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  • Enclave of Kings: Nightshade's Revenge

    Enclave of Kings: Nightshade's Revenge



    "I am here to exact my vengeance." she said while drawing a pentagram. "I know." the prince smiled bitterly. Sauntering near her, he drew his sword and nullified her spell. "But I also know that you can never kill me." Lily has always loved dark arts and tales. She wished to become a witch. But being the only princess of her kingdom, she could not fulfill her wish. However, in just one night Lily lost everything. She was destined to die but she survived. Not only she was able to get out alive, but she also got her heart's desire, to become a witch. Now only one thing is certain... she needs to exact REVENGE! Being fascinated by myths, legends and history, Briar had always loved the Enclave of Kings. As one of the future members, it was his duty to prevent any chaos from rising. And for some reasons he could not shake the feeling that curse left by the Enclave's nemesis might be fulfilled... in the form of his own betrothed. Who in their right mind would like to become a witch? Lily wants revenge... Briar has to stop her... Will their love prevail or will their own mission get in the way? Disclaimer: the cover pic is not mine. Credits belong to the artist.

  • Secrets of Royal Enclave

    Secrets of Royal Enclave

    Fantasy ADVENTURE

    Have you ever imagined the book you are reading, you get inside it. It's sounds uncanny but this happened with Larry Winkle, who is about to turn teen but before it something unusual happend. He get inside a book gifted by Illayana his best friend with Illyana and Ryan and got a chance to explore secrets of Royal Enclave, their boarding school. So for what you are waiting? You too get inside this book and explore what happened that night when Larry turned teen.I hope that you would enjoy getting inside the book, get back your school days and enjoy the saga with adventures.





    Aris Hausen is a shut in who skipped school and would played games all night long. He is living with his twin in the fair town of Linden. A simple errand outside of his house lead to his unexpected demise, when he tried to rescue his twin and her friend. After he died, a system announced that he crossed to Lamiales, a world governed with magic. Unfortunately, a guardian had appeared before him telling him that he died due to a mistake. The guardian was supposed to take the soul of the princess. Since, he could no longer get back to his original world, Aris was forcefully given the option to live in another world and to become someone else. Left with no choice, he was hurled into a world he only thought had existed in video games. When he came to, he became Aliester. The son of the Duke of Alcove who is on the run from pursuers. He thought he would lead a slow life in another world but instead he had to live on the edge for survival. Though he was not given any cheat ability, his system, Zarame is there to assist. Unfortunately, the missions that were a little too much to handle. "I am just a shut-in... why do I have to do this hard mode life?!" he inwardly screamed.And to add the cherry on top, he was given a special quest by the guardian... he had to be the one to make sure the heir would return and rectify the mistakes in that realm. Will this shut-in succeed with his mission impossible?

  • The vision of the enclaves

    The vision of the enclaves

    The vision of the Enclaves,has one sole aim,.a story of an African child,. who's ambition is taller..than the tick forest his dreams where trapped within.follow me as I unravel,.

  • L'Enclave mystérieuse

    L'Enclave mystérieuse


  • The Tiger Whisperer

    The Tiger Whisperer

    A man. A tiger. A tornado.<br><br>Jared Montaine owns a big cat rescue in Florida and faces financial pressures, getting over his ex-wife, and the challenge of suburbia creeping ever closer to his enclave for the animals. But when a tornado wrecks part of the refuge, Jared's worst fear comes to life: his Siberian tiger, Sultan, escapes.<br><br>It's a big cat handler’s nightmare: a tiger on the loose, confused, lost -- and hungry.<br><br>Jared races against the police, the media, and the hysterical public, all of whom are clamoring for the tiger's hide. He must re-capture Sultan before the cat is killed -- by traffic, by SWAT, or by a civilian who just wants to shoot a tiger. With fellow wildlife handlers at his side, Jared fights desperately to find and capture Sultan before the tiger injures or kills a human. Because that would lead to his worst nightmare -- having to kill the tiger he hand-raised from a cub. Jared’s commitment is tested -- to his animals, his refuge, and his belief that saving the life of even one tiger is worth losing everything.

