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  • The Dark Elves

    The Dark Elves

    A young elf princess struggling for acceptance to prove that she is worthy of the crown.

  • The Elves Tree

    The Elves Tree


    What happens when a person is thrust into one of the first trees ever with a system.

  • The Blue Elves

    The Blue Elves


    Humans, one nation with separate Kingdoms. Elves, divided in two because of their differences. The laws between them are brutal, what happens if someone breaks a very strict law? Two young Elves born between the two separate world's, fighting for what's right.




    I have cancelled all plans for this book and I am not continuing it.

  • Dungeons and Elves

    Dungeons and Elves


    he Line Mage; the Twinblade; the Vectorsmith; the Amplifier.These are the only professions that can survive the World Dungeon. Fleeing from the Encroachment, The Home City of the Elves has relocated to the Second Strata. The Dungeoneers venture ever deeper in search of a safe haven for their civilization, but each Strata is more perilous than the next. Where lies the promised homeworld, where all elves may once again know the light of the stars?

  • Throne of elves

    Throne of elves

  • Rise of elves

    Rise of elves


    this story about rise of young elf hero for their own race in this world

  • fairies and elves

    fairies and elves

  • Land Of Elves

    Land Of Elves

    Fantasy ADVENTURE

    I’m going to try to keep this one going with at least 3 chapters a week. I am new to writing, so please point out any mistakes on my part. At least 750 words per chapter.

  • Jack of Elves

    Jack of Elves

    Fantasy Romance ADVENTURE DARK

    Syndra Elwood is a teenage girl living in Kunan City, the capital of the Fae Kingdom of Senkyo. All her life she faced the extreme poverty and oppression that comes with being a human in Kunan City, so when she is given an opportunity as a servant in the King's palace, she gladly takes it. Little did she know that she was soon to personally serve the tyrant pulling the strings of a cruel regime...Jack Asmodeus Pyre is known to all as the Elven King; a predatorial creature of power hiding flesh-tearing canines behind a pretty face. Stories speak of his horrific acts and rotten personality, but what if he has some good in him, even a little? Is he really the ruthless king everyone takes him for? After a series of unforeseen events, their world is thrust into chaos as it teeters on the edge of all-out war. Syndra and Jack end up alone together, much to their dismay, but they must learn to put aside their differences and work to ensure the survival -- and the improvement -- of their kingdom as they know it.

  • Elves And Beasts

    Elves And Beasts

    Aragorn,father of the elves, and his twelve sons were taking a stroll through the realms of the Earth, when suddenly, Aragorn came up with a fantastic idea. He thought about turning Middle Earth into something really nice, something more like the humane society. His sons, after a strong argument, agreed to his proposal, except for Logon. Using all the powers they had, they turned Middle Earth into a modern kingdom, giving the elves the togetherness. They named their creation Dalcroft, adapting many more humane characteristics.Seth was an orphan living with his grandparents, in the outskirts of Dalcroft, a huge city. His grandparents had him enrolled in Alpheus II Memorial School. Seth was a Crimson Elf, a very powerful kind and the kind the elves wanted nothing to do with. He was meant to be killed on sight,by any elf who saw him. The young elf lived a secluded life, until he joined Alpheus. There he met a trio who gave him love like never before. Some time later, Luthien, a dark elf, using the twelve power stones, opened the Fanglon Abyss, a cage for the beasts that had at one point overrun the Middle Earth. He, as the most powerful elf in existence, together with his friends, fought a battle against the beasts, devouring them until there was not a single one left. Luthien was very pissed and decided to seek out this elf that destroyed everything that she had put into place. Will Seth manage to defeat the dark elves and save Dalcroft, even though the elves want him dead???



    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE ACTION ELVES

    Many years ago, Elviland was thrown into deep chaos when one of the four clans rebelled, making the other Clans divided and distrustful with one another. For twenty year old Elva of the wood clan, taking care of her sick mother was her top priority in life and nothing else mattered until she met the handsome and mysterious young man in white, from the Winged clan. Both fought against their blooming romance as it was forbidden for different clans to become lovers. And when the Clans peace was threatened by outsiders, will their love be able to overcome the impending hard test?

  • The Lord of Elves

    The Lord of Elves


    Admira, born into the noble family of Ur'Kivar, isn't your typical high elve. They are arrogant and supremacist against other races, especially the higher they are in the hierarchy. And yet Admira is different in his way of thinking. Follow him on his path of becoming open-minded and seeing the world from his special green eyes. Will he prevail or be forgotten as another challenger of fate? Will he be immortalized in the minds of his people as one of the heroes or just be used as a pawn in the game of gods? He was born into a world where justice doesn't prevail so he will be the one forging it.

  • The Prince Of The Elves

    The Prince Of The Elves


    Someone once said that love and hate... are two sides of the same blade. When I met the princess of the High Elves, I did not remember who I was, where I was, or how I got there. Looking back, I was glad it turned out that way. If I had known who I was, and told her I was ELION WINDSTAR, son of the Sun elves, she would of killed me right then and there. Instead, she took care of the stranger, she found wounded in the forest. ELION had been slayed down with force and dark magic, in a battle in which he had lost the love of his life. TALILIA was held hostage by a nearby malefic kingdom.As bits and pieces of what happened came back to him, he found that love and hatred could equally consume a person with passions.At that moment ELION realized, the warrior princess could never know who he was.As they balanced on the fine line between friendship and romance, they made a pact.ELION would help MEIRA fulfill the quest she was destined for, as she would in return help him to find his identity. Little did she know, he was her sworn enemy, that only used her to find the love he had lost. When the time came and TALILIA was rescued, ELION found it hard to admit that he had fallen in love with someone else. Besides, she could not never be his, or could she?He did not know what hurt the most; being near her, while he knew she was forbidden, or her absence, knowing she was forever his?!

  • the dwarves and the elves

    the dwarves and the elves

  • Eldamar: Elves' Heart

    Eldamar: Elves' Heart


    Sifat manusia yang begitu serakah mengantarkan mereka pada kehancuran. Bagi para Elf, manusia adalah makhluk yang tidak pernah puas. Dan mereka akan melakukan segala cara untuk melancarkan aksinya.

  • demon vs elves

    demon vs elves

  • World of elves the series

    World of elves the series

    The couple is married and they have adventures

  • Waking to Dragons and Elves

    Waking to Dragons and Elves

    Emyr, known to many as a reckless teenager, only knowing how to fight in and against gangs, enough to come home beaten up daily but sometimes coming out better than his enemies.Unfortunately for him, in this new world, humans aren't the top of the food chain. Instead of gangs, he will fight goblins as he attempts to find a place to live with his little sister Elyn.A heartwarming story, but not for the faint hearted. Some men will do anything to protect their family, sometimes at the cost of themselves.--Author noteI'm not the best at writing, and I don't plan to be, but if you have corrections, please mention them nicely and I'll try to cover the more important ones.I used to write to get better at my english writing; lets hope it pays off eventually this time.When I write books, I decide what they know from the start, I decide who they were and what they care about.I also have little to no control over what happens, everything is up to how the character themselves explores the world.Basically, I write freestyle and that works for me.--Yes wow, another 'original story' about going to another world.Well look on the bright side, my favourite genres in books are fantasy but I always love me a bunch of dark psychology books about the mind and what people will do to survive and all the darkness people hold.This world has been created, in detail.This means that my worldbuilding and planning have been going on for a while before this book.While there might be exposition, I don't need to make errors with inconsistencies due to everything already existing.

  • world of elves the book

    world of elves the book