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  • Rise My Elementals!

    Rise My Elementals!



    All the Humans from Earth was suddenly transported into a new world called Celestial World. No one knew the reason why nor what the purpose was all about. All of the Humans were suddenly transported without any warnings or signs and was then forced to lived in a mysterious and unfamiliar new world. 50 years, the Humans lived in endless suffering and torments. They were all forced to run from one place to another or else they would be enslaved by other Foreign races that had long been living in the Celestial World. Fortunately, the Humans were finally able to slowly developed its strength and power in the Celestial World through the sacrifice of countless Humans after that 50 years span of time. However, it was mysteriously Fated not to last long as an unknown power has suddenly started doing everything to destroy the Humanity's Kingdoms and Empires. A young man by the name Leo Heart had its Fate suddenly rewritten by some unknown power to stop this unprecedented doom of the Humans after a red cube, that the Heart Noble Household had been keeping as a Family Heirloom from the very start of the Humans existence in the Celestial World, suddenly jumped up and embedded itself into his right palm. A world full of Mystery, which Magic and Mana had become every races foundation of existence. A young man that had lost its family for the Humans existence has its Fate unexpectedly rewritten after such encounter. But, would it be enough to stop this so called unprecedented doom? Would the Humans existence be saved by Leo from the unknown yet powerful existence? Or would the Humans sadly become nothing but a mere history in this new world? Note: The art of the book cover is not mine. All the credits goes to its rightful owner...---------------------------------If you find the story interesting and wanted to know how to support the Author and the Work (Rise my Elementals), you can just simply send a gift through that gift icon below or just buy access to Privileged Chapters, which is 1 coin to access 2 chapters in advance. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE SUPPORT AND HAVE A HAPPY READING!

  • Elemental Magic System

    Elemental Magic System


    Matt lived a simple life as a farmer. He was happy helping his parents in the farm, looking after his little sister, and taking naps in the shade. He often dreamed of adventure but having no magic himself, he had no way of making his dreams a reality. One day however, he was caught in a magic storm and struck by lightning. He should have died, but instead he was given a system that would allow him to use all types of elemental magic.

  • Love is Magic

    Love is Magic

    Contemporary Romance WEAKTOSTRONG CEO FAMILY


    " Tell me what happened?" Priya asked anxiously." Don't ask me anything now, I have to go to the police station" Arvind answered without looking at me. Arvind left hurriedly.I didn't understand what was happening here. I went to Karthik's bedroom to check him. Then I noticed his palm was cut and was bleeding. I don't know where the first aid kit in his room, so I brought it from my penthouse. When I was dressing his injury, he hissed in pain and opened his eyes. I observed his gloomy eyes filled with pain and tears at the corner of his eyes. My heart-ached looking at him in that condition. " What happened Karthik?" I asked him rubbing his hair softly." My best friend hates me. It's killing me," he answered. " I did a big mistake by hurting him. I accept my mistake. At least he is not giving a second chance to explain. He is punishing me for two years ignoring me and treating me like his enemy. It is killing me. Even my mom doesn't trust me. No one loves me. I am feeling lonely. I don't want to live anymore" he said while lone tears rolled from the corner of his eyes. "Shhh…..calm down. You are a fantastic person, Karthik I have ever seen. Arvind, Shreya, uncle, and all employees need you. Don't ever speak about killing yourself. We all love you." I consoled him. He immediately got up from the bed and hugged me tightly. "You love me?" he asked me cupping my face. I could understand his state, he was in an alcoholic effect. So I nodded my head straight. He loosens his grip and looked into my eyes. " You trust me, right?" He questioned. " I trust you more than myself" I smiled. " Thank you so much. Do you know my mom loves me but she didn't trust me? At that time do you know how I felt? I was broken …." He cried hugging me. "Everything will be fine. Don't worry." I assured him. " Will you too leave me like my mom ?" he asked me. " Never. I will be always with you." I answered. "Promise…" he asked again. " Pakka promise.." I smiled. "Thank you beautiful…." he kissed me on my forehead. I was beyond the shock of what just happened. My body freeze at once. " Then don't leave me. Be with me all my life" he closed his eyes holding my palm. Still, I couldn't believe…. What he spoke!!Does he love me???Having a family, I am living like an orphan. Why a rich person will love an orphan like me? Love never exists in my life! I laughed at my destiny. ***************************This is a story of two souls who met accidentally and finally bonded in pure love. So peep into the story to know the love journey of handsome Karthik( Male Lead) and innocent Priya(Female lead)

