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    Aaahhh! I almost screamed my lungs out. Looking at the appalling sight before me. The slit throat of my parents. Having lost her parents, tamilah tries best to be strong and independent and also to seek the murderers of her parent. Until she comes in contact with the well known Billionaire Zack Rodriguez. Zack Rodriguez CEO of the ARK COMPANIES which had chains of hotels, restaurants, pharmaceutical companies and chains of hospitals and oil and gas companies. What happens when he wants temilah as his mistress and got denied? Denial , love and the shock come in contact with each other. What happens?



  • Epilogue


  • Only I Am A Reader

    Only I Am A Reader



    Leo Lock, a reading addict with the ability to truly 'read' books, never really fit in his boring 'normal' world. However, everything changed when an unknown voice found its way to his head! Fainting only to find himself in the body of a character from a fantasy novel he once read upon waking up, Leo barely processed his new reality before he was thrown into another whirlpool. [ Role: Reader ] [ Target: Reach the Epilogue. ] The only lead he had about his 'transmigration' didn't speak much! Even the character he took over already had a foot in the coffin! How was he supposed to survive that long? Why did he have to become the protagonist's brother?! Moreover, what was this Personal Book supposed to be? Reading Attributes? Points? Follow Leo as he experiences the true life of a reader from one fantasy book to another, facing expected challenges, and encountering all kinds of 'new'... Would he manage to go back and find out the reason behind his 'transmigration'? Was that even his purpose? Or was this nothing but the start of a much bigger change beyond the scope of his understanding...? #Infinity Novel #Built-Up Yandere #Smart Mc *** First Volume: The Sword Master's Second Life Second Volume: Murim Supremacy Note: Yes, Leo starts out with a sword, but that isn't the limit to his choice of weapons! The first volume might feel slightly boring, but it doesn't speak for the rest of the novel! - Check my other novels: = Omni-Mastery = The Extraordinary Ordinary (currently in hiatus, resuming soon) - Discord: https://discord.gg/E7kYDhB - For further support: paypal.me/LightningAsura ko-fi.com/lightningasura

  • Until Our Epilogue

    Until Our Epilogue


  • Bigshot, Your Wife Is With Her Tarot Cards Again!

    Bigshot, Your Wife Is With Her Tarot Cards Again!



    In her previous life, Yun Qin was set up by her stepmother and stepsister, dying a horrible death. After getting reincarnated, she held onto her pregnancy test report and held her waist as she approached the most powerful family in the capital—the Song family. Ninth Master Song, the eldest legitimate grandson of the Song family, was rumored to be cold-blooded and arrogant. He was temperamental and ruthless. However, he agreed to marry the woman who approached him and demanded him to take responsibility by presenting her pregnancy test report. When the news came out, the entire capital exploded in shock. No one believed that Ninth Master Song would truly love an illegitimate daughter with a lowly status. It was harder to believe that a crude illegitimate daughter with low intelligence would be able to secure the position as the Song family's matriarch for long. Therefore, the entire country was waiting for their divorce and waiting to see Yun Qin make a fool of herself. However, after Yun Qin married into the Song family, she set up a stall on the street to provide fortune-telling services to anyone who wanted to find out about their fortunes or misfortunes, romantic fates, and future undertakings... Eventually, her fortune-telling that never missed stirred up discord among the influential families in the Capital City! The wealthy nearly broke through the Song family's door just to seek out Yun Qin's fortune-telling services. Simultaneously, the Song family's fourth-generation grandchild crawled out from Yun Qin's abdomen. Yun Qin's real identity slowly unraveled—nobody dared to belittle her anymore. With each passing year, Ninth Master Song not only maintained the marriage with Yun Qin but both of them fell deeper in love with each other. Everyone started smashing their figurative bowls, saying, "We're so done chowing on this bowl of dog food!" Epilogue: Yun Qin, "Hey, handsome man, I'm afraid you'll be in a life-threatening situation today. Do you want to exchange some money for safety?" The famous surgeon in Capital City looked at her in disdain, turned around, and left. That night, the surgeon kneeled before Yun Qin, begging her, "Ms. Yun, please save me!" Yun Qin, "Sir, darkness enshrouds your forehead. I'm afraid you've been entangled with bad luck and will soon lose your life. Do you want to exchange some money for safety?" The financial bigshot flipped over Yun Qin's stall with a single kick. That night, the bigshot kneeled before Yun Qin, begging her, "O'wise one, save me, please!" Male lead persona: Arrogant, cold, ruthless, and decisive Female lead persona: After her reincarnation, she was smart and calm. She could see spirits.

  • Epilogue of the Second Sin

    Epilogue of the Second Sin


    The MC has been abandoned, ostracized, and left to die in the darkness. Refusing to die, he had embraced the darkness. Now he had come for revenge.

