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  • Roller Coaster

    Roller Coaster

    Isabella Brown, an eighteen years old girl who had the weight of the world on her head with parents who doesn't care for her and her little brother, decided to go on a low profile in her new school.Unfortunately for her the popular boy returned to the school, everything became a nightmare for her when she was caught up in a dare contest and has to be with the bad boy all day for three weeks. Will she find her peace and happiness with the bad boy or will their relationship go on a Roller Coaster Ride?

  • Roller coaster

    Roller coaster

  • Roller-coaster


    Jayden has always been a bit of a loner. He moves through high school, seeing nothing but passing blurs. No one is worth knowing. Until one day, he spots a young girl who allows him to focus more clearly. While spending time with her, he finds that life and all its colors is complex. And that a canvas, even one broken and charred, can still retain value worth more than gold.

  • Roller coaster: the ride

    Roller coaster: the ride

    It was short and fast. Took us long to get there but when we did it was magical. But all rides must go down and when we did of course I had to be dizzy. It was a rollercoaster.

  • In a roller coaster with you

    In a roller coaster with you

  • The Roller Coaster Named Life

    The Roller Coaster Named Life

    Two people from worlds apart, struggling to keep their lives afloat and themselves sane. Their struggles may be different but the ever revolving wheel of life puts them together time and again, but what will happen when this time they finally clash and a million secrets unfold. Hearts racing, emotions flailing and demons from past chasing them, merges to be one...then they are finally granted salvation in each other's embrace... Amyra Williams, a 25 year old woman trying hard to create for herself the life her mother thought she deserved and Amyra agreed...all while trying to fight the shadows of her past that wants to consume her whole. Zachary Kinght, a 29 year old self made billionaire, insanely handsome with a heart of gold that he chooses to keep hidden under lock and key...for he has a history of his own... But what will happen when the 2 meets and somehow Amyra finds that key and secrets are uncovered...

  • Rescuing His Captive Mate: Saving The Future Luna

    Rescuing His Captive Mate: Saving The Future Luna



    Star is a girl who has known no world. She's been held captive by her extended family since her mother died when she was two, or was her mother murdered? The date of her eighteenth birthday is approaching and if she doesn't get away from her captors soon, she will have to marry a man whom she despises. Artem is a young new Alpha who was disgusted by the previous Alphas' actions. Wanting to reform his pack and protect the weak he took control by force. Now, he's rescuing those who have been beaten, abused, and neglected. During one of his rescue mission, Artem discovers the young Star. The girl is terrified of her family, the world out side that she doesn't know, and him. So how is he going to tell her that she is his fated mate and future Luna of their pack? Can Artem get Star to trust him when she has been told that no one cares for weak wolves, especially the Alpha? Can he convince her that the world is not how she had been led to believe it was? "I will do anything to save you, Star. Anything to protect you. Please, you have to trust me." Can Star move past her fear and trust this man she's never known before? And is her family just going to roll over and let her be taken away from them? What ups and downs await our Alpha and his mate in this roller coaster of a story? ***WARNINGS*** Graphic Violence Strong Language Sexual Content Mature/Adult Content Abuse Imprisonment Attempted Rape FOLLOW ME AND LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK https://discord.gg/8wrYgHqemB https://twitter.com/DCinMI https://www.facebook.com/deni.chance.71

  • Roller coaster#Nigerian Themed novel

    Roller coaster#Nigerian Themed novel

    Change is what we all expected from her, Being a grown up girl with different moral lessons awaiting her...Meet Isabella Matthew The only daughter to the famous Mr David Matthew's, After Studying in the university, Getting an A1 in financial accounting Abroad, Isabella decides to go back home to her family to continue the company for her father And also decides on taking a second course Here in here country Nigeria, But what happens when love comes into the picture and she is forced to change her saucy and annoying behavior or else she looses the love of her life........And what happens when after she has changed, she left the most important person hanging...Lets follow on her roller coaster journey and let's see if luck is on her side ??