  • Elemental Magic: Shadows Arising

    Elemental Magic: Shadows Arising

    Hundreds of years into a dystopian future, the world was destroyed and remade, and in the process, some humans gained magic. Some could control fire, some could control water, some could control the wind, and some could control the earth. Some could do miraculous healing. Magical humans, known as an Elementalist, would be sent to a school that specializes in their Elemental Magic: fire, wind, water, earth, or healing. Each Elemental school is in a different part of the world, each their Elemental area a 'kingdom'. You're not allowed to step into a kingdom you're not the same element as unless you were given special permission. The only place where you could meet up with a different element safely was in Servi, the only part of the world that wasn't remade, and was a horrible place to be. That was where normal humans, ones that didn't gain magical abilities, were forced to stay. Now, a looming threat of shadowy monsters that will invade the world and kill all its occupants has arisen. Where magic and power and wealth are all that matters and no unity on hand, is the world doomed for destruction?

  • Academy of Elemental Magic (Tagalog Story)

    Academy of Elemental Magic (Tagalog Story)

  • The Elemental Path - The Strongest Shaman's Story

    The Elemental Path - The Strongest Shaman's Story



    In a country town, a series of strange events begin to happen. Many rumors spread on the internet, but are soon erased by the government to avoid unnecessary turmoil. The young Liu Yang and his friends think these rumors are Internet lies to make the city more mysterious. But with each passing day, more rumors appear. It makes them a little scared. Liu Yang and his friend go to an antique store to buy protective amulets to alleviate some of the fear, even if it is fake. But Liu Yang never thought that the item he bought would be something mystical with special powers. His life will change forever the day after he buys that item.

  • True elemental power

    True elemental power



    Apa jadinya jika kamu sedang dimarahi dan tiba-tiba pindah ke dunia lain menjadi seorang pahlawan?Itulah yang dialami oleh pria SMA, Winston. Anak yang terkenal pendiam, polos namun cerdas itu secara tiba-tiba saja pindah ke dunia lain usai dimarahi oleh Mama nya.Ia harus menghadapi berbagai rintangan yang sulit di dunia barunya. Ditambah dirinya yang dihina oleh pahlawan serta para putri-putri lainnya."Hmm bukan ini yang kuinginkan. Ya, benar aku menginginkan kehidupan baru tetapi tidak yang seperti ini!" ucap Winston.Akankah Winston mampu mengatasi semuanya? bagaimana perjalanan Winston dalam mengatasi segala rintangan yang ada dalam kehidupannya?Saksikan selengkapnya di "True elemental power"

  • Reincarnated as a Magic Elemental

    Reincarnated as a Magic Elemental

  • The Elemental Tower

    The Elemental Tower


    Lin Ke was a notorious cheapskate when it came to mobile game. He was always reluctant to spend money on starter packs, even for one-dollar bundles. However, the day he decided to buy a starter pack for a gacha game, he found himself transported into that game's world. Fortunately, the starter pack came with a female hero—and not just any female hero, but the queen of dragons who swore absolute loyalty to him. With that begins Lin Ke's bumpy journey as he strives to survive in this world, fending off ferocious enemies' attacks as he tries to level up his comrades and buildings with the game's system. Will he succeed? Read on and find out where Lin Ke's adventure brings him!

  • Magic of the Elements

    Magic of the Elements

    It begins with a normal day in school and ends in a way no one really thought it would.Join Apolline Nightshade as she discovers that she may not be as normal as she thought she was.

  • the magic of the elements

    the magic of the elements

  • Science/Magic




    Glenn (Bloed) was abandoned by his family in the Exiled Lands, one of the most dangerous places of the world; where his inability to use magic meant that only death awaited him.However, an encounter with the remains of a completely different civilization was going to change his life forever.When science and magic met, the fate of the world started to unfold....Follow my other story in webnovel: Fourth Prince's Debauchery.Support me on P4TRE0N: patre-on.com/aidnovels

  • The Truth of Magic

    The Truth of Magic


    Zhao Xu goes back 10 years in time to the day when Arthur's game servers opened. Only he knows that one year later, the earth will be destroyed and everyone on earth will transmigrate into the world of Arthur! PS: MC is a double character class of Wizard and Archivist, training in both the arcane and the divine, includes metamagic/magic guards/spells/rubies/action points/hyperactivity/pause/temporary effect/activation/in-game purchases in the making.

