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  • Emotion






    When your heart is broken it is the saddest thing in the world. All your energy leaves you and everything in your life seems to lose all meaning. You gave your heart and soul to this love, and now it is no more. How can your heart ever be whole again? There is a very deep thought attributed the Mystical Rabbi of Kotzk, "there is nothing as whole as a broken heart". Although a broken heart is painful, it brings a person to turn to God. He realizes that he is ultimately alone in the world except for God who is always there to comfort him.

  • Emotion Keys

    Emotion Keys

  • Without Emotion

    Without Emotion

    An existence of power rivaling the heavens yet unable unable to understand emotion see what adventures and situations he finds himself in

  • Uncharted Emotion

    Uncharted Emotion


    Just a new story I'm still thinking for a good synopsisI'm a noobie so please correct me if I'm wrong.The cover photo is not mine.

  • Heart & Emotion

    Heart & Emotion

  • High emotion

    High emotion

    Iam sure that lwiil won

  • The perfect emotion

    The perfect emotion

  • An Infinite Emotion

    An Infinite Emotion


    One liner poems about various topics!

  • Story of emotion

    Story of emotion

    This is the story of Lisa.This novel trying to tell that sucide is not the last option.

  • The Last Emotion

    The Last Emotion

    Magical Realism MAGIC ACADEMY

    In a not so distant universe, where magic thrives, Tian Ni, the main character was born with a Magic Rank of F.In this world, humans are naturally atuned with magic, and they are also borned with a skill. This skill can range from bring extremely weak to extremely strong. However, using such a skill would have some drawbacks. Such as a well-known A Rank Magic Skill, "Time Manipulation". The user has the ability to stop time for 1 second, but spent 1 month of their lifespan doing so.The Magic Rank followsS Rank is for people who have strong skills and with a decent but bearable cost to activate.A Rank is for people who have strong skills but have a nearly unbearable cost to activate.B Rank is for people who have a decent skill, and have low cost to activate.C Rank is for people whos skills are extremely weak, but generally has close to no cost to activate.D Rank unlike what some people assumed, is for people who have EXTREMELY strong op skills, but the cost of usage will render them useless after one use.F Rank however, is the worst. Its so bad, the Magic Rank Creator felt bad and left out a E Rank to signify a gap in it. F also stands for Factorless. The people born within this rank generally has skills, but the factor required isn't possible. Such factors could be like, the skill requires them to be with someone 1000 years old and alive.Which with such skills, one can imagine how many people would die at a young age just by curiosity of using them. Luckily, one would require to be nearly 16 years old and have someone to manually awaken their ability by passing some magic power into the 16 year old body.Yes, magic power. People in this world have magic powers. Any of them is able to control fire, earth, lightning, water and wind as long as they have the appropriate magic power. And the higher the magic power, the stronger their magic is.When Tian Ni was born, one could say he was either REALLY lucky or unlucky. The doctor had used the machine to test his magic skill, which had stated. "By sacrificing one emotion for the rest of his life, his strength will increase multiply." The doctor was extremely excited, till he realised that the strength gain would be zero. This meant his magic strength and physical attributes would literally drop to zero, and he would die.No, not due to the fact he had 0 magic power or physical attributes, but the emotion lost will only give a zero times multiplier on his magic power and physical attributes. The doctor had obviously asked the magic system that tested the skill to find the factor to resolve such a skill, as a skill effect will always be a positive effect if one were to exclude the drawbacks.The magic system however could not find the factor, and Tian Ni was deemed Factorless.However as the doctor wanted to run more tests, a shout came across the room "The LEGENDARY S RANK IS BORN" and he immediately deemed Tian Ni as a F Rank and rushed away to view the baby.Tian Ni witnessing this, despite being a baby felt jealous about the other baby's treatment despite not understanding what had happen. And if the Doctor had noticed and run more test, he would have noticed the magic multiplication and physical multiplication would have increased.Tian Ni's skill isn't factorless, its just the emotions multiplication will be based on how much he value said emotion. And being a baby that was literally just born, how could he have any emotion?16 years later, how will Tian Ni's life go as he enters High School?!

  • A Hidden Emotion

    A Hidden Emotion


    "Alex?" He choked out his name in between sniffles, eyes red and puff after rubbing them for to long trying to stop the tears from falling, he stumble into the house soaking wet from head to toe he grabbed the door handle trying to keep himself from falling."Jake, where have you been?" Alex asked before turning to grab a towel out of the closet."Those bastards....they killed her Alex, she's dead" His voice came out raspy as he chuckled darkly, tears began to fill his eyes again.He stilled at that, feeling his heart rate increases rapidly pounding on his ribcage, the blood rush to his ears as he took in what Jake said.They killed her?*Crack*Jake felt a frightening aura push off of his friend in fast waves even more terrifying than his,*Crack*She's dead?Alex's muscles tensed as a burning rage and resentment gripped inside inside him a violent cracks came as he felt something destructive and deadly breaking inside of him.Two weeks after his mother's death, he moves in with his best friend at college, between making new friends and collecting evidence on his mother's death, he is stuck with an annoying ex and others that irritated the hell out of him. When old enemies resurface and threaten the lives of the ones he cares about, how about long does it take before he finally cracks? Remember if you keep testing the water with them, it won't take long before you hit their breaking point and they pull you in and one of you ends up drowning.But who?Read to find out

  • Drowning In Emotion

    Drowning In Emotion

    Realistic Fiction CAMPUS BL

    A 14 year old boy, Zach Goodwick, is a freshman in high school and is also figuring out who he is. He finds that he's a bit different than his friends and other students at school. Because of this, he has a harder time fitting in. Can you handle the experience?

  • Is love an emotion?

    Is love an emotion?

    Eastern Fantasy ROMANCE CAMPUS

  • Emotion is a Talent

    Emotion is a Talent

    Fantasy Romance MAGIC

  • The Emotion of Death

    The Emotion of Death

    Martial Arts ACTION

    Shikari Kojo suddenly woke up one day in a hospital bed; a man by the name of Cid telling him he was in an accident at Asakusa Hanayashiki amusement park. Soon the existence of "Yuda" are revealed to him; human beings that gain powers based on the emotion and nature of their death. Shikari has truly stepped through the looking glass, and entered a new world, one he may never escape; “I’m gonna give it to ya straight, kid… Last night, you blew your brains out.”

  • Dead Emotion

    Dead Emotion

    After the rises of mysterious towers all over the world, the rises of hunters came to existence to raid the towers. With the power of aretisites, hunters can wield special abilities.A young man name Lyden enter a tower without an aretisite to protect him. He only had one to chance to become a hunter, but the unexpected happens.In the tower, he turned into a powerful monster when he obtains a strange aretisite. Now with his new body, will he be hunted by the hunters and killed or will he become a being that would fight against the human race?

  • Emotion Betrayal

    Emotion Betrayal

  • Magic Emotion

    Magic Emotion


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