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  • No Ego

    No Ego


    *Please forgive me I am not native*18 years after the C Virus, the world has mostly gone back to its previous pacing. However, there is now a small proportion of near-adults who have some kind of mental disability.The Boy and The Girl are two of those. How would they cope with living in the world that does not care for them? Will they get treatment for their weakness? Or is there something fundamentally different?If you have a comment, please leave them down below. I love to hear other opinions and i would like to chat also. If you guys have stones or something. Please hit me in the face with it. Also, please consider leaving a review if you can.

  • Alter Ego: His Sultry Lover

    Alter Ego: His Sultry Lover



    [COMPLETED] [WARNING: MATURE CONTENT] "We could be louder," he whispered in a raspy voice. She shook with need and was about to turn when he clucked his tongue. "Ah, ah, ah, don't do that. I'll see you later, little girl." And with that, he vanished. - - - - Cage was at the top of the world: the emperor of the film industry. But it is truly lonely at the top. Surrounded by staff members who want him to work to his bones and no one to lean on, Cage turns to gaming. In such dire times, he stumbles across a mysterious female gamer who leaves him speechless and aroused at the same time. Graphic designer and fangirl extraordinaire, Katherine, finds a gamer who outshines her. In this world there was someone like this? All she can do is acknowledge his brilliance. [Take my bow, Senpai. You have eaten my gold.] But why does this message sound so… provocative? A series of lecherous conversations turn into something deeper, until one day the two fall irrevocably in love with each other. “Hey, let’s fall in love...” Follow them as they traverse through life and the hardships that are thrown at them. Who knows, maybe us single dogs can learn a thing or two. - - - - - "My little loli likes to watch? What a naughty little girl." She was embarrassed that she was caught and mortified by the voice of the man she recognized as ‘him’. What was he doing here? She started to turn around, but he grasped her shoulder so she couldn't move. "No, let's watch." His breath was at her ear, fire lapping at her nerves, singeing and burning her insides, making a pleasant feeling erupt in her stomach. His arm snaked around her shoulder and grabbed her hand while his other hand slid down to her sides until it rested on her hip. He was not pressing himself into her, but she felt completely engulfed by him. She knew she should scream, or stomp on his foot, but all she could do was listen to his breathing escalate as his thumb rubbed her shoulder, putting her in a stupor. She thought she heard him sniff her hair and his lips lightly grazed her ears as he whispered. "Don't miss the show because of me, little girl." Her eyes flickered back to the couple in the car, and she let out a whimper as she saw the man pull at the woman's hair, baring her beck to him, inviting his mouth to lick and suck. She felt ‘him’ close the gap between them, his hard body pressed up against hers, his arms tightly holding her. There was no mistaking what she felt on her lower back and she closed her eyes in delight.- - - - -Read my other works: 1. Cornered by the CEO - Complete2. Autopsy of a Mind - Complete3. The Story of Blood and Roses - Complete 4. Phoenix in the Moonlight - HiatusStory Discord: Instagram: @sunscar9

  • EGO!



    Axel a man with a silver eye awakes in a new world filled with magic and adventure. He is immediately met by a young lady named Mel who teaches him the ways to conquer and challenge the rules of this new world. From F-Rank to S-Rank he will meet the strong and the weak. Challenged by deadly monsters with hidden secrets, and ancient beings with long gone pasts. But as he progresses to become the strongest he is also being watched. An invisible force stalks him in the shadows. The Four Horsemen.

  • Alter Ego

    Alter Ego

    Agatha Beatrice adalah anak dari pasangan Adelia dan Devano yang mempunyai penyakit mental yaitu alter ego selalu membuat orang tuanya kesusahan untuk mengontrol emosi Sang anakBerbagai macam cara mereka lakukan agar bisa menghilangkan sosok alter ego dari tubuh AgathaTapi ternyata, Agatha hanya butuh...