  • Into the fallout

    Into the fallout

    Video Games GENIUS

  • laws of newton

    laws of newton

  • Cancelled Project

    Cancelled Project

    I apologize if the story is full of shitty grammar and on top of that a shitty story, This book is to keep myself entertained really so I'm not doing this for quality, though if time bids it, I might reboot this one. Synopsis: Seraphim joins the emerald enclave after escaping the far lands, along the way he met Gareth which helped him get to Hannover, by an unknown force he was led to the enclave where he reunited with his mother. He goes to the kitchen to see a lonely yet beautiful girl named 'Cherry' he fell in love at first glance though the reason why he did weren't worldly, it was her determination that he himself wanted to reward with his aid. He joins the enclave and quickly befriended Cherry at some point Cherry needed some money and so him and Cherry went off to do a quest but they were ambushed by [???] they nearly escaped but were taken down by a single man, It seemed Cana were chasing him she lost because she let her guard down, Cherry suffered a lot from him as well and all Seraph could do were watch, all of a sudden Aron Claudius took down the attacker and rushed them to the enclave, three months later Seraph wakes up from a coma but Cherry and Cana did not, he leaves the enclave for a method and met up with the Guardians

  • Tabbyland


    Fantasy HISTORICAL

    In an alternate history where World War 2 went on for a decade longer, a group of 2000 captured POWs and resistance fighters were subjected to genetic experiments by Axis scientists.These efforts, designed to create super soldiers, spliced the DNA of large hunting cats into that of humans, turning those 2000 prisoners into Homo-Felineus, A group of humans with greater strength, speed, and a catlike appearance. After rescue by allied soldiers, those survivors were transported to an enclave in the Dominion of Newfoundland to keep them "Safe" until the end of the war. Now, a few months after the war in the spring of 1960, the "Tabbys" as they are called, are facing an unsure future. Their home countries do not want them back and tensions are rising with the local government. What kind of future can you build when the world views you as a freak and an oddity?

  • Let see what she dose??  C-1

    Let see what she dose?? C-1

    She's a rising star on Wall Street. He needs cash for his startup. She has a boyfriend problem. He's recently divorced. They could do a deal—in more ways than one. Too bad she's playing him. Georgina Graham doesn't relish lying to Dr. Nate Carmichael. But if the ruse works, she'll make a quick score. The deception plunges Georgina deep inside the swirling vortex of a wealthy California enclave's colorfully scheming inhabitants—Alejandro, the shady vulture capitalist—Lauren, the social-climbing diva—Jake, the wily racehorse trainer out of Kentucky—and scary smart Detective Sam Mori, a strangely beautiful woman in the grips of a bizarre obsession. And now the ever-so-engaging Dr. Carmichael has just laid a tender kiss smack on Georgina's mouth. Can her already chaotic life get any more complicated? Of course! Throw in a dead body and an unexpected autopsy finding, and watch Georgina's high-octane world come crashing down around her. With its fast pacing, "Guess What She Did" is the perfect airplane read—a wonderful story, simply and well told, with an unconventional but deeply satisfying ending.

  • Zed' Slayer

    Zed' Slayer


    After a terrible outbreak, humanity got a problem with the undead, cities from all the world got filled with eats flesh zombies, but it wasn’t all. Many zombies got mutations and became in horrific monsters that hunted high rank soldiers easily. After that, people who want to survive moved out from the big cities, to build little bases and settlements, powerful enclaves started to domain the weakness people settlements, especially those belonging to the army and governments, eventually a war appeared.In the middle of the chaotic time, appeared a special soldier, almost mythic, who desert from the army to fight alone. That was called Zed’ Slayer, and this is its story.

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