  • The Element Case

    The Element Case

    Clay Richardson is a well-known artist who owns his own gallery.<br><br>Quint Hawk, a police detective, makes contact with Clay when he sees a portrait Clay has painted in the window of the gallery -- a portrait of a homeless young man who was murdered just days before. Unfortunately, Clay has no idea who the subject was.<br><br>Several months later, Quint contacts Clay to again ask about one of Clay's paintings. The subject has been murdered, as has a third man in another of his paintings.<br><br>The reclusive artist and the handsome detective are drawn to each other as they try to determine what is happening and why. They come up with a plan to catch the killer -- a plan that could end up in their deaths before they can decide if there is more to their feelings than a couple of very good nights in Clay's bed.

  • War, Elements, and Magic

    War, Elements, and Magic



    *NOTE 12.21.21:* Deleted

  • Tower Of The Magical Elements

    Tower Of The Magical Elements

    Fantasy DEVIL

  • Magical Elemental Charm Academy:School of Magic

    Magical Elemental Charm Academy:School of Magic

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE ADVENTURE

    Si Nika Shainna Crowford ay isang simpleng tao na nangangarap na magkaroon ng isang kapangyarihan. Mahilig siya sa mga fantasy stories and movies. Hindi nya lang alam na may kakaiba siyang taglay. Makikilala niya ang isang kaibigan na sya ang magdadala sa kaniya sa mundo kung saan siya nararapat at nababagay."To leave in peace and to save the world is to sacrifice." Are you ready to discover the world of mystery?

  • Magical Elemental Charm Academy: School of Magic

    Magical Elemental Charm Academy: School of Magic


    Si Nika Shainna Crowford ay isang simpleng tao na nangangarap na magkaroon ng isang kapangyarihan. Mahilig siya sa mga fantasy stories and movies. Hindi nya lang alam na may kakaiba siyang taglay. Makikilala niya ang isang kaibigan na sya ang magdadala sa kaniya sa mundo kung saan siya nararapat at nababagay."To leave in peace and to save the world is to sacrifice."

  • All-elemental Magical Girl

    All-elemental Magical Girl


    In this mysterious magical world, there exists countless types of elements. Chu Yuxun, a rebellious young girl who isn't afraid of anything, obtains a spot in an academy of magic in a magical trial. She gains the favor of Chen Nuo, the most popular guy in the academy, and is in the prime of her life. However, Vasha, the Queen of the Dark Realm, has her eye on the academy. Chu Yuxun embarks on a difficult yet comedic adventure to save the academy and becomes the strongest magical girl who masters all elements!

  • Magic: My Magic Can Mutate and Evolve

    Magic: My Magic Can Mutate and Evolve

    Fantasy MAGIC


    Smith was accidentally reincarnated into a world of swords and magic. He became the descendant of a noble family. According to Smith’s logic, something was off with the plot which he was experiencing. His father was very kind and was respected by all his siblings. This was not at all the plot which would be experienced by a main character. Usually, wouldn’t the plot be something along the lines like him being neglected by his father and disdained by his siblings? At this moment, Smith awakened the cheat codes that would allow his magic to mutate. Any magic skills learned by Smith would automatically evolve and become the best magic. [Your water ball technique has scanned your memory. It was deeply fascinated by the water escape technique and the water dragonball technique. Shocked by its own limitations, your water ball technique has trained hard and finally achieved mutation.] From then on, his water ball technique became the water dragon technique. [Your flying magic has scanned your memory. It was deeply fascinated by the ability of the flight devil fruits. Shocked by its own limitations, your flying magic has trained hard and finally achieved mutation.] From then on, Smith did not have to spend any magic power to use his flying magic. His flying magic also became the strongest flying magic in this world. Smith, “I’m really an ordinary magic user. I’m not the God of Law!”