  • Feed the EGO

    Feed the EGO


    In a world where everyone lives an everyday life, some have mastered the art of spirit manifestation. Separated from society is a school where kids with the talent to manifest these superpowers go. But the school holds secrets many seek. After the arrival of some new kids, the atmosphere becomes more chaotic. Mirik is a student of this abnormal school who finds out that his uncle died at the hands of an organization, that sets him on to get on a revenge spree. But his path is a one full of thorns and difficulties. .................................................................................. Support links: kofi- paypal-

  • king's ego

    king's ego


  • Ego Rien

    Ego Rien

  • Alternate Ego

    Alternate Ego

  • Mr. Ego

    Mr. Ego

  • Ego Of A Reaper

    Ego Of A Reaper


    Most people are born with the ability to condense their soul into magical weapons, but when a 3-year-old boy named Raven accidentally loses control and kills his mother he is disowned by his father and sent to live with an old priest in the church's attic. He tries to shun that sythe out of his life, but when he hears voices in his head and has weird dreams he realizes he has no option but to face it. Will he control it or will it control him?

  • Ego Sword

    Ego Sword

  • Love or Ego

    Love or Ego

  • My Ego

    My Ego

    Romansa Anak Muda ROMANCE

    Kang Yeh Suh merupakan murid yang cerdas. Namun, ia tidak pandai bergaul dengan teman sekelasnya karena perangainya yang buruk. Sementara itu, Hwang Woo Joo merupakan murid pindahan di semester kedua. Sifatnya yang baik dan berkarisma membuat orang-orang menyukainya. Selain itu, dia adalah murid yang cerdas. Hal itulah yang membuat Kang Yeh Suh sangat membencinya. Seiring berjalannya waktu, perasaan benci Kang Yeh Suh terhadap Hwang Woo Joo berubah menjadi cinta dan ia tak mau mengakuinya. Sementara itu, Hwang Woo Joo menyukai Kim Hye Na yang merupakan rival Kang Yeh Suh. Kang Yeh Suh yang memiliki ego tinggi pun memutuskan untuk tidak tertarik dengan Hwang Woo Joo sampai-sampai ia menghindari Hwang Woo Joo supaya rasa cintanya hilang. Namun, sekeras apa pun ia berusaha menghindari Hwang Woo Joo, ia malah selalu berurusan dengannya.

  • Alter-Ego



    Yara and Mahzun, identical twins, would do anything for each other. They love travelling the world and they will never do it without each other.Time Enjoyed Wasted Is Not Wasted Time. So, read the book to know about their adventures and love for each other. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"Hey Yara, I hope you're doing fine. What am I even writing? Anyways, I hope you find this letter. I'm writing this today on October 8th 2022, the day that I decided that I'm going to take my life. I'm sorry Yara. I'm sorry for everything, I'm sorry for doing this to you, for dying before I know the gender of your baby. I know that you will die, with grieve or you will try to take your own life just like I'm about to do. But please, listen to me, read this letter carefully. Do not do that. You should live, you should not do something stupid like me. You should think about Adam and your child. You should learn to live your life without me. Please Yara, don't waste your life after me, forget me and move on. I've never told you this before but I love you. I love you with all my heart. I love you more than my own life. I love you more than anything. So please, don't do what you're about to do, don't die. I don't know if you've found this before you do something, but I really hope that I'm not late to save your life. Don't do this to yourself, to Adam, your baby. Just know this. I love you and if you do something like this then you're not just gonna kill yourself, you'll kill Adam, the child, and you're gonna kill me again. And if you really love me, then you'll live and love life, You'll get used to the idea of life without me. And just one last thing, Do tell that little baby of your's that I love it too, just like I love you. Bye."Started writing on 6-6-20

  • lost in ego

    lost in ego

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE COMEDY

    A young, arrogant, egotistic billionaire is forced to get married to the daughter of his father's childhood friend who is also very prideful. What happens when ego meets pride? Find out more on, lost in ego.

  • Ego and hatred

    Ego and hatred

  • Ego Mania

    Ego Mania

    Okay, I'll tell the truth, I don't get how am I supposed to write one, so I'll just leave it like this I guess?Oh, yeah. the warnings.*self-harm* *gore* *torture* *psychotic stuff*

  • Naivety and Ego

    Naivety and Ego

    A great war is taking place to find out which race is the most superior one. Idiots with superiority complex and world ending weapons want to rule the world. The some people want to stop the war before weapons of mass destructions are used. Will they be able to stop the war?

  • a lady's ego

    a lady's ego


  • Lara's Alter Ego

    Lara's Alter Ego

    Lara was different, she wasn't like others, she walked different, she talked different. She was like the two sides of a coin, She was an angel at home while a demon in school.She is like the wind that can keep you chilly or the wind that can destroy you.