  • Epilogue of the Unbreakable Fate

    Epilogue of the Unbreakable Fate

    Aku dan suamiku Isekai bersama? Tapi aku kok aku jadi Villainess dan dia jadi Male Lead?! ~ cerita oleh Zai ~ art oleh Limaubars A/N: Hallo. Saya repost lagi di sini untuk keperluan kontes. Terimakasih

  • epilogue 1

    epilogue 1

  • Destination : Epilogue

    Destination : Epilogue


    A novel without an ending, seems like a job for the outstanding author Charlie!But hang on, what's with all those

  • Your Epilogue, My Prologue

    Your Epilogue, My Prologue

    He had been living by walking on shards of shattered glass. Insulted, calculated, betrayed; those were the foods filling him as he grew up. As he became the one on the peak of success, the last betrayal finally killed him.When he woke up again, it was a new scenery. A loving parents, respectful servants, a luxurious home. The new world he was reborn into, was a thoroughly new experience for him. ...Hmm, but wait a second? Did Second Uncle just came over riding a flying carriage?...Isn't the thing Aunty Xue holding is a camera?...Is this a cultivation world or not? Where the hell does all the things from modern era came from???Just as things couldn't become anymore confusing, a sudden word from his mother fell like a nuclear bomb. "Dearest baby son, tell mommy the truth. You're transmigrated or reborn? If you're transmigrated, which era and which country are you from? I came from year 2x1x."A/N:- Irregular update, will try for 1 per week. - A collection of short stories and drabbles.- A "what if real modern technologies meet the ancient xuanhuan" sort of situation. - Author is a single dog, but will occasionally feed marshmallows.- Please give comments! Her Highness likes positive feedback :)

  • The King's Avatar Epilogue - Reunion

    The King's Avatar Epilogue - Reunion


    An epilogue for the King's Avatar novel, covering 10 years after the conclusion of the novel.

  • The Epilogue of Us

    The Epilogue of Us

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE R18

    What if someone hurt you? Will you trust someone and fall in love again? What if you've committed to a relationship again? He makes you happy, he makes you laugh and fulfilled the gap inside you. Everything is perfectly perfect. Then suddenly, something happened. Something changed. He hurt you so bad. But you still accepted him. Then, months past and you feel something inside you that needs to be fixed and take a rest. You've become tired and felts like something is cold. You never knew the real reason. All you know is, you're not happy anymore. Will you give up your relationship knowing that three years and three months will be wasted. Or will you take a risk again knowing that the word " Just sacrificed and someday everything will be okay" can become "Just forget and you will find someone better than me someday"?

  • Epilogue of the Minor Character

    Epilogue of the Minor Character


    After reading all 2,175 novels and hating the author so much, I only want one thing - him dead. Until he did die like I wanted, and me. . . [Since you love the protagonist so much why don't you die for them.] [You have a save all the protagonists in a year—] [... or let your world get destroyed] I'll save them all - every single lead, from every single crappy ending, even if they don't know nor care for what I did. I am a minor character - anything I do won't affect the lead characters. Even if I die for them, right? Right? P.s the picture is not mine. I got it off Pinterest and edited it. Tell me if you want me to take it off.

  • The Epilogue of the Unbreakable Fate

    The Epilogue of the Unbreakable Fate

    Aku dan suamiku Isekai bersama? Tapi aku kok aku jadi Villainess dan dia jadi Male Lead?! ~ cerita oleh Zai ~ art oleh Limaubars

  • Epilogue With Love [Jungkook Ff]

    Epilogue With Love [Jungkook Ff]

    Romansa Anak Muda ROMANCE

    Meskipun sibuk sebagai penyanyi Jungkook tetap ingin melanjutkan sekolahnya. Namun kehidupan sekolah nya tidak lah sama seperti sebelum ia debut, dia menjadi pusat perhatian media dan para penggemar nya. Semuanya berjalan lancar seperti yang Jungkook ingin kan, namun semuanya berubah setelah dia bertemu dengan seorang gadis biasa yang bernama lengkap Hwang Eunbi.

  • I'm Your Prologue But She's Your Epilogue

    I'm Your Prologue But She's Your Epilogue

  • A New Dawn: A "Dreamer" Epilogue

    A New Dawn: A "Dreamer" Epilogue


    Every story has a backside. Three years after the events of DREAMER, Andrew Cress leads as the President of the ReUnited States of America. Joined by his co-counsel Jake Carroway and Matthew Avery--son of the previous President as appointed by the Queen of England herself, Andrew finds that the toughest choices require the most strength. On the backside, a young boy receives a mysterious tape recorder for his fifth birthday almost half a century before the events of DREAMER. Larry George's life is changed forever when he meets his guide to life and his very best friend.

  • The Epilogue of the Unbreakable Fate (English Version)

    The Epilogue of the Unbreakable Fate (English Version)


    My husband and I reincarnated (isekai) into a Novel together. But why am I a Villainess while he is a Male Lead?! ~ story by Zai ~ art by Limaubars

  • Outbreak

Epilogue: The year was 2048 when the end of the world

    Outbreak Epilogue: The year was 2048 when the end of the world