  • Ava's roller coaster life

    Ava's roller coaster life

    Teen ANIME

    "bitch shut the fuck up you don't run shit in this school and the last time I checked your the whore, you open up your legs to everything that moves and has a dick not to mention that your face is so caked up that you look like a clown all you need is the shoes and the outfit to go with your face"

  • Life Is Like A Roller-Coaster

    Life Is Like A Roller-Coaster

    Teen ROMANCE

    A middle class girl living her life fully but one day someone come to her home some strangers but she get reveal with secrets that she don't know what would her life be after those secret get revealedlets find out how she will deal with it!!

  • Invincible Colorless Butler

    Invincible Colorless Butler



    Ziel Grisel (Nijisaki Ken) manages to defeat the fallen god-king in divine war. But he was cursed by his last opponent and lost all his emotions. Ken decides to create reincarnation magic by using his innate ability to dispel the curse.900 years have passed, and Ken has been successfully reincarnated. Unfortunately, the curse cannot be removed, and Ken is forced to live in that era without his emotions. After learning that fact, Ken is determined to live a quiet and peaceful life as...Butler?

  • The Urban Dao Child.

    The Urban Dao Child.



    Yang Dao is an orphan. He does not speak much. He is so introverted that if not for his grades no one would have even known about him. One day it all changed. A red helicopter landed in front of him and a black-haired beauty walked up to him. She spoke in a joyful and emotional voice, "Young Master, this servant finally found you." ... Follow Yang Dao, a boy blessed by the heavens. A guy who was given four familiar spirits by the heavens. DISCLAIMER: THE COVER IMAGE DOES NOT BELONG TO ME.





    VOLUME 1 : COMPLETEDNovel Official Trailer Link below:1. Instagram Link: https://bit.ly/3fvoXQS2. Youtube Link: https://bit.ly/3v81ATG WARNING: A roller coaster love-hate journey and a tear-jerking story equipped with mysteries. Dylan Sterling, the youngest and the most ruthless chief executive of Sterling Group, has special powers that superseded the Group. Money, fame, and intelligence were clear evidence of his status in the society he belongs to. His exceptional talent had a hidden purpose, and the DARK WORLD he ruled was cruel. He showed no mercy to everyone who blocked his path and devoured those who attempted to stand against him.Savannah Schultz- 21 years old, an orphan turned to be a model, was engaged to wed Devin only to gain support for the family business that her father built for many years. Later she went south after her father died. And her uncle Dalton Schultz adopted her to get everything she had, including Devin's aid.Devin had sold her off like a slave to his uncle Dylan - to scheme the notorious man for additional capital to inject into his business venture. Dylan had eaten her up like a box of chocolates and treated her like a bargaining chip.She felt herself knocked off balance and falling into a deep abyss. Anger, sadness, embarrassment –swelled within her and threatened to ruin her life.To save himself from humiliation, he perfectly planned to take her as his nominal wife and promised to help her break up the engagement and aid her family business.Helpless and humiliated, she accepted his bargain. She started to become strong in front of those bullies, yet she was weak when it comes to him.They lived together but treated each other as strangers. He had no plans of falling for her as someone had occupied his heart a few years ago. Then the situation shifted when he discovered who she really was! But the dark world he ruled threatened to destroy them.Mystery, deception, and revenge-fueled them both to rise together.Cover created by WeilanWanna know more about the story follow me at Instagram: annashannellin

