Qui

  • Edward Sinclair and Miss Fabiana

    Edward Sinclair and Miss Fabiana

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE R18 CEO

    For seven years, Edward Sinclair has lived with the shadow of his former lover. Because of that, he couldn't approach other women. Since losing his ex, Edward Sinclair's heart has become empty, his always warm attitude has turned cold. He was shackled by regret, because he, the woman he loved, had to go and marry another man.Until one day, Fabiana Aditya appears. The haughty but intelligent woman comes as a business competitor and the biggest enemy of Edward Sinclair's real estate company. When it should have been Edward Sinclair's need to both hate and get rid of her, he was in awe. Although his relationship with Fabiana is not fine, another feeling arises when he finds that some of Fabiana's traits remind him of his ex-lover.So, are Edward Sinclair's feelings related to love? Or is it just a feeling of longing because Fabiana has a resemblance to her ex-lover? How will the story of Edward and Fabiana continue when they are actually in a circle of enmity and also a feeling?

  • The Forgotten Princess

    The Forgotten Princess



    Alicia Rosalyn Von Heist is the youngest daughter of King Edward of Alvannia. She is an illegitimate child born from a maid in the castle her father has fancied. After her mother died when she was young her father took her home and ‘adopted’ her.Because of her low birth and illegitimacy she was neglected by her father the king and bullied by her stepmother the queen and her step-siblings.When she was 16 years old a war broke out with the neighboring country of Grandcrest. The war lasted for two long years and the two countries have made a truce at the end. The Grandcest empire demanded a princess to be married to the young king. It is said that the king of Grandcrest specifically asked for the hand of Alicia.Alicia was 18 years old when she was sent to Grandcrest as the fiancee of the young king who was said to be a cold blooded evil tyrant, King Regaleon of the Grandcrest empire.Note: Cover photo from Pinterest.