  • Life is just a roller coaster,sometimes your up and your in the middle

    Life is just a roller coaster,sometimes your up and your in the middle

  • The Law of Attraction

    The Law of Attraction



    It all started with a stolen kiss on their first encounter.[Warning: Mature content *NO rape and NO major misunderstanding!] Status: COMPLETED******“Miss Lana Huang… Expect a notice of harassment on your doorway soon…”That was what Lana got for kissing a stranger to save herself from an unwanted arranged marriage.“As far as I remember, you kissed me back fiercely and even dominated the entire kiss. You clearly had enjoyed your moment with me, so please don’t make it sound like I took undue advantage of you! And I told you, I’m ready to compensate you!”“And how do you plan to do that, huh?” Liam stepped closer, trying to intimidate the proud woman who did not even bat an eyelid under his suffocating pressure.Lana stepped backwards a few steps, raised her hand and growled, “Stop right there Attorney Sy if you don’t wanna taste the pain of getting kicked on your balls after getting kissed!”*****Meet Lana Huang, a proud woman who climbed the ladder of success in her career. A lawyer and a bold woman, exceptionally beautiful to make men dream and drool for her. Love was the last thing on her schedule because she was a man hater…But fate wanted to play a trick on her as she unintentionally kissed Liam Sy, a wealthy, powerful and arrogant man. A lawyer by profession, fame and success followed wherever he went. A fierce attorney who won every case he put his hands on. Pride ran in his blood and love was not on his agenda because he was a woman hater...What would happen when these two... handsome and beautiful, proud and stubborn, woman-hater and man-hater... come together and get involved into a marriage?Welcome to a whirlwind of romance between these two - a roller coaster ride of love when it got mixed up with pride, jealousy, stubbornness and hate… Face slapping? Why not! Surely you would love to follow their journey where both took the risk of falling in love… A journey of hate turning into love...================Author's Note: Hope you enjoy reading this ORIGINAL novel of mine. This is absolutely a happy ending. Many thanks in advance for your support.With Lots of Love,EUSTOMA_reynaOther Books:The CEO Who Hates Me (completed)The General Who Hates Me (completed)The Doctor Who Loves Me (completed)Kiss Me Not (in writing)The Untamed: Game of HeartsThe Crown's Entrapmentcontact me at:Discord Link:https://discord.gg/PNGkTUytwitter: @EUSTOMA_reynainstagram: eustoma_reynaFacebook Page: @eustoma.reynaBook cover is mine... cover art by ava_arts38 (instagram)

  • Enthralled By Love

    Enthralled By Love



    Love does not appear with any warning signs. You fall into it as if pushed from a high diving board. No time to think about what’s happening. It’s inevitable. An event you can’t control. A crazy, heart-stopping, roller-coaster ride that just has to take its course.Hazel was rejected by someone she loved and was told that he would be engaged to her deadly foe. In great despair, she went to a bar and met this handsome guy (Zac). They drank a lot and played games. Under the influence of alcohol, they got married. However when they came back to her senses, they decide to make things right, but it's hard to get a divorce now because she wants to use the dramatic yet genuine marriage to keep her proud in front of her deadly foe.Zac on the other hand was the future heir to one of the richest and prosperous families. Although he was endowed with an otherworldly handsomeness, he was known to be as cold as ice and had a natural dislike for women although they always craved after him like bees to a honey pot. But for some unknown reason, he finds something unique about Hazel which he can’t explain. Perhaps, it were her eyes which were limpid and pure like autumn water and sparkled like azure pools in the morning sunlight…Would it be possible that they fall in love with each other in the future?Take part in this amazing piece, and experience a story filled with various mysteries and incredible twists as she uncovers the mysteries surrounding Zac who decides to hide his identity and tremendous background in order to win her heart genuinely.





    "Your virginity has always been mine to take," he said while his fingers gripped the neckline of her gown ready to rip it off. Her teary eyes widened in shock at his declaration, and she forgot to breathe. All the colours drained from her face as she froze frightened.She was meant to be his forever, but his one mistake turned her love into hatred. He was her Prince Charming, but her hatred turned him into a heartless Villain. Mistakes and misunderstandings led to heartbreaks.She doesn't want to be with him anymore, but he doesn't want to let her go, ever. A Love-Hate relationship between childhood Sweethearts who turned into archenemies by the time they reached adulthood. Read on to know more about their journey into the roller-coaster ride of LOVE. PS. The male protagonist comes with a bit of negative shade. My characters are immature reckless teenagers, and they act impulsively. They make mistakes and wrongs, but eventually, they'll learn from their wrongdoings. Don't be too quick to judge them unless and until you read till the end.

  • Love The Psycho

    Love The Psycho

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE ACTION COMEDY


    It was definitely love at first sight for August Maijune the day she first saw Aaron Saint in the hospital ward. Waking up suddenly from a coma after an accident, August realised she didn’t remember anything about her life and who she really was. The only person she relies on is Aaron Saint who claims to be her guardian. After, almost running over her five years ago with his car, Aaron Saint has taken responsibility to take care of August until she remembers who she was but what he didn't know was she had more than one personality living in her hence their roller coaster romance began. '‘Are you married?'’ '‘No’' ‘'Do you have a girlfriend?’' ‘'No’' ‘'Do you have a sister who is not really a sister and she is in love with you?’' ‘'No’' ‘'Then, am I allowed to fall for you? I think I’m in love with you" ‘'You’re the first woman to be this bold towards me’' This is a romance story about a man who was betrayed by love and a woman who can’t remember her past.Check out the roller coaster romance of a man and a woman who has DID.This story revolves around the female lead suffering from DID also known as Split Personality Disorder. Her battle towards finding herself and the male lead doting on her as she tries to find herself.There is also a bonus story about her children all in it.You might want to read more about her.PS: Her personalities will leave you laughing away your stress.Meet August the flirt, Maijune the fighter, Mai the little psycho who only makes bombs and June the seductress whose weakness is a handsome and beautiful man.PS: This book also features two side stories that you will surely love.Book cover does not belong to me. All credits to the original owner

  • Hope: The Beast Mistress

    Hope: The Beast Mistress



    [Completed] Days after Hope saved her village from a terrifying monster, she is ripped from her forest home by the vicious Lord Drake. Her special ability to tame animals makes her the perfect candidate to resolve his problem. The essence of the most powerful and cruel dragon resides inside him. But Hope is not lost! Before long, Hope finds herself intrigued by Drake. She doesn't know who is more ruthless, the man or the dragon. Will she be able to tame the Fire Dragon? Or will taming the man prove to be even harder? Drake is an exiled prince and a monster with a beast inside of him. Finding someone wild and bold who can wreak havoc in his life was something he never thought possible. Will he be able to cope with his new feelings? Buckle up for a violent roller coaster of romance, humor, wild animals, and wilder humans. WPC#173 - Bronze Tier Winner ----- Excerpt He sat up from his throne and walked down the steps towards Hope. At her threat, Drake grabbed her neck and pushed her onto the wall with the full intensity of his power. His face was so close that she could feel his hot breath on her cheeks. Lime crumbled beneath Drake's sharp nails as Hope heard his husky and threatening voice. "I will see this beast and how it fares in the arena. If you can't survive, then so be it, but I would prefer you alive so I can tame you." Drake's eyes were glowing, and the murderous feeling stirring toward her was weighing heavy on Hope's chest, leaving her breathless. Or was his hand on her neck? She glared into his eyes defiantly. "The real question is who will be tamed and who will be the tamer." ----- Warning! Mature content. Join me on Discord: https://discord.gg/QNZtVmVWc5 My website: https://helenbold.com New Book: Bloody Full Moon Credit for the cover goes to its rightful owner.

  • Sistem Terkuat

    Sistem Terkuat


    Kalian harus sujud pada Diriku yang Mulia ini. Setibanya di dunia yang baru ini, Lin Fan menemukan dirinya memiliki sistem yang memungkinkannya untuk naik tingkat secara tak terbatas dan tak terikat pada keterbatasan dunia ini. Setelah mempelajari teknik yang kuat dari Monyet Mencuri Persik, Lin Fan menyadari bahwa dirinya siap untuk menjadi orang terkuat di seluruh dunia ini. Namun, tentu saja hal ini akan membosankan, kecuali seluruh dunia mengetahui nama besarnya, bukan? Tak tahu malu. Adil. Pintar. Lin Fan tak akan membiarkan seorang pun (atau sebuah bola pun) untuk menghalangi jalannya menuju kemenangan! Lucu untuk semua alasan yang salah dan menarik untuk semua yang tepat, novel ini pasti akan membuat kalian tertawa terbahak-bahak dan mengatur darah Anda memompa semuanya pada waktu yang bersamaan. Bergabunglah bersama kami di mahakarya roller coaster ini dengan Lin Fan dan sahabat-sahabatnya yang terpercaya saat dia menunjukkan pada dunia apa arti yang sesungguhnya menjadi YANG MULIA. Ada seseorang, yang seluruh hidupnya adalah legenda. Ada seseorang, di mana kemampuannya yang luar biasa memancar dari alisnya. Ada seseorang, Namanya Lin Fan. Semuanya, “Lin Fan, aku ingin memiliki bayimu.” Kehidupan yang mendominasi dari rasa percaya diri yang tak terkendali, tidak membutuhkan penjelasan